The Sci-fi Story
Chapter 1

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Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - gritty story set in space faring times.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Rape   Mind Control   Drunk/Drugged   Slavery   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Science Fiction   Space   Aliens   BDSM   Body Modification  

With greasy fingers Garrett rubbed his tired eyes, it had been a tough call trying to pilot the aging spaceship to Thetos III alone, and the strain was showing. But, he wasn't quite alone, he still had Her ... A crumpled dirty woman, unconscious, reeking of week old semen, she lay crumpled on the floor of the bridge. He had used her hard, in between straining at the spaceships controls, his cock had known such delights raping her. Fulfilling so many dreams, she had screamed at first, then, tired of the noise, he had drugged her. He wasn't a fighter, not anymore, preferring to take his pleasures the easy way.

He sighed as the ship scudded into the outer edges of Thetos III's solar system, the journey nearly over. With practiced ease he set the familiar coordinates for the space station, and safe for another day, allowed his hands to slump away from the console. Thetos III was well known in the supercluster, at any one time hundreds of ships would be on their way there, or back. At one time it had been an underground, black market operation, only known by those in "the know" but times and fashions change, and now, its services had entered a golden era, its owners growing rich off the depravities of the empire. And paranoid ... with capital P ... Every ship within a light year of the station was tracked. Mobile gun drones- some the size of small planets - wandered the entire solar system, any ship found deviating from the assigned course, or even worse, unknown, would be blown apart without warning. Of course the wealthy of the empire disliked entrusting their assets to the questionable loyalties of the Thetos III owners, but that was part of the price for visiting such a fashionable establishment.

For Garrett, the assigned course meant that he could rest, safe. The ship would pilot itself down the gravity well to one of the less respectable berths unaided. For the next 30 hours he could rest, get clean ... he glanced behind himself to the still woman ... and say goodbye. Sighing Garrett double checked the course settings, the ship's speed set for as slow as he could reasonably manage, he always savoured these last hours of the trip. Garrett rubbed the sweat from his brow, and then wiped his hands on his dirty shorts. The bridge was always hot, he liked it like that, somehow the fathomless cold of deep space seemed to penetrate the hull, its icy claws reaching for him ... the sticky heat of the bridge helped him ignore the insane amounts of nothing surrounding the ship. Grinning he stood, and in a single motion-one obviously habitual, pulled his shorts to his ankles, freeing an already hard cock.

"hey lil darling" he said, voice rough from ill-use, as he turned and took a step towards the woman on the floor. One hand already round his cock stroking it in anticipation. The woman stirred slightly, responding to the human voice, she wasn't quite conscious. Garrett chuckled and knelt down, kicking her legs apart with his knees. A strong smell of stale unwashed sex wafted up to him, he never let the women wash until they reached the final destination. On the one hand it saved on precious water, but really, he like them covered in his scent. With his free hand he stroked her pussy gently, she moaned, her body responding without her assent. Rubing her clit he probed her with his fingers, grunting as he felt her moisten ... yep ... much easier like this ... no struggling, or begging ... just moist wet holes ready for using. The woman stirred a little more, writhing in her drugged state from the pleasure sensations. He leaned forward and sucked on her tit, biting it a little ... mh ... no milk left, he was disappointed ... the sweet nectar had entertained him greatly throughout the voyage - an unexpected treat. The mining family had probably injected her with drugs to make her a wet-nurse for other more valuable children, or perhaps her family had just developed a taste for fresh milk ... pretty much anything happened in the fringes of deepspace. Absently he slapped the other tit, and shifted into position. He eased his rock hard erection inside her, groaning with happiness. Garratt manhandled her hips up to meet him, and began pumping happily into her eager hole. Her eyes flickered and she mumbled something

"shuushh lil darling, you're gonna be wishing for this in a few days Thetos III is gonna make these last few weeks seem like heaven ... you'll wonder why you ever wanted to leave" Garratt's voice friendly and soothing ... the woman slipped back under the drugs influence, and happily Garratt fucked her uninterruptedly.

