Rogue Kaire Hunters

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2015 by Ka Hmnd

Science Fiction Sex Story: A Kaire combat veteran returns home. While searching for work he and others are taken. When he awakens it is as a prisoner to Kaire hunters. Only they made a mistake, this Kaire had been in a stalker company and was extremely good at hunting too.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   First   .

I was almost twenty summer seasons and had been gone from home for two. I had been a sub strike leader in the fleet stalker companies. The war was over and now I was home and looking for work. With all the other warriors returning it was not easy. I caught a public transport towards the edge of the city to meet an old friend who said he had an offer for me.

I glanced around at the others on the ground transport and there were only two teenage girls. The rest were unkept clerks or maintenance workers. We were almost there when I glanced at the driver and frowned. He was wearing a filter mask and watching us in a vid screen. I looked around and started to stand when the smell hit me and everything blurred and then went black.

The noise woke me first but I did not move as memories returned. I opened my eyes and glanced around without turning my head. I was on the ground and someone had stripped me. One of the girls was beside me, she was white with golden spots along her back. I sniffed and could smell her and struggled to hold back the growl.

On my other side was a tan and black stripped male. I shifted and came to my feet and found three Kaire males pointing rifles at me. I stopped moving and they grinned before a dark grey male pushed through a crowd of a couple of dozen males, "they are starting to wake."

All the males wore wide belts with long knives and pistols. They were carrying hunting rifles. They kicked and woke the line of drugged males and I bent to shake and then lift both girls. The other was a greyish black with a white tipped tail and like the first I could tell she was in season.

I had looked around as I pulled the two girls behind me and we were way out in a forest. One of the males moved forward, "listen. You have fifteen minutes to run and hide. After that we are coming to hunt you."

One of the men sneered, "I am putting both those pretty female heads on my wall."

I ignored him and the others as some of the males with us stiffen or protested. I spun and grabbed the hands of the two girls and started walking, "come."

At first they resisted but a moment later all of the males were running into the forest. I had checked and we were headed downwind. I had trouble controlling the quiet growls as I kept smelling the two girls. I was looking at the sides as well as ahead and after a few kilometers I walked into a creek, "stay behind me."

The creek came from the north and went south and straight across what had been our path. Fifty meters and I walked out and turned to head back the way we had come. We were walking up wind so I did not smell the girls. A little over a hundred meters and I crouched and looked under a large slab of rock. Nothing was there and I had the girls crawl in and followed.

I turned to look towards our old trail, "when they come you stay here. I am going after them to get weapons and anything else I can."

They shifted and again the scent of them hit me and I tried to stop the growl. The greyish black one sighed and reached out the touch my arm, "I am Sable Ous Hiss and I claim you."

I jerked and looked at her and she smiled, "sooner or later you will go into rut if you keep smelling us."

I looked at the other and she grinned, "I am Star Mel Der and I claim you."

I turned to look out, "you are both crazy."

They giggled quietly and I nodded to myself, "I am Eric Lii No Dos and I accept your claims."

We lay still and quiet and it was awhile before I saw the six males. They were following our tracks and not even looking around. I gestured and crawled out and began to stalk them. This is what I had been trained to do and I was very good. I moved closer and reached them at the creek.

My left hand went around and caught one's chin and my right caught the back of his head. Before he screamed I twisted and the spine in his neck popped. I lower him to the ground as the others argued. I took his pistol and stood and shot one in the back of the head and then another through the spine.

The last three spun but they were not trained and I shot one in the throat, another in the chest and the last in the stomach. I quickly took weapon belts and rifles before I took their clothes. I ran back to find the girls and they crawled out. I handed two of the kilts and two shirts. I put a weapon belt around each and gave them a rifle.

I hid three rifles and dressed and then led the girls southwest. An hour and we were climbing into the mountains. I was looking ahead and turned on a high ridge with a steep gully between it and the next, "see the grey tree split down the middle on the other ridge?"

The girls looked and nodded and I gestured, "go past it and lay down and wait."

I watched them until they were climbing the other ridge and then turned to look north. I knelt beside a tree and waited and waited. Finally I saw the tracker and the small group of hunters. I aimed and took the safety off and slowly squeezed the trigger. It was a long shot but the round cracked and the tracker bent and folded as he fell.

I shifted as the hunters knelt and shot another in the chest and then a third before they scrambled to find protection. I turned as I stood and almost ran down the other side of the ridge. I was out of breath when I reached the top of the other ridge and moved towards the girls, "time to go."

