Canvas of Hidden Desire
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2015 by Tony Sorrentino

BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Julie knows her life is about to change. Her sorority sisters are all total bitches. Her girlfriend is trying to steal her boyfriend. Her boyfriend is planning to cheat on her. Her masseuse is hitting on her. It is time to get a butterfly tattoo.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Coercion   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   BDSM   Spanking   Rough   Light Bond   Humiliation   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Petting   Sex Toys   Squirting   Water Sports   Voyeurism   Analingus   Body Modification   Needles  

It all started with the silly butterfly.

Julie's soon to be ex-friend Heather had gotten a tattoo in a disreputable tattoo parlor down in Florida during the Spring Break and she was flaunting it right in front of Julie's face to make Julie's boyfriend Alfie rise to the occasion. She bragged that the place was filled with a bunch of biker guys with black leather jackets and hard dicks looking to bang any female with some nice ink on her skin.

Alfie was ogling Heather's naked left cheek with the pretty butterfly flying off to supposedly safe refuge in the hidden depths of her crack. Alfie seemed ready to follow it and start a collection but hesitated because his long-time Julie was standing real close to him at the chaotic party in the Sorority House.

Julie was a Georgia girl with roots that went all the way back to before the Civil War. She didn't live on a plantation but her Aunt and Uncle still lived on one in South Georgia with a few hundred acres of prime hunting land for rent during the hunting season. She loved the big old house with the winding staircase and the windows that seemed to stretch all the way to the ceiling.

She watched with building annoyance as Heather practically pushed her bare ass in Alfie's poor face and waited for his comments on her colorful new tattoo. It was hard for her not to interfere but she did her best to remain silent and allowed them to interact without her interruption. Just when she thought the worst was over and Alfie's huge erection started to subside, the sex-crazed girl opened her mouth nice and wide and showed Julie's boyfriend her matching pierced tongue with the gold plated little ball that promised a "good time" for any stray cock that ventured inside her lips.

That was close to being the final straw and she fought the urge to pull Heather's long flowing blond hair just to teach her a lesson about trying to steal other girl's boyfriends. She saw Alfie' throw a glance nervously in her direction and she smiled sweetly despite her instinct to kick him right in his disloyal balls.

"Hey, Julie, Heather here was showing me her tongue jewelry. It might be something to spice up our back seat conversations."

He didn't hesitate to laugh at his own joke and made no move to remove Heather's hand from his lap delicately placed only an inch or two from the tip of his erection.

"Are you saying I don't give a good blowjob, Alfred Adams?"

Alfie's face turned a bit red in his confusion. He certainly didn't want to screw up a good thing with Julie because she was the first girl that made a submissive effort to swallow all the evidence and even licked him nice and clean after the dirty deed was done every time. He also liked the fact she didn't beg him to kiss and lick her pussy like the other girls with cooperative attitudes willing to spread their knees without delay.

He had studied the female student body fairly closely and was convinced that there was about a fifty-fifty split of girls quick to bend over upon request and the other girls that wanted a guy to just accept a kiss, feeling the boobs or at most taking them in hand and watching them shoot off like a gun with a hair trigger. It was always frustrating to be with one of those girls but sometimes one had to settle for second best.

Now Julie was his main go-to girl for sex and he wouldn't mind adding Heather to his stable if she could keep her mouth shut except for cock pleasing reasons and his Julie stayed unaware of his polygamous status. Besides, Julie was really up-tight about taking it up the ass and he knew he had to have that "in a tight place" feeling every now and then to shudder with a glorious release. Some of the other guys had told him that the liberated Heather was always ready for a good ass-pounding and she was constantly looking for a guy with an over-sized cock for rear door fun and games.

When she got Alfie out of the party, Julie laid down the pussy allowance law just so there was no misunderstanding. Alfie understood her position without any comment but he secretly was already plotting to get Heather alone so he could test out her mouth for oral delights and wanted to discover if her bottom was as talented as the other guys proclaimed.

Julie hoped that Alfie was back in line and she gave him a condom to have a session between her pretty legs to help take the edge off his horny needs. She liked his cock but it seemed that lately he was becoming a bit unreliable if he was off on his own and she couldn't watch him like a hawk.

Julie knew that she would never put a piece of metal inside her mouth after spending years with the horrible braces that convinced her foreign objects installed on her teeth or tongue created a sense of insecurity about her body and her ability to attract the other sex. The attempted blowjob with one of her teachers was a complete failure and she spent an entire year of penance jerking him off to apologize for the damage she had caused to his reproductive organ. Actually, she rather enjoyed that because he made the most delicious sounds when he was going into "blast-off" mode with spurts of creamy cum almost reaching the third row.

She did like the butterfly tattoo and wished she had one as well. In fact, she looked through the yellow pages for a suitable tattoo parlor and didn't find anything that rang her chimes. When she mentioned it to her masseuse Tammy, the woman gave her a card with an address down on the other side of the tracks in that part of town that she was afraid to enter without an armed guard.

