I Love My Sister's Ass and She Loves Me

by Anal_King

Copyright© 2016 by Anal_King

Incest Sex Story: Paul wants to fuck his older sister's ass but she needs something in return: his love.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Incest   Brother   Sister   Anal Sex   .

Two months ago, I was snooping through my sister's dresser looking for a fresh pair of panties to stroke my cock with. I often did this but I was always careful not to leave any cum behind. That's why I used a tissue. I spotted some sexy lingerie at the bottom and went to grab it when the back of my fingers rubbed against semi-soft surface. I took out the object and discovered it was Robin's diary! It had some silly floral designs on the cover and a cheap lock to keep it secure. These things always come with the cheapest locks, so it doesn't take much to break them. I took me less than two minutes to unlock.

I know I should feel bad for invading my sister's privacy, but I've always been a curious sort, and seeing how I had nothing better to do, why the hell not. I flipped open to the first page, which was dated almost a year ago. There was an entry about one of her professors. He was giving her a hard time over her grades. Then she wrote some crap about what she did with her girlfriends. I jumped a few pages hoping to find something worth reading. Holy shit! I couldn't believe my eyes. This was so cool. Robin was in love with me and not the sisterly kind either. This is what she wrote:

March 14,

Ever since Paul was 10, I've had the biggest crush on him. There, I said it! I know that makes me sick, but I can't deny my feelings for him. And now that I'm 19 and he's 15, my love has only grown stronger. I rarely date and the only reason I do is to not attract attention or my parents and friends will think I'm gay. I'm a girl and I do have to keep up appearances. Anyway, my stomach is knotting as I write these words down. I don't know what to do? Paul is so cute; I want to take care of him and love him like a newborn baby. When we watch television together, I like to sneak peeks at him. I don't think he's caught on. Wow! That would be so embarrassing. I have seen him check out my ass on more than one occasion. It makes me feel good when he does that. At least he likes a "part" of me, and it is my nicest feature. I don't have much in the tits department, but I guess I can't do anything about that.

Sigh! I need to move on already, but it's so hard. Maybe when school is over and when I land a job, I'll move out so I won't be tempted. Oh yeah ... who am I kidding.

I don't fuckin' believe it! My own sister loves me. She loves like that Romeo and Juliet love. And she's right about her ass. I do look at it when she's not aware, but now I know she is. Her ass is really, really sexy. I think they call her kind of ass "apple-ass" in the porn business. I think that's about right. I've jerked off thinking about her compact moons. I've always wanted to pinch her cheeks and bury my face in her crack. But most of all, I'd love to bury my dick into her butt-hole and shoot all my nasty cum inside. Yeah, that would be so cool, especially seeing my spunk leak out. Fuck! All this talk about Robin's ass is making me rock hard.

Now that I know Robin's secret love for me, maybe I could use it to my advantage. I don't want to use her just for sex, but I am a super-horny teenager, and she does have a killer ass. It makes sense to put it to use. I stood there reading a few more pages from her diary, but it was just more of the same. Her deep love for me. Man, it feels good knowing I can make my older sister fall in love with me without even trying. I locked her diary up and put it back where I found it and went to my room to jerk off.

The problem now is, how do I get my sister to let me fuck her sweet ass? I can't just go up to her and demand that she spread her round butt-cheeks apart so I can slide my 4-inch pecker inside. She might freak out or something. No ... I need a better plan, and one that isn't so obvious. The wheels began turning in my head. They actually turned for more than an hour when an idea came to me: I'll buy a diary and leave it so she can find it. I'll write how I would love to kiss and lick my sister's ass and how I want to fuck it and do all kinds of nasty things to it. If she really loves me as she says, Robin will cave and let me have a crack, at least I hope she will. It's risky, but it's one I'm willing to take.

The next day, I picked up a cheap diary from the local stationary store. It didn't have a lock, but it did say have the words DIARY written in big letters across the front. I'll start tonight filling it with all my sick thoughts. I just hope my mother doesn't find it, because then I'd be grounded, and then I'd be like a total freak in my house. The only other problem is how to get Robin to read my diary. That's the tricky part. Hmm ... hey! I know what I'll do: I'll leave the diary on my desk and ask Robin to check out a video off of YouTube that I found last week. It shows a bunch of people who are tricked into playing some boring maze game when all of a sudden, Linda Blair's demonic face from The Exorcist appears screaming her head off. I'll pretend I have to run to the store to get something. She'll have a good fifteen minutes to read my diary before I get back.

