Fleeing a Revolution

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2016 by Ka Hmnd

Fantasy Sex Story: When the country rose up and revolted I had to save the two princesses. They were not like their father or other nobles. They had always treated me nice so I loaded them into a wagon and we took the back trails and roads. The first group of rebels must have robbed a noble because of how they were dressed so I acted like a rebel. I knew sooner of later I was going to have to fight and when the next group came I was right.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   First   Oral Sex   .

The revolution came after almost six months of unrest. The king was a tyrant and the queen a wicked bitch. The few high nobles were almost as bad or absent and the low were either corrupt or thieves. The prince had been sent away to be raised out of the kingdom. The twin princesses had been hidden away on a country estate to be married off later.

I was a stable boy with dreams to be a soldier. The girls were not like their parents and always nice to the servants and more than once I had them watch as I groomed the horses. The lad from the nearest village arrived just after dawn. He strutted into the stable yard and sneered, "the country is raising arms against the king."

I snorted as I finished moving the straw from the stalls, "the army will..."

He shook his head, "most of the army has turned or deserted."

He looked at the manor, "the revolutionary guards are in the village now. They are coming here to burn the manor and hang the princesses."

I glanced out of the yard, "so why are you here?"

He sneered, "to help them."

I stepped close and caught his shirt and slugged him several times until he went limp. I let him fall before I looked around. I bent and pulled him into the stable and tied him up. I looked at the horses and pulled two out and sent the rest out and into the pasture. I hitched the horses to the hay wagon and then quickly rolled all my belongings into my blankets.

Sarah had given me one and Marie had given me another. I dropped the bundle in the front corner of the wagon and ran into the manor. I stopped when I saw the cook stuffing food into a large box, "you knew!"

She snorted, "of course I knew."

I moved to take the box of cured meat, cheese and spices away, "get out!"

She backed away, "you can not protect them."

I gestured and she ran out and I spun and ran through the manor and up to Sarah's room. I pulled the door open and she sat up, "what..."

I gestured, "put on a plain dress and put everything you want on the bed."

I hesitated, "quickly Sarah. They are coming to kill you and Marie."

She moved off the bed and I turned to cross and open Marie's door. She was standing by the window and turned, "the rumors?"

I nodded, "dress and put everything you need on the bed."

I went back to Sarah and ignored her as she clutched a dress to her naked body. I moved to her dresser and collected brushes and perfumes and jewelry, "put the dress on silly."

I rolled up the blankets and left and went back to see Marie naked as she searched for a dress. Like Sarah I collected everything from her dresser, "dress plain."

I carried both out and called as I headed for the stairs, "we have to go!"

I put their things in the wagon and went back for the food. Next I went to grab all the kitchen knives and some pots and pans. I ran into the large office and looked around before carrying a heavy money chest out. The girls ran out and I gestured to the back of the wagon and ran to start leading them.

A few minutes and I was leading the horses through the back of the estate. Before I was out of sight I glanced back and saw men heading towards the estate from the village. I climbed up onto the seat and got the horses moving and looked at the girls, "listen to me. If anyone stops us you are my lovers and we are fleeing baron Alexander's lands. We are going south to Narina where I have family."

They nodded and Sarah grinned, "so does that mean you get to fuck us tonight?"

I shifted and glanced back, "only if we are still alive."

Marie laughed and went to her knees behind me to give me a hug. I glanced back and down, "make sure you are not wearing under things and take off your shoes."

The girls shifted around and then climbed up onto the seat with me. I knew the estate well and went all the way to the back and jumped down to pull a cross bar out of the way on the gate. I led the horses through the gate and turned onto the small track. I closed the gate bar and climbed up and started the horses moving at a slow walk.

The bridles I used for the horses did not have bits. As the horses plodded along they tore up grass. It was a couple of hours before I saw the riders. I turned and reached back to grab one of the large kitchen knives, "get in the back."

There were six men on horses and they blocked the way when we reached them. One rode up beside the wagon, "we know you have the noble bitches."

I looked him over and snorted, "get out of the way noble bastards."

He shifted and touched the sword he wore and I dropped the reins and stood, "we have had enough of you nobles! You dress all fancy and wear your fancy boots and ride your horses."

I kicked out and knocked the man off his horse, "we will not kneel to you or any other noble!"

I glared at the other men who were looking at each other and one rode towards the other side of the wagon, "listen here lad..."

I moved towards him, "you will not rape my lovers again or rob us. Begone before the revolutionary guards find you."

He blinked as I sliced out and his horse snorted and danced away. I started towards the other side of the wagon as the other man began to climb up and kicked him in the face with the ball of my foot. He fell back and the other man gestured, "let them pass!"

I glared and looked at them before I moved to sit and lift the reins, "flee you bastards before we hang you all!"