She was a still pretty woman, not childlike, but not "of an age", perhaps early 30s ... it was hard to tell, in the empire youth and wealth went hand in hand. If she had been born to the right family she could be 70 or 80 even, but before he had drugged her, her innocence had told him this was not the case. She had the look about her of a miner's child, probably born on the ore hauler, never set foot on a planet. Miners had lots of kids ... for insurance ... and cheap labour. For her to have reached a decent age before being sold off meant that her family were reasonably well off ... in miners circles. She hadn't been a virgin - that would not have kept him from using her other attributes if she had been - but also she had no stretch marks. That told Garrett that her family had intended to sell her off when the time was right, kept her from having children of her own to ensure a decent price. Hell, he growled to himself, still thrusting unhurriedly into her pussy, perhaps they only sold her on as she was reaching her shelf life. She was in good condition, long healthy hair, ample tits, still pert and bouncy ... enough flesh to get a hold of, but not too much ... he groaned thinking of what awaited her in Thetos III, and suddenly exploded inside her

"god damn it darling" he said, slumping over her, mashing her tits against his sweating dirty body "I wanted that to go on forever" he chuckled " well for a couple of hours at least"

She frowned, the weight of him registering in her mind, and bit her lower lip absently. Garrett smiled "don't you worry darling ... I'm still gonna come in that tight little asshole one more time before we get there ... no don't you worry!" she writhed slightly under him, missing the pleasurable sensations of being fucked. Still grinning he slid his deflating cock out of her, feeling his cum and her juices spilling out of her pussy... "mmmh ... well, i guess as you're all outta milk ... and i AM kinda thirsty..." He slid down her body till his face was level with her slick pussy, and lifted a thigh on to each shoulder. "mmy yeah darling ... thats one nice looking pussy ... dripping with my cum" he played with her opened hole pulling out strands of cum, and rubbing it into her clit, gently fucking her with his fingers. when she started to moan and move her hips he dove his tongue deep inside her, then licked right from her asshole- crusted with dry cum- right up to her clit, and back down. she moaned loudly, the sensation nearly bringing her to full consciousness, but the drugs held her firm. encouraged he licked faster, savouring the taste of the days of abuse, until, she came fast and hard spurting the last of his cum out of her pussy.

"oh darlin" he said into her pussy " now you got me rock hard again- see I said your asshole was gonna get some attention!"

Garratt disengaged himself and turned her over, she was still limp in his arms, but it was fine, he'd done this countless times before and managed to flip her butt-upwards with ease. Her little asshole seemed to beacon him as he pulled apart her cheeks, the entrance was already wet from his prior fun and with a little shove he slipped right in, eliciting a squeal from the woman "oh yeah darlin ... that's the one" he slapped her ass cheeks loving the noises she made as she squeaked and mumbled under the drugs influence. he started slowly, determined to take his time, withdrawing his cock till the head popped back out, the sphincter reflexively closing, then slowly forcing it back in till every inch was buried in her tight passage.

Eventually Garrett disengaged himself, the clock was, after all, ticking. The woman needed a chance to clean up and eat. Not bothering to dress, he lifted her over his shoulder, grunting slightly at her weight, and headed to the med bay. The Vaultulant - Garrett's ship- had been designed to be run by a crew of 6, and so was well equipped with 6 cabins, a reasonable sized galley, and recreation room. The Vaultulant was an all-rounder ship, the cargo hold was spacious enough to turn a penny, but not sizeable enough for mining. It was quick enough, but not record-breaking. Originally Garrett had retained a crew, but as profits rose and fell one by one they vanished or left. Sweeping aside old med tubes and catheters with a free hand Garrett cleared the med bay's table and dumped the woman down. He tapped at the controls ordering the computers to give her nutrients, flush away the drugs to wake her up, and administer the hypnotics that Thetos III had specified. It seemed the technicians preferred their 'visitors' compliant also. He could have also programmed the med to clean her up, but he preferred not to. Setting the timer for 2 hours, he left the computers to do their work.

