by Ka Hmnd

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Science Fiction Sex Story: It started with a mission gone bad and a traitor. My father's enemies were a step ahead and used fleet admirals to dishonor me. When I learned the admiral that had been the judge had been ordered to do it I had to act. First against the noble that I thought ordered it. Of course he was a coward and would send someone. After him it was another noble that had been behind him and I wanted it to be personal.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   First   Oral Sex   .

The raid was supposed to be a surprise. Both my company commander and the battalion commander had given me a green light. We were to drop in two assault shuttles at dawn and hit the rogue world training camp. Things went wrong before that and the battalion commander sent a one word text, "NOW!"

So we scrambled into the shuttles and dropped. Only they were waiting and we took fire before we even began to exit the shuttles. I lost ten men during the attack and after the last enemy died we began to search. That was when we found the battalion commander and the fleet lieutenant commander that was our liaison officer.

That was when trouble came for me. Fleet admiral Harris had me arrested and charged with killing both officers. No one wanted to listen to what I had to say and they tried to rush the trial. I was sent back to Sinclair and fleet admiral Duncon was assigned as the judge. My solicitor was a lieutenant junior grade and so new he squeaked.

I made a lot of calls before the trial began and thought I was ready. I waited as fleet admiral Harris told the court the battalion commander and lieutenant commander Darnel had been negotiating their surrender. He told the court I had not been given the order to attack. He even said I had been the one to kill both men.

My solicitor did not even question him and I glanced at him as the admiral walked out, "you are fired."

He straightened, "I was appointed..."

I stood and looked at the judge, "my solicitor is both inexperienced and incompetent. I will defend myself."

He looked at the red faced man before he nodded. I sat and looked at the prosecutor who stood and started a long speech. He presented bridge logs as evidence and then rested. Now it was my turn, first I had the green light order from the captain and battalion commander. Next I had the text from the battalion commander.

Now the shit was going to hit the fan. I presented bio scan evidence that lieutenant commander Darnel had disable the shuttle emergency beacon on the shuttle that had taken them down. I presented evidence that lieutenant commander Darnel's weapon had killed the shuttle crew two hours before we landed.

I presented evidence his weapon had killed the battalion commander an hour before we landed. I had helmet and weapon vids of the lieutenant commander in enemy uniform. I had evidence he had fired at my men with the enemy. Last I had evidence the leader of the rogue worlders had been his brother.

I thought that would be enough ... I was wrong. The judge ignored all the evidence and found me guilty. I was to be stripped of rank and dishonorably discharged. I think if he thought he could get away with it I would have been sentenced to death. When I walked out of the court I glanced at my white faced father and the three imperial judges who looked pissed.

That was when I realized I had been set up. My father was one of the most powerful dukes in the empire. I was his youngest son and had gone out on my own at an early age. I stripped in the small holding room and tossed the uniform into the trash. I dressed in comfortable clothes before I grabbed my two bags and left.

I ignored the messages from my father and the calls. I owned a large piece of land far from the city but rented a vehicle and went to the Nobles Club. Only men or women from a noble family or their guest could enter. Mostly it was just for men and I headed for the bar. It was late afternoon when I started drinking.

A crowd entered and they were laughing and joking while crossing to the bar. They did not even glance at me but when I heard one mention my name I paid attention. One I recognized as a baron laughed, "I told you the admiral would do as I told him. A blind man would have been able to see the son was innocent. Duke Norman and his people are screaming and demanding the emperor investigate."

I pushed the drink away as I stood and started towards them. I shoved those on the outside away. When I reached the baron I slugged him and watched him go down, "you are a yellow coward."

The men started to reach for me and I growled and took a step, "baron Albert I challenge you to a duel."

He touched his mouth as he glared at me, "I am not going to accept."

I smiled, "run coward. I will hunt you down. The next time we meet I will ring your skinny neck."

I hesitated, "I am appealing the judgement to the crown. Your little pet admiral will hang and when it is his turn you will be right beside him."

