Speaking Up Is Overrated

by Stepdaddy

Copyright© 2016 by Stepdaddy

Erotica Sex Story: A Bill Bantam story in the classic style of Phil Phantom. A mother is forced to choose between her loyalty to her young daughter and her new husband's expectations, as well of those of her four new stepsons.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Reluctant   Humor   Incest   Sister   Father   Daughter   .

Adrian had had high hopes that her thirteen-year-old daughter would blend right in to a family with four boys. Adrian adored Jack, her nicely-hung knight in shining armor, but she hadn't known his boys that well. She'd known they were crude, sloppy, ill-mannered, and foul-mouthed, but then the boys had all grown up in a home with no female influence, after all. So she had had every expectation that the boys would straighten out and take to Felicity, treating her like a kid sister, that Jack would treat her like the daughter he never had, and that the seven of them would be happy in their newly combined home. These hopes were soon dashed when she came to realize that to those boys, her sweet, innocent little Felicity was nothing more than a cunt to wait on them, hand and foot. Most heart-breaking of all, Jack turned out to be even worse, and set a terrible example for the boys to follow.

Adrian found herself being torn between the two roles she most cherished – those of wife and mother. Being single didn't suit her at all. She wasn't getting any younger, and Jack was a catch: security, affection, fun, great sex. Yet Felicity was her only child, her flesh and blood, her daughter. On the other hand, Felicity would be leaving home in a few years to start her own life. One must keep things in perspective.

Long before the hasty wedding made the point moot, it became clear to Adrian that Felicity found Jack's boys insufferable, and thought even less of Jack. In her daughter's mind, he was just a pervert, always thinking about sex, dirty sex, perverted sex. He seemed to strike the seventh-grader as the type that would tie a little girl down and fuck her without a condom. Adrian had assured her daughter that he was not like that at all, but frankly she wasn't really sure about that herself. Jack did like his sex dirty, and Felicity was right in one respect at least, sex was the only thing he ever thought about. To a woman who hadn't had much sex in eight years, that was a plus. In spite of her motherly assurances, she knew that Felicity's concerns were well-grounded. She just prayed that nothing untoward would ever happen, for if it ever did, Adrian would be forced to choose between Felicity and Jack.

Adrian faced that choice the day she came home early from work, unnoticed, and discovered Jack fucking Felicity. She wasn't tied down; the boys were holding her down, each with a limb. Worse than a spread eagle, they had her legs held out in the splits and lifted her pussy to their father's groin level. Jack had every last bit of his heavy, nine-inch, cucumber-thick wang imbedded within Felicity's one-hundred-pound frame. Adrian thought she looked like a squealing piglet impaled on a fence post.

The boys were all laughing, the girl was crying, and Jack was taunting, "What's the matter, Punkin'? Does your little pussy hurt? Is my cock too big for you? Or is it that you just don't want to have my baby? That hurts my feelings. I think I'll just fuck a set of twins in your tiny little cunt -- one for each titty. Those are some mighty fine little titties you got on your chest. My babies are gonna love chewing on them perky paps. Let's see if they got any milk in them. Brad, Junior, suck on them titties and see if you get any milk. You gotta extra suck hard on such itty bitty titties, boys."

Adrian fell back against the hallway wall and heard Felicity's cries as the eager boys went after her defenseless paps. Those mouths weren't sucking. The girl was in great pain, and Adrian winced with every cry of agony she heard. The boys and Jack laughed at her cries. While Jack slammed a hard fuck into her, the two older boys continued torturing her adolescent tits. Her suffering was their pleasure; her agony, their ecstasy. Adrian couldn't deal with it. She had to leave that scene. She drove aimlessly to fill the hours she needed to kill in order to arrive home at her expected time.

After two hours of driving, she still couldn't decide, Jack or Felicity. She knew she had to choose, but either choice was unbearable; therefore, she re-entered her home still undecided. There, she found Felicity just as she had found her the day before – doing housework. Felicity acknowledged her entry, but then returned to mopping the dining room floor.