This time I led them west and to a long ridge that went north to south but higher. We climbed to the crest and I had the girls rest. I laid down and watched the gully between the two other ridges. Finally the last three hunters in the group appeared and started down one side. I waited until they did not have cover and aimed.

When I shot the first he fell and kept rolling towards the bottom of the gully. I shot the second as they stood frozen and the third as he tried to run down the side of the ridge. The rifle was empty so I left it and stood and led the girls west over the north south ridge. I turned once we reached the trees to head south and stayed inside the trees.

I glanced around and looked towards the setting sun before I led the girls into thick bushes. I had them wait as I carefully cut up a shirt and made a sling. A few moments searching the ground and I had several stones. Before it was dark I had two browsers cleaned and skinned. I moved the girls down the ridge and under a overhang.

I was not going to start a fire but they did not seem to mind the raw meat. We washed in a tiny creek and the girls grinned as they stripped. They pulled me to the back of the overhang where a thick carpet of moss was. I undressed as once more their scent filled my head. Star scratched my chest and turned and knelt before she went to her hands and knees.

Sable pushed me towards her, "breed her mate."

I growled as I knelt behind Star and felt her hot and swollen pussy. My cock had emerged and I shifted and slowly pushed into her. She pushed back and shuddered as I buried my cock, "aaahhhh!"

I growled as I held her hips and pulled back and began to fuck her firmly with long, deep thrusts. She shook and wiggled and jerked and Sable knelt and covered her mouth. I continued to fuck her and shove my cock as deep as I could. Her tight pussy was constantly clenching and pulling on my cock and she started to spasm.

Several minutes and her head and shoulders were down and her pussy very slippery. I was fucking her hard and finally shoved into her and held her back. My cock gushed sperm and she jerked and her pussy clamped down, "mmmm!"

When I was done I relaxed and let her go as I pulled out. She sagged to the ground and Sable grinned as she turned and went to her knees, "now breed me."

I looked around and rubbed my shrinking cock as I moved to the side and behind her. My cock stayed hard and I slowly pushed into her and pulled her back. She shivered as I buried my cock and her tight pussy squeezed. I started slow with long thrusts, fucking Star had helped get some of the wildness out.

Sable pushed back as I continued to use long thrusts into her. She put her head and shoulders down and covered her mouth. A few minutes and she was shaking and shoving back as I fucked her firmly. I finally held her hips and began to fuck her hard and pound her pussy. She jerked and spasmed and her pussy kept clenching as she hissed, "yyyeeeesssss!"

I kept shoving into her and finally I held her back as I buried my cock. I grunted and gushed sperm and she gasped and shuddered hard, "yes!"

She wiggled and squirmed while I held her and when I was done I let her go. She sagged to the moss and shivered as she looked back and grinned. I fucked them a couple of times each before I held them as they slept. My mind went over everything I had seen when I woke. The overhang would protect us from a sat scan but they had trackers.

I shifted and woke the girls when the sun began to rise. I led them to the tiny creek and we drank before we collected everything and I started leading the girls south. I checked and took the rifle Star was carrying and after several hours we turned to climb the ridge. We crossed in a saddle and went to the southeast to another ridge.

Once we reached the trees I stayed under them and moved down the side of the ridge. I used an outcrop of trees to cross the deep gully and climb the ridge to the north. I turned back to the west and finally stopped. We were under a huge tree that had spilt and I had the girls sit inside it.

I watched to the west at the north south ridge. Between several trees I could see the saddle we had walked down. It was hours before I saw the tracker and then the hunters. I laid down and took a breath as I aimed and let it out. I fired and the tracker's head seemed to explode and then all of the others were running.

I shifted and came to my feet, "time to go."

I led them north over the ridge and down into another deep ravine and then up onto another ridge. I turned and followed the crest of the ridge to the east. When I saw the chance I led them south and down into the gully and up onto the other ridge. I let them rest as I laid down and searched the ridge we had just walked down.

An hour later I stood and led them east and off the ridge and out of the mountains. We stayed under cover and even walked in a stream. I managed to kill a couple of browsers with the sling and we ate while walking. A couple of hours before the sun set I found another overhang but much smaller than the last one.

I had the girls wait inside as I began to set traps and snares before I lost the light. I helped the two girls wash in the stream and then we returned to the overhang. This time it was Sable that scratched my chest and went to her knees and put her head down. Star hugged my arm and stroked my cock sheath until my cock came out.

I growled as I moved closer to Sable and slowly pushed into her hot pussy. She sighed and shivered and pushed back. I fucked her slowly and buried my cock with each thrust. A minute and she was jerking away and shoving back. She covered her mouth to stay quiet while her pussy kept squeezing and milking my cock.

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