The Monday After

by Write or Wrong

Copyright© 2016 by Write or Wrong

Erotica Sex Story: Mondays are my least favorite day of the week. But this Monday was a roller coaster of getting to be with little Jenny again to getting caught by her mom.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   True Story   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Food   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Size   .

Monday is my least favorite day of the week. It is not because I don't like work. On the contrary, I usually worked during the weekend because I enjoy what I do. But Mondays mean meetings. All day I hop from one meeting to another with this school or that school and it was always topped off by an early afternoon meeting with the technology committee of the school board. It would not be so bad if the committee members had one clue regarding what they were supposed to be making decisions about.

And today was worse than normal because I still had thoughts of little Jenny running through my head. After our night together I made a point of calling her Saturday to make sure she was okay.

"Oh Mr. S. You are so sweet." She said sounding bubbly and happy.

"I told you that you should call me Greg."

"I know, but I like calling you Mr. Stevenson. Greg is a boy I knew in 5th grade who ate glue. You are all man Mr. S." We ended up talking longer than I thought we would and Jenny asked three times when we could meet up again. Since she could not get away on Sunday, we arranged for her to drive to my place to meet this evening. So it was all I could do not to think about her and focus on work.

Then around four in the afternoon my meetings were done and I was at my desk looking at mail when my secretary buzzed "Greg, Ms. Lane is on the line for you."

"Thanks Elaine. I got it." Usually Jenny and my other student interns would just call my cell or email me, but it was not unheard of for students to call me through my office. After shutting my door I picked up the phone and said, "Hey lover, are we still on for tonight?"

My blood turned to ice when I heard a more mature voice answer, "Yes, MrStevenson is it? I think we should meet."

"Who is this?" I asked, but afraid I knew the answer.

"This is Jenny Lane's mother, Kathryn."

"Oh shit." I muttered before I could stop myself. Images of my career washing down the toilet flooded my mind.

"I can tell from your reaction you have an idea of why I called."

"I think I can guess."

"Then maybe we should meet in person to talk about this."

"When and where?"

"How about the Starbucks on 16th in half a hour."

"Okay." I said before even thinking about how I would get across town in afternoon traffic.

"And I would appreciate if you don't try to contact my daughter before we talk."

"Fine. I will see you in thirty minutes." Somehow I had made it through the conversation without my voice cracking, but my hand shook as I put the receiver down. What had I done? Sure Jenny was technically legal and I could not face statutory rape charges, but with all the sensationalized stories about teachers screwing around with students you hear in the media these days, I knew the board of education would drum me out ASAP instead of having to face bad press. And I don't even fall under the protection of the teacher's union. Still, Jenny's mom had asked to speak with me before going public with this, so maybe there would be a chance to settle things quietly.

Or maybe she will be waiting for me with a news crew. Shit.

Thoughts like this kept blowing through my mind as I gathered up my things. I told Elaine that I was leaving early and headed out. Because it was my meeting day I was wearing a brown sport coat, with a royal blue dress shirt worn open at the neck and kaki slacks. As I got out to the car I said a thank you to whatever guardian angel prevented me from spilling spaghetti sauce on myself at lunch. I lucked out again because traffic was only starting to back up, so I made it by our appointed time.

Sitting in the parked car I took a moment to gather my thoughts. Long ago I came to the realization that my imagination can come up with much better, or much worse scenarios than ever happen in real life. I also took heart in the fact that my experience with Jenny was totally consensual and I knew in my heart that I had done nothing wrong. And as long as I could look at myself in the mirror and know I did right, then I could take whatever came my way. So after a few deep breaths, I checked my appearance in the mirror and went to face the music.

The first shock was waiting for me before I even got to the door. Sitting at one of the patio tables, sipping a grande frapachino of some sort, was a woman who had to be Jenny's mom. Her hair was raven black, like Jenny's, but worn long down her back where her daughter cut hers shoulder length. She had on sunglasses, so I could not see her eyes, but her face was almost identical. And she was young. If she was a year older than me I'd eat my hat " that is if I was wearing one. Sitting down I could not tell much about her height, but she was thin and dressed in nice charcoal heels that matched her slacks, a V neck light blue short sleeve shirt and gold jewelry, but no wedding ring.

I walked up and stuck my hand out, "Ms. Lane, I am Greg Stevenson."

"Ah, Mr. Stevenson." She said shaking my hand. "I thought it would be better for us to talk out here. Away from people who could overhear. Please sit down." I pulled out one of the metal chairs and sat down across from her. "It is nice to put a face with the name I hear so much from my daughter."