Adrian was expecting Felicity to come running up in tears, crying, "Mom, they raped me! They all raped me!" Felicity did nothing of the sort.

Jack sat drinking a beer in his recliner, watching sports. He wanted his kiss and feel. Adrian came over and gave him both. Joey sat on the love seat behind her and saw his father's hand go up his new stepmother's dress. He'd seen it before. They all had. Jack couldn't kiss without putting a hand between her legs. Adrian was only just now getting used to that vulgarity, and they had been married and living together for almost a month now. The boys had seen her tits, her pussy, and her bare ass. They had seen her intimate flesh being groped, fingered, licked. They had witnessed the insertion of various objects. Jack was a nasty, playful rascal, always had been, and she had been fine with that, but it was different with kids around. Such nasty displays didn't sit well with Adrian, not one bit, but then, that was Jack. She couldn't change him. You had to take Jack on his terms. He had made that clear from the start, and she had accepted this.

So far, this seemed like a typical day and a typical return home, which made Adrian wonder how long the rapes had been going on. Was a gang rape normal fare for Felicity upon arriving home from school? If so, why had she never said anything?

Adrian knew very well that this wasn't the first sexual assault. The signs were everywhere, obvious signs, only Adrian hadn't wanted to see the obvious and had had no hard evidence that they were actually fucking her. Not that she had looked for any. More like she had not looked for any. But there had been plenty of signs in Felicity's face and demeanor, had Adrian wanted to recognize them for what they were. Up until now, she decidedly hadn't wanted to.

Felicity was a whipped girl, part maid, part whore, a community fuck, a cunt, and the five males in this house never let her forget it. Adrian now had to face the fact that her sweet Felicity was a Cinderella whore with an evil step-father and four evil step-brothers. The question at hand was, what should she do about it? Well, not exactly. The question was, what would she do about it?

Adrian's standard approach to problems was to tackle simple ones head-on, right away, but to put off the difficult ones until the last possible minute. If Felicity wouldn't say anything, for whatever reason, Adrian had no reason to believe anything was wrong. It was not, apparently, the last possible minute. So far, it was business as usual, normal fare for their abnormal living arrangement. If Felicity didn't complain about the things being done to her, then for now, Adrian could continue being a good wife to a bad man. Felicity was used to that. Because Felicity applied no pressure, Adrian was free to adapt to the man she wanted. She and Felicity had discussed that very thing, before the wedding, before any of the nastiness had begun. Perhaps that was why Felicity didn't complain. Perhaps she knew her complaints would fall on the ears of a questionable mother being a good wife to a bad man. So after her discovery, Adrian avoided Felicity, for fear she'd be cornered and talked to. For fear the last possible minute might arrive.

When Junior and Randy returned from a football game at eight, they took Felicity off to their bedroom, and the three remained behind that closed door when Adrian and Jack turned in for the night.

Adrian had actually been relieved to see Felicity being carted off. This wasn't the first time she'd been taken in hand and pulled along and into a bedroom, nor was it the first time strange sounds came from that bedroom thereafter. One would have thought on any number of occasions past that they must be fucking a girl in those rooms, to make such strange noises.

As usual, Adrian pretended not to think anything of it, but when she and Jack climbed into bed, both feeling frisky and eager for a romp, Jack paused with his cock at her slit and said, "What do you suppose those kids are up to in there? They've been in there a long time. You don't suppose they're up to what we're up to, do you?"

Jack tickled at her pussy with the head of his dick, the same dick that had been all the way inside Felicity's little body, roughly six hours earlier. Adrian loved the way he was teasing her with his dick, and found herself wondering if he teased Felicity that way, too.

She smiled up at him and replied, "I hope not. As far as I know, there are no condoms in the house."

He continued to tease, both at her twat with his prickhead and by saying, "Shit, my boys wouldn't use no rubber on a bitch. Only a fool puts on a raincoat to take a shower. If they're in there fucking that little cunt, she's taking it raw."