As much as Garrett feared the empty desolation of deep space, the closeness of the always crowded hubs of humanity made him even more uneasy. He enjoyed the slow coasting under the space-station's safety net, but giving control of his ship over to someone else made the hairs on his neck stand up. Garrett's life was fraught with contradictions, even the time he spent enjoying his ... cargo ... only barely relieved the tension which haunted his eyes. Garrett paused at the ship's galley, ordered a strong coffee from the machine- it had long since run out of sugar, he never seemed to find the credits to get it refilled. He scowled at the cheap bitter taste, and wondered, not for the first time, how the world had come to this. Perhaps this time he would take his payment and settle down for a while- ease that itch between his shoulder blades. R'n'R.

Coffee gone, he headed to the shower, a week's worth of sweat and grime to wash off.

Half an hour later a new man stepped out, clean shaven, fresh hair cut, brand new shipsuit. He glanced in the mirror, a crisp fresh looking face stared back- only the eyes betrayed his soul-deep fatigue. He checked his internal clock ... still an hour until the woman would be woken up. He wandered back to the bridge, sitting at the console he frowned, beads of sweat forming a

on his brow. Thetos III had sent a message. His normal berth had been denied. Impulsively his hand moved to hail the station, fear- or sense caught his hand in mid air. It would do no good to call them, he was small fry ... like a flea biting at the underbelly of some great beast. Calling them would at best only annoy them. Still he didn't like it, Garrett had made hundreds of trips to Thetos III, always the same established procedure. His hands moved to make the necessary course corrections, he scowled at the numbers skittering over the display, hoping to gain some insight from them. The assigned berth was in a different sector entirely, one almost deserted.

Garrett didn't like it. Still scowling he decided to wake up the woman ... it had to have something to do with her.

The computer had not finished its cycle, afraid of change he angrily entered commands that would wake her up right away. She shuddered violently as the programme dumped the rest of its drugs straight into her veins. Waking up she coughed and choked her way into full awareness. Her eyes focussed and instinctively she tried to swing her legs over the edge of the bed and stand. The days of being drugged and raped had taken their toll, her legs, still reeling from the cocktails of drugs crumpled under her weight and she fell to the floor. Garrett stepped back, grinning "you're a mess darlin" his voice not entirely kind, hollow eyes looked up at him. She struggled to get some feeling back in her legs "Get up!" he growled

She remained dazed on the floor "GET. UP." The hypnotic drugs in her system made her brain try to command her body. Slowly, trembling, she pulled herself into a sitting position "You disgust me girl..." he took a deep sniff of the air, relishing the stink of sex and sweat coming off her, all the more pungent now he had showered it off himself, he savoured the humiliation that flashed into her eyes and spread a red glow across her face "You STINK. You dirty whore ... what's your Daddy gonna say?" The girl crumpled a little, sobs of humiliation and regret trying to form. Garrett grinned inside, and kicked her leg gently "You need to clean yourself up" she looked up dumbly. He sighed for effect and rolled his eyes - although he doubted she could actually focus her eyes yet "WASH. girl ... you need to clean yourself, someone paid a lot of money for you ... you wanna meet them stinking of cum?" he kicked her again, a little harder this time "this way" he turned and walked off out the room.

Garrett grinned, as he heard her stumble to her feet, he knew first hand how much effort it was taking her to stand. Step by step, sometimes leaning on the bulkheads, sometimes stumbking forward. The metal grating on the floor uncomfortable on her bare feet. The woman followed him to one of the cabins "In there" he gestured through the door. As she tried to slide past him, memories of the last week vague and indistinct, he reached out and grabbed her, squeezing her tits. Horrified she froze for a second. Grinning he leaned forward and popped one of her nipples in his mouth, it was firm and erect. Her body remembered responding to his touch even if she didn't. He licked all around it savouring the final taste of her sweat and sex. then, finally he released her to her shower. Released she whimpered and ran to the shower unit.

