Chapter 1

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Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Dan's sister, Selina, and her teenage daughters, Nat and Roz, are going through an emotional crisis and come round for a visit. The three women are 'drop-dead gorgeous', and Dan isn't made of stone. Neither, it transpires, are they. Their visit just gets longer and longer...

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Selina, my sister, called. I'd been expecting her to make contact this day of all days, to let me know when her divorce papers came through and she was finally free from Edward.

I don't know what got into him: fourteen years of marriage on the rocks because he couldn't keep it in his pants at work. He'd set up home with his former secretary, Helen, who had to be a good ten years younger than him, and told Selina that she could have everything – the home, the car, the kids, the lot – if she'd agree to a quickie divorce.

She'd thought about it a bit, talked it over with me and the girls – Roz and Nat – and decided that she was not going to put up a fight to keep him. And I was absolutely in agreement with her: any man who could turn his back on three such beautiful and loving women as my sister and nieces was clearly deranged. I'd told her so, often enough.

Anyway, the phone rang. I checked the little screen which identified the caller and saw it was Selly.

I could hear her sniffles, though her voice sounded strong enough.

'The papers came through, Dan. I'm officially a single woman again – a single parent. Can we come round?'

I guessed she wanted a little moral support and to be with someone who was uncritical. I'd always been protective of her when we were growing up, and I guess she wanted a bit of that protected feeling now – any divorce, acrimonious or not, must surely wring the emotions. Of course, I agreed.

'Bring your overnight things, if you want to stay over, ' I added before hanging up.

Half an hour later, during which I cleaned out the spare bedroom and brought a duvet and a pillow down for me to use on the sofa, I heard car doors closing in the driveway and went outside.

Nat bounded out of the car and jumped up on me, clamping her ankles round my back and hanging on with both arms round my neck. Her sister, a year older at fiteen, walked in a more ladylike manner, hips swinging, feet in line like a catwalk model, behind her. She stopped beside me, altogether more dignified. I reached down and put an arm round her, bending so I could kiss the top of her sweet-smelling head.

Both girls were wearing polo shirts that were too large for them, and skirts that were far too short. I realised I had a hard-on, just as Selly finished unloading the car and turned towards me. There was no way I could hide the tent of my pants, and could only hope neither she nor the girls would notice.

Selly was a mere thirty years of age, and very gorgeous ... and also wearing a polo shirt with a short pleated skirt. At this rate, my boner would never go down of its own accord. She kissed me on the lips, her breast pressed against my arm. I couldn't move until Selly backed away and called the girls. Roz turned to follow her, while Nat slithered down me, rubbing my erection all up her body and between the two firm globes of her developing bosom as she did so. It's a miracle I didn't soak the front of my trousers.

At the last minute, she unwound her feet, reached up and kissed me on the lips, and went indoors.

I hung around for a moment, trying to rearrange my prick so its condition wasn't so obvious.

'It's good of you to let us stay, ' said Selly later, when we were all sitting together after a meal. 'I just hope we don't spoil your evening.'

'Believe me, Selly, ' I said, 'You all brighten up my life whenever you're here.'

She pouted. 'I wish Edward had felt like that for longer than a month after the honeymoon.'

Her words surprised me. 'I hadn't realised he didn't.'

Selly shrugged. 'We kept it from everyone and just got on with the things. The girls came along and we had a lot of good times, but they got fewer and fewer as the years passed. Then, of course, he got a new secretary... '

Tears skidded down her soft cheeks. I brushed them away. At least her sorry tale had seen off my erection. Roz and Nat were subdued, though obviously their mother's words were not news to them.

We spent some of the evening watching television, after which the girls went up to the bedroom they would be sharing. They said they had school work and some reading to do. Selly and I sat comfortably side by side on the sofa, not touching, and watched a cop show on TV before she decided the day had been long and stressful enough and it was time for her to turn in. She went up, to my bedroom. I'd hastily changed the cover and fitted sheet, but I hadn't cleared out all my stuff – or even enough of it for tomorrow, as I soon realised.

If we'd all stuck to my plan, things might have run more smoothly. My plan, however, wasn't one hundred per cent watertight, or foolproof (probably a more accurate term). It started to go wrong when I decided to change the habit of a lifetime – since there were women in the house who I knew might cause a boner at the snap of knicker elastic – and wear something to sleep in. All my clothes were still in my room.

Selly had only been up there five minutes, I thought, so it wouldn't disturb her if I had a quick rummage around in my wardrobe and drawers. I had no pyjamas, but I figured an old polo shirt and a pair of jockey shorts would probably be okay.

My sister was wearing a smoky negligée in dark brown diaphanous material. When the light fell on her – and even better, behind her – I could see the outline of her figure, and it was still youthful, firm and gorgeous. She had been about to remove her light makeup at the dresser mirror when I knocked and entered.

Within seconds, I realised I was in deep, deep trouble. She turned to me and I found my eyes irresistibly drawn to her breasts, clearly visible through the gauze. Despite having fed two babies, they were as firm as a teenager's, conical, with the cherry-red tips pointing straight at me. I sprang a hard-on. Hell, Michelangelo's David would have sprung a hard-on. My sister had always been the object of a lot of monkey-spanking sessions, and was probably responsible for the shower drain getting regularly clogged with coagulating sperm.

I stood there with my mouth open for long enough for Selly to realise there was something amiss. Her gaze dropped to my groin, where Percy was trying to punch his way through the material of my pants. She took a step towards me and looked up, her eyes as smoky as the negligée.

'I wasn't expecting room service, ' she said softly, 'but as it's here... '

She wrapped her arms round my neck and pulled me down into a sweet kiss. Her soft lips parted and the tip of her tongue flicked against mine. Her body pressed against me and I could feel her mound rubbing my prick.

