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Erotica Sex Story: An evening jog turns into a romp in the girl's locker room with my favorite student.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   True Story   Rough   Light Bond   Oral Sex   Petting   Sex Toys   Size   Teacher/Student   Public Sex   School   .

My feet beat a faster tempo as I move into my last lap around the track. The red rubber material felt like it is rising to meet each foot as I push myself harder. While the evening wind sliped past my ears, thoughts of how my life has changed over the last few weeks cling to the wrinkles in my grey matter.

Three weeks ago I had a normal life of a divorced thirty-something professional. A good job, nice house, kicking car, and a few friends to do things with on the weekend. But then things changed. I got involved with one of my interns from a local high school. She wanted me to be her first, and I just could not resist. Then her mother found out. I thought I was a dead man: goodbye job, so long house, maybe if I am lucky I would be able to keep a friend or two. But then, for once, luck turned my way and Jenny's mom was okay with us fooling around, as long as I don't stand in the way of Jenny's future.

No problem. I truly care for Jenny. She is a special girl who can do anything she wants in life. So I was cautious with her. We had a frank talk about our relationship and that we could be friends with benefits (as she put it), but that is about it. I was extra careful in the beginning, using protection until I could get checked out to make sure I would not give her anything. Fortunately the doc gave me a clean bill of health and we were able to go bareback.

Sweat dripped off my hair as I came into the final straightaway on the track. I pushed myself harder, making my legs pump faster, straining towards the imaginary finish line. Finally, with my heart ready to burst out of my chest, I reached my goal and slowed to a walk trying to cool down. Ahead Jenny was stretching out around the next corner.

Lately we have been meeting a few times a week to go running. This gives us a chance to be together, even if we don't always have time to actually be together. But thankfully we usually do end up fooling around. Sometimes we meet at the college track. Sometimes we jog around my neighborhood. This week the track at her high school was dead because it was Spring Break. It was a strange feeling, like we were the only two people in town, but that is also a very liberating feeling.

As I came around the corner Jenny was well ahead of me. I know she saw me reflected in the dark windows of the gym at the end of the track, but she started walking towards the building without looking back. I didn't mind because I like watching her short black ponytail swish over her neck. Everything about Jenny was perfectly proportioned - just miniature. But she packs a lot of energy and personality in her little frame.

My eyes followed the line of her spine under her tight tank top down to the curve of her hips. The gray workout shorts she was wearing clung nicely to her firm round ass, moving up around the curve of her cheeks.

I could not help but think about how she came last week while I fingered her ass as we fucked in my pool. She said she wanted to get used to things in her ass to get her ready for me to fuck her back there. So far we have only used fingers and a small silver vibrator I gave her, but once Jenny gets her mind on something she won't stop until she has it.

After a few seconds of watching her and thinking about being inside her, I felt the telltale twitching of my cock starting to harden. Picking up the pace I jogged up to catch her before she reached the doors to the gym, but she beat me to them and slipped inside.

Of course I followed her inside, but only in time to see Jenny ducking into the stairwell to the locker rooms bellow. She smiled coyly at me through the safety glass in the door before running down the stairs.

The chase was on in the empty hallways as I followed her from the ground floor gym to the basement. I reached that level just in time to see the door to the girl's locker room closing.

For the first time I hesitated. Does she want me to follow? Then I noticed her tank top lying outside the locker room door. Taking this as an invitation I picked it up and opened the door to go where no man has gone before.

The inside was much like the boy's: a large room filled with rows of lockers with tiled rooms off to the side containing bathrooms, showers, and sinks. Along the floor I saw a trail of Jenny's cloths winding through the room: one sneaker, followed by the next, then around a corner her gray gym shorts, down the isle both socks, hanging on a locker was her sports bra, finally at the end of the row were her panties. I stooped to pick them up thinking about the deliciously large wet patch that is bound to be in the crotch, only to be bowled over by a pint size nude assailant.

We rolled on the rough indoor-outdoor carpet for a moment, but she somehow came out on top. "There are penalties for sneaking into the girl's locker room." Jenny said looking down on me. Her knees were digging into the flesh of my biceps and I had a wonderful view of her naked torso. Forced perspective made her recently hairless muff loom before me while her full breasts and face seem far away. "Now what will your punishment be."

"A vigorous fucki..."

"Shut up or you will only make it worse." She said with a scowl. "Maybe I should spank you." She emphasized her words by smacking me hard on the chest with her open palm. "No? Then maybe I should violate your ass the way I want you to violated me." Jenny squirmed on my chest leaving a little wet patch as she went on, "Would you cum as hard as I did with a finger sliding in your ass? I think you would. I could get a strap on just big enough to stretch you out and then I could pound your ass until you splooged all over the sheets. Maybe we should try that."

"You could try. You probably wouldn't succeed without my help, but you could try."

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