Adrian wanted to change the subject and in fact could not understand why he'd even bring the subject up. It came to her that, more and more, Jack had been trying to make her face up to what his sons were doing to Felicity. And less and less subtly, he had taken to implying that he was doing it right alongside them. For example, he'd say how fuckable the girl looked, or how a good fucking with a nine-inch dick was what that youngster needed, or how much he'd enjoy fucking such a tight body. And he always referred to her daughter as a cunt, a whore, a slut, a bitch. You just don't say those things to a girl's mother, especially the mother of a girl Felicity's age. It made no sense that he would say such things, other than that doing so must have given him a cheap thrill. Well, that, and because it was pretty much true, as her early arrival home today had forced her to recognize

In her effort to change the subject, Adrian said, "Come on, Jack, stick it in. You've been teasing me all night. Can't you see my pussy is aching for your cock?"

"Hmmm. Don't you think you should check on Felicity? I think they're in there fucking her."

"You have a dirty mind, Jack. If you're so concerned, you go check on her."

"I would, but I might come back with a limp, wet dick that smells like little girl pussy. It wouldn't do your hungry cunt any good in that condition, now would it?"

"Getting it that way wouldn't do Felicity any good, either."

"Why, don't you think she could handle a cock this big?"

"Maybe, but not the stuff that comes out of it. She's not on the pill, and I don't need a pregnant thirteen-year-old."

"Odds are, she's already pregnant, or getting that way right now."

"We'll cross that bridge when we come to it. Now come on, Jack, fuck me."

"Suit yourself, but when that little whore of yours turns up pregnant, don't come crying to me about it."

"I won't, now fuck me, please!"

He fucked her, and it was wonderful, as usual, but in the middle of the night, Jack left their bed for half an hour and returned with a limp, wet dick which he pressed to her side when he threw a leg over her.

Doing so as much as said, "I just fucked your daughter." This challenge demanded comment. Adrian made none, and he kissed her for it. That kiss left a slime coating that tasted like little girl pussy. He was, indeed, a nasty fucker, but a good kisser, so Adrian accepted plenty of that slime.

Felicity's lot continued to worsen. Each day brought new insults to her modesty. The boys' brazen activities went beyond being obvious, as if Jack had told those brats of his not to sweat the mom, do whatever you like as long as you don't actually fuck the kid right in front of her. They did everything but, and still Felicity hadn't uttered a peep in protest to her mother. Whatever was keeping her silent was effective, and it allowed Adrian more time to defer her decision. Clearly it was not the last possible minute, not yet.

Adrian felt awful about Felicity's ordeal, but the kid seemed to be handling it like a trooper. She looked none the worse for wear, and they left no marks on her, nothing that would last, anyway. Rope marks from being tightly bound were hard to ignore, and there were often marks on her legs from what looked like a belt. Hickeys and a few bruises would appear from time to time, but then they'd go away. She did sort of carry herself with a fucked-with and molested look. She missed a lot of school because tell-tale marks were so prominent that they couldn't be allowed to tell any tales outside the home. But despite all of that vying to catch her attention, Adrian managed to go about her normal routines, keeping Felicity out of her mind as much as possible.

Jack, on the other hand, did everything he could to keep Felicity and her situation front and center in her mother's mind. He wouldn't let up, and his nightly excursions to see Felicity were executed with more and more fanfare, waking Adrian to tell her he was going to check on Felicity, then waking her again to smear his wet dick on her and deliver the kiss that proved the deed. He really loved doing that, or placing her hand on his wet cock. Usually, he did both. Adrian would kiss right back into his girl-smeared lips, and gently coddle his girl-spent prick. One night, Jack brought Adrian's head to his wet groin, expecting a blow job. By this time, there was no need to pretend. Adrian sucked on his slimy dick, knowing her doing so unasked would thrill her perverted husband; she discovered that it also thrilled her perverted self.

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