The Beginning

by Write or Wrong

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Erotic Sex Story: When I pulled up to the high school I had an idea that it was not going to be your normal day. I had no idea that it would end with me introducing one of my favorite students to the art of love.

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When I pulled up to the high school, I knew that it was not going to be just be another day on the job. As the computer consultant for our large municipal school district, part of my job is to go around to different schools and make sure things are running smoothly. I don't mind too much since it gets me out of the office. As an extra service I have students at each high school who do an internship with me for extra credit. They are usually interested in computers and most also work in the computer labs at their school.

This high school (I can't say the name because I want to keep my job) had one of my favorite students. Jenny was smart, funny and cute in a bookish sort of way. She had been working with me for the past two years, and there wasn't much that she couldn't do on her own. This year we had gotten pretty friendly, more friendly than I get with most of my students. Lately we had been text-ing and IM-ing every day, sometimes about computers, but more and more about personal things – movies, music, her plans for college, that kind of thing. The last couple of sessions had been getting into dicey ground of relationships. I even told her about my divorce and she told me about guys she had dated. It was the kind of thing I would never talk about with another student, but Jenny wasn't just any student.

School was ending for the day, and after checking in with the office I made my way to the lab where one of the PCs was supposed to be acting up. Kids were still milling around the hall and I couldn't help but admire the hot girls in half shirts and tight pants. When I was in school parents wouldn't dream of letting their daughters dress like that. Now there was very little left to the imagination.

Finally I made it to the lab without getting too hard and got to work. The lab was closed so I had the room to myself as I ran a few diagnostics and started to look for the problem. I was looking at lines of code when the door opened and in came Jenny. Our eyes met immediately and she walked back to where I was sitting.

Jenny was what some people would call a pixy at only 4'11' and built to scale. The first time I saw her I thought she was a well developed freshman instead of a junior. Over the last two years she has continued to ripen nicely and started to dress to show off. Now her curves were still not totally mature, but she had it where it counts.

I could tell Jenny had taken pains to make herself up that day. She was in a green velvet skirt that fell around mid calf, but had a slit on one side that ran almost all the way up showing a lot of leg. To go with it she wore a white button down shirt tied at her waist with a green v-neck half shirt underneath. Normally she has her shoulder length black hair up in a short ponytail, but today it was down around her face. She made a show of turning around and bending over to put down her backpack and I relished the sight of her tight ass through her skirt. She then turned around and made small talk while slowly taking off her over-shirt and draping it on the chair. Now she just had a thin green half shirt over her perky breasts that were almost visible through the flimsy material.

"You look nice today." I said.

"Thanks. I remembered you said that you liked this skirt."

"Okay." I said trying to clear my head and be professional. "I've run a couple of diagnostics, but haven't been able to find anything wrong with this unit. Why don't you show me the problem." I stood up to give her my seat at the keyboard. If I wanted to maintain any kind of dignity it was a bad move because now I was looking down her shirt at her exposed breasts. It also didn't help that as she sat down the slit in her skirt opened up to expose almost all of her leg. The best I could do was stand behind her so she couldn't see my growing hard on.

We had left the overhead lights off so the room was getting dim as the winter sun set and we were lit mainly by the glow of the computer screen. I was leaning over her shoulder watching what she was doing, and I couldn't help myself as I sniffed the baby fresh clean scent of her skin and hair. She noticed and leaned her neck against my face. Before I could stop myself I kissed her below her ear and was rewarded by shivers running through her. "What am I doing?" I asked rhetorically as I pulled back.

"Oh, Mr. Stevenson, don't stop." She pleaded.

"No, you are a student and I could get fired. Not to mention that I'm nearly twice your age."

"So what if I'm only seventeen. That is old enough to do what I want with who I want." She said turning around to face me. She was a rosy red and I could tell that it embarrassed her to say this out loud, but now that she started it all came spilling out. "All these girls I know have been having sex to make boys like them for years, but not me. Now I have a man that I like and I want and who I can tell wants me." She said looking at the obvious bulge in my pants. "Why shouldn't we do it? I've waited long enough. I don't want to wait until I graduate."

"Is that why you called me here on a fake service call?"

I didn't think it was possible, but Jenny turned a shade redder as she confessed, "Yeah Mr. S. But please don't get mad! It's just that every night, after we talk or text, I touch myself wishing it was you I had inside me instead of my fingers. You won't get in trouble because no one will know. But, I want you to be the first man to have me."

Now I was stunned. I couldn't believe that she had never been with another guy before. More importantly I wondered why me? I knew from our conversations her home life was good, so she was not just acting out. And she had dated at school and probably could get her choice of guys. But she was choosing me to be her first.

As I looked into her green eyes and seeing how vulnerable she felt having put her self out like that the last of my resolve broke down and I pulled her to me and kissed her. Her mouth quickly opened to me and she reached out, wrapping her arms around my neck. My hand moved from her face down to her waist before I brought it up to cup one of her firm breasts. She shuddered as I rolled her nipple through the thin fabric of her shirt. Then I felt her small hand moving down and hesitantly stroking the outline of my hard cock.

Thinking about where we were and what was happening I broke the kiss and said, "Close out of this system and let's go. If we are going to do this let's go somewhere and do it right." She quickly shut things down, but it was all I could do not to touch her as she got her stuff together and we walked down the hall.

We decided to not make the long drive over to my place and instead I checked in to a nearby hotel while she waited in the car. I gave her a room key and told her to go upstairs and wait for me while I ran to get a few things.

I was back at the hotel in ten minutes. When I let myself into the room I had a moment of panic when I didn't see her, but then I heard the shower. By the time the water shut off I was ready in more way that one. After awhile I went and knocked on the bathroom door and asked, "You about done in there?"

"Yep." She said opening the door while she was drying her ebony hair. "Oh, Mr. Stevenson, it's so pretty!" Jenny said as she came out and saw the candles and flowers I had put around the room. She had a towel wrapped around her slim torso and her skin was flushed from the hot water. That was when I knew that I had never wanted a woman more than I wanted her. But she was clinging to the bathroom doorway and I could tell she was nervous.

I hugged her and kissed her on both cheeks and then her nose and finally her full lips before saying, "Listen Jenny, we don't have to do anything you don't want to. At any time you can say stop, and we will stop."

"Okay." She said looking a little calmer.

"You relax and I'll be right back." I said going to the bathroom. My shower was one of record time. Thankfully I had shaved after my lunchtime workout, so my five o'clock shadow was not going to be a factor. When I came out Jenny was sitting at the desk in one of the hotel bathrobes sipping some of the water I had purchased for us.

I had put back on my pants and briefs, but had left everything else off. Now I was glad I had used the extra time after my wife left me to work out. Instead of looking soft and old I had defined muscles and a flat stomach. From the look Jenny gave me she approved.

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