"Really? I didn't know she talked about me that much." I said making myself spread out so I did not look defensive.

"No, you have been a big influence on her over the past two years. She talks about what she learns from you more than any class or teacher."

"Well, I'm glad I've made an impact on such a smart girl."

"And that is why I wanted to see you." She said sitting forward and speaking with some vehemence she went on, "As we both know you have used your influence with my daughter to fuck her and I want to know why you would do something like that and how many other kids you have taken advantage of."

"Now wait just a minute." I said also sitting forward and looking her directly in her sunglass covered eyes. "I take my job very seriously and would not use my position to ˜seduce' my interns. If you know anything about your daughter you would know she is not some weak willed little girl who can be talked out of her panties. She is smart, determined, energetic, beautiful young woman who could have her pick of boys and men. She is the one who chose to initiate this, not me. I am not shirking my part in our tryst, but to think that I could make your daughter do anything she did not want to do would be a grave disservice to the young woman that she is."

Ms. Lane removed her glasses and looked me back in the eyes for a moment. I kept eye contact, not sure of what else to do. Then she asked, "There have been no other students that you have had affairs with?"

"I'm no saint, but I have never before had an intimate relationship with one of my students or anyone I was in a position of power over."

"Good." She said sitting back in her chair. I could tell she was more relaxed, but I was not sure why yet. "Mr. Stevenson.may I call you Greg?"

"Uh, sure."

"Greg, I have been raising my daughter alone since her father left us when I was twenty-two. I like to think I have done a good job."

"And you have."

"It has not always been easy and I've had a lot of help from friends and family. One of the things I pride myself on is the open, honest, relationship Jenny and I have. And the fact that she would lie to me to cover up something as big as her first time with a man iswell, it broke my heart."

I was at a loss for words. Jenny's lie about staying at a friend's house was the last thing I thought I would be called to the mat over. What could I say, ˜yeah I should have told her to tell you the truth. That she was staying to fuck her intern advisor.' That would be a lie. The truth was I never thought about anyone but Jenny that night. So instead I asked, "If Jenny did not tell you, then how did you know?"

Ms. Lane gave a little half smile and said, "You don't have kids, do you?"


"You get to know them pretty well. I knew Jenny would become sexually active soon. We've talked about if for awhile and she recently asked to go on the pill. And when she came home on Saturday she was different. She was doing things a woman remembers about from her own first time."

"That still does not explain how you knew it was me."

Again a hint of a smile met her lips, "I did some snooping. A mother's prerogative in a case like this. Your cell number was one of the last she called on Friday and Saturday. If she had been with anyone else there would have been other calls. And you are the only man she has been talking about lately." My face must have flushed because she quickly said, "I don't think she is in love with you, but she has a crush and a deep affection for you. That's for sure."

I cleared my throat and said, "Well, she is a special person to me as well."

"So what are your intentions?"

"Excuse me?" I asked a little shocked by the images of a shotgun wedding that sprung to mind.

"Where do you plan to take this relationship with my daughter." She said sitting back and taking a sip of her drink.

The condensation dripped off the plastic cup and left dark wet spots running up her shirt. Of course in the afternoon sun they would be dry in a few seconds, but for now they drew attention to her ample cleavage. Attention I fought not to give as I said, "I had not thought about it."


"Again, hold up. Just because I have not developed a five year plan about this does not mean I let my dick lead me into bed, if that is what you are implying. As we both know Jenny has her life in front of her. I am not planning to hold her back from that. Still, that does not mean I wouldn't want to be a part of it, if there is a role for me to play. But that is for Jenny and me to decide together."

Ms. Lane finished off her drink before she said, "Fair enough. Greg, my main concerns are always about the welfare of my daughter. Treat her right or I will have your balls on a platter."

"I never planned to do anything else." I said with the feeling that she meant her threat literally.

"Good. Now I understand you two are meeting tonight?"

And the punches kept on coming. "How did you."

With a full fledged smile Ms. Lane interrupted, "Now after all my talk of honesty, you don't think I would talk with you before talking with Jenny, do you?"

"I guess not."

"That is also how I know you did not try to contact her as I requested. She is inside waiting for us." She said standing up. "I would advise that you use part of the evening to talk about what you two are doing together and face the reality of the situation. Otherwise, please have her back home by midnight."

"Ms. Lane, I appreciate the trust you are placing in me." I said standing next to her. Like her daughter, she was small, even in three inch heels the top of her head only came to my chin.

