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Incest Sex Story: A father learns never to deny his little girl anything. Will he learn his lesson?

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Drunk/Drugged   Incest   Father   Daughter   Anal Sex   .

Ever since Google released their Atlantis smartphone, my 18-year-old daughter has been pestering me to buy her one. This particular phone has a feature where a hologram of the person you're chatting with pops up just above the display. Normally, I'd get her whatever she wanted so long as it was reasonably priced but this phone way too expensive, especially for a teen. Anyway, when I flat out refused, I expected Dee to stomp her foot or pout but surprisingly, she did neither. My daughter simply smirked and said, "Okay, daddy, whatever you say."

I know I got off too easy on that one because Dee usually got what she wanted. I'm not saying I'm a wimp but Dee was daddy's little girl and I was her little fool. However, forking over $1,499 for a smartphone was absolutely ridiculous, not to mention the monthly $120 bill I'd have to pay for her unlimited shit-chat minutes. No way brother!

Dee takes after her mother, both in looks, she models a bit, and in personality. Physically, she inherited my wife's best features, such as her big, spongy, heart-shaped ass and perky marshmallows tits. As for her attitude, well ... there's no nice way of saying this: Dee was a beautiful spoiled brat. An undesirable trait that she also got from her mother.

Anyway, I was on my way to the bathroom when I started to feel lightheaded. I didn't think anything of it at the time. I just shook my head and kept on walking. The last thing I remember was the floor coming at me before I passed out.

I cracked my eyes open; the objects in the room blurred before coming into focus. The space around me looked familiar. Once I saw clearly enough, I knew I was in the basement. But how did I get here? And how long I was out?

"I see you're awake, daddy." I jerked my head to the side; Dee was sitting on the sofa flipping through one of her teen magazines. She wore her pink chemise that hid nothing and was a size too small if you ask me. "You've been out for a whole hour," she informed me. "I'm glad you woke up in time; I have to meet Trish at the mall in like two hours."

That's when it occurred to me that I didn't have any clothes on. And on top of that, someone had bound my wrists and ankles to the frame of the upright exercise bench I currently sat on. "What the hell is going on here, young lady? Why am I tied up? And why am I naked?"

Dee ignored my outburst. She smiled and uncapped a small container of the lube I use for anal when my wife's in the mood. She dipped her index finger and scooped out a glop of the waxy substance. Then she walked over and applied the grease to my cock-head. I shuddered at the touch of my daughter's hand as she smeared it around until my glans was completely covered with the stuff.

"I want to know what you're doing young lady?" Dee ignored me as she put aside the container of lube and wiped her fingers with a hand-towel.

The bench I sat on extended about four feet in front of me, enough room to comfortably seat two people. Dee straddled the bench and sat down with her back to me; she pulled up her chemise revealing her gorgeous naked ass. Dee looked over her shoulder and winked with the cutest smirk. She then reached behind grasping a plump cheek in each hand before slowly spreading them wide apart; the tissue around her pink anus stretched the lines of her sweet pucker, until they were taut, little strings of anal epithelia.

My traitorous dick instantly hardened into 7-inches of throbbing cock-meat ready for action. I felt so ashamed reacting to my daughter in this way, but if you could only see what I saw, you'd find it pretty hard not to get sexually excited.

Unfortunately, my erection was not lost on Dee. "Men, you are all alike" she giggled. "Mom was right when she told me men only think with their dicks." She began to slide her lovely ass toward me and stopped when my cock touched her crack. Dee's teenage derriere warmed the belly of my aching prick, sending ripples of pleasure throughout my erection. I was torn between lust and guilt and I still didn't know why my own daughter was doing this to me.

"Please, baby. Don't do this," I pleaded, hoping she'd stop this insanity.

"I'm sorry daddy but this is the only way you're going to learn. When I want something, you've got to get it for me, no questions asked. I'm you're princess after all."

"What are you talking about?"

"C'mon daddy, don't play dumb. I asked you for a Google phone and you refused to buy it." That's what this was about! She drugged me, stripped me of all my clothes, and then sexually teases me for not getting that stupid phone! I couldn't believe it. "So, are you going to get me my phone?"

"Honey, let's discuss—"

"Okay then." That's when she started to move her cheeks in erotic circles much like a strippers do when giving lap dances. Dee massaged my manhood, pushing it back against my stomach, then moving forward enough so it would spring back, pointing to the ceiling. She did this a few times making my painful erection stiffer than a board. Drops of precum formed at the tip ready to spill out. If she kept this up, I'd soon be cumming all over those mouth-watering cheeks.

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