Big Beautiful Dolly
Chapter 1

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Dolly felt that "Big and Beautiful" was sort of patronizing and she ignored the insults about her generous build.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Teenagers   Consensual   Heterosexual   Humiliation   Oral Sex  

Dolly Madison Malone was a big girl.

Now it is one thing to be a big girl and know it is all due to genetics because your whole family is a bit plump and you fit in perfectly. However, in poor Dolly's case, her entire family was as slender and fit as could be and she stuck out like a sore thumb when they all went to church on Sunday.

Dolly never really thought anything about her lack of a fashionable hour-glass figure because her happiness with eating all kinds of food was her greatest joy in the whole wide world. She was addicted to sweets and that was the downfall of her many diets that never seemed to work properly. Sometimes, she was certain that the less she ate the more weight she gained and when she looked in the mirror she was so discouraged that her only recourse was to put all the mirrors in the closet.

Being heavy was not an impediment to losing her cherry because the boys in school relieved her of that problem in her senior year when a lot of them just wanted to see how it felt to climb on board the "Dolly Express" and bounce her hard and fast under the football stands. They all joked about taking a "ride" on the Dolly special and making her moan with the stretching from their huge football player cocks.

Dolly didn't realize that her popularity depended more on her submissive nature and her reluctance to refuse any boy because she enjoyed the way they worked so hard to make her tingle down deep inside. Some of the more svelte graduating girls with a picky attitude called her a "slut" behind her back and accused her of stealing their boyfriends' right out from under their noses. It didn't bother Dolly very much because she would rather have the attention the boys gave her when she was feeling lonely.

After school was finished, Dolly elected not to go to college because she was not happy at being the butt of so many jokes all day long and being used for fun and games simply because she was being friendly. Her mother who had been a prom queen in her day and still had plenty of male admirers gave her a coupon to go to a "Big and Beautiful" dance at the church on Friday night hoping that her daughter might find a partner interested in that sort of body style.

Her mum had plenty of male friends buzzing around looking for her honey including the butcher and the landlord who both begged her for favors of a carnal nature when her husband was working down deep in the mine. Dolly knew her mum did her best not to be "easy pickings" for the persistent males but that sometimes she would let them bend her over the washing machine or the kitchen sink with her dress pushed up in the back. She loved to watch her mum taking it like that because it stirred her up enough to make her more inclined to be generous with the boys that wanted to go on board the "Dolly Express".

Dolly was not very happy about the term "Big and Beautiful" because it seemed a bit patronizing to her even though she would probably be the biggest and most beautiful girl at the dance.

Her primary problem was the fact that she was unable to get undies in her size from the local stores and the female clerks took great delight in stating in loud voices that,

"I am sorry madam; we don't carry kickers in that size anymore."

It was so embarrassing that she just gave up and pinned two baby diapers together and wrapped them around her thunder thighs and plump curved buttocks.

Her evening gown was loose enough to hide the fact she was wearing diapers and she didn't expect any boy or man to be doing much exploring in that region since it was the first time she had gone to one of the special dances.

One of the things she noticed right away was that most of the other heavyset girls had one or both of their parents with them and she had simply not seen any reason for the need to have a support system of that nature at a dance. It was easy for her to deduce it was because she was well versed in carnal relations with males and most of those girls had lived a sheltered existence and did not have social skills with the opposite sex.

In a way, Dolly was well-adjusted to her role as a big girl and she didn't really care if one of the boys wanted her for a friend or not. In fact, she was the only girl that actually took two plates for her snacks not worried about what anybody thought because she had skipped dinner and was ready to eat a horse.

A tall handsome slender man with glasses came over to her and sat next to her.

"Hello, I am Mister Johnson and that is my daughter Belinda over there in the corner."

Dolly saw the shy looking girl that looked actually bigger than she tapping her foot to the music and looking upset that no boy had asked her to dance yet. She looked around and saw a lot of boys sitting on their hands. They were certainly no prizes so she didn't understand their reluctance to meet a pretty girl like that even though she did have a disconcerting double chin.

"She looks nice and pretty, Mister Johnson. You must be proud of your daughter."

The man looked sharply at her to make certain she was not making fun of him.

"Well, I certainly think she is pretty and I hope one of these young fools asks her to dance real soon."

They started talking and she found out that Mister Johnson was a widower and had a business downtown supplying swimming and diving equipment to sports-minded students and adults. She told him about her love of swimming and he pulled his chair a little closer making her suddenly feel a little tingle of anticipation that he might be interested in what she was hiding under her loose-fitting clothing.