I slapped the horses with the reins to get them moving and the ones in front of us were quick to move to the side. I turned to watch them as the horses kept going. I looked at the two girls almost hidden under the seat with the bundles of blankets on them. I smiled but kept watch until the men and horses were out of sight.

A couple of times we walked and I led the horses or rested them as the two girls picked berries or wild onions. It was mid day when I saw the rabbit ahead and turned to dig into my things. I found my sling and my pouch of small river stones. I slipped off the wagon and had Marie lead the horses as I walked ahead.

Not only did I kill the rabbit but I got a second just minutes after I did it. I skinned and cleaned them and began to walk beside the wagon as I hung them on the side. I plucked long blades of grass and started to weave them into a basket. I made a top and waved the biting flies away and put the rabbits in the basket and closed it up.

A couple of hours before sunset I turned off the track and into a grove of trees. To one side was a stream and I could see where someone had built a fire in the past. I helped the girls down after I turned the wagon and stopped it where I wanted it. I gestured to a field of tall grass, "go get arm loads of grass to sleep on."

Sarah frowned, "what are you going to do?"

I snorted, "unhitch the horses, make a fire, collect wood and start dinner."

She grinned and looked at Marie, "well if you are doing all that we can make the bed."

I gestured to the wagon, "in the wagon so we are off the ground."

It was an hour before dinner was ready and since I had forgotten plates we ate from a pot. I had added slices of cheese to the rabbit but was saving the cured meat. After we were done I took everything to the stream and the girls came to help clean up. I let the fire burn down as it began to get dark.

I let the horses drink and moved them to the other side of the wagon and tied them. When I climbed up and into the back of the wagon it looked like one wide bed. Marie and Sarah stood and pulled the dresses off while I watched. Sarah grinned, "Marie is first and then you can fuck me."

I grinned as I began to undress while they laid down. I moved towards them and laid beside Marie and cupped one of her beautiful breasts, "are you girls sure?"

Marie sighed and shifted and pulled my head to her breast, "suck on my nipple and then fuck me."

I grinned as I did what she wanted and she shivered and moaned. I shifted and moved over between her legs as I kept it up and went back and forth. She was lifting her head and I finally moved up and she guided my cock. I had heard the stories of taking a girls maidenhead and pressed into her and relaxed.

She groaned and wiggled as she put her arms around me. I kept humping and pressing into her and my cock was drooling so her pussy slowly opened and became slippery. She gasped and started to jerk and shake and I lifted and shoved into her. She clutched me as her maidenhead was ripped away and my cock was buried, "OOOHHHH!"

I laid on her and kept kissing her while my cock throbbed and her tight pussy constantly clenched. It was awhile before she relaxed and even longer before she lifted her hips and pulled on me. I smiled as I kissed her and pulled back and started to fuck her slowly. At first she hissed but after a minute she was moaning again.

I continued to fuck her and it was not long before she spasmed and her tight pussy kept grasping my cock. She struggled and thrashed and bucked as she hugged me, "yyyeeeesssss!"

I shoved into her and grunted as I gushed huge spurts of seed. She jerked and wiggled when she felt the warmth pumping into her, "mmmm!"

She shuddered and her pussy kept squeezing and finally I relaxed and gave her a kiss. I slowly pulled out and she groaned and then sighed and her sister giggled. I grinned as I pushed Sarah onto her back and moved between her legs. I kissed her and moved down to suck on her nipples and she sighed and held my head.

I kept kissing down her body and she spread her legs more. I opened her pussy and began to lick through it and wiggle my tongue on her clit. She shuddered and lifted her hips, "aaaahhhh!"

I started to use my fingers to spread her pussy and stretch her maidenhead. She winched but continued to hump and moan. Several minutes and she was spasming and tried to close her legs and cover her pussy. I moved up and shoved my cock through her maidenhead and buried it in her.

She clutched me and kept shaking as her tight pussy clenched, "damn!"

I held her and began to kiss her and she shifted and wiggled and then laughed, "you smell like pussy."

Marie giggled and I grinned as I gave Sarah another kiss and pulled back and then buried my cock again. She sighed and humped and I began to fuck her with short grinding jabs. A minute and I was using long strokes and she was lifting her hips and moaning. After awhile I was using firm thrusts and grinding.

She wailed and bucked and thrashed around as her pussy constantly clenched, "yyyeeeesssss!"

I fucked her hard and deep and kept it up as she hugged me. She struggled and wrapped her legs around me, "aaaahhhh!"

Finally I shoved into her and kissed her as I spurted and spewed seed. She jerked and kept spasming as her pussy tried to squeeze more into her, "YES!"

When I was done I relaxed and gave her one more kiss, "enough for tonight or you two will be very sore tomorrow."

I pulled out and sat up to look around before I laid back between them. They pulled a blanket over us and before I knew it they were asleep. I lay awake and thought of what I was doing. If we were caught I would be killed but I could not leave them. Even though they were nobles they were my friends.

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