Garrett knew she would be in there a while. They always were ... Trying to wash the vaguely remembered uncleanliness of rape and abuse from their souls. Sometimes that was the only life they had ever know. He indulged it, probably that shower would be the closest to happiness they would get, and after all he had taken enough payment from her body to cover the cost of the water she had used. A little over an hour later, Garrett returned to the cabin. As he had commanded she had washed, and was clean. By that time the hypnotic drugs had fully taken over, she had stepped out of the shower, and at the end of her instructions stopped, dripping wet. Garrett sighed, mindless puppets. This was why he preferred to use other drugs, at least her body had still responded to his touch, with the hypnotic drug he would have had to tell her what responses he required.

He threw a towel at her, which clung for a moment to her still wet tits then fell to the floor- he had not commanded her to catch it. "Dry yourself, and your hair. I don't want you dripping on my floor. Then come stand in the bridge" His cock twitched, knowing that the drugs would prevent her from looking for clothes- he had not specified getting dressed ... He shrugged mentally, the hypnotics had some uses.

Back on the bridge Thetos III was growing on the view screen, from a black dot it was now the size of a moon and growing, its irregular surface outlined by the glow of its local sun. Garrett peered suspiciously at the space-station looking for any clues as to why they had changed his berth, but obviously nothing was discernable. He heard a slight noise behind him, the woman had come to the bridge, naked as he had expected. "Stand there" he pointed to the floor just to the left of the bridge- out of his way, but still visible to any incoming vid-transmissions. Garrett regarded her briefly, she was still pretty enough, non-descript brown hair hanging softly off her shoulders. Her eyes looked haunted, she would be aware that her movements were not her own, but unable to ask him anything about it. He ached to use her just one last time, to destroy her purity again, but there was not time. "We're nearly there" he told her, graciously. "Dunno what's up ... they got something special in mind for you darlin ... as long as i get paid who gives a fuck, right?" Her eyes flickered with what could have been panic, Garrett laughed "yeah ... they got something really special line up for you, those sick bastards"

Still chuckling Garrett turned his attention back to the console, the black hulk of Thetos III now covered the horizon, and small beams of light were discernable, piercing out into the eternal void. The space surrounding Thetos III was as always busy, the space was relatively thick with traffic, blips flashed across Garrett's console- indicators of Traffic-Control barking orders glibly. He studied them carefully awaiting his communication, when it came he jumped, startled, it was not the normal pleb calling him- the Owner of Thetos III herself was hailing him. His heart leapt into his chest ... He glanced over at the woman, but she still stood motionless. Had she seen his panic? Her eyes gave nothing away. He swore- colourfully, and tapped the controls to open the line.

The head of Varushka, the founder and owner of Thetos III flashed larger than life on to the vid screen, quite possibly the oldest human alive- if she could still be considered human. A considerable part of Garrett quaked at her unmistakable form, he thought even the naked woman trembled despite the hypnotic drugs holding her upright. Varushka's glowing eyes appraised first Garrett- seemingly boring into his soul, then turned on the woman "I hope you haven't had My new girl stood there the ENTIRE trip Garrett" - he almost wailed when she said his name, being on a first name basis with Varushka was not good for your health. She was beautiful, everyone said so- with the best medical staff on tap, all the latest cosmetic advances tried and tested on her very own doorstep. Varushka only had the best of the best, and the money to have whatever she desired. Garrett was scared.

