I Loved Him So Much

by LarryElfin

Copyright© 2015 by LarryElfin

Drama Story: She needed to get close to him. It was so important.

Tags: Fiction  

Approaching the accident I was showing my fear and trepidation. I knew they might not let me near him, but I had to get to him. It was so important to get to him. I had to see him. My tears were already falling because I knew what they would think.

We had been driving around in the rain, but being careful. We had spent the night out while my boyfriend was out doing his thing. I knew he wouldn't go too far. He never left me alone for very long.

I had heard the accident reported on the news as having just occurred. I was nearby. It was imperative that I get to the scene and get to him. I could see several officers surrounding the area and making their investigations or whatever they do. But I just had to get to him. They had not given his name but that was not important. This was my neighborhood and for my own needs I had to get near him and find out what the story was.

The whole morning had been wet. The rain falling for hours on end. Just the kind of weather that brought on accidents. I had known something was going to happen. It always did on such a day. Finally the rains had stopped and we were drying out.

I was coming here with my friend Pamela. We were so often together these days. We spent a lot of our waking hours together when we were not with other friends or acquaintances. Pamela had insisted that we come together in case there was some kind of trouble. I was all for that. I needed her backup. I depended upon it.

As we drew near the accident scene I was preparing what I would say. It was so important to say the right thing if I wanted to get to him. I was wearing my over coat, as was Pamela. Even so we had been drenched earlier. Luckily the things in our pockets stayed dry.

"Gwen, are you going to be alright? Can you handle this. They may let you in but they surely won't allow me."

"I am sure they will let me in, Pam. Don't worry. I can handle this. Really. I can do this. Just wait here for me, okay?"

Going up to the first officer I was crying and begging already to get to him.

"Please, sir, I have to see him. My name is Gwendolyn Purvis. I'm his fiancé. Please, for the love of god, let me go to him. I just have to see him and say goodbye!"

"I'm sorry Miss. This is not very pretty. You don't want to go in there. Really."

"Yes, yes, I do, I do. I have to say goodbye. Please just let me say goodbye!"

"Wait here a moment. I need to talk to my lieutenant."

He walked over to another man who seemed to be directing things. They were talking low but in the still air after the rain I could make out what they were saying.

"Lieutenant Ames, that's his fiancé. I told her it was not very good. She's pretty broken up, begging to say goodbye."

"Okay Sergeant, let her in. We'll try to make him presentable. But you stand by in case she falls apart."

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