Black Watch

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2016 by Ka Hmnd

Fantasy Sex Story: When the nobles went south they left our city without guidance and protection. The Watch was supposed to protect the people. Instead they began to steal, rape and murder. They took what they wanted and there was no one to stop them. Until they raped and murdered my mother. Now I was going to hunt the bastards and make them pay.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   First   Oral Sex   .

When the king went south and our duke followed everything changed. At first we did not notice as one or two guards from the Watch began to extort money or bully people. Things changed almost over night as more of the Watch started doing it. They said it was for our good as they took our food or money and raped women.

I was new to the city and had been a journeyman forester. When my mother did not return from the market I went looking. I found her and wish I had not, a group of four from the Watch had taken turns raping her and because she had fought they hung her. The merchants were afraid to help me cut her down so I did it myself.

Two of the Watch saw and decided to make an example of me. I was kneeling to lift her body when they walked up. I glared and stood and one pulled a nightstick, "we left the whore..."

I stepped and struck into his throat while he was speaking. He fell as I spun to the other man who looked surprised. I caught his shirt and started slugging him until he fell and I looked at the first man. I looked around before I walked to a stall and came back with cord. I made a noose and slipped it around the head of the first man who was just catching his breath.

I threw the other end over the same beam they had hung my mother from and pulled him up until his feet were barely off the ground. He struggled and kicked and jerked as I tied it off and went to get another cord. I pulled the other bastard up to hang and tied him off before I lifted my dead mother in my arms and left.

It took almost everything I had to bury her and I had to dig the grave myself. It was starting to get dark when I returned to our rooms. I looked around and went to put on the weapons I had used in the forest. The bastards were going to pay for what they had done to my mother. I slipped out and into the night and began to hunt.

I did not have broadheads on the arrows but they were not blunt and would still kill a man. I caught two of the Watch beating and stealing from a merchant and moved closer. I put the first arrow through one's spine and then put a second to the string as his partner continued to assault the merchant. I shot him through the spine like the first but low.

I moved out of the shadows and crossed to kneel and pull my arrows out. I searched the men and gave the frightened merchant his money back. I pulled the belts off the men and put them around their necks. I hung the belts on pegs in the side of the building and let them strangle as I walked away.

I had taken all the money the two had and put it in my own pouch. I caught the next two coming out of a house where they had beaten a man and raped his wife. I shoved my hunting knife into the gut of one. I struck over his shoulder and into the side of the head of the other with a club. Again I took everything and hung them by their belts.

I killed a dozen before dawn and returned to my rooms. I put the weapons away but kept the club. I kept most of the coppers and poured the rest into one corner of my mother's clothes chest. I left and went to buy food and eat and listened to the talk. People tried to be quiet but they were excited.

All the dead I had hung had been found and cut down. Now the bastards were pissed and striking out at anyone that even looked at them. I left the market and began to hunt using the alleys. I saw two beating a beggar and checked the street before I slipped out of the alley. I walked up behind them as I pulled my club.

I brought it down on the back of one's head and then kicked into the back of the other's knee. As he went to his knees I struck him in the head with the club. I looked around and glanced at the beggar. I ripped the money pouch off one and tossed it to him, "leave."

He grinned with broken teeth and nodded before hurrying away. I pulled the two men into the alley and took the other pouch and then hung them by their belts. I walked through the alley and checked the next street before I walked down and across. I hung four more before noon and returned to my room to sleep.

I woke to a scream and struggle right outside my door and rolled out of bed and grabbed my club. I ran to the door and yanked it open to see four of the Watch ripping a girl's clothes off. I lashed across as I stepped out and club slammed into the forehead of one. He dropped as I stabbed into the gut of another and kicked a third in the groin.

The last turned to run but I spun the club and brought it down on his head. He dropped and I turned and brought the club around as one of the other two lunged with his dagger. He tried to stop and jerk back but it was to late and the club hit the side of his head. He went down and I moved to the one I had jabbed in the gut.

I slammed the club into his head and finally looked around. The girl was a teenager and stared at me with wide eyes. By her clothes I would have said she was homeless. I moved to each of the men and stripped them and tossed their weapons and money pouches into my rooms. I looked at the girl, "where are you staying?"

She looked down, "I do not have a..."

I sighed and pointed, "get inside and stay there."

She nodded and moved and I knelt to tie the men. I carried them out one at a time and used the side door into the alley. Like the others I hung them with their belts before going back to my rooms and closing the door. I looked at the girl before I went to dump the money into my mother's chest.

I returned and stripped her as she trembled and pulled her into the small water closet. I gestured to the wood and clay tub, "bathe."

I turned to leave and heard her sigh. I sat thinking about what I had just done. The girl could tell the Watch who I was and where. I glanced at her when she peeked out and moved to my mother's things, "come here."

I pulled her dirty clothes away and slipped one of the clean dresses onto her. I straightened it and tied the bodice before I looked at her. I turned and pulled her after me and left and led her to one of the taverns. The talk was about all the Watch that had been killed and the violent things they were doing to the people.

We ate and I kept looking at the girl and she finally whispered, "I will not tell."

Her name was Tiffany and when we finished and left I kept looking around as we walked back to my rooms. I saw the Watch in the alley as they brought out the bodies of the men I had killed. They shouted at anyone who looked at them. Once in the room I hesitated before I undressed her.