He gripped the edge of his chair with white knuckles, trying to appear calm "n-no Madame Varushka, she has been well cared for on the journey"

The face of Varushka laughed, blue lips parting to reveal razor sharp teeth and a forked reptilian tongue flicked out "Let's ask her shall we?" Garrett gulped, eyes nervously darted at the girl "You, Anna, have you been well treated by this man?" Varushka's voice like a hundred angels speaking all at once

Instantly the woman broke down "please help me please" she cried out "I have suffered days upon days of rape and abuse-" the words tumbled out of the girls mouth as fast as she could speak, tears rolling down her eyes. The phrase of Varushka's question had restored her memories of her ordeal on the ship

"shit.fuck." Garrett swore under his breath, who ever this woman, this 'Anna' was with Varushka having a special interest in her no doubt he was screwed now

"Shut up" Varushka's voice silenced them both abruptly "There, there child" she said, her voice tender "You're nearly home now, home to Thetos ... You, Garrett- continue on your assigned course. I have your payment waiting" Relief flooded through him "-providing she clears the screening tests" The screen was momentarily flooded with space static, then the image of Thetos III returned, even larger than before. Garrett sighed with what might have been relief, or resignation.

To pass the last hour until the Vaultulant docked at Thetos, clamped to Varushka's steel bosom until such time as she saw fit to release him, Garrett brought up schematics of the space station trying to work out just where he was being taken. It came, now, as no surprise that his assigned berth was one in Varushka's inner domain. for about 5 miles in each direction the schematics read "unavaliable" "restricted" "unknown" he would be so far from the rest of the normal dross of Thetos's lower classes that he may as well have been docking on another moon. None of this did anything to help his mood. Grimly he thought about giving the woman - Anna - some clothes. He regarded her more closely. He had never known their names, never asked, or if told, never remembered. They were just bodies ... cargo ... He had no clue about Varushka's interest in this seemingly non-descript girl. Again, he cursed, no, giving her clothes now would be admitting fear, weakness. Varushka had seen her naked, the damage would be already done ... damn it ... why didn't someone warn him? If this Anna was someone special to Varushka she might resent his days of raping her woman.

All too soon the grappling clamps of Thetos III had the Vaultulant secured and powered down. For the duration of his stay all his power and air requirements would mandatorily be provided by the space station - for a price. Causing trouble on the space station was a risky affair, and the tab for being docked was calculated by the day, regardless of actual consumption, if the bill out weighed your worth, your ship and body became property of Thetos ... of Varushka. All legal and above board. Still people flocked to Thetos for its uniquely skilled wares. With a growl Garrett set aside his burningly hot coffee - laced with all manner of perception and reflex enhancing drugs- and 'collected' Anna from the bridge

"follow me Anna" He sneered her name making it dirty, like an insult, mutely she shuffled after him down to the airlock. Varushka's guards were there waiting for them.

The Vaultulant had a purely functional interior, bare grey metalwork and grates that formed the walls, blank doors, the slight odour of air-scrubbers past their best. It could hardly have been more different to the interior of Varushka's Thetos. Garrett and Varushka's delivery stood tensely in the air lock as they were cut off from Vaultulant's interior, their ears popping as the air pressures changed, and the change of hum as the sound waves switched from one vessel to the other. Garrett coughed as he took his first breath of clean, sterile air. His lungs objecting to the unaccustomed purity of Varushka's domain. The air down in the lower classes levels was not so expensively maintained, Garrett thought that he had never tasted air so very clean, it was making him light headed, and nervous. Air that clean cost money, he felt that he could feel his few remaining credits being eaten up from the cost of breathing this stuff. The door into Thetos III fully opened, and he strode through confidently "Come on, I dont have the time or money to hang around breathing this expensive crap" He growled at the guards "Here she is- where's my money?" Garrett grabbed Anna's arm as he stepped through into Thetos, pulling her with him.

The guards appeared to exchange glances- their eyes covered with some kind of cybernetics. one held his hand up to his ear, and nodded. He raised up his other arm- the hand had been cut off and a laser gun attached to the stump, and waved it at Garrett "We have accommodation provided for you" The guard's voice rasped inhumanly- more Cybernetics. This was not unusual throughout space, and here in Thetos III it was more than normal. What did draw Garrett's eyes was the sheer workmanship, the guards arm was bare to the shoulder, and where the gun met human flesh it seemed to blur seamlessly from metal to flesh. Strands of ornate crafted blue-grey metals crept spiralling up his arm and from that tattoos picked up the design, this place reeked of money, and bad news.

