A Whale of a Week

by Victoria95

Copyright© 2016 by Victoria95

Fiction Sex Story: A short story about a woman who falls in love with a killer whale.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Zoophilia   Rough   Oral Sex   Bestiality   Size   Big Breasts   .

Water. The basic element of life.

Four years have passed since Allie had got her university papers on the subject of marine biology and joined the South Austrailia Marine Biology Research Organization or SAMBRO. SAMBRO has been funded by the United States, Austrailia and the European Union. Only nominally. The organization had funds for only a small scale research facility in South America. Most of the organization only did research work on the mainland, but Allie and 2 other members kept up the facility.

A young woman named Marcia, and a middle-aged man named Tommy. They had saved a hurt Killer Whale from a long line fisher's trap. The fisherman had used an overly strong cable as the line, and the orca had cut himself pretty badly while trying to escape. The orca was then carried to the research labratory's sea pen with a helicopter and was taken care of.

When Allie first attempted to clean the orca's wounds, he just swam away and tried to get away from her as she cleaned his wounds. After the pain from the wounds had subsided, he began to act more freely. She called him Moby, after her favorite fictional whale. Allie had been watching him for about 2 weeks now, feeding him and sometimes checking his wounds. They had almost healed, leaving just a few scars from the cable cuts. She had to dive in the water to do this, and at first, she was terrified.

Nobody else would agree to go into the water with Moby. However, the orca seemed to be just curious and excited at something new that broke the daily rhythm of swimming in circles around the pen. Moby was always fed an hour before she dived into the water, just in case. Allie slowly stepped in the chilly water, as she didn't want to distract the orca. She remained almost motionless next to the dock, and the orca swam up to her with a single whip of his tail. Moby swam around her, looking at her once in a while. Then she moved around the orca to see if he was well. The orca just remained calm as she swam around him.

She looked into his eyes. They were pale blue, staring at her. He looked into her eyes, her beautiful light brown eyes. Slowly and carefully, as if in fear of breaking her, the orca closed in the last half meters. His rostrum gently pushing into her face, her cheek met his rostrum. She felt a sudden rush of excitement and warmth as his beak touched her nose. She slowly rose her hand and touched his beak. Again, she felt a warm feeling in her hand, as if she were holding a warm cup of tea. She was eye-to-eye with a killer whale. He saw the fear in her eyes, the respect, the basic instincts. He saw ... attraction.

For an eternity, they looked at each other, the seawater around them moving small clouds of mud from her footprints. Her dirty blonde hair waved in the seawater with the rhythm of the waves. Her sudden feelings towards an animal. A wild animal. A predatory animal. A killer whale.

She climbed up on the dock, and the orca swam away, as if disappointed. She sat down and took a silent moment drying herself with a towel. She then explained the condition of the orca to Tommy and Marcia. They agreed to let him go. She was shocked. The only one in the world she had such feelings for, was going to be taken away? She could do nothing but just be silent. She knew that they didn't know of her feelings towards the whale.

But they wouldn't understand her. She had already seen them making love in Tommy's room, peeking through a slit in the door after having heard some noise. She just sneaked away to her room and looked at her class picture. Every man that Allie had known was just a jackass, after her beautiful body, but nothing more. She had lost her faith in men after the incident at the university. The man she met had been nice, only to dump her after a week because of another woman.

She couldn't sleep that night. She walked on the dock. She laid herself down by the edge of the dock and peered down into the quietly splashing water. She spent that night at the edge of pen, watching into the water and watching Moby, with a loving smile.

Next morning, they arranged plans to set him free. Allie dove into the water and swam to sea pen gate. She unlocked it and opened it. The orca swam to the gateway in a quick burst. She looked in his eyes and pointed to the gateway. He stopped as he saw her. He just stared at her, as if thinking she was crazy. He didn't want to leave. She was here. He didn't want to leave her.

She felt relaxed and happy. She closed the gate, swam past Moby, feeling his body against hers, and swimming to the dock. After she had climbed up, she had explained to them in a quick burst of lie that his wounds hadn't sealed and she would like to collect some more medical data on him. Marcia frowned, and Tommy explained that they had planned to take a week of vacation from that day on. They agreed with her plan and went to go pack.

She walked back to the pen and said, "Are you happy now?"

She got a splash of his tail for an answer. A week without them means a week with Moby!

A few hours after Tommy and Marcia left, she walked to her room and put on her swimsuit. She walked to his pen and dived in. He responded immediately by rushing to her, and knocking her over in his glee. They swam next to each other. She hugged him. He was quite shocked at first, being in close contact with a human, but then calmed down and began exploring her body. Her arms, her head, her back, her legs, her stomach, her ... breasts.

She felt a rush of heat as her nipples began to harden. She slowly removed the top of her swimsuit and brushed her breasts against his chest. His wet, rubbery smooth skin was working wonders on her chest. Her nipples became rock hard as he nuzzled his rostrum against her perky breasts. He slightly stuck his large, muscular tongue and began to gently lick her nipple. She gasped as he tickled her nipple with his tongue. He thrashed his tail from the water and roughly prodded his beak between her breasts, nibbling her chest playfully with his jaws. She massaged Moby's fins with her hands. The orca was in a state of bliss. His entire 8-meter long entity rushed with adrenaline.

She moved her hands to massage Moby's belly, and the orca rolled over on his back. She climbed onto him, massaging his belly with alternating soft and hard strokes. His mouth open in joy. She moved her mouth to his, and pushed her tongue down into his jaws. She found his tongue, and played with it with her tongue between the orca's teeth. She removed the bottom of her swimsuit and felt a gush of water on her pussy lips.

She turned around on the orca, and now she was facing the orca's tail and moved her pussy towards his open mouth. Her shaved vulva was rasped by his soft skin. She felt small pulses of ecstacy from her pussy as it rubbed up against his skin, which grew into waves of pleasure as she got her cunt into his mouth. He tasted her juices once and nabbed at her genitalia. He pushed his tongue deep in her canal of flesh and tasted her again. She tasted sweeter than any food, sweeter than anything in the world. He pushed his tongue deeper and rubbed the top of her cavity. She arched her back in a spasm as his tongue quickly rubbed her clit by accident. She felt on fire.

She wasn't completely passive either. The orca extracted his penis out of his genital slit. She was frightened by the size of it; six-feet long, somewhat knife-shaped, tapered at the end and pink. It was just like a dolphin's but larger. A lot larger. She grasped it with her hand and it wrapped around her arm. She rubbed along its length and felt it harden. He was engrossed with her touching his penis. The texture of it was just like the rest of his skin, smooth and rubbery to the touch, but firmer. She cautiously took the tip of his penis into her mouth.

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