Strike Leader

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2015 by Ka Hmnd

Science Fiction Sex Story: Recalled from serving in the fleet a Kaire strike leader commands a strike group on Aur. His mission is to scout the ancient clan warrens and then secure them for the clan. What he has to deal with is wild Kratcal in large numbers.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   First   Oral Sex   .

I glanced at the others as I finished with the armor, "Aris make sure you check all the weapons before they are put away. The next time I find one loaded I will take a tail."

They laughed as I moved to the next warrior and began inspecting his armor. They went quiet and I glanced at the hatch and straightened, "sir?"

The group strike leader gestured, "let your second finish."

I nodded and glanced at Aris, "no slack."

He moved towards me and I turned and walked towards the hatch, "do we have a mission sir?"

He turned and led me out and into the ship's hall, "your clan wish you back."

I growled and he smiled, "relax cub. They are sending the clan warriors to Aur. They believe your clan warrens there may be intact. It is a distance from the Kair clan find so warriors will be needed to protect those going to look and investigate. All clan Sar are being asked to answer the call."

I shifted while we walked, "to guard?"

He nodded, "do not take this lightly. There are wild Kratcal on Aur and even primitive Kaire that might fight you."

I nodded and stopped and turned, "when?"

He glanced back, "you have a quarter day."

He gripped my shoulder, "I have been honored to have you lead my warriors."

Those words still followed me as I packed and then said my goodbyes. I was transferred to a small cargo ship and found a few of my clan. They were not happy with having to return which made me growl and snap, "are you warriors or a herd beast! We are returning to protect a clan warren. Do not cry and whin like a spoiled cub. Think of how and what we have to do."

They stiffened and one cleared his throat, "protect a clan warren from what?"

I glared, "Kratcal for one and maybe primitive Kaire. Are you ready to face death warrior?"

They grinned because leaders always said that and one chuckled, "yes strike leader."

I nodded and returned to what I was doing. The port on Aur was busier than I thought it would be. They had a thousand people researching through the Kair warrens and thousands more that just wanted to see it. A young female was waiting and smiled as she led us to a large cart that carried us and our bags to a large warehouse.

The inside held hundreds of people and not just our clan. The clan leader was standing at a large map as I carried my bags in and set them down. I moved towards him and pushed a couple of younger warriors out of my way. They growled but moved when I looked at them. The clan leader turned and smiled, "Blaine."

I nodded as I looked at the map, "has anyone scouted the warrens sir?"

He turned to look at it, "no. Most of us only arrived a couple of days ago. We have two dozen clans that want to help but none are trained scouts."

I touched a building and had the board zoom in and magnify, "the Kair site buildings were still strong enough to land on?"

He nodded, "but we do not..."

I absently gestured, "I was not thinking of a flier."

I touched the building I was looking at, "I could take a strike team and jump using grav shrouds. We could land spread out on this building and do a search and inspect it. If it can support the weight of a flyer or transport we could use it as a base to bring everyone in for the others."

He grinned and then chuckled, "choose your team strike leader."

I turned to look around and he caught my shoulder, "I should mention we have many offers from several clans."

I glanced at him, "offers?"

He smiled, "for mates?"

I looked at all the people, "and they are here now?"

He nodded, "you are long past mating age Blaine. Four of your liter have died and you are the only one left."

I sighed, I knew they had died. We had all joined the fleet at the same time and more and more rogue systems were raiding now. Plus with the war against the Devaints the Kaire population had dropped by almost a third. At least now several of the human empires were helping.

I finally nodded and he patted my shoulder. I moved to my bags and yelled, "I need warriors!"

A minute and I had thirty standing around me. I checked each of them before I nodded, "okay we are going to be the first in strikers. Pack a single bag for a grav shroud jump. Carbines and hand weapons only. Make sure you have a regular knife and a sonic cutter. Leave room for rations in the pack."

I gestured and they moved away as I knelt to dig out my pack and combat gear. I looked up as a teenage female stopped beside me. She wore a combat harness with a pistol and long knife. She was green with silver spots and looked me over carefully, "I am Kinse Elic Nas Sil Altkin and I claim you."

I snorted as I went back to what I was doing, "do you even know who I am girl?"

She growled and bent as one hand snapped out and caught my wrist. I looked at her and then grinned as I moved and yanked. She twisted as she fell but still landed on her back as I moved over her and looked into her eyes, "I am Blaine Saj Nor Alt Sar and I see you. Listen to me wild kitten, mates do not demand or own each other."

I let her go and stood and pulled her up, "go pack a jump bag."

She looked at me and I returned it and she smiled and turned away. I finished packing and went to find someone who would know where to find grav shrouds. I was pulling a large float cart when I returned to find the warriors milling around. A small teenage female was with Kinse, she was white with black furred wrists and hands.

If I could have seen her feet through the jungle mocs I would have seen that they were black too. Like Kinse she wore a combat harness with weapons and looked a little defiant. I stopped and turned to gestured, "everyone take a shroud and inspect it."