"I do the back-stroke best of all and I love to swim underwater for a long time because I can hold my breath so long."

She lifted her head and showed him her tongue and her lips and the way she just kept her tongue folded inside when she was under the surface. Dolly noticed that the close inspection of her mouth made Mister Johnson's trousers tented in the front and she knew he was ripe for the picking. It must have been a lonely time for him with his wife gone almost a year now.

Dolly convinced him to dance with his daughter because it didn't look like the silly boys were doing much except talking about football and cars and not paying much attention to the pleasantly plump girls all around them. She knew from experience it would be an entirely different story in the darkened interior of a parked car with the windows so fogged up that nobody could see inside. She knew those boys that acted all high and mighty when others were watching were the first ones to pull her panties down when they were alone together with nobody around too ridicule their attraction to a nubile and willing voluptuous female.

Mister Johnson and his daughter Lucille offered to give her a ride home since her mum called and told her that the car would not start.

Inside the small Japanese car, Dolly sat in the middle with her legs spread open to avoid the gear shift. It surprised her that Mister Johnson had a stick shift but he told her that he got it because the automatics were "too damn expensive and besides it saves on gas".

Lucille had a smile on her face because not one but two boys had danced with her and one of them had even kissed her in the hallway when nobody was looking. She had told Dolly but not her father because she didn't think he would be happy to hear that sort of news.

Right then, they hit the curved road that went uphill on the way home and all of a sudden she found Mister Johnson's hand busy between her legs shifting so many times that she was starting to go into the beginning stages of a beautiful orgasm. Of course, poor Lucille hadn't the slightest inkling of the situation and just looked out the window at the shining stars up in the sky humming a little tune that sounded somewhat familiar but Dolly couldn't quite put her finger on it.

She did put her fingers on Mister Johnson's hardness without his daughter being aware of it and he started to squirm in a way that told her he was seriously thinking about getting her alone all to himself and humping her just the way she loved it. The presence of Lucille made that impossible so she just whispered in his ear and handed him her dance program with her cell number.

"Call me tomorrow and we can meet for coffee. I would like to get to know you better and maybe you can give me some tips on my swimming technique. Do you have a fitting room where I could try on some swimming suits?"

Mister Johnson just nodded his head unable to say a word because her fingers were wrapped around his member so tightly that it felt like the tight channel of a girl's behind.

Dolly went up the steps to the front door thinking about how generous she should be in the privacy of the fitting room. She wanted to give enough to make Mister Johnson really interested in seeing her again but she didn't want him to think she was a slut and not worthy of further attention. She decided that she would limit her fun seeking to a simple "getting acquainted" on her knees gift of oral sex and then allow him to navigate the curves of her oversized breasts and her cheeky behind with his curious fingers. In her mind that was only second base and a long way from scoring a home run.

The store was on a corner and at that time in the morning it was almost empty of customers.

That was good news from her perspective but she knew Mister Johnson would prefer it to be crowded all day long. He had oodles of stock and she loved the many products and the wide selection of various styled swimming suits for both males and females. He also had a wide assortment of sizes and she found several that would fit her perfectly and a couple that actually make her look a bit slimmer than when she was fully dressed.

She put on the one that made her backside look a bit less formidable and asked Mister Johnson to come into the fitting room to check her "fit". Dolly noticed that he slid the little lock on the door after he came inside to join her.

She twirled around to show him the way the suit fit across her buttocks bending over slightly to give him a good angle on her curves. His hands roamed all over her tightly fitted suit and even on her greedy skin that bulged out with impish temptation demanding immediate attention from his attentive fingers. He even lifted the edge and slid one finger underneath to search for her heated crack and the pulsating tight rear hole that she favored for more humiliating activities.

Without a single word, she turned around and fell to her knees to commence her oral session that rushed to a speedy conclusion of creamy lines of spunk spurting out to hit her tongue and lips and decorate her face with his intimate passion. Her little pointed tongue flicked out to lick some into her mouth and she swallowed it for him to assure him of her complete submission to his will.

The sound of voices outside the fitting room brought them to their senses and they pretended a strictly customer and store owner relationship centered around the best fit of an appropriate suit for her particular needs. The pair of diving team members outside looked at them suspiciously for a moment but then returned their attention to the need for diving equipment found only in Mister Johnson's store unless you drove a number of miles into the nearby city with the large sports stores that carried almost everything.

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