My Stepbrother, My Lover

by IzzyR

Copyright© 2016 by IzzyR

Sex Story: My stepbrother and I have our first sexual encounter when I was 15 and he was 20.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Heterosexual   True Story   Oral Sex   .

It was my sophomore year in high school. I was 15 and I looked forward to Josh being home from college for a whole week. Josh was my stepbrother. He was 20 and I had found him annoying when I was younger but over time we had grown close and he had become a real friend. I went to him for advice about boys, life, arguments with friends and with my mom. It was him that cheered me through my first heartbreak, it was him that mercilessly teased me about my hair styles, and him that occasionally helped me out of a jam and loaned me money. I was looking forward to hanging out with him.

I had a date that night and my date brought me home by curfew (11:00) and he leaned over for a kiss. The kissing got a little heavy and he had his hands in my bra. I had decent tits at 15 and my long dark hair and big ass seemed to attract plenty of boys. Alex pulled my shirt up and was kissing the tops of my breasts and touching my nipples through my bra. I felt his other hand sliding up my thigh when the headlights hit us. We both jerked back quickly and I straightened my clothing just as my stepbrother Josh walked up to the window.

He smiled that teasing smile and tapped on the window.

"Hey izzy, I hate to interrupt your um fun but Dad is peeking out the window as we speak."

I looked over and saw the curtains pulled back a little. My stepdad mark was looking out. I said a hurried goodnight to Alex and walked inside with my stepbrother. Once we were inside I hugged him hard. I had missed him. I looked up at him and was surprised. He was starting to look less like a boy. His dark brown wavy hair set off his green eyes nicely and I thought his face had hardened a bit. He had a little bit of a shadow on his face from not shaving for a couple of days.

We talked to my stepdad for a few minutes then went upstairs. I changed into my standard attire of a camisole and pajama pants, and laid down to read.

I heard a knock.

"Izzy? You awake?"

I opened the door.

"Wanna come watch a movie with me? I'm bored."

I smiled and followed him to his room. I was very comfortable with him and I sprawled on his bed and he put a movie on. It was a scary movie and we enjoyed it. After it went off we lay there talking a while.

"So how's your love life?" He asked in a teasing voice. I laughed and told him it was fine but probably not as exciting as his. He shrugged and said there were girls sure but none he was really interested in seriously.

Then he shocked me with his next question. "Have you had sex with anyone yet? " I know I turned 6 shades of red and I nodded my head yes. He looked shocked but then smiled wickedly.

"Was he good?"


"Well was he?"

I laughed and the truth came out.

"Well, to be honest it was ok but it wasn't great and it was over kind of fast."

He laughed and so did I. He gave me that sexy smile.

"You don't know what you are missing Izzy."

I don't know what came over me. I had the most awful crush on him.

"Then show me." I whispered as I leaned in and kissed him softly on the lips. Our lips met and he pulled me in closer and the kiss deepened. I wrapped my arms around him and tongue teased its way into my mouth. Suddenly he stopped.

"Izzy we can't. This is wrong. Our parents would be freaked out" He whispered with his lips still lightly touching mine.

"Josh I want you. I have for a while now. Don't you want me too?"

"God Yes! Do you have any idea how hard it was always being just in the next room to you knowing you were undressing and in your bed? I swear my dick stayed hard the last year."

"Then kiss me again and this time don't stop."

His mouth came down on mine hard this time. This was a less gentle and more overtly sexual kiss. His tongue met mine and he kissed me deeply. He kissed me over and over and kissed my neck and collar bone. My hands were in his hair pulling him back to my mouth as we devoured each other. One of his hands slid under my camisole and cupped one of my tits as his thumb rubbed a nipple. I sighed deeply in pleasure.

He tugged the bottom of my cami up gently and over my head and looked at my naked tits.

"God Izzy. They are so beautiful."

His mouth covered a nipple as his hand squeezed the other one. My back arched in pleasure. His mouth tugged at my nipple as he teased it with his tongue and fire shot through my stomach and into my groin. He firmly pinched my other nipples with his long fingers and twisted it lightly between his fingers. He devoured my tits with his mouth and I squirmed in increasing pleasure. I pulled his shirt off and my hands explored him as I pulled him against me.

He tugged my pajama bottoms

Down gently and smiled at my lacy black panties.

"Very Sexy!"

I reached for the waistband of his pants and unzipped his fly. He stood quickly and shed his pants. He was in his boxers and I could see his erection sticking out. I touched his hard cock through his boxers and he moaned and lowered his mouth to my tits again and his hand slid down into my panties. He teased my smooth pussy with his fingers as he kissed his way down my stomach. He tugged at my panties and I lifted my ass up and he slid them off.

"Jesus Christ you are sexy."

He kissed my stomach and thighs as he slid one finger inside my pussy. I moaned softly. It felt so good. He pushed my thighs apart and pulled me down toward him. I was almost panting. I could feel his hot breath against my pussy. I wanted his mouth there but was afraid to ask.

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