It was beginning to get dark out as I pushed her towards the bed, "sleep."

She looked at me, "will you ... take me?"

I blinked as I looked at her naked body in the dim light from a window, "are you sure you want me too?"

She smiled shyly, "yes."

I took off my clothes and let them fall before I backed her to the bed. I laid her down and opened her legs as I knelt. I leaned close and licked through her pussy and she sighed. I continued to lick her and slipped a finger into her. She did not have her maidenhead and I was not going to ask why.

I covered her clit and used the tip of my tongue and it was a minute before she moaned and lifted her hips. I sucked and squeezed it with my lips and raked my teeth over it. She gasped and thrust up as she shook, "oooohhhh!"

I grinned as I stood and turned her before I moved over her. I pushed into her slowly and she put her arms around me as I buried my cock. I began to press and grind and her pussy squeezed. Finally I pulled back and started to fuck her with long strokes. She hugged me tight and shuddered while her pussy clenched, "mmmm!"

She humped and struggled as I began to use firm thrusts. I kept kissing her as I buried my cock again and again. It was several minutes before she began to jerk and spasm and I kissed her to quiet her wails. I was fucking her hard and deep and finally shoved into her and held her as I spewed a strong stream of sperm.

She shook and wiggled and squirmed, "aaaahhhh!"

When I was finished I relaxed while she panted and shuddered. I pulled out and moved and rolled her over before I used my knees to spread her legs. I pushed back into her messy pussy and she looked over her shoulder at me and grinned. It was awhile before I slipped out of bed and she was asleep.

I dressed quietly and put out the lantern before I left. I found the first two hiding in an alley and watching the street, probably looking for me. I slipped up and shoved my knife through one's spine and struck the other in the head with my club. I ripped the knife out and looked around before I bent to empty their pouches.

I hung them from a beam using their belts and left. I stalked and killed another dozen men during the night. The rest were hiding or had locked themselves into the Watch building. When I returned to my rooms I locked the door and opened my mother's chest to pour the money I had taken into it.

I looked at the bed as I closed it and undressed before I slipped on and over Tiffany. I used my knees to spread her legs and slowly pushed into her cummy pussy. I fucked her slowly and she sighed and hugged me while her warm pussy squeezed. I woke to street noise and looked around the room and saw Tiffany at the window.

I smiled, "standing naked at a window is an invitation."

She turned and grinned as she crossed to the bed and climbed on and straddled me. She wiggled down my cock and kissed me and then started to rock, "I was thinking of going to look for work."

I caressed her hips, "not yet."

She wiggled and her pussy clenched, "why?"

I groaned and pulled her down and rolled over, "witch."

I gave her a kiss, "the Watch are still raping women."

She shuddered as her pussy squeezed, "mmmm!"

I continued to fuck her with long strokes and began to press and grind. A few minutes and she was thrashing and bucking and I was using firm thrusts. She clung to me as I kept planting my cock and she yelled, "yyyeeeesssss!"

She twisted and spasmed while her pussy constantly grasped and squeezed. Finally I buried my cock and kissed her as I spewed sperm into her. She jerked and clutched me when she felt it, "aaaahhhh!"

When I was done I relaxed and kissed her while she panted, "can you sew?"

She sighed and sagged to the bed, "yes."

I pulled out and laid beside her, "we can go to a few of the shops to ask if they need anyone."

She grinned and nodded and I turned to rub her mound, "first we wash your messy pussy."

She grinned again and rolled onto me and gave me a kiss. It was an hour before she put another of my mother's dresses on and we left. The first thing I noticed was the Watch walking in groups of at least six. They were constantly looking around as they bullied people and stole their money. First we stopped to buy woman's herb before continuing.

I kept us away from the Watch as we went to the dress shops. In the second the owner was fitting a dress and only gestured to one side, "embroider a ribbon on that dress."

I watched as Tiffany did as she was asked. It was an hour before she finished and the woman being fitted grinned as the owner took the dress. She smiled and nodded, "you start tomorrow."

I snorted, "she starts when I am sure the black Watch are not raping women anymore."

The owner snorted before she finally nodded, "that should not take long the way that are dying off."

The other woman snorted like her, "I hope they all hang."

We went to a couple of other shops but I was thinking Tiffany liked the owner of the second. I bought food in the market and a book of stories and we went home. I started to teach Tiffany how to read and we had fun. We had dinner and then I washed her and laid her on the bed and fucked her for a couple of hours before she fell asleep.

This time when I slipped out I carried my bow and quiver. I stalked the night and looked for the Watch. I found one group in a shop raping and stealing and waited outside. Once they came out I put an arrow to the string and pulled back as I aimed. I fired into the chest of one and reached for another arrow.

I killed three before the others even realized what was happening. I shot the fourth in the chest and the last two ran into each other as they tried to go back into the shop. I shot an arrow through the side of one and the other had to struggle against his dead weight. Finally he was free and moving through the door when I put the last arrow through his spine.

I moved out of the shadows and crossed to strip the men of belt pouches. I left the bags of things they had been stealing as I pulled the arrows out. I moved them down the street and hung them from beams before I left. I had to wait outside a tavern for the next group and caught a third at a whorehouse.

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