Dad Catches Daughter

by Victoria95

Copyright© 2016 by Victoria95

Father/Daughter Incest Story: A horny daughter gets the penis punishment. (Disclaimer: I only wrote this for entertainment)

Caution: This Father/Daughter Incest Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Father   Daughter   MaleDom   Spanking   Rough   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Sex Toys   .

"Young lady! What kind of filthy movie are you watching?!"

"Oh, shit ... DAD!"

"Oh, my god, why are you naked? And what is that in your hand? Is that a dildo? Did I hear what I think I just heard? This movie is pornographic incest. Those two girls are having sex with their father. That is disgusting. You nasty girl. Is this what turns you on? Huh? Is it? Answer me, you little bitch! Is this what turns you on? Seeing two girls having sex with their father? Is this what you want to do as well? Have sex with me? Is it? Is this what you want to do with your own father? It is, isn't it? You are a sick child. Fantasizing about your father ... your own father. How disgusting. Well I'll teach you, you little slut. I am your own father for crying out loud!"

"Dad, please forgive me. Please forgive me. I promise that I'll never do this again..."

"I can't believe this. My own daughter doing such filthy things. Masturbating to the thought of two girls having sexual intercourse with their father. You wait until I tell your mother about this. It seems that you have forgotten what happened to you the last time I caught you masturbating in the bathroom..."

"Oh, dad please! Please don't tell mom! Please forgive me, dad! Please ... i'm begging you. Please don't tell mom!"

"You're a dirty little girl. Here I am thinking that you are a decent young woman, only to find out that you are nothing more than a little slut who enjoys watching pornographic movies about girls having sex with their father. My own daughter. Masturbating herself while sucking on a dildo. How can you do such a filthy thing? What is wrong with you? Look at your father when i'm speaking to you, woman!!!"

He then snatches the dildo from his daughter's trembling hands.

"Is this what you want? Huh? Is it? Is this what turns my little girl on? Is this what you masturbate to?"

"Yes dad, yes. It is. I'm so sorry, dad. Please forgive me. Please don't tell mom. I'm so, so, sorry. Please don't tell on me..."

"Well 'sorry' won't do you any good young lady. How can you think of doing such a nasty thing? Your own father. Wanting to suck my penis. Well suck it you little slut!" He quickly pulled down his pants and grasped on tightly to his daughter's brunette hair, pulling her deep onto his throbbing cock, choking her.

"Suck my cock, you dirty little whore. Suck it. Yes ... like that. Your own father. Sucking your own father's penis. You like that, don't you?"

"Yes dad, yes. This is what I DREAM about. Sucking your fat cock. Sucking all the juices out of your balls."

"My own daughter wanting to do such dirty things to me. Her father. Her very own father. Well, I don't care anymore. Suck baby ... Suck ... Keep sucking daddy's dick."

"Oh, dad ... it's so big. You taste so good. You don't know how long I've wanted to do this dad. How many times I've masturbated at thoughts of doing this to you ... To taste you ... To lick you ... To feel my juices gushing out of my vagina ... around your cock ... around your cock, dad ... my dad's hard cock ... To feel your hard cock plunging into my hole ... my cunt ... my tight, wet cunt..."

She continued sucking him off for a few minutes until he suddenly grabbed her neck and threw her on the bed. She moaned the words he never thought he would hear.

"Please fuck me, daddy! Fuck your daughter. Please fuck my horny pussy. Fuck me, baby! I want to feel your hard cock in me. Fuck my tight, wet cunt. Push it in, dad. Push your cock in my pussy. Just like that. Now fuck me harder! Let me feel your cum shoot in my pussy, daddy! Oh, your penis feels so good inside me ... I can't believe we are doing this. This is what i've been dreaming about. To fuck my very own father. Shove it deep in your daughter's vagina!"

"Where else, Janie? Where else do you want to feel your dad's hot stiff cock?"

"Anywhere daddy, anywhere. I'm yours. Just please don't stop fucking me. Please don't stop fucking me, you fucking bastard. Keep fucking me, daddy. Make your daughter your fucking whore!"

"Oh, don't worry about that, you little slut. I am going to fuck you, and fuck you hard, you hot bitch. Your dad is going to fuck you just like in those movies you were watching."

Without warning, he pulled his still hard cock out of her pussy and flipped her over onto her stomach. He immediately raised his hand in the air and brought it down forcefully on her now exposed ass.


"OWWW!!!" she cried out in pain.


"AAHHHH!!!" she screamed again.


"OWW! Yes, spank me harder!"


"OWW! Yes, daddy, spank my ass again. Your daughter is a slut who should be punished for doing this!"


"AAAAHHHH! Your daughter is a whore. I'm a dirty whore who wants you to fuck me!"

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