A Princess Comes of Age

by Kat

Copyright© 2016 by Kat

Fantasy Sex Story: A beautiful Princess goes to her coming out party and all the Lords and lady's show here the joys of sex.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Consensual   BiSexual   High Fantasy   BDSM   Light Bond   Gang Bang   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Public Sex   .

In a far off land in a different time, my fantasy begins.

I awaken with excitement, for today is my day to begin the ritual to become a women and a princess to the kingdom so one day I can be a Queen.

The day starts with the servants coming in and rushing me to the bath. They clean me with a special scented soap and scrub me all over, taking gentle care on my body. Then they clean my insides by squirting a special mixture up into my pussy. This makes me feel very warm and tingling inside as I think about the ritual tonight as the servants pay special attention to me. Then they take the same special liquid, lay me on my side and pour it into my rosebud hole. They cover me with a blanket to keep me from being cold and instruct me to lay there and keep it in until they return. Its takes all of my concentration but they finally return after what seemed like hours. They stand me up and I go relieve myself and then get back into the tub where they continue to clean me.

After they have finished preparing me, they insert two objects inside of me. One of these is a long object about four inches long and one inch wide which goes into my pussy. As they are putting this thing inside of me, I feel myself get warm and tingle each time they touch me. They bed me over a table and insert another object inside of me after spreading something onto my rosebud. It feels very good, and I want them to keep doing it, but they spread my butt and insert a round ball with a base which they put into my butt. I haven't felt this full before, or wanted to touch myself this badly ever before, but before I can reach down and touch myself, they make me step into a chastity belt which locks the objects in place so I can't move them or fall out.

As they are finishing preparing me, they bring my long white gown in. The gown fits perfectly to my body. It has a strap that goes around the back of my neck and then flows down my body. It barely covers my small breast with a long cut down the middle. And then slit down each side of my thighs. They then place white leather wristlets on each of my wrists that have a small steel circle attached to them, and then they have a matching pair of anklets. A servant then brings my crown in; it's not nearly as beautiful and large as my mother's but it's still gorgeous. It's adorned with many diamonds and rubies and made of gold.

I am left alone for the first time since waking up today, with the objects inside of me making me desperately want to touch myself but I cannot, so I touch my breasts, but it is not enough to satiate my lust. I wait impatiently for the sun to set.

As the sun finally sets two huge men wearing only loin cloths and carrying sword strapped to their by escort me through the castle. As we walk through the castle I can feel the objects inside of me, I can feel my juices flow as my body gets hot. The guards are holding me by the arms. I feel juices flow down my leg and my legs grow weak for a moment, but they hold me up as we pass by some servants. They all bow as we pass. We all to the front of the castle where I am placed into a carriage and we go off down the road. During the ride my body is on fire wanting to be touched but the guards are still holding me, each bumps on the road brings me close to a release but it never comes.

The carriage comes to a halt and my door opens, Then some more guards greet me and help me down and escort me up the hill where the royal court is all standing around an altar. The altar is made of stone and shaped something like a Y and two posts on each side at the top of it. There are torches lit all around as the moon shines down on everything.

The guards rip my gown off and then a servant comes to me and removes my crown. I am standing there, growing with anticipation as the first two guards come in and place me atop the altar. They attach a chain to my wrists where I cannot move my arms at all. They then attach chains to my legs as they go down both of the ends, my legs are spread so far part, I feel like I'm being split into. My butt is barely on the altar but not enough to make it uncomfortable.

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