Crimes of Passion
Chapter 2

Copyright© 2016 by Tony Sorrentino

Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 2 - Crime drama with erotic flair.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Crime   Workplace   Rough   Spanking   Prostitution   Violent  

That Sunday in bed with Detective Aldo was an experience that I knew I would remember for a long time.

Right after he relaxed and took off his shoes and shirt, I had difficulty in not staring at his impressive muscles and the Marine Corps tattoos that sent little shivers of anticipation down my spine to that place just above my crack. I loved being squeezed right there as I was taking a decent salami in my female parts.

We were both a bit slow moving due to the double dose of pancakes and bacon and in a way that was a good thing because it meant that we could take our time in getting warmed up for the main attraction. I knew Aldo was ready for action from the coiled bulge in his trousers and I was starting to get impatient to get them off his legs and scout out his equipment for size and flexibility. He looked like the type that enjoyed a good ass job and I knew from the rampant rumors that he was the aggressive “macho” man that needed to dish out a good hard spanking before trying anything of a carnal nature.

I don’t want to sound like I was bragging, but my days as the head cheerleader for the football team had insured my torso and legs were in excellent shape and I still had the moves to make Detective Aldo’s Sunday quite memorable.

When he finally lowered his trousers, I tried my best to hide my confusion because he had the biggest cock I had ever seen in my entire life. I immediately ruled out any attempts at anal fun and games unless it was an “outside” ass job that let him navigate my gap with his cock sliding relentlessly, but not inclined to test my terrified sphincter.

My first up close and personal carnal project with Detective Aldo was to give him residence in my previously pancake-stuffed mouth and take most of his shaft inside until I was on the verge of begging for respite and shamefully gagging like some college co-ed with dainty lips. He was real “take charge” in that department but I didn’t mind and let him cradle the back of my head to direct me in the best angle for his pleasure. In a way, I was relieved he took over the driving and I only had to open my mouth as wide as possible and do my best not to gag or dribble too much slop on the fluffy white carpet. The thought hit me that this was the dessert for a perfect Sunday morning pancake breakfast and I hoped that Detective Aldo and I would be able to keep our little love tryst a secret from the rest of the team.

He held my head steady and pumped me with a slow rhythm that lulled me into a sort of trance like I was some voodoo doll just waiting for my orders. His other hand trailed down my naked spine all the way to the top of my crack. He expertly hooked his middle finger into my trembling anus and I knew he now had the leverage he wanted to lift my heart-shaped ass up higher and push my head down low to get the swing of his heated sacs on my chin already slick with the drooling saliva and pre-cum we were emitting at a startling rate of production. It forced me to open my eyes and I could see in the side mirror the outline of my naked body taking his scouting parties at both ends and it threw me into a crazed fit of convulsive orgasm that he almost lost his grip on my head.

Right at that moment, he exploded in the back of my throat and I was forced to swallow as quickly as possible. I hoped he appreciated my spirit of cooperation as much as I enjoyed the taste of his man-juice in my tummy.

Detective Aldo’s palm cradled my backside and his middle finger was buried to the hilt in my tight little hole. We rested and I realized he was slowly working his second finger inside to join his other demanding scout pressing into every corner like a familiar stranger returning home after a long period of absence. In all honesty, I was so seldom tested in that region that I welcomed his well-lubricated touch. Suddenly, I got the impression that he had visions of actually burying his cock in my rear door entry and I was so nervous that I started to cry silently because I knew it was an impossibility to even consider such a project.

I think that Aldo got the wrong impression because he was most tender and charming right away. I liked this seldom seen side of him and warmed up to his suggestion that we try to stuff his business into my dreadfully demanding feminine folds whilst he was rigid and ready for the fray. It was a bit nerve-racking for me to lift my legs up high and place them on his muscular shoulders. My vagina was defenseless and he quickly established a sort of beachhead inside with his rock-hard shaft. Everything looked like a go except for the fact that he was so thick that I had grave doubts we would be able to consummate our desire in a way that would be mutually satisfying. My doubts were almost immediately diffused by his slow and steady entry that displayed the inch by inch disappearance of his mighty tool inside my fearful slit. I had the words to tell him to stop all progress on the tip of my tongue but the soothing sensation of his entering cock was so exciting that I never uttered them and he continued until he was completely buried inside and I laughed nervously feeling that we had won the challenge and succeeded in doing the impossible.

After that, things got a bit confused and all that I remember was locking my knees and ankles around Detective Aldo’s slender waist and telling him,

“Don’t stop, please, don’t stop. I want it all and I want you to nail me to the fluffy white carpet and make me shout your name when you cum.”

It was an unforgettable ride and I even convinced him to do me a second time before he left for his afternoon shift at the main headquarters. Fortunately, he had apparently put the thought of stretching my sphincter out of his mind and I counted my blessings because I was certain it would incapacitate me for much longer than I dared to contemplate. The last time I had ventured to give a fellow student a shot at my ass, I was unable to sit down for several days and I suspected my friends knew exactly the reason why I was so sore in that area.

Detective Aldo was still single. He made no secret of the fact that it would be a cold day in Hell when he would say the magic words, “I Do” to any cunt. The only exception in his way of thinking was only if she had lots of dough and didn’t mind if he slapped the weasel to other chicks willing to bend over and keep their mouths shut about it unless he ordered them to open up their pretty lips for another reason when they were down on their knees.

Aldo’s reputation for knocking the girls around was the main reason why I had hesitated to hook up with the handsome Detective. My primary concern was that I might be tempted to like it too much and fall into that trap of depending on him to push me into an obsession with submissive obedience. I knew that I was all too ready to cater to that exciting weakness and it robbed me of my much needed self-esteem and feminine dignity that keeping me on the straight and narrow.

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