A Princess Goes for a Ride

by Kat

Copyright© 2016 by Kat

Fantasy Sex Story: A sequel to the story A Princess Comes of Age.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Rape   BiSexual   High Fantasy   BDSM   Rough   Light Bond   Gang Bang   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Double Penetration   Public Sex   .

It has been a few weeks since The Princess had her coronation. The kingdom was very happy but the King himself was worried there were rumors of bandits and an evil cult roaming in the dark woods at the edge of his lands. Despite the numerous patrols on the roads bandits were harassing the merchant wagons and the number of missing towns people were growing.

Despite the growing threat outside of the castle the Princess was kept from knowing about the growing threats. She was a very willful Princess and always found a way to get her way without thought of the consequences.

It was a fair summer day and the Princess wanted to ride her new horse she had received as a present from one of the Lords at her coronation. It was a beautiful white mare she named Twinkle. She told her servants to ready her riding clothes that she was going for a ride. They looked at one another knowing the rumors outside the castle but off they went to get her clothes.

She dressed in a red long wool skirt with short sleeves with a black bodice, mid-thigh black riding boots with red laces and a black cloak to help her sneak through the gate. She made her way through the castle to the stables, she saddled Twinkle and led him out of the stall where she climbed on and began to make her way past the gates.

Once past the gates her and Twinkle went at a fast gallop. She rode over the hillside and towards a waterfall on the river she knew that was in the forest. She passed by many farms along the way waving at the villagers. Her blonde hair was flowing like golden strands in the wind. The famers all thought it was the most beautiful site they had ever seen.

She finally reached the forest and decided to take a path off the road that was quicker to the waterfall. When she came upon a small clearing that had a large flat stone with four large posts, two at both ends with some rope tied to each and atop the posts were places to hold lanterns. The Princess stopped to inspect such an odd thing in the middle of nowhere. The stone was slightly higher than her waste and completely flat. She finally gave up trying to figure out what it could be for and decided to continue her ride. As she continued her ride she had felt like someone was watcher her but she gave little thought to it and figured it was nothing.

She made it to the waterfall and it was a beautiful site, clear water rushing over the hill from the river into a large clear pool. The Princess tied Twinkle to a tree and feed him; she then removed all her clothing and dove into the water. The water was cool and refreshing; she swam for a while, enjoying the water cooling off her beautiful body. She then laid out a blanket and sunned nude on the bank.

She laid there enjoying the sun and warmth on her body. As she continued to enjoy the sun and noise from the waterfall she began to feel a moistness between her legs as her mind started to think about her coronation.

She started rubbing her hand over her perky small breasts while her other hand found its way between her white milky thighs. She continued to squeeze her breasts and nipple and she started to rub her waxed cunt.

She was really starting to get into the moment when she thought the sun had went behind the clouds then she felt something touch her lips. It felt familiar as she opened her eyes and was about to get up when three men were upon her.

The tallest guy who was standing at her head held her down as he shoved his large thick cock into her mouth.

The tall guys said to the other two. Look here boys we found ourselves a sexy slut, this is our lucky day. Then he drove his cock in deeper making The Princess gag on his large member.

The second guy who was much shorter and slightly heavier build quickly took on his pants as he spread her legs and drove his small thick cock inside The Princess. As he drove his cock inside of her she heard him say. My god this slut is already wet, she really wants it as he started to pick up his pace.

The third was the shortest of the three but had a long think cock. It wasn't as long as the first guy but still long. He looked kind of rough but never said anything just laughed with excitement. He quickly removed his pants and stood over her as he played with himself as he watch, waiting for his turn.

The Princess was so horny and was enjoying it even though these were lowly thugs and would be killed if they even looked at her the wrong way if she was in the castle with her guards.

The first guy was done fucking her sweet mouth and wanted to have her, so he picked her up and guided his long thick cock into her wanting pussy. He pushed his long cock deep inside of her before lying down on the mat with her on top of him.

The short guy knew not to say anything as the first guy took her away mid thrust. He just walked around and guided it into her open mouth.

The Princess eagerly took him into her mouth as she rode up and down on the first guys cock. She was taking the short guy fully into her mouth as she felt the third guy rub the head of his cock against her tight ass hole.

The third guy thrust his cock deep inside of her ass and as he did she tried to let out a loud scream but her mouth was full. Being filled immediately sent her over the edge and she had her first intense orgasm.

The three guys continued to fuck her furiously, she was in the thralls of another orgasms and the short guy started shooting his cum into her mouth. She swallowed as much of it as she could but some came out. She tried to suck the rest of his cum out of him but the other two picked up their pace.

The short guy let her finish sucking the rest of him off before going to sit down and watch his two gang members fuck this beautiful slut.

The third guy was pumping his long cock in and out just to the point where the head would almost leave her ass and then he would thrust it back in hard. With each thrust The Princess would let out a loud moan as another orgasm was starting to build.

The first guy was trying to pump his long thick rod as best he could but the third was pounding her so hard that is was hard for him.

Just as he was about to cum she let out a loud moan as her orgasms was taking over her small beautiful body. She was enjoying he orgasms as the guy in her ass started to fill her up with his cum. He gave a few more thrust and some grunts as he finished filling her up. He withdrew his long cock and slapped the head of it against her sore open ass.

Just as the third guy was finishing, the first guy started to pick up his pace. He could feel her wetness fall onto him and started to fuck her harder.

The Princess was screaming louder as another orgasm was beginning to take over her tired spent body. Just as she was climaxing ag8in she felt the first guy's cock stiffen and she knew he was almost finished.

The first guy was shooting his cum deep inside her aching wet pussy, as he was shooting his sperm all she could do was collapse on top of him. He finished shooting his cum inside of her and then just threw her off of him.

She just laid there as blackness took over her with cum leaking out of her two very used gaping holes.

The three guys get up, put on their pants and leave her laying there, never giving her a second thought and not knowing who they had just abused. As they walk away they go over to her horse and untether him from the tree. As soon as he is free he bolts through the forest and the three men continue on their way.

The Princess was slowly waking up from her abusement. He sore body was still leaking from her brutal fucking she had just received. She looked around for Twinkle but he was nowhere to be found. She walked into the pond and cleaned herself off then put on her clothes as she started walking towards home.

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