Tammy was glad she could be of service to Julie because she had a bit of a crush on the pretty girl and hoped that Julie might give her some encouragement in one of her sessions so she could give the girl a real "happy ending" she would remember for a long time. Julie was grateful and she decided to reward Tammy with more access to her inner core. She signaled her compliant attitude by panting a lot faster when the masseuse's hands roamed near her heated slit and up inside her willing crack.

Tammy caught the cue immediately and was soon roaming up into Julie's pretty pussy and rimming her puckered brown eye. Those areas had been off limits in previous sessions but they both knew this was not an ordinary session.

Julie even fondled her nipple hoping Tammy would take over that chore from her and was rewarded far beyond her expectations. Soon, the inspired masseuse was playing her flesh like a fine instrument and she started to fall into an irreversible spiral of release that made her shudder and jerk on the padded massage table.

Tammy was smiling now recognizing the familiar pattern of most of her female and even some of her male clients. She was deep inside Julie's front and back entryways and she had the girl's pretty boobs bouncing with excitement.

She showed Julie the colorful and intricate tattoo on her inner thigh with the snake that seemed to be heading into her vaginal channel. When Tammy pushed her head and her mouth to the snake tattoo, she didn't resist because it was so beautiful. She followed it all the way up to the neatly trimmed snatch and when Tammy opened her folds with her fingers, she didn't hesitate to push her tongue inside to taste the female essence of her attractive masseuse. Of course, in the back of her mind was the hope that the woman might reciprocate her freely given favors. She had fantasized about her masseuse's face between her legs at some time in the future and it was beginning to seem like this was that opportunity to get closer than service provider and client.

Before the session was over, they had both 69ed each other more than once and Julie had allowed Tammy to become a lot better acquainted with her friendly sphincter.

She made the appointment for the next week at the same time and asked if they could do two hours instead of one because she wanted more time to push the boundaries of female to female love making. It was all new to her and she needed to discover a lot more secrets before she could feel comfortable in that sort of role.

The ride over to the tattoo parlor was a little bit scary because the streets were teeming with some really desperate looking types. She was certain she was looking at dope peddlers, whores and pimps at every corner but then again it could be her over-active imagination.

The building for the tattoo parlor was a stand-alone building at the entrance of a strip mall with assorted businesses ranging from laundromats to pawn shops with the mystic three balls. The windows were all painted over so nobody could see inside and the parking lot was filled with trash and litter of every description.

Julie parked the car slowly and was half-inclined to forget the whole tattoo business and just go back home but she was the type of person that liked to finish what she started no matter how difficult the road became.

She saw a trio of leather wearing teenagers come out of the painted door under the broken neon sign and they were pushing and hitting each other like escaped inmates from some lunatic asylum. Julie waited until they piled into a battered station wagon and drove away before she unlocked her door and approached the tattoo parlor.

It was encouraging to see the "Open" sign on the door and she pushed it open hearing the tinkle of a bell announcing another customer for the Ink Master.

There was an odd smell inside the parlor.

Julie figured it was some sort of blended incense and cooking smell from the unseen rear of the shop. She looked at the walls filled with photos and posters of tattoo designs that ran the gamut of simple to intricate designs that must have taken weeks to finish with many sessions to do the artwork.

She saw a picture by the door that looked more like a plaque than a tattoo and it was of the devil wearing a top hat not unlike the voodoo priest in a film she had seen years ago. For some reason, it sent a chill up her back and she stepped back from it as if it were a snake ready to strike.

There was a sound over to the left and a drawn curtain was pulled open revealing a mostly naked girl face down on an angled chair getting a tattoo on her back from a small man with what looked like a magnifying glass on his face. The girl looked at her and Julie could see the pain in her eyes answering the question in her mind about pain associated with getting a tattoo. The whirring sound of the needle machine made her shiver in anticipation and she suddenly felt the urge to pee right there in the middle of the room like some schoolgirl caught in class without a sanitary napkin on one of "those days".

She didn't see any door marked as a restroom either male or female or unisex. She didn't like going into the unisex ones because she was afraid of being raped by some man lurking in a darkened corner.

It was glaringly obvious that the Ink Master was resting one hand familiarly on the girl's backside as he gave her the needle with the other and he was cupping her cheeks absent-mindedly with not thought to sex but still loving the feel of female flesh under his squirming fingers.

The man looked up at Julie and smiled.

She was filled with an emotion that could only be described as fear and even though she desperately wanted to run away in the other direction she stood there waiting for him to tell her what to do.

Julie knew she had no choice but to listen to his instructions and follow his orders no matter how distasteful they my seen to her. In that sense, she was not a client but a pupil listening to her teacher.

Her future seemed suddenly unclear but she was not in the least bit disturbed.

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