Thank You Bitch

by TheWatcher58

Copyright© 2016 by TheWatcher58

Romantic Sex Story: His daughter was a bitch. She deliberately sent a vulnerable young woman to his house to meet her there - with no intention of being there. Camille (the young woman) got soaked in the sudden storm as she walked there. He was twice her age but that didn't stop them discovering that they enjoyed sex together.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Pregnancy   .

The should not have been happening but it was and I wasn't going to say "No".

I had a naked 17 year old teenager straddling my lap, with her firm ass pressing against my hard cock and her lips mashing against mine. She had the sweetest of faces framed by her shoulder length curly black hair. Camille was beautiful - her beauty radiated when she smiled and laughed.

I'm Grant and I'm 35 years of age divorced with an 18 year old daughter Sandy.

Sandy was a bitch - just like her mother and my ex-wife Jenny. Camille had been the victim of Sandy's bitchiness, and that was what had thrown us together that night. Sandy implored Camille to come to my house to meet her. Camille got caught in a downpour as she walked and was soaked to the skin when she reached my home only to find that Sandy wasn't there.

Sandy had no plans to be at my home. She had just been playing with Camille - being a bitch.

Camille's tongue tentatively explored my lips, pushing between them looking for my tongue to play with hers. I had a hand behind her neck pulling her face close to mine, with my other hand groping at her pointy tits with their puffy nipples.

When we broke our lengthy kiss, Camille placed a hand under each of her beautiful tits and offered them to me - to lick and to suck. Her nipples had hardened under my attentions. I gleefully accepted her offer, running my tongue around the nipples before capturing them between my lips to pull on them.

"Oh ... oh my god" she moaned in response to my attentions.

I was taking my time with this beautiful young lady - plenty of foreplay before we moved to the main event.

She had confided to me that she had had sex only once previously - that had been with a young man of her own age. He had cum almost as soon as he had entered her pussy ... and he had skipped any foreplay including pleasuring her orally.

His involvement with her had been brief but the effects were long lasting. She had become pregnant as a result, and she was now alone and five months pregnant. Her father had kicked her out, and she was living in a hostel at the moment. Her mother had died when she was young so she had no mother figure to help her during these trying times.

From our seated position, I moved about until I could pick her up and carry her through to my bedroom where I gently deposited her in the middle of the bed.

I stood back and looked at her ... while she looked at me too.

We were both naked. She had peeled off the bath robe that I had loaned her when her clothes were soaked ... and she had helped me to undress whilst we groped each other in the lounge room.

She was beautiful ... nice pointy tits with hard nipples, a growing baby bump, and a small thin landing strip of hair on her mound. Her finger nails and toe nails were both painted immaculately in a light shade of pink. She had been looking after herself.

For a 35 year old I was in very good shape as a result of daily gym sessions and a good healthy diet. I was blessed with a nice long cock (8 inches in length). It was standing to attention at the moment as it too appreciated the view.

"Wow ... you are big ... and beautiful" Camille commented as she gazed at my crotch.

"You too ... beautiful that is" I responded as I knelt between her thighs, pushing her legs apart to reveal her already leaking pussy to my gaze. She had just a crease between her legs - no appreciable outer pussy lips.

I brought my face close to her pussy ... within inches where I paused for the moment. I glanced up and saw that she was watching me intensely.

I poked out my tongue, showing it to her before I descended that last couple of inches to slide the tip along the join between her outer lips. I lapped at her juices - they were tasty.

"Oh" she moaned.

I ran the tip of my tongue along the crease - up and down for a few more times before I pressed forward and parted the lips to find even more of her juices.

"What are you doing to me?" she gasped.

I didn't answer - I just pushed deeper with my tongue finding the entry to her pussy canal with the tip of my tongue.

"Ahhhhh..." she yelled as I tongue fucked the entry to her pussy for a moment.

I moved back a little to observe the results of my handiwork, glancing back up at her.

"Shall I continue?" I asked her.

"Oh ... god ... yes please!" she exclaimed. "I just loved that".

"You are very tasty ... and very beautiful" I told her with a huge smile.

She looked back at me with a slightly embarrassed look.

I dived back in ... licking and probing her pussy with my tongue, and including her little clitty in the path of my tongue. That had an immediate and explosive effect - she orgasmed long and hard, with an abundance of her juices steaming across my face.

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