The Coach

by Write or Wrong

Copyright© 2016 by Write or Wrong

Erotic Sex Story: It all started when Coach caught me screwing Ted under the bleachers. I figured that Coach was going to bust me. Little did I know by getting hauled into his office I would find the biggest cock in town.

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Oral Sex   Exhibitionism   Analingus   Size   Teacher/Student   School   .

It all started when Coach caught me screwing Ted under the bleachers. Ever since we hooked up last month at a party, Ted had kept bugging me for another fuck. He was cute enough and I didn't have anything steady going on right then, so I met him after football practice and let him lead me under the stands.

It was kind of wild because the hot afternoon sun was shining through the bleachers painting everything in zebra stripes. The light played over us in a strobe pattern as we moved beneath the wooden stands. When we stopped Ted pulled me into a tight hug and we kissed deeply. It was nice and exciting, Ted is a good kisser, but I wasn't there for a romance. I wanted to fuck. Since I was more than ready and my bus was leaving in fifteen minutes, I told him to skip the foreplay and get to business.

Soon enough I was bent over with my hands against a rusted metal post and my legs spread. With my white panties lying on the ground next to me, and my plaid kilt skirt pushed up over my ass Ted had no problem fitting his cock up inside me. Ted has a nice sized cock, and fortunately he had enough control to not lose it the first minute he shoved in me. Quick fucks can be a lot of fun, especially in public, so I was getting really close while I watched the other kids getting on the school buses just a football field away. I kept thinking that with one cry I could have all those eyes watching me as I got fucked. That is when Coach showed up.

I don't think Ted knew he was there because he just kept plunging away at my cunny while Coach stood by with his arms crossed over his chest watching. I locked eyes with Coach and when his dour mask cracked with a quick grin, it pushed me over the edge and I got gushy and came hard. Ted was still going to town when Coach, with his game face back in place, yelled, "Rickman! What the hell are you doing?!"

Ted froze up, but not before I felt his cock get all twitchy and he filled the condom with his goo. I don't think Ted even took the rubber off before he pulled out and grabbed up his shorts. Soon enough he was standing all mopey while Coach ripped into him so hard I thought Ted would start to cry. Coach let him go saying, "Now get your ass home and hit the books because I cannot bale you out of another 'F' in math. Do you understand me? And if I so much as see you looking at a girl on school property you will be running laps until doomsday! DO YOU GET ME!"

Ted screamed, "YES COACH!" and ran out from under the bleachers and didn't look back. Meanwhile I was left with my skirt around my waist and my sticky cunny juice dripping on my legs as Coach turned his attention to me. "You. My office. Now!"

Coach marched me to his office in the gym, barely giving me time to pull my skirt down. It was only when I was standing in front of Coach's desk in a room that smelled of sweat and musty paper that I realized I left my panties outside.

One wall of Coach's office was windows and a door leading down to the guy's locker room. The rest of the room was made up of cinder block walls painted with the school mascot and the door leading to the Athletics office that we had walked through. With everyone gone for the day it felt like we were the only two people in town.

Coach had been staring at me for five minuets without saying anything. I looked back at him, not wanting to lower my eyes and look ashamed. Just because we had been busted screwing on school property, I wasn't going to let Coach make me feel guilty.

Since I hit puberty and I touched myself for the first time, I've loved sex. For a while I thought I was a freak and kept it to myself. Fortunately I was a big reader and soon realized that sex was a big deal for most people and the ones that hated it were either jealous that they were not getting any or upset that they were not doing it right. I finally got to put that theory to the test when I found out that my friend Trish was friging herself off almost as much as I was which lead to some fun experimentation.

Once I knew it wasn't just me I decided to never be ashamed about sex again. Over the next couple of years I got it on as much as I could. By myself, with guys, hell even with girls, I just love it all. I don't care if it makes me a slut or a liberated woman, I'm going to fuck who I want, when I want, wherever I want.

Plus I had to admit that Coach wasn't hard on the eyes in a rugged military kind of way, and staring at him wasn't a chore. He had his gray hair cut very short showing his sunburned scalp. He was still in good shape from leading the team's workouts, but his face looked old. I also had to respect that he was looking me in the eyes instead of feeling me up with his stare like most guys do.

Finally when I wouldn't break from silence Coach asked, "You like fucking my players don't you Lana?"

At first I didn't even notice he called me by name. Instead I told him straight out that football players were fun to fuck. Most of them were pretty dumb and just thought with their cocks, but that was all I wanted them for anyway.

"Damn it. Your mama was the same way in high school. She couldn't say no to a hard body and stiff cock."

I found that hard to believe since Mama hardly looked at a man since Daddy died when I was a little girl. Coach talking about my mom made me upset so I lashed out at him, "I don't know about her, but I like to fuck and I'm not going to be sorry for that. Now if you are going to punish me, please let me know what I'm going to get for this and let me get on with my afternoon."

Instead of getting angry Coach leaned back in his chair and looked at me again before he asked, "What makes you think you are going to get punished when I let Ted go?"

This was the first time I felt off balance since I first caught sight of Coach watching Ted give it to me under the bleachers. Of course he was going to punish me. He was waiting for an answer so I said, "Because men hate women who don't feel bad for liking cock."

"Aw Lana, that's not true." Coach said with a smile. "In fact most guys like a woman who knows what she wants. If all you want is some cock, what do you think of this one?" My jaw dropped as Coach reached in his sweats and pulled out a monster cock. I went from angry to awestruck as I watched him stroke it a few times until it was fully hard. By the time it was rigid that cock was at least a foot long and as thick as my arm. I couldn't help wonder where he hid it because something like that stands out. The only other cock that has come close in my experience was on a black guy who I hooked up with last summer.

"Coach," I said moving around the desk so I could touch that python, "you got the biggest cock I've ever seen."

Coach grabbed my hand before I could touch him and told me, "Now Lana, I'm not going to punish you, and I'd like to let you play with my big boy here, but only on one condition. Don't fuck my boys on school property. You can fuck them til Christ comes back, just not at school. You get me? I don't need any of them getting' suspended. It is hard enough keeping them academically eligible."

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