We came up for air. We had to if we wanted to go on living. By unspoken agreement, we shuffled to the bed. She sat, pulling me down beside her. At last one of us spoke.

'When you're young, ' she said, 'a girl might know she fancies her brother, but there are social restraints on what they can do together, and besides, there's peer pressure: girls are not supposed to fancy their brothers.'

'Nor boys their sisters, ' I said, remembering my lust-filled dreams about this woman.

'I've had a really horrible time since Edward left, Dan. I deserve some R & R. Make me feel better. Please.'

Despite the instinct which made me want to drag Selly to the bed, plunge between her smooth and powerful thighs and fuck the daylights out of her, I tried for reason and rationale.

'Selly, we shouldn't. You know it's wrong.'

She smiled, shaking her head, and pushed me back on the bed, stood and tugged at my feet and legs until I was laying in the middle, then she removed my shirt and trousers. She had to press my cock back against my stomach while she slipped my jockeys down. Her touch sent tingles to my balls.

Selly knelt astride my legs and took my rigid cock in her hands, trapping it between our bellies. Her beautiful firm breasts pressed into my chest as she leaned forward to kiss me, her nipples as firm as pencil erasers.

'Knowing it's wrong just makes it a little more exciting, ' she said, before pressing her lips to mine and snaking the tip of her tongue into my mouth.

I felt dampness on my abdomen and realised my cock was producing precum: right or wrong, it was preparing for sex. Selly began to rub her pussy lips along my cock shaft, slathering it with her own vaginal lubricant. Her hips began rhythmically to bounce. I slid one hand over the tight curve of her rear and pressed my fingers into the soft, wet creases of her pussy.

She raised her head for a moment. 'In fact, the only thing I find even more exciting, brother dear, is the thought that we might be seen. Now if we were outside, at the beach, perhaps, well ... phew... !'

She bounced even harder for a moment, then stopped and lifted herself clear. Taking my rigid cock in one hand, she rubbed the swollen head along her sopping slit a couple of times before lodging the tip firmly in her entrance. Slowly, slowly, she began to let herself down, forcing my cock up her neglected tube.

I thrust gently a time or two, and we worked together to completely sheathe my prick in her pussy. I felt the spongy softness as the head kissed her succulent cervix. She groaned.

'Ohhh! Dan-n-n-n! Yessss! Just there! Don't stop.'

I felt the muscles surrounding my prick begin to pulse and squeeze, milking it for the potent juice it contained. I slipped my hands under her buttocks and helped her rise and fall as she fucked us into orgasm. She leaned forward, staring into my eyes, and used one hand to feed me one of her delectable nipples. I licked, I sucked, I gently nibbled. Selly went ape, bouncing up and down, yanking the first nipple from between my lips and shoving the second at my mouth so hard and fast she nearly suffocated me.

I felt my balls tighten, and for the first time thought about the risk of pregnancy.

'Selly, I've got to stop.'


'Selly, I'm going to cum. Are you safe?'

'Dan, don't stop; I'm nearly there. Just a little longer.'

'Selly, I don't want to get you pregnant. Are you safe?'

'Don't. Worry. About. It, ' she gasped.

'Are you sure?'

'Shut up and fuck me!'

She ground against my pubic bone, writhing, her head moving from side to side. Her eyes were closed as she focussed on our joining.

'Selly!' I gasped as I felt the pulses designed to pump sperm into a pussy start.

She pressed down hard, ensuring my cock was as far as possible inside her, and groaned as the first wad of my sperm belched inside her.

She screamed softly and her pussy went into overdrive, milking my juice into her as fast as I was feeding it in.

I swear I shot five or six generous wads into her before my balls were drained. Spooge was leaking out and coating my ball sac, pooling on the bed.

Selly slowly let herself down on me, keeping my softening prick inside and thus bottling up my seed. We kissed tenderly.

'I wish we'd done that years ago, Dan, ' she said.

'It's still wrong, ' I said softly, but without conviction.

I held her close and rolled us until we were laying on our sides, when I felt the need to kiss her again.

'That was awesome.'

Selly and I drew our heads back and opened our eyes wide in shock, staring at each other briefly before turning our heads to look in the direction of the voice.

Both Nat and Roz were standing in the doorway looking at us, hands busy beneath their short skirts. There was no way they didn't know what we'd just been doing: my cock was still oozing the last tendrils of sperm into their mother, and there was more of it on the bed and coating our thighs. And if I pulled out of Selly, there would be, I was sure, a flood of the stuff. And that was if the girls had arrived only after we'd both cum. Minutes earlier and they'd have had a grandstand view of two adults fucking up a storm.

Oh, well!

'How much did you see?' I asked, without much hope they'd either seen nothing or not realised – on account of their youth – what their mother and I had been doing.

'All of it. You and mum, fucking.'

'Making love, Nat, ' Selly said.

Well, that cleared up that question.

Just then Roz groaned and sank into a squat, which allowed us to see up her skirt to where she had two fingers knuckle-deep in her teen twat. Nat watched her for a moment, her own hand busy, before she, too, groaned and sank down beside her sister.

Selly kissed me again, lightly on the cheek this time.

'Well, that's a bummer, ' she said, sounding more philosophical about the situation than I was.

She let my shrunken cock slip out of her, reaching down to hold her pussy lips closed. I rolled over and tugged a paper tissue from a box I kept on the bedside table and passed it to her. I used another to mop the juices off my cock and ball sac.

I was still trying to work out how I felt about being found balls-deep in my sister by my nieces when I realised they'd gone. Selly and I were alone again.

'I'm going to get a shower, Dan, ' she said. She appropriated my silk bath robe from the hook behind the door and left the room.

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