Swamp Refuge

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2016 by Ka Hmnd

Fantasy Sex Story: When the corrupt sheriff and his Watch killed my family it was to break the king's law. I watched the Watch bring in everything to make a still and whiskey and had to act. I killed the bastards and stole everything. First I took it across the swamp and sold it in another county. The next day I went after the sheriff.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   First   Oral Sex   .

I grew up on the edge of the swamp so I knew how to live in it. There were water dragons and serpents, many poisonous. There were huge predator fish from wolf fish the size of a man or larger to the long narrow Reavers. Sometimes there was even poisonous gas that killed silently. There were also poisonous plants that could make you very sick with a touch.

Our farm was not huge but provided enough to feed us and pay the king's tax. It was just my father, mother, little brother and me. I was out using a barge my father had built to bring in fish traps. It was noon before I returned and docked the boat and went to get my brother. That was when I saw the house torn up.

I searched for my parents and brother and finally found them on the main road. Well in a trees beside the main road. They had been hung and signs were on their chest saying they were thieves. I growled as I undid the ropes and lowered them and went to get the wagon. Everyone knew the sheriff for our county was a crook but to do this?

I buried my family under a apple tree and went to see what else they had taken. The cows and pigs were gone and the chickens turned loose. Anything with value had been taken including an old sword my father had brought home from the wars. I looked out a window when I heard a wagon and saw soldiers or I guess you could say the Sheriff's Watch.

They were turning off the main road and down our lane. I was tempted to fight but I had nothing. I spun and ran to the room I had shared with my brother. I grabbed my best hunting knife from under the floor board. I made a pack of blankets and clothes and went to the kitchen for pots and pans.

I looked out as they stopped by the barn to see them unloading a huge still. I spun and returned to my room and slipped out the window. I went to the dock and the old swamp boat. I was tempted to leave the barge but untied the boat and pushed away. I used the oar and rowed silently until I was through the huge swamp trees.

Slowly I made my way deeper into the swamp until it was almost dark. I saw the Swamp Glen which was an island of almost five hundred acres that was two paces out of the water. The land was extremely fertile but home to a lot of serpents. I turned and started around the edge towards the north side. I reached the ancient fishing camp as the sun vanished.

I tied off to a post and climbed out and up a ladder. I crossed the porch in the semi dark and stopped to one side of the door. It took awhile to light the old storm lantern and adjust the wick. I lifted the lantern and looked inside before I began to check for serpents. I finally went to bring up everything from home.

I return to the barge and dumped the fish over the side. I went back up and closed the door and turned out the lantern. I stripped and laid back in the swinging sleeping platform to think. The sheriff or his men had murdered my family so they could use the farm to make whiskey. The king's law was clear about that so the sheriff was a traitor.

Sleep did not come and I was up and dressed before the sun rose. I knew what I was going to do and was paddling the boat and pulling the barge. They would have to bring in grain and root sugar. I was going to kill the still master and the men with him and hang them where my family had been.

Next I would steal everything they brought in and take it across the swamp to the mill in Alexander county. The grain I would have made into flour and the root sugar I would sell or trade. First I needed to stop at a neighbor's to borrow his large barge. It was awhile before I approached his dock and tied off.

I glanced at the house but headed towards the barn. Mr Moor stepped out holding a hay fork and looked around, "William."

I nodded to him as I stopped, "you heard?"

He snorted, "my Jacob saw them."

I looked away, "I buried them under the apple tree."

He nodded, "the sheriff posted the notice."

I looked at him and he shook his head, "we all know it was a lie."

I turned to look at the dock, "I would like to ask you if I could borrow your barge."

He took a step, "what are you going to do?"

I looked at him, "pay the bastards back."

He smiled, "bring it back when you are done."

I started for the dock, "thank you sir."

I was connecting the second barge behind mine when Rachel jumped onto it. She was fair haired and a couple of years younger than me. I glanced at her when she shifted and I cleared my throat, "yes?"

She blushed, "mom said I can go with you."

I went back to work, "no. It will be to dangerous."

She moved towards me, "that is my choice Samuel."

I shook my head, "I am going to kill those bastards and the sheriff is going to hunt me."

She caught my hair and lifted my face, "than you better not let them find you. Now I am going with you."

I sighed and finally nodded, "go sit in the boat."

When I was done I untied the boat and pushed away before I began to use a pole to push the boat. I slowed as I followed the bank and glanced at Rachel when I saw my home, "stay in the boat."