Unlike Jenny, Ms. Lane had presence that her daughter had not quite developed yet. That presence made her seem bigger than her physical stature would initially indicate. I was reminded of that presence when she said, "Greg, I don't trust you. I trust Jenny. And please call me Kat."

"Okay Kat. Fair enough."

We walked inside Starbucks and it took a moment for my eyes to adjust to the dark room after sitting in the bright sun. Jenny was in an overstuffed chair off to one side reading ˜Grendel' by John Gardner. When she saw us she marked her page and stood up. Kat started off, "You were right sweetie. Now remember, be safe, have a plan, and never lie to me again."

"Yes mom." Jenny said hugging her mom.

"I'll see you when you get home tonight. Goodbye, Greg."

"See you later, Kat." I said as she left. Turning to Jenny I said, "Please don't take this the wrong way, but damn your mom can be scary."

"Yeah." She said with a giggle. "She was putting on her court face for you."

"She's a lawyer?"

"Uh-uh. She travels all over the country for jury selections in big cases. Apparently she can size people up pretty quick."

"So I passed some test?"

"Yep. Do you want a drink?" She said indicating the coffee bar.

"No, I'm too wired as is. If I had some caffeine I'd probably jitter off into space."

"Soooo, what should we do?" She said looking a little unsure.

"Do you like Chinese?"


"How about we stop at this place I know and get some takeout and head back to my place. Then after dinner we can have a soak in my Jacuzzi."

"But I don't have a swim suit."

"That is the idea sweet cheeks." I said to make her giggle again. She gathered her stuff and we headed out to the car.

My car is one of the few luxuries I give myself. It is a fully restored royal blue 1965 Mustang fastback. My father had one when I was growing up, and when I saw this one sitting in disrepair I decided to get it. With the help of a mechanic friend of mine, I installed a restored 271 horsepower Charger high performance V8 and we brought everything else up to specs. Of course the one time I made the mistake of showing it to a ˜stang enthusiast he nearly ripped me a new one for the modernized interior with a digital dash, premium sound, GPS, keyless entry, deep tint windows and updated air-conditioning. No pleasing some people.

The car gave me enough room to carry things, with its fold down rear seats, but right now I was reminded of the Cake song lamenting bucket seats and stick shifts. All I wanted was to be able to slide Jenny over next to me. Instead I settled for leaning over to steal a kiss before we took off.

Being the Chinese food junky that I am, I had the restaurant on speed dial, so I ordered from the car. But after deciding what to eat an unsteady silence fell between Jenny and me. I decided to tackle the subject head on and said, "Your mother brought up a good point."

"What's that?" She said shifting around to face me. Today Jenny was dressed in strapy sandals, a mid thigh pale blue skirt, and a tight gold baby-doll t-shirt with small blue writing across her chest that said "If you can read this, stop looking at my boobs."

"What are we going to do?"

"Personally I was hoping we were going to have lots of sex."

"No," I said trying not to laugh, "I mean about us, what are we doing here? There is no hope of us having a normal romantic relationship. Even setting the age difference aside " and that is a big thing to set aside " you will be leaving for college in the fall and have your entire life ahead of you." I pulled over because I wanted to look at her when I said the next part. "Jenny, you are very special to me. Even before we had sex. I want what is right for you."

"And right now, you are what is right for me." She said taking my hand off the gear shift and holding it between hers. "Sure this may not be something that can last forever, but it's what I want right now."

"But you should be meeting guys your age."

"Why?" She asked. "Like you said, I'm leaving in a few months anyway. I would rather be with you than anyone else I know. I'm not asking you to settle down with me, but couldn't you teach me? Teach me to love? Teach me to fuck?"

I did not know what to say, so I leaned forward and kissed her again, this time with passion. She put her hand over my head and held me in place as she kissed me back sliding her tongue into my mouth. I returned the effort moving my tongue in circles and sliding it over the roof of her mouth before pulling back. She shivered and told me that it tickled. I just smiled and enjoyed the sight of her puffy nipples tenting her tight shirt.

Pulling back into traffic we drove in silence for a while. In-between shifting gears I let my hand rest on her thigh and stroke back and forth, moving her skirt up a little with each stroke. "That feels good." Jenny said smiling at me.

"It's supposed to silly."

"I'm glad mom didn't try to stop us."

"About that." I said glancing over at her. "It is a pretty liberal move on your mom's part, isn't it?"

"What can I say, she trusts me, and she must trust you after checking you out. Plus she has had enough of a checkered past that she can't say much."

"She seemed pretty straight laced to me."