They started to move and Kinse and the girl walked to me. The girl growled as her black tipped tail fluffed out, "I am Tear Urr No Press and I see you."

I glanced at Kinse and waited and she grinned and nodded. I reached out and rubbed Tear's cheek, "calmly kitten. I am Blaine Saj Nor Alt Sar and I see you."

I moved closer and reached around and down to stroke her tail, "I claim you."

She slowly relaxed and I turned, "now both of you get a shroud and check it."

I followed and checked one, I had brought back more than we would use. I lined everyone up and started down the line checking equipment. When I finished I nodded, "relax while I go find us a ride. Take rations and pack them away."

The clan leader had been busy and turned as I strode towards him and grinned, "ready?"

I nodded, "someone needs to collect the rest of our things to bring out later."

He nodded and I looked at the map, "it should take a few hours to get there and another to check the building."

I looked at him, "it will be dark by then. Tomorrow if the roof pads are safe we will clear them. If they are not we will clear a space between buildings."

He waved to a dark furred Kaire, "this is the pilot for the transport."

I looked at him and then touched the warren building, "you need to slow when you go over this building. You should be at a thousand kilometers. Some of those with me have not done this which is why we will be jumping from that height. You will need to make two passes."

He nodded as he looked at the building, "sounds easy."

I smiled as I turned to go get everyone, "that part is."

The transport was not new but seemed to be in good shape. I went over everything several times while we were in the air and choose the second jump leader. When we got the warning I stood and turned as both doors were opened. The hot and humid air quickly filled the transport as I looked back down the line.

I reached out to take the shroud activation cords from Kinse and Tear before I turned to look out and down. The forest looked more like a thick jungle and I shifted and turned to watch the ready light. It flashed and I spun and yanked both girls out and went after them. I pulled the cords and then mine and caught the steering handles.

I looked down as I turned and checked for the building. I glanced up and back to see both girls grinning fiercely. I smiled as they followed me and the string of other shrouds lined up behind them. The top of the building was thick with growing bushes but at least there were no trees.

I landed and moved forward and to the side as I tested every step. I turned to bring in the shroud and shut it down. I moved to help the girls and pull them to the side as the others landed. I watched but no one went through the roof. I removed my pack and started rolling the shroud, "we need warriors on the other door!"

I gestured to the girls, "watch that door."

I looked up as the transport turned and started back and finally the rest of the warriors started jumping out. I only relaxed when I saw all the grav shrouds deploy. When they landed I turned, "six warriors move to the other stairs and go down to the next floor!"

I moved to the door the girls guarded as the others followed. We had to force it open which was good. The stairs were thick with dirt and dust but only fungus grew on the walls. I covered my nose and mouth, "cover your face!"

I pulled my pistol as I started down testing each step. At the next floor I pointed to a warrior following, "watch the stairs coming up."

I turned and again we had to force our way through a door. I looked around and then turned, "okay listen up! Check for danger but also look at the structure! Check the beams and the ceiling as well as the floor!"

I began teaming warriors up and sending them onto the floor before I pulled the girls after me. I led and they followed as we started to check each room on the floor. From that floor we moved down to the next and then the next until we had done the whole building. We had killed a few animals on the first, second and third floors but the rest were clear.

With the broken windows and open balconies I had the warriors seal the stairwells. I led everyone back to the top floor and assigned a few to guard the stairwells. We made camp in several rooms as it grew dark. I hung a small chemical lantern in the room as Kinse and Tear made a single bed. I sat and pulled out rations and watched them as we ate.

I collected our trash and stuffed it into a burn bag. I stood and undressed and bent to set my pistol beside the bed. I moved to the doorway and looked at the warriors in the next room, "we need our mating witnessed."

Several grinned and a tall female warrior stood and then several males. I turned and walked to Kinse and pulled her up. She grinned and walked to the bed while removing her clothes and I pulled Tear up. I followed her as she stripped and waited for her to lay beside Kinse. I moved onto the bed and over Kinse and looked into her eyes.

She slowly relaxed and I bent to rub her cheek with mine. I moved down and licked both nipples and she shivered. I went lower and licked through her pussy and she gasped and humped, "oh!"

I kept licking her and teasing her clit and looked up and at her face as I caught it and sucked hard. She jerked and shuddered while thrusting up, "ooohhhh!"

I nibbled and licked and she kept struggling before she yawled and bucked. I moved up and over her and pushed and humped. My cock emerged and was forced into her very tight pussy. She clutched me as she began to thrash around, "aaaahhhh!"

She struggled and twisted as I began to fuck her and press and rub. Soon she was wild and wailing and screaming. Her pussy was constantly griping and squeezing as I started to fuck her firmly. It was a little while before I licked under her ear and nibbled on her throat. Finally after ten minutes I shoved into her and growled.