The guard was still looking at Garrett "Ok ... I don't suppose this is optional accommodation is it? do I get formally charged or is this..." his voice trailed off, the thought of becoming one of these guards drew all the blood from his face. What a price to pay for sticking his cock in the wrong pussy. The guard listened to his earpiece again, receiving more orders

"The accommodation is offered by Madame Varushka ... no charges are being applied"

"Shit" Garrett spat, almost laughing ... what the fuck was going on ... he didn't know wether to be even more worried or relieved "and what about this?" he pushed Anna forwards

"We will take her now" the other guard said "Anna 176943?"

"yes, I am Anna 176943" she replied the hypnotic drugs robbing her voice of any emotion, though tears were running down her face

"You will come with me" The second guard walked off, and unable to resist naked, crying Anna, followed. Her bare feet silent on the cold floor. Garrett watched her walk off for a few moments, his cock stirring seeing her curves swaying slightly as she moved. Damn it.

Garrett's guard listened again to his ear "Please" the word alien to him "Follow me to your quarters" The guard lead Garrett a good mile into Thetos's interior, the twisting corridors erasing all sense of direction. This quadrant of the station had an unnerving edge to it, one that made Garrett's eyes hurt. It wasn't the unrelentingly sterile white, the featureless doors, or the eye-cameras that blinked and turned tracking him. It was more a feeling in the back of his awareness that it had been grown rather than built. Everything seemed just slightly too organic, the way the floor met the walls, the curve of the door frames. Although there was no doubt that the eye-cameras were human eyes ... he glanced at the Guard ... perhaps that's where his eyes were ... removed from his body and mounted in a wall somewhere. Garrett shuddered. what ever Varushka wanted from him, as long as he got to leave this shit hole in one piece he would be glad to do it for her.

Abruptly the guard stopped, outside a door that was just as featureless as every other door. Garret had to catch himself from walking in to him, he had been so absorbed with the eye-cameras- he suspected Varushka was keeping tabs on him. "This is your accommodation" the guard said, then addressing the blank door "Door 1654998" an eyeball appeared in the smooth surface, it looked at the guard then looked at Garrett, Garrett looked distastefully back "Accept occupant Garrett Vaultulant" the eye blinked once and then looked again at Garrett, it blinked twice more and disappeared, as the door swung inwards the guard explained "The door has recorded your retina. If you need to go anywhere alone address the door it will provide you with directions" Garrett nodded, wondering how an eyeball could provide him with anything other than the creeps, but kept these thoughts to himself.

His duty dispensed the guard strode away, not caring what Garrett did. Garrett watched him go for a moment, then feeling slightly more at ease he looked through the open door. He had no idea what to expect from one of the 'luxury' suites in Thetos III, the general class ones had ranged from a dirty cot in a room at the back of a tavern, to a 'motel 6' complete with cockroaches and the smell of desperation, or a modest apartment for the well-to-do. Here, in the upper classes, Varushka's pride, the 'accommodation' was no holds barred. As garrett stepped inside it was obvious there was more technology- albeit more of the unnerving organic hybrid stuff the rest of the area seemed to be made of- than in his entire ship. The carpet gave beneath his feet, he left behind dirty foot prints in its shag, the pile a light cream colour, obviously none of its prior occupants had never been anywhere dirty in their lives. Uncaring of the dirty trail, he wandered through what appeared to be the entrance room, to a living area. Further inspection revealed two bedrooms- both huge, a bathroom, with an actual bath- the first real bath he had ever seen, and a third room lead off, the door shut.

"Well spaceship fucks" Garrett said, trying to be less intimidated by the surroundings. The cost of hiring this room for the night would probably be more than his ship was worth. Although that guard has suggested the accommodation was optional, he doubted that returning to the false safety of his ship would have been permitted. He knew that the moment he had entered the system his life could have been forfeit, shit, he had probably become a dead man walking by just agreeing to transport that 'Anna' ... He may as well enjoy this while he could.

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