"Like I said, her court room face. No she had a wild time growing up. She's told me most of the story about dropping out of school and running off with some guy. They followed the Dead for a couple of years before they split."

"When did she meet your dad?"

"The year I was born. She must have been eighteen. She found out she was pregnant and they decided to get married. But he turned out to be a bum and left us when I was four."

I was a little surprised she could talk about that with so little emotion, so I asked, "Do you miss him?"

"You can't miss what you don't know." She said with a brief look of grief crossing her face. I gave her leg a quick squeeze and she smiled before going on. "Besides mom is great. She took the GRE and then put herself through college and law school, then we moved out here six years ago when she joined her firm. Mom's one of the youngest partners they've ever had." Jenny's pride was evident.

"You never mentioned anything about law school. Would you like to be a lawyer like her?"

"No. I like computers and I think tech stuff is the way to go."

"Cool." I said pulling into the restaurant parking lot. Once I was parked Jenny took my hand off the stick and kissed it. She ran her tongue over my middle finger and then nipped at the knuckle. "I can't wait to get you home." I said bringing her hand to my mouth and opening it up so I could kiss her palm.

"Cool." Was all she said.

Our food was waiting and I exchanged quick pleasantries with Mrs. Chen, the owner, while she rang me up. When I got back outside Jenny was sitting with her back against the passenger door with her left leg bent on the seat beneath her. I put the food in the back behind my seat and hopped in. Then I noticed the blue thong resting on the gear shift. Jenny was, if our last experience was the norm, the wettest woman I've ever been with. Picking up the thong I looked at her as I sniffed the copious wet spot, enjoying the ripe smell of a girl brought to a simmer.

"I was getting hot in here waiting for you." She said lifting the hem of her skirt up in a fanning motion that flashed me her dribbling little snatch.

"So taking this off made you cooler?" I asked holding up the thin strip of material.

"Why don't you check." She said bringing my right hand down between her legs. Jenny rested her hand over mine as I slid my fingers over her exposed wet inner lips. She gasped as I slid my fingers down over her clit and let my middle finger explore the rim of her dripping hole. I then brought my finger up to my mouth and had my first true taste of her.

When we were together before she had showered and her taste was muted. After the first time she would not let me go down on her, even after I washed her with a warm wash cloth. To be honest that was okay with me because the mixture would be off, not because of her fluid, or even the blood from her first time, but from the latex from the condom. It was a taste I could never get used to.

This nectar, on the other hand was fresh sweet and sour, and I enjoyed the hint of sweat mixed with it. Jenny started to pull my hand back down, but I stopped her saying, "I can't drive with one hand. And I need to get you back to my place. Now."

"Okay." She said with a playful pout.

"Tell you what," I said taking her hand and placing it over her exposed pussy, "why don't you keep things going while I drive."

"Would you like to watch?" Jenny asked.


We probably should have wrecked on the drive to my place. I had a hard time keeping my eyes on the road as Jenny made a game out of didling herself as graphically as possible. First it was lightly circling her hardening clit. Then she spread her legs more and stuffed herself with one and then two fingers. The whole time she was moaning and telling me how good it felt, about how she could not wait for me to be in her again. When I thought she could not get any hotter, the little nymph pulled her shirt off and exposed her breast so she could tug at her nipples. That is when I almost hit a light post. But somehow we made it home and into the garage without hurting ourselves or anyone else.

"Mr. S, I can't wait. I feel so sluty saying this." She moaned pulling on her nipple while the garage door rattled shut behind us. "Fuck me right here. Please." Even a Catholic priest.scratch that, bad analogy, they don't resist anythingEven a eunuch would have had a hard time resisting her plea.

I reached in the back seat and grabbed the box of condoms that were still sitting in the bag of stuff from the other night. Hopping out of the car I came around the back and opened her door. Jenny leapt out and was clawing at my pants before I could do anything.

"No." I said taking her hands away and pulling her around to the front of the car. Jenny was just tall enough to lean over the front of the car, but the angle would have been bad for what I had in mind, so I kicked a milk crate over and had her stand on it before I pushed her down on the hood.

Jenny hissed in her breath when her sensitive nipples came against the warm hood and then moaned, "oh yes." She reached back to pull up her skirt, but I swatted her hand away.

Then Jenny tried to push away from the hood, but I pushed her back down and held her by the neck. While I undid my pants and kicked off my shoes I said, "If you want to be fucked out here like a little slut, then I'm going to treat you like one."


"What was that?" I said finally getting my pants off over my raging hard on.

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