Angel Improves

by realoldbill

Copyright© 2015 by realoldbill

Sex Story: A randy young girl gets better at what she does best.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Incest   Brother   Father   First   School   .

Angel discovered sexual pleasure even before she had her first period. Her exploring fingers found her little clitoris and the hood and flaps of flesh surrounding it, and she was very surprised how much fun she could have gently rubbing her pussy in that area especially with some spit on her fingers. She didn't know what an orgasm was, but she enjoyed several dozen before she found out.

By using a small mirror, she could actually see her clit and was amazed to discover that it was a little stalk, no more than a half-inch high, that stood up and quivered when she rubbed across it with one of her water color brushes. She loved to make its round head poke out of its hiding place.

She explored on her computer and saw some clits bigger than hers and several of about the same size and shape. Her girl friends had tiny buds or bean-shaped clits, but hers was the only one she knew that was like a little penis. She loved it and wished she could suck it. She and several pre-teen girls her age spent many happy hours sucking and licking each other until their tongues were tired and their faces soaked.

When she started having her periods, Angel began figuring out her vagina by poking into it with her fingers and then with her hairbrush handle and several other things such as magic markers, zucchini and her thumb. Some were exciting and pleasurable, like the banana, other were just interesting but when she found a sensitive place just above the entrance of her quim, she kept that a secret to enjoy in private. She could actually reach it sometimes by hooking her little finger inside and rubbing. After that she trimmed that fingernail down.

One day her father came home early from work and found her humping a carrot into her wet and sucking hole by spreading her legs on the corner of the refrigerator and grasping the handle with both hands. He watched her for a couple of minutes, amused by her actions and surprised by the shape of her firm buttocks. All she was wearing was an outgrown undershirt and Keds.

When she came, shuddering and shivering, and the carrot popped half way out, he stepped up and grasped her big young breasts from behind and hugged her to his body after unzipping his fly and freeing his long, hard penis. Angel squealed and looked down to see her father's thick, rigid cock standing straight out between her legs and watched as he pulled out the carrot, bent her forward and then pushed his iron-hard prick deeply into her very hot, wet vagina. It was a lot bigger than anything she had played with.

She had long since destroyed her hymen so her father's ten minutes of fucking on his kid while it was technically a statutory rape and a deflowering, resulted in no cherries being popped, but did produce a squealing climax for the little girl. But when he backed his long cock out of her dripping hole, gritted his teeth and took her anal virginity, that was another matter altogether and resulted in some screaming, howling and begging as she went down on all fours, and her Daddy squatted behind her with her hips in her hands and fucked her until he came, explosively, four times in rapid succession, his big piston squishing out his cream.

Then he spun her around and forced her to suck his turgid cock and lick his throbbing balls. The next day, her father got her a Depo shot which would make her infertile for three months and then began sharing her with his sons.

So after that busy and very instructive weekend, on six days most weeks Angel had sex with the pair of well-hung high-school boys or their father, and the boys taped a printout of 99 positions on the wall beside her bed and crossed them off as they used them. They came at least twice in her tight cunt and often three times before they were exhausted. Angel was always ready for more and was learning to control her vaginal muscles and insure herself pleasure from the short couplings by squeezing as they penetrated and relaxing as they recoiled. Then her Daddy showed her some Kegel exercises, and it got even better.

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