Aimee's First Fuck With Daddy

by Aimee Elizabeth

Copyright© 2016 by Aimee Elizabeth

Incest Sex Story: I was no Virgin, but I was 14 and hot to fuck my Daddy, but would be put up resistance? Nah.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   True Story   Father   Daughter   .

My mom took off when I was a baby and left me and my sister with my daddy. We didn't have it any worse than anyone else in my hick town in rural Georgia. I guess we were what would've been known as trailer trash but people were too polite to say it to our face. We were fed and warm so I guess I can't complain much. Daddy spent a lot of money on booze and girls but as long as I didn't suffer it was none of my business.

I watched as he brought home a string of bar skanks. They all fit the stereotype. Bleached blonde hair, big saggy tits, carrying a little too much weight from the years of alcohol and fried food. Ass that had seen better days but I guess that didn't matter none to daddy. I'd hear 'em in there moaning and grunting. Ruttin' like pigs in heat.

My sister got knocked up at 16 and took off and moved in with her boyfriend two months ago so it was just me and daddy for a while. I was 14 almost 15 when I caught him lookin' down my shirt trying to see my tits. I guess I shoulda been scared but I wasn't. I mean I'd been around fucking my whole life. My sister used to sneak her boyfriend in and fuck him, and my dad never seemed to spend a weekend alone so it's not like sex was some big mystery. Hell last weekend when I visited my sister we had messed around a little to get her man, Joe riled up. We didn't do much, just a little kissing and tit play, but it made Joe hard as a rock and he sounded like bull when he took her in the bedroom.

So I mean I guess that's wrong and a sin but I didn't know much about that and didn't really care anyway. That leads me up to the first time my dad and I did it. It sure wasn't the last but I guess your first time is memorable and all.

I had noticed dad hadn't been going out to the bar much the last couple of weekends. Instead he had been drinking at home and trying to get up his nerve for something. I could tell. He would come in my room and try to say something then leave. Then last weekend I caught him peeking through my door as I was getting myself off on my bed. I knew he was watching but I didn't care much. In fact truth be told it made me get off a little harder than usual.

My dad was by no means ugly. I mean sure he had a few extra pounds but he was tall and pretty strong and had hair that was still mostly black and beautiful brown eyes. He was popular with the ladies. I myself looked a little like him. I had dark black hair, and a full mouth and brown eyes. I was on the chubby side but had some nice tits and my stomach was ok.

So it was Saturday night and I heard him out in the living room watching tv. I don't know what made me do it but I came out in just my bra and thong panties and went to the fridge to grab a Coke. Daddy's eyes left that TV quick.

"Good God Aimee put some damn clothes on!"

I cracked the Coke casually and took as sip as I stood there while he tried to keep his eyes from wandering. I grinned at him.


"It ain't decent walking around like that in front of your father like you do."

I laughed softly.

"What ain't "decent" is the way you keep trying to get a good look. I just figured I would make it easier for you so you don't have to peek in my room."

I walked over and stood in front of him. He had his usual array of empties on the coffee table. I turned around slowly in a full 360°. His eyes were huge and I noticed he had his hand in his lap probably trying to hide his erection.

"You oughta be ashamed. I should ground you for that or get my belt and spank you. You are acting like a slut."

"Oh yeah, I am, but we both know how you like your sluts daddy."

I walked away slowly making sure to sway my ass with every step. I went into my room and turned on my tv and waited.

It was late when I heard his footsteps outside my room. He had probably had more to drink and I heard him pause outside my room.

"Aimee? You awake?"

"Yeah. Come on in."

He wandered in and sat on my bed. He stared at me a long time. I ignored him and kept flipping pages on my magazine. He was trying to build up his courage for something.

"Aimee. I um..."

I was on my belly and I looked over my shoulder at him. He didn't say anything else. I went back to my magazine. Then I felt it. His hand was slowly touching my ass. I didn't move. Just let it wander over my smooth round cheeks. He did this for what seemed like an eternity and then he squeezed it gently and ran his fingers down the thong strap and between my cheeks. He was breathing a little faster.

"I'm sorry. I'll stop." He whispered.

I rolled over and sat up. "You don't have to."

I reached back and unfastened my bra and let my C cup tits fall free. He stared hard at me. He licked his lips as he eyed my nice full tits and hard brown nipples.

"This is wrong" he whispered as he slid closer to me and reached out to touch one of my tits. He pinched my nipples firmly and I gasped in pleasure. He cupped my round tits and flicked his thumbs over my nipples. I made a little sound of pleasure and he kept going.

"Does that feel good baby?"

"Yes Daddy."

He lowered his mouth to my tits with a moan and I sighed as fiery pleasure shot through me. This was better than the back seat fumbling the boys at school had tried. He bit and sucked my tits for a long time as his hands ran over my belly and thighs.

He reached for my panties and I lifted up willingly so he could slide them off. He stared at my young bare pussy. I kept it smooth always. I slowly spread my legs and spread my pussy open for him and he moaned. His hand was rubbing his hard dick through his pants as me, his daughter openly teased him by showing him my pink, wet pussy. I slid a finger up and down the slit and moaned a little. He reached out and slid a finger inside me.

"Fuck. Fuck. You are so tight and wet."

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