A Valentine to Remember

by Jack Spratt

Copyright© 2005, Jack Spratt

Erotica Story: Brooke has had unexplained feelings towards her best bud Jayden for years and they have become more focused over the last year. Could it been the result of discovering what her clitoris was for? An interesting read about a young girl finding herself.

Caution: This Erotica Story contains strong sexual content, including ft/ft   Consensual   Lesbian   .

Special thanks to Pete ‘the old fart’ 2018 for his expertise in reediting and reproofing.

It was two weeks before the Valentine weekend. All my friends were looking forward to the Valentine bash in the school gym. For me there was an empty feeling in my stomach, like something was missing. In class we were supposed to be completing an essay of what we were anticipating for Valentine’s Day. I couldn’t help but wonder about my expectations. You see my hidden desire was for my best friend Jayden to kiss me and be my Valentine, and maybe more. Yes, I wanted more, a lot more. For some unknown reason my haunting desire was to have her as a lover.

My name is Brooke Heath, at fourteen; I had been experiencing all kinds of weird feelings. Jayden and I had been buds since we started grade school; there was something about her that had me feeling things that I had suppressed far too long. The problem was now I wanted to be more than just friends and take the next step, but how? Discovering my clitoris was my downfall. For years I had been rubbing myself between my legs because it felt so good. What changed was my discovery of what my clitoris was actually for and what happened if you rubbed it long enough. The first time climaxing sent me to places never before revealed to me. With my nightly masturbating session, Jayden was always on my mind during the act and as I fell asleep.

The bell ending the period brought me back to the classroom. The last period of the day was gym. All the girls scrambled, hurrying to their lockers to change as quickly as possible. We had five whole minutes to be on the gym floor ready for Miss Wynn’s class. Jayden and I had lockers across from each other. My eyes were always on her watching as she lowered her jeans. Today she was wearing a red thong bikini. The material was embedded in her ass and pussy lips. She was intent on getting changed so she didn’t notice my interest in her every move. With her ass pointing at me, she unconsciously removed the thong panties from her ass crack giving me a full view of her trimmed pussy. I had an uncomfortable desire to bury my face in her crack and kiss her asshole and pussy, feelings that I had been suppressing for nearly a year.

All the girls pushed and shoved to get on the gym floor and avoid detention. After twenty minutes of exercise we were back in the locker room changing to our street clothes. A few of the girls shower; one of whom was Robin Grey, was a beautiful knockout red head. She had also been the subject of a number of my masturbation fantasies.

“Jayden, are you going to shower?”

“Not now, I have to get home, Mom is taking me to the mall. I am hoping I can talk her into those thong panties you and I were looking at last week. Are we still on for tonight?”

“Yep, Mom said it was fine for the sleep over.”

Sleepovers had been part of our growing up together. Recently they had been very trying for me as Jayden quickly fell asleep and left me frustrated, knowing she was so close, but yet so far. She had no idea of my deep feelings for her. Often her lips were only inches from my mouth, her breath gently flooding my face, a voice inside me saying just kiss her stupid, but the other side of me stopping me. Maybe this weekend. I could always hope.

“Super, I will see you at seven-thirty; we can watch a movie or something.”

I watched her covering everything as she quickly dressed, and then she waved at me and left. Robin got my attention as she stripped off her gym outfit down to her blue bra and her matching thong. Taking my time undressing, I waited patiently for her to remove the rest of her clothing. She looked my way.

“Hey Brooke, are you showering?”

“Yes, I smell like an armpit, you?”

“The same, I don’t know how the other girls can do it. Some don’t even break out in a sweat, me as soon as we start running I can feel it.”

Now that she had broken the ice so to speak, I could look at her without trying to hide my interest. She took off her bra exposing two soft luscious breasts with long dark rose nipples, much longer than mine. As she started lowering her thong my body trembled with anticipation. My eyes were glued to her nether region. Robin had a sizable dark red bush but her love lips were trimmed. They were very puffy and massive compared to mine. She looked my way and smiled.

“Hurry up or the water will be cold before we finish our shower.”

