My Son's Girlfriend

by DBwriter51

Copyright© 2015 by DBwriter51

Sex Story: To stay out of trouble my son's, sixteen-year-old, girlfriend offers to have sex with me, and then tries to back out.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Blackmail   InLaws   Oral Sex   Pregnancy   .

Joel Patterson was sitting at home alone watching television one Friday night. His wife, Julie, was gone to visit her mother for the weekend. Joel’s eighteen-year-old son, Jay, was out on a date with his sixteen-year-old girlfriend, Amy Holloway, when he got a call from his son. Jay had been arrested for DUI and would not be able to see the judge until Monday to set his bail. He asked his father if he would come get Amy, because they had impounded his car until he made bail, and the judge released it.

Driving up to the police station, Joel was extremely pissed at his son. He knew damn well not to drive after drinking, especially because of being under the legal drinking age. When Joel got to the station, Amy was sitting in the lobby waiting. His son’s young girlfriend was a cute little thing, standing 5’3’’, with perky little tits that looked quite large on her small body. She had a fine ass, which was very noticeable and shapely because of her small waist. She had a very cute face with beautiful blue eyes, and a sexy little smile. Her long wavy brown hair reached to the middle of her back.

While they were walking out to his car, Joel was thinking, what a beautiful young girl Amy was. That day she was wearing tight blue jeans and a lite yellow blouse. Joel was sure the reason Amy didn’t call her parents was because they would have been furious and probably grounded her for a year. If they’d had to pick her up at the police station, they’d never have let her go on a date with Jay again.

“Thank so much Mr. Patterson for coming to get me. I’m so sorry that we got in trouble,” Amy softly said.

“You’ll have to show me the way to your house,” Joel told the young teen, as he started to drive.

“I can’t go home,” Amy said, very nervously.

Joel looked at his son’s girlfriend, she had tears in her eyes as he asked, “What’s wrong?”

“I can’t go home because I lied to my parents. I’m supposed to be spending the weekend with one of my girlfriends and her family’s out at the lake,” Amy said, as tears trickled down her pretty face.

“Where do you want me to take you then?” Joel asked.

“Can I just stay at your house?” Amy softly asked.

“My wife’s out of town for the weekend and now that Jay’s in jail, I don’t think it’d be appropriate to have a sixteen-year-old girl at my house,” Joel said.

“If you let me stay, you can have me,” Amy said, in a soft sexy voice, totally shocking Joel.

“What are you trying to say?” Joel asked his son’s girlfriend as he looked over at the beautiful young teenager with tears starting to run down her cheeks.

“If you let me stay, you can have sex with me,” Amy said, as she lowered her head, not wanting to look at her boyfriend’s father.

“Are you a virgin?” Joel asked his son’s sixteen-year-old girlfriend.

Amy didn’t verbally answer the question, but nodded her head, “Yes.”

Sixteen-year-old Amy Holloway had lied to her parents so that she could spend the weekend with her boyfriend. Now that Amy had let Jay between her legs, he’d talked the reluctant beauty into lying to her parents so that he could spend the whole weekend fucking her sexy body, but that all changed when he’d gotten arrested for DUI.

Meanwhile, Joel was trying to wrap his mind around all that was happening. The thought of having sex with his son’s beautiful teenage girlfriend had Joel’s cock hard. He looked over at the swell of Amy’s breasts as she sat there in the passenger’s seat. Joel knew he was going to cross the forbidden line if he didn’t immediately take the very sexy teenager directly home.

“Please, Mr. Patterson, let me stay. I’ll be good to you,” Amy softly said, almost begging, as she was terrified of the repercussion’s if her parents found out that she had lied and had gotten picked up by the police.

Amy saw the bulge in Joel Patterson’s pants. She eased her small hand over and rubbed it. Joel almost creamed in his pants as his son’s young girlfriend made him even harder.

“Do you use your hot sexy mouth on my son’s cock?” Joel asked the teen.

“A few times, but only until he was ready, and then I used my hand to finish him off,” Amy answered, in a soft sweet voice.

As Joel continued to drive, he reached over with his right hand and placed it on the sixteen-year-old’s left leg. Amy flinched as he felt her soft inner thigh through her jeans. She was rubbing his cock and could feel that he had gotten extremely hard. It felt bigger than his son’s.

“Take it out,” Joel told the teen.

Joel moved his hand off Amy’s leg and she leaned over the console and, with her right hand, she unzipped his zipper. She then reached her small hand in his undershorts, wrapped her little fingers around Mr. Patterson’s cock, and pulled it out of his pants. The teen’s small hand was barely able to reach around it.

“It’s bigger than Jay’s,” Amy said, before she realized it.

Joel glanced over at the teen. He could tell that she was embarrassed and that she didn’t intend