After dinner, I went to Robin's room and knocked on her door. "Come in," she said. I stuck my head in and found Robin laying on her stomach typing something for school on her laptop. I only got a second to check out her ass before she looked over her shoulder.

"Hey Robin, if you got a second to spare, I want to show you this cool video I found on YouTube." I gave her my best smile.

"Okay, let me finish up this sentence and I'll be right there." I closed her door and went back to my room and checked to make sure everything was set up. In no time at all, Robin walked in.

"Sit in my chair and watch this video." Robin plopped her cute ass on my swivel while I started the video. "I have to run to the store to pick something up, so just keep watching it," I said, while I threw on my jacket. "By the way, do you want anything?"

"No, I'm good. Thanks," she replied, and went back to watching the video. Before I left, I caught her eyes glancing at my diary. I walked out of the house and went to the local 7-11 to get a slurpee and bag of chips. I walked extra slowly on my way back. Checking out my watch, I've been gone a whole 20 minutes. I made some noise when I got back so Robin would have enough time to stop reading what I wrote.

When I got to my room, Robin was gone, but I did notice that my diary was not in the same place I left it. Now my secret was out. I wonder what Robin will do now that she knows her little brother is a big perv. At least I had an excuse to go to her room, which is to find out what she thought of the video. I walked to her room and knocked again. "Who is it?"

"Hey Robin, it's me." I heard some shuffling and other noises before Robin unlocked her door.

"Hey." The first thing I noticed was Robin's face. It was red. The second thing I noticed was this strange musky odor in the air. The last thing I noticed was my sister's lack of clothing. She was dressed in panties and bra.

"Uhm ... I wanted to know what you thought of the video."

"Oh, it so funny. I hope you never pull a stunt like that on me."

"Come on, sis. You know I love you enough not to do that," I said, with a smirk on my face.

"Yeah right. You'd totally do that." She stepped away from the door and started to pick her clothes off the floor. She kept her back to me and bent at the waist, showing off her sweet apple-ass in the process. I didn't say anything and I didn't move. I just locked my eyes on those delicious-looking cheeks as she moved around the room. I so wanted to rip her panties off and fuck her ass right there, but I knew that could never happen, at least not yet. The funny thing about all this is I never saw all these shirts, sock, and pants on the floor when I walked in the first time and asked her to come to my room.

When Robin got to the last piece of clothing, she stayed bent over pretending like she found a stain or something, and was trying to rub it out with her finger. I kept checking out her ass, but when I looked between her smooth legs, I caught Robin staring at me. I immediately blushed and excused myself. Damn, she fuckin' caught me in the act. I'm not sure but I think she set me up with the clothes bit.

Anyway, now that she knows how I feel about her cute ass, what will she do next? I want to bring it to the next level because I'm horny and patience sucks. So, I got those wheels turning in my head again. And the only thing I could come up with was my diary. I thought to myself, why not write an entry giving Robin what she wants so I can get what I want. I started to write it out on a piece of scrap paper so there wouldn't be any mistakes. This is what I wrote:

Oct. 8,

I just saw my sister in her room wearing panties and a bra. She looked so damn sexy. I wanted to fuck her ass in the worst way. I'd give anything to slide my cock in her tight butt-hole. Anything at all! I'd be her lover for life. I'd bring her flowers, take her to the movies—as long as I had the cash—and invite her for a walk in the park holding her hands. I'd do all kinds of romantic stuff with her. We'd make out and feel each other up and do all the things boyfriends and girlfriends do. All she'd have to do is surrender her gorgeous ass to me and I'd treat her like a queen. I swear on my life I'd do those nice things for her.

Diary, I don't know what I'm going to do. I'm ready to burst if I don't get her ass. I really need that ass. I never wanted anything as badly as my sister's ass. I could be so good for her, even though mom and dad wouldn't approve. It would be our secret. And when I'm 18, we can move in together and make love all the time. It'll be rad!!!

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