The Master Interludes
The Sleepover

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Mind Control Sex Story: The Sleepover - You should read The Master Downstairs first. These Interludes are short individual vignettes about the Master and his slaves. The Master struggles to do the right thing and still winds up having lots of sex with his slaves. Each chapter will be separate, with no relation between them other than the background that is set forth in The Master Downstairs.

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mind Control   Heterosexual   MaleDom   FemaleDom  

Kristen had to fly up to see her parents overnight, which happened once or twice a year What was different this time, the first trip since the Device entered our lives, was what she suggested I do while she was away. In the past, maybe I’d go see a movie in the theatre that I knew she wouldn’t like, or go play poker with some friends.

This time, she suggested that I spend the night at Tina and Linda’s. Now we had been over at their apartment several times, but never just me, and never spending the night. I called Tina and she loved the idea. There was some homework they needed to finish, but they’d be finished by the time I got there. Linda added she wanted to cook something special for us. I told them not to do anything crazy, we could just order in.

When I arrived, they opened the door and I was surprised to see Jen and Sally there as well. They ran up and hugged me saying they were so excited we could all get together for the night. Tina came over and kissed me while Linda stuck her head out of the kitchen and told me we were having beef and macaroni with a salad. It was a lot better than I ate as a student.

By the time we had the table set, the food started coming out and we all sat down to enjoy the meal. I loved it, the four girls made me feel like I was back in grad school. They made me feel like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders.

After dinner, we started playing board games. Tina and Linda had played Ticket to Ride at my house, but today we were playing Settlers of Catan. Neither Sally or Jen had played before, but they figured it out pretty quickly. It was great not to have the TV on, and no overt sexuality, just good friends enjoying the night.

As it got later, Tina pulled me aside into their bedroom. She pointed out that I could pick any two of the girls to sleep with in this room while the other two would sleep in the spare bedroom. I couldn’t figure out which two I wanted to be with. All of them excited me in different ways.

Sally had won the game, so that made it easy to pick her. The second girl was a harder choice. Break up Tina and Linda for the night? I asked Sally who she’d like to be with. Without any hesitation, she said, “Linda or Jen, Master.”

“Why not Tina?”

“Master, she’s fine when we’re like this, but in bed, she scares me a bit.”

“Has she hurt you? I won’t allow that.”

“No Master. I mean it can be painful at times, but she doesn’t hurt us. I just like it softer than she likes to give out.”


All four women were near me now, ready to have me decide who I’d go to bed with.

“Linda, please tie up Tina so she can’t move. I want her to lick Sally for a while in your bedroom. When you’re done, join Jen and I in the other room.”

“Yes Master”, they all echoed. The three ladies went into the main bedroom while I held out my hand to Jen.

My hands were pushing against the wall while I leaned over Jen. She was flat against the wall, accepting my cock as it slid in and out of her mouth. Her hands were on my ass, squeezing and caressing it.

Linda came quietly into the room and removed her clothes. “How do you want me Master?”

I looked at Linda and stood up straight. “Let’s move to the bed.”

Without any instructions, they both licked my cock very slowly. It was almost torture. Eventually we had Jen on her back while Linda rode her face. I was kissing Linda while my cock was slowly moving in and out of Jen. My orgasm surprised me with its arrival, there was almost no buildup. Linda licked my cum out of Jen before cleaning me up.

Later, when the two of them were in a 69, I left them and went into the other room.

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