Quickly divesting myself of my bra and panties, I followed her swaying bum to the shower. Each stall had four shower heads; fortunately there were only the two of us in this one. We could hear other showers running, but couldn’t see the students. While lathering, it was hard to keep my eyes off Robin. Her complexion was very light, but all her amenities were very dark as well as a number of beautiful freckles. Her dark nipples stood out. I couldn’t help myself watching her. With her back facing me she leaned over to scrub her legs, causing her ass cheeks to spread. What beauty, her anal pucker had a dark ruby rim; she shifted her body exposing her massive, puffy love lips. Her labia extended outward between her puffy vulva, it too was a very dark ruby color. The mild ache between my legs turned into a throb. What would it be like to taste her? With my vivid imagination going full blast, I never noticed she moved and was now looking at me with that same look as she had at the lockers. Did she like girls too?

Embarrassed being caught staring, I hoped she wouldn’t say anything to Miss Wynn; there was a rumor about two girls getting caught touching each other and they were expelled for two weeks. That was one of the reasons I just looked and didn’t touch. The last thing I needed was going home and telling my parents the cause of my being expelled. When Robin touched me I nearly fainted. Turning, I saw she was sizing me up, again with that same smile on her face.

“You have a great bod Brooke, do you like mine?”

To demonstrate she pirouetted for me, clearly showing me what I already lusted for. Standing this close deprived me of seeing her love lips.

“Let me put it this way, everything on you seems to stand out, makes me a bit jealous.”

“You have no reason to be, I think you are beautiful.”

She was standing right in front of me staring me eye to eye, there was a sort of leer in her eye, the water from the shower dripping off each nipple. She did like girls! The urge to do something stupid was strong but my will power prevailed. We were looking at each other, and then I watched her hand cup my breast and squeeze my nipple. The feeling nearly had me swooning, her hand felt so good. How could anything that felt this good be wrong?

“You like?”

Stupefied, I just nodded my head yes!

“Maybe we can get together sometime after school. My parents both work until seven every day. Maybe we can do homework together. How about Monday?”

Still too petrified to answer vocally, my head was nodding yes, yes.

“Good, have a nice weekend.”

Shaking like a leaf, I watched her leave the shower. What just happened? Robin, beautiful Robin wanted to see me. She liked me. My knees felt so weak; I had to support myself on the wall of the shower. Did this just happen? It took me a good ten minutes to recover; I finally left the shower and found myself alone. Quickly drying and then dressing, I went out to the curb, waiting for my bus.

During dinner, as Mom rattled on to Dad about her day, my mind was on Robin and what we experienced in the shower. What would we do at her house?

“How did you day go Brooke?”

“Good Mom, you remember Jayden is coming over tonight for a sleep over.”

“Yes, I didn’t forget, there are chips and pop in the bar fridge. Dad and I are going next door to play cards for a while.”

“Not a problem, we can take care of ourselves. Mom, I will be late coming home from school on Monday. I have to work on a project with a classmate at her house.”

“Well, if you are too late, call and I will pick you up.”

“Thanks Mom.”

That was easier than I thought it would be, no endless questions, etc. With Monday set up, all I had to concentrate on was tonight with Jayden. What could I do to get her to notice me as a girl who wanted her to be more than just a close friend? While enjoying my bath before Jayden got here, I lay back and rubbed my pussy, wishing Jayden’s fingers or tongue were doing it instead of mine. One thing I enjoyed was the handle of my tooth brush about three inches in my rear when I masturbated, each climax was stupendous.

With Mom and Dad gone, the house was mine. Still naked in my room, I found my sexiest bra and thong, a nice powder blue with sexy white lace. The word welcome was embroidered just above my pussy. Mom had a fit when my aunt gave me the set as a birthday gift. She chided her sister for giving me something so trashy, but to me it was the perfect gift. My original thoughts were about boys seeing them, but now Jayden was more important to me than all the guys in the world.

Dabbing perfume on my thighs and under my boobs, I dressed, first my bra and thong, then a lacy pair of white stay-ups. With lipstick and eye shadow, I did look sexy. Wearing my shortest black skirt to allow Jayden to see the top of my stay-ups and some bare skin, plus a white see-through blouse, I was ready. Jayden would be here any minute. When the door chimes rang, it nearly had me diddle in my thong.

“The door is open, come on in.”

She came in not noticing me right off; she finally looked up and saw me on the fourth stair. I was sure she could see the crotch of my thong; her mouth was open as to speak, but no words came out. This made me feel good.

Walking down the stairs standing beside her, I closed and locked the door; if something did happen, the last thing we needed were any surprises to ruin the night. Mom and Dad would ring the doorbell.

“Hi Jayden, how did the shopping go?”

