Alley Rape

by Victoria95

Copyright© 2016 by Victoria95

Fiction Sex Story: A girl walking home alone is gang-raped by 2 men.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Rape   Heterosexual   Fiction   Rough   Gang Bang   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .

I was practically skipping home. That was one great party, for me at least. I couldn't believe Daniel liked me too! Such a gentle little goodbye kiss, with just enough tongue to melt my insides, and it made me want so much more. I didn't want him to leave then, it was just getting good. Not that I would have let much more happen of course; you've got to keep them waiting; but it would have taken every ounce of my will power!

I was one of the last to leave, at about 3am. I was usually so paranoid walking alone in the dark and I would always stick to the main roads, but I think it was because of my good mood (and maybe a little to do with the Kopparberg and vodka) that I took the shortcut down the alley. I didn't even start to worry when I heard voices around the corner; I was on top of the world and nothing would dampen my spirits tonight, so I walked past and smiled to myself as I judged the voices for wearing too much aftershave. They were two fairly average looking guys from what I could gather from their silhouettes, though I couldn't see their faces in the dark.

My pace quickened slightly as I heard their tones drop to a whisper behind me and my heart quickened with it as I heard their footsteps approaching. I almost jumped out of my skin as the first caught up with me.

"What is a pretty little thing like you doing out so late?" he leered.

I looked at him but didn't reply, just kept walking. I still couldn't see his face as he was facing straight forward allowing his hood to block my view. The end of the alley was nearly visible and then I would be on my street. I tried to tell myself they were just a couple of people on their way home like me, who were making conversation because they'd had a bit to drink, but the adrenalin which had started pumping round my body told me otherwise.

"Didn't they teach you to stay on the main roads when you were at school?" the other taunted, as he too caught up easily. He didn't have his hood up, so I could make out a little of his face by the light coming from my road. He had tiny, dark eyes and a shaved head. His face was creased and his skin was oily, glinting in the street lamp, making him look determined and angry.

I was almost on my street when I felt a sudden jolt and my arms were pinned behind my back by the first and taller of the two men. I tried to scream but a large hand reached up to cover my mouth and I felt a fist hit my stomach which left me breathless and unable to make any noise but a slight muffled whimper. I could feel his muscles flexing against my back as I kicked my legs in objection, and as I struggled he dragged me further back into to alley, away from the light of my street and the safety of my home. I wasn't going to give in to his force though, and with all my strength I flung myself out of his grasp and my legs started desperately running. Unfortunately my attackers were much faster than me, and one quickly grabbed my long auburn hair and pulled me back towards them.

"There's no point struggling" the bald man mocked. "We'll only enjoy it more, and if you even try to scream again, we're going to stab you."

I swung my arms in an attempt to hit someone, something, anything that might free me and allow me another chance of escape. I felt my hand make contact with the flesh of a face and scratched as hard as I could, but all I achieved was to make the bald man yell in pain. The hooded man kept a tight grip on my hair and tugged harder as punishment.

"You fucking bitch!" the bald man hissed. "You're going to regret that."

My arms were once again restrained by the man behind my back and the bald man began to hungrily grope my chest. He lifted my top above my C cup boobs and spanked them hard and then brought his face closer to mine and the reek of his aftershave filled my nose. He whispered into my ear.

"I'm going to come on your little titties when I'm done with you. Will you like that, you fucking whore?"

My skin crawled and he laughed as he saw the disgust on my face.

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