I started to turn and he came to his feet, "I accept."

I glanced at him, "day, hour and weapon."

He glared, "the day after tomorrow at noon. Lancers."

I nodded and turned to shove through the men, "see you later dead man."

I walked out and got into my vehicle and lifted and set the detestation and leaned back. My estate was an hour from the edge of the city. It was at the end of a valley and the back half was in the mountains. There were lots of green fields with tall hedges bordering the fields around the manor house.

I called my family solicitor to start the appeal and to get the security vid from the Nobles Club with a warrant. He was to use that to have the admiral detained and truth scanned under the imperial corruption law. I sat back when I was done and thought of the baron and what he might do. He was a coward and I doubted he would really face me.

I smiled, "of course if I am dead he would not have too."

When I landed I parked in front and carried my two bags into the large house. I change into a swim suit and started to make a check and stopped when I saw the teenage girl sunbathing by the pool. I smiled as I walked out and stopped beside her and she glanced up and froze, "um..."

I grinned and bent to rub a nipple, "what are you doing here Candy?"

She shivered and grinned, "you said if I took care of the pool I could use it."

I glanced at the crystal blue water, "it looks nice."

She reached out and up and rubbed the front of my swim suit, "it has been a long time."

I looked at her as she shifted and opened her legs, "three years and two months. You look all grown up and ready to fuck."

She grinned as she spread her legs more, "want the first ride to make sure?"

I grinned and pushed my suit down and then moved around and knelt as I leaned forward. I licked through her trimmed pussy and she shivered and tilted her hips as she spread her legs wide. I continued to lick her and began to wiggle the tip of my tongue on her clit. She gasped and shook as she lifted her hips, "ooohhhh!"

I sucked on her clit and squeezed it between my lips before going back to teasing it with my tongue. She shuddered and humped and cocked her legs, "yyyeeeesssss!"

I grinned as I stopped and moved up and over her and slowly forced my cock into her very tight pussy. She put her arms around me as my cock sank into her and stretched her virgin pussy, "damn your cock is huge."

I grinned as I gave her a kiss, "your pussy feels great."

I started to hump and rub and grind and she shuddered as her pussy tightened and clenched, "mmmm!"

She wiggled and humped as I pulled back and began to fuck her. A minute and her pussy was slippery and she was clinging to me and wailing, "yyyeeeesssss!"

She twisted and struggled as I continued to fuck her. Five minutes and she was thrashing and bucking as she screamed and howled, "YES!"

I shoved into her and kissed her as I spewed and pumped sperm. She jerked and spasmed as her pussy kept grasping, "mmmm!"

She sighed and squirmed as I flooded her with cum and when I was done I gave her another kiss, "yeah it is ready to fuck."

She was panting and grinned as she hugged me. I pulled out and moved off the lounger, "how about we try it in the pool?"

We tried it in the pool and inside on my bed and on the couch and in the kitchen on the table and ... I glanced at her after we finished the last time and thought of the baron. I pulled her out of bed and into the shower. We found her clothes and after I dressed I sent her home. I went to the estate arms locker and pulled out an old pistol.

Next I slipped out and went to a tall hedge in front of the house. I crawled in and pulled a mil spec poncho over me to hide my thermal scan. I relaxed as the sun set and it grew dark and a couple of hours later I heard the flyer. It turned away from the house but I could tell by the sound that it landed.

Ten minutes and I saw the men in black come out of the shadows and move towards the front door. There were five of them and I called the constables and crawled out and stood to move after them. After they kicked open the door and went in, I followed. I stepped into the entrance hall with my pistol out and up.

There were three in the hall and the last spun to see me before I shot him between the eyes. The other two turned and I shot one in the side of the head and the second through the left eye. I walked to the left and stepped into the large common room. One of the last two men was rushing towards the door and me and I shot him twice in the chest.