She was clinging to me while her eyes rolled up and I began to gush a stream of sperm into her. She spasmed and jerked erratically and sighed, "sssoooo..."

When I was done I relaxed and held her and she sagged. I rubbed her cheek and pulled out and moved to Tear who was looking into her face and grinning. I moved over her and licked under her ear and gave her a nip before I moved down. I gave each nipple a suck and she shivered and held my head.

I grinned and moved down to her pussy and licked through it. She lifted her hips and groaned as I did it again. I covered her clit and began to wiggle the tip of my tongue back and forth and suck. She thrust up and shuddered hard, "ooohhhh!"

I kept it up and licked and nibbled gently as she shuddered and humped. A minute and she was struggling and jerking, "mmmm!"

I stopped and moved up and pressed against her as I rubbed cheeks. She hugged me and shivered and I began to hump and thrust against her pussy. Her eyes went wide when my cock emerged and slid into and stretched her, "OH!"

She shifted and tilted her hips as she lifted her legs and spread them wide. I licked under her ear as I began to fuck her and she clutched me and spasmed, "aaaahhhh!"

A couple of minutes and she was thrashing and bucking as she wailed, "yyyeeeesssss!"

I continued to fuck her but began to use firm thrusts and rub and press. She struggled and twisted and kept jerking, "MATE!"

I fucked her hard and kept it up as her eyes rolled up and she began to convulse. I finally shoved into her and held her tight as I gushed sperm into her. She wiggled and spasmed and screamed when she felt the warm flood, "YES!"

She squirmed and shuddered as I pumped spurt after spurt until I was done. She sagged to the bed panting as I relaxed. I rubbed her cheek and whispered, "you are my mate."

She sighed and pet my back as her pussy rippled and kept milking my cock, "yes."

I pulled out as I moved back and glanced around, "thank you for witnessing."

They laughed as they headed back to their beds. I looked at Kinse and she growled as she went to her knees and looked back at me. I smiled as I moved behind her and felt her leaking pussy before I stroked her tail and pressed against her and humped. I woke several times during the night and caressed my mates as I listened.

I woke to the hint of dawn and shifted and started to rub the two girls until they were purring. I finally laughed and shook them, "keep it up and I will breed you again."

Kinse rolled onto her back as she stretched, "so?"

Tear stretched while rubbing against me and I sighed and shifted, "when we have our own warren. We have work to do now."

I moved Tear and stood and went to dress, "EVERYONE UP!"

First we drank and ate and then I set guards on both sets of stairs. I led everyone else up with sonic cutters and looked at the dawn. I relaxed and then looked around, "okay clear the pad and toss the debris over the sides without falling."

They chuckled as they spread out and started to work. I pulled the girls to the side and gestured to the rifles they wore, "you are on guard. Watch the skies for predators."

They nodded and I pulled my sonic cutter and moved to start working. It took less than an hour to finish and I examined each pad carefully before I gestured, "put up the landing beacon."

That would let the clan know the pads or landing area was ready. I turned and looked out at the jungle before I spun, "you have thirty minutes and then meet at the north stairs."

I gestured to Kinse and Tear, "come."

I led them down and to our bed and knelt by my bag. I pulled out my comp and accessed a look down sat over us. I switched to thermals and followed a line that was a river. Next I followed a stream that came close to the warrens and finally nodded, "okay."

Kinse stroked my tail and I shifted and growled and she grinned, "speak mate. We do not read minds."

I grinned, "we are going to need water. I do not know if the building systems are working or safe. First we cut a wide trail to the nearest stream and then we check the building cistern. After that we can begin checking the systems. The Kair warrens were mostly still working and able to supply both water and power."

I stood and rubbed their breasts through the blouses, "I would have water to wash your pussy and bathe in."

They laughed as I headed towards the stairs. Every person using a cutter had a warrior to guard them. It was short work to cut the trail to the stream and it looked more like a small river. We were returning when the first group of transports began to arrive. We got there in time to help unload before they left.

I grinned at all the sonic barrier post and the reactor, "set up the posts on every balcony and in the stairwells."

The four transports had brought enough to protect the top six floors and both stairwells. Once we finished I led the way to the ground floor and then in a door to the cistern. It was extremely dark even with the lights we brought and I could see the water in the cistern. I nodded and started to turn when I heard the growl.

I spun while bringing my pistol up, "we are not alone!"

The large Kratcal came straight out of water in a leap. I fired three times as my arm swept Kinse to the side and my tail caught Tear and pulled as I dove. I rolled to my feet and spun but the Kratcal was thrashing around as it died. I looked at the girls and gestured back to the stairs, "guard the stairs..."

The second Kratcal rose out of the water like the first and huge claws slashed out as it leaped. The claws tore into my left shoulder and tossed me to the right and several of the warriors began to fire. I rolled and almost slipped into the cistern before I caught myself. I rolled away from the edge when I felt a presence and aimed my weapon, "PULL BACK!"

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