The Master Interludes
The Changing Room

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Mind Control Sex Story: The Changing Room - You should read The Master Downstairs first. These Interludes are short individual vignettes about the Master and his slaves. The Master struggles to do the right thing and still winds up having lots of sex with his slaves. Each chapter will be separate, with no relation between them other than the background that is set forth in The Master Downstairs.

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mind Control   Heterosexual   MaleDom   FemaleDom  

It was one of those perfect weather days, the sun was shining, the windows were down. Kristen was driving and I was just enjoying my arm out the window and the fresh smell of the air. That lasted until we arrived at the mall and parked the car. She said we needed to do some shopping, but why did I need to come along? Why didn't I just tell her no, that I wanted to go for a hike instead? Even watch TV for that matter. Wasn't she my slave? Why was I doing what she wanted instead? I laughed at myself a bit, it's so easy for all of this to go to your head.

Kristen pulled me from store to store, mostly looking for her clothes but every so often shopping for me. Finally, we went into one of the higher end business fashion stores, the type that has people helping you try on suits in the changing room. She grabbed something off the rack and led me into the changing room corridor, then into one of the rooms. There was a three way mirror with a step in front, a couch on the back wall and plenty of room to drop our bags. I sank gratefully into the couch while she immediately headed out again.

She came back in, but this time was followed by one of the sales people, who was dressed very nicely in a fitted women's suit. She looked vaguely familiar, but I didn't think much of it until she kneeled in front of me and whispered, "Master!" Kristen closed the door, leaned against it and smiled at me.

"Janice just started working here, she looks a lot different dressed up doesn't she?"

Janice, Janice, right she's one of Jeremy's school mates, but didn't have any leaks so I haven't spent any time with her. I only saw her at Brenda's house and she definitely did look quite different than that.

"I know you've been working so hard to protect all of us, I thought you could use a little stress relief. Plus, this might encourage you to come shopping with me in the future. Janice has been dying to suck your cock, haven't you Janice?"

"Yes Mistress, I was so shocked when you two came in here, I had to trade breaks with my co-worker to be able to join you. We have to be quiet, I've heard people in these rooms before."

"Janice, no more talking, I want you to carefully reveal Master's cock and I want you to worship it until he comes. Only then will you be able to have your silent orgasm."

Janice nodded and began undoing my pants, and I helped by lifting my butt so she could slide them down. I reached out and felt Janice's right breast. I lifted up on it and felt it's warmth. As she leaned in to start licking, I slipped my hand underneath her blouse to feel her skin. A curve of the hand and I cupped her breast inside her bra. Her nipple felt like it was scratching my palm. I stood up, leaning over Janice, my cock right at her lips.

I gently arched my back to push it inwards into her open mouth. Her lips glided along the shaft while her hands rubbed the outside of my hips. Kristen was still over by the door, watching us and clearly getting excited herself. Janice started bobbing faster when I placed my hands on the sides of her head, lacing my fingers in her hair and getting a good grip. The suction this co-ed was producing was pretty spectacular, especially when her tongue was swiping around. It was starting to get a bit noisy so I slowed Janice down by holding her head and controlling her motion. It still felt great though, and even though it usually takes me a while to come from a blowjob, I was starting to feel the pressure building.

Kristen had undone her blouse and bra so I could see her playing with her nipples. I waved her to join me on the couch. Janice was now going at exactly the pace I wanted, but I had other ideas. I moved her head off of my cock and onto Kristen's breast. I'm not sure if she understood exactly what happened, but she started slurping on Kristen's nipple right away. I stepped back and pulled my feet out of my pants on the floor.

Janice was now moving back and forth between Kristen's nipples and it looked fantastic. I grabbed Janice's hips and pulled them up a bit and started running my hands over her ass. I found the catch and zipper on the side and pulled her skirt off, leaving the tiniest thong. I could now smell Janice, so I adjusted slightly and then slid right into her in one stroke. Her groan was louder than I wanted so I leaned in and whispered in her ear to not make any noise, intelligible or not until we were finished. She answered by thrusting her ass back onto my cock again.

Right then, I heard two women talking outside in the corridor and I froze. One sounded like a daughter getting something to wear to her first interview. Why were they taking so long? I couldn't help myself, I slid back and forth in Janice's cunt, so slowly it felt like wonderful torture. The mom was looking at the latest outfit chosen by the teenager and said that was far too sexy to wear to work. That was it, the image in my head of the faceless teenager wearing a sexy suit set me off and I exploded into Janice while trying not to make any noise. Janice began making the same jerky motions I was going through, but not one peep or noise while she came.

I sagged back onto the couch, followed quickly by Kristen's head as she began to clean my cock of yet another woman's juices. It really was her favorite thing. Janice was about to straighten herself up when she felt my hand pulling her closer to me.

"Open your blouse and show me your breasts"

"Yes Master"

Kristen looked up at me as she finished and I pointed her back to Janice's breasts. My cock was still pretty hard so I basically had Kristen exactly the same way I had Janice a few minutes earlier. My cock plunging into her from behind while she licked away on Janice. I didn't come, but Kristen sure did. She immediately turned around and cleaned her own juices off of my cock. I am really getting used to this hobby of Kristen's. The view of Kristen in the three way mirror was enough to keep me close to coming. Next time we'd have to make more direct use of the mirror.

After we had straightened ourselves up a bit, we checked each other's appearance and then opened the door.

"None of these will do, but I'll come back when the new outfits arrive."'

"Of course Mam, I'll be sure to notify you when they do."

Now that we were in the hallway, I could finally get a good look at the mother and daughter. The teenager still looked like a young one, quickly bouncing from side to side to show her excitement. The mom on the other hand fit exactly in my book of what to look for. Shapely without being fat, interesting face with intelligent thoughts being expressed. She let the daughter explain herself without losing control of the discussion.

I had to carefully walk past them, because I was very close to ordering Kristen and Janice to grab the pair and make them mine. As Kristen and I left the mall, I pondered how close I had just come to making more slaves, just because they turned me on. So far everyone I had captured was for a good reason, but I felt like I was closer than ever to crossing one of the lines I tried to keep. Once we were in the car, the questions came out.

"Master, did you appreciate your gift? I hope she relieved some of your stress."

"Janice was lovely, how did she taste?"

"Wonderful Master. Wonderful."

"You've done well slave, remind me to let you come tonight in reward. You can invite Janice to join us if she'd like to."

"Of course Master, thank you."

"Take us home please"

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