She nodded and I pushed the boat to the shore. I climbed out of the boat and moved towards the house and watched the barn. There were barrels everywhere and I heard voices from the barn. When I stepped into the house I heard someone snoring and pulled my knife. I found a soldier sleeping in my parents bed and moved closer.

I covered his mouth and shoved the knife into his head. I held him while he jerked and thrashed around. When he stilled I pulled the knife out and went to my room. I killed another by cutting his throat in my bed and a third in my brother's. I left the house and circled the barn before I entered from the back.

There were three men by racks of damp grain. They were trying to make the grain sprout. Two of the men wore the uniform of the sheriff's Watch and the last I knew. He was a known bootlegger my father had chased off our property more than once. I grabbed a club we used to keep the hogs away.

I walked out of the shadows and brought it down on the head of one of the soldiers. I kicked the other in the balls and slashed to the side to slam the club into the bootlegger's head. The first man was down and unconscious and the bootlegger joined him. The other man was curled up on the ground writhing around.

I used cord to tie their hands behind their backs. I tied them to a center beam and then lifted a large sack of grain. There was a huge stack and I walked out and headed towards the boat and barges. I waded out and dumped the sack onto the first barge. Rachel grinned as I climbed into the boat and started moving it towards our dock.

I tied the first barge up and moved down and off the dock. Rachel followed me as I returned to the barn. Sack after sack I loaded on the first barge until they were all gone. Next I began to move the barrels to the second larger barge, last I destroyed the large still. Finally I pulled the three men out of the barn and sent Rachel to the boat.

I pulled the men to the trees my family had been murdered in. I used rope and put a noose around their neck while they pleaded with me. One at a time I pulled them up and tied the rope off. They kicked and jerked as they strangled and I returned to the boat. Once we were out of the shallows I began to row.

I looked back a few minutes later and saw Rachel naked and laying in the boat. She grinned and lifted her hips, "hey."

I grinned and then laughed, "I am so going to fuck you."

She laughed and turned over so she was bent over the seat. She spread her knees and reached between her legs to rub her pussy, "now?"

I shook my head and let the boat drift to a tree and tied it to a root. I turned and pushed my pants down as I moved towards her. I felt her very warm pussy and bent my thick cock and sank it into her. She groaned and shifted her knees apart more as I buried my cock. I rubbed her asshole and then held her hips and pulled back.

Her tight pussy gripped my cock but I pushed back into her and she shivered and moaned, "mmmm!"

A minute and I was fucking her with long strokes and her pussy was wet and slippery. She shuddered and her pussy kept squeezing and I began to use firm strokes. It was several minutes before she covered her mouth. I could still hear her muffled wails as she jerked and spasmed.

I fucked her hard and deep and kept it up while holding her waist. Finally I shoved into her and held her as I gushed and spewed sperm. She twisted and wiggled while her pussy constantly grasped my cock, "yyyeeeesssss!"

When I was done I caressed down the back of her thighs before I pulled out. I grinned as I went to untie the boat and push us away from the tree. I fixed my pants before I began to row again. I stopped seven times during the day and night as I crossed the swamp and fucked Rachel each time. When we came out of the swamp on the other side it was at a mill.

A river ran out and into the swamp here and the mill was beside the river. This was Alexander county and the outer edge of Broken Axe which was their county seat. I docked the barges and headed to the mill. I bargained with the miller and shook hands before his sons came to help unload the large sacks of grain.

After that I took Rachel's hand and we walked into the town. I spoke with several shopkeepers and the baker and made a deal. We came back and waited before I started unloading the barrels of root sugar into wagons. The price I got was only half what it was worth but it was still a lot.

I was tired after we finished and headed for a shady spot by the mill. The grinding of the stones mostly kept the serpents and water dragons away. I laid back and Rachel sat beside me and sighed. I grinned as I gave her a dozen silver coins, "we need food and you need at least one more dress."

She grinned and kissed me before she jumped up and strutted towards town. I fell asleep and woke to giggling and someone with their hand in my pants stroking my cock. I opened my eyes to see a girl Rachel's age with ginger hair. I looked the other way to see Rachel and several boxes.

She bent and gave me a kiss, "it will be dark soon."

I looked at the sky and sat up, "we should go."

She stood, "this is Kim. She ... can she come with us?"

I stood and moved to the boxes, "with us?"

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