I turned and lifted my weapon and pointed up the stairs as the last man ran down. He was firing wildly and I put two in his chest and one in his head. I left the bodies as I walked out and went searching for the flyer. I found it but no one was in or around it. I returned to my house and waited for the constables.

They were not happy, especially when they saw the illegal weapons the men had been carrying. I took a case of Lancers and left after giving my statement and returned to Sinclair city. I stayed the night with a friend who had become a broker. The next day I started off reviewing the system traffic control logs for incoming ships or traffic.

Since the ships had to list their cargos I knew what was coming in. I used the commodity market to buy and then sold when a ship entered orbit and contacted the merchants. The price had jumped and I had made three hundred times what I had invested. I spent the night in a hostel while newies were looking for me to talk about the duel.

I was up late and called my solicitor. He had gotten the vids and an order to question the admiral but the admiral was trying to use the fleet to block the court order. Each time one of the other admirals stepped in my solicitor was forced to invoke the imperial corruption law. That had them invoking their right to council.

I grinned as I ate and talked to him, "contact the emperor's office and the press officer and inform them you are expanding the corruption warrant to all senior fleet officers."

He chuckled, "the emperor will have them lined up to take the truth scan."

I disconnected and went to change and then pick up the elaborate case with the two single shot Lancers. I flew to the dueling field and walked towards the fenced off area. I slowed when I saw my father and brothers and then the emperor. My father moved toward me, "you do not have a second."

I shrugged and he held out his hand, "you do now."

I cleared my throat and he shook his head, "you are my son first."

We entered the dueling area and the constable assigned to the field moved towards us. My father let him examine the weapons and then we moved to the side to wait. The baron finally arrived and his face looked white. The man that was his second sneered as they entered the dueling area and met the constable.

When he checked their weapons he growled and held one up, "this does not function."

The baron sputtered and his second reddened. When the constable looked at the other weapon he shifted, "and this sight has been moved."

He looked at the baron and I smiled, "may I see it?"

The constable turned and reversed it and I accepted it. I checked it carefully before I handed it back, "I can use it."

He looked at me before he finally nodded and gestured to the baron. He had my father open the case and let the baron selected a pistol. We moved to the center of the area and the constable followed, "now is the time to withdraw."

I smiled as I looked at the baron who was sweating. I shook my head and he bit his lip and copied me. The constable handed each of us a single bullet, "I will ask again after the first round."

That was protocol but there was not going to be a second round. I opened the breach and slipped the bullet in and closed it before turning my back on the baron. It was several moments before he turned and the constable began his final instructions. On the count of one I took a step and kept it up until he said turn.

I spun and extended the pistol and the baron fired wide. I waited as the constable cursed. He finally nodded, "fire."

I was using my second finger on the trigger and pointing my index finger along the barrel. I squeezed and the pistol roared and the baron's head snapped back as he fell. I watched as his body jerked and thrashed on the ground. I silently opened the breach and removed the spent case. I walked to the constable as doctors rushed to the baron.

The bullet had struck a little low but still between his eyes so there was nothing for the doctors to do. My father walked to the baron and bent to pick up my pistol before walking to the constable. He removed the bullet case and handed it to him with the one from the other pistol. I led the way out and turned to accept the cased pistols.

I started away and my father cleared his throat. I ignored it but stopped when the emperor stepped in front of me. He smiled, "your solicitor seems to be having fun at my expense."

I snorted, "no sir. He is enjoying making your fleet admirals face their own integrity."

He nodded, "and so am I. If one of my admirals is corrupt others might be."

I shrugged, "I am only concerned with the one."

He smiled again, "I have had the fleet adjutant order his immediate detention and escort to the court where he is to be scanned. If he has violated his oath I will rescind his judgements and review his cases for my own judgement."

I bowed, "a fair judgement is all I wanted."

I started walking and he sighed, "you are as stubborn as always lad."

I flew home and found Candy by my pool again. I grinned as I leaned against the door to watch her, "keep making a habit of this and I will have to keep you."

She lifted her head and looked at me and grinned, "I was hoping for another ride."

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