She still seemed tongue tied, but finally she took control and spoke.

“Wait till you see what my mom let me buy, you will be very surprised, no not surprised, but shocked. I still can’t believe Mom let me buy them.”

“Come on; let’s go to my room where you can model them for me. Mom and Dad are next door playing cards so we have the house to ourselves.”

Jayden followed me carrying her overnight case. In my room, we both hit the bed. The conversation was about school and what was happening. My body was shaking with her so close. My skirt had ridden up my legs, my pussy on display, clearly outlined in my thong. Jayden was staring; a ripple went through my body. I wanted to tell her about Robin, but thought the better of it. I still didn’t know if she was receptive about girls.

“Ok, what did you buy?”

“You aren’t going to believe this.”

Fascinated, I watched her lower her slacks and carefully remove her T-shirt. She was wearing the sexiest black thong and bra set I had ever seen. The thong was so narrow it hardly covered her pussy. The bra was cut so low; I could see the top of her areolae. My mouth was feeling like it was full of cotton.

“Feel how soft the material is.”

Looking at her, I saw she was smiling. The only places to touch the material were covering the areas of her body I had been coveting for months. Did she really want me to touch her? With a shaking hand, I touched the bra and felt her very hard nipple. Jayden closed her eyes, was that a sigh of anticipation? I quickly stripped, leaving only my bra and thong on. Jayden slowly lay back on the bed, now braver, I slid my hand over to the other breast, feeling its nipple. Jayden’s breathing was a bit ragged. Her thong was stretched taut giving me a full outline of her pubes. A damp spot was slowly expanding itself.

Gazing over her taut body, everything I had dreamed was before me. Sliding my hand down her stomach, my excitement had me shaking like a leaf. Was this really happening? My fingers were at the waist band of her black thong, did I dare to go on? Her scent rose to my nostrils; a true aphrodisiac if there ever was one. My nostrils had to be flaring. Then, touching her actual love lips, I was at my life long goal. How could this come about so fast? After months of dreaming, it was actually happening. The moisture and heat were transferred from my fingers to my mind, dare I do more? Nervously, with my hands on her waistband, Jayden lifted her hips to accommodate the removal of her thong. The scent of her sex and a mixture of her perfume was murder. It was like a magnet drawing me closer and closer to her moist heavenly area.

When Jayden’s fingers touched me, I nearly lost it. My focus on her pussy was so strong my mind blanked out all other senses. Looking up, her eyes were still closed and a soft mewing was emanating from her lips. Kissing her finger tips, I dropped my face, quickly finding her love lips. Her taste was better than anything I ever imagined. Several times in the past I’d tasted myself, but Jayden’s pussy juice was like an elixir, very addictive and I wanted more. Licking Jayden, she started to squirm, and then she arched her body, digging her heels into the mattress. The sound she made as she came was like a squeal.

“Brooke, I can’t believe you are licking my pussy.”

Lifting my head, I looked at her questioningly.

“No, don’t stop, please don’t stop.”

She relaxed her body and spread her legs wider. Not needing another invitation, my exploration of my Valentine gift continued. Her clitoris was not large, but protruded enough to suck. Every time Jayden came she ejaculated a stream of clear thick fluid. After the first couple of times I got the hang of it, as soon as she lifted her hips to cum I covered her pulsating pussy with my mouth. Her hot ejaculation hit the back of my throat.

After six noisy climaxes, Jayden brought her legs together and rolled over on her stomach, her body trembling from the exertion. I quickly removed my bra and thong. Not to be denied, I spread her ass cheeks and concentrated on her tight rimmed anal pucker. Again the taste was unique, not dirty as imagined, but different. The more Jayden relaxed, the easier it was to stretch her anal opening. Finally my tongue was able to enter about one-half an inch. She surprised me as she climaxed with me tonguing her asshole. Finally, she grabbed my hair pulling to her side.

“Brooke, what have you done to me? You have no idea how you make me feel with your tongue licking my asshole. Did you feel me cum?”

She leaned over and kissed me. Finally, she was my aficionado. Two fourteen year olds were now entwined as lovers. When we broke our embrace, my mouth was on her nipple. Jayden clutched me to her bosom like a child in need and my need was great. Finally she pushed me to my pillow and sat up gazing at my naked body. Hell, I was shivering.

“Brooke, you are so beautiful. I have always been jealous of your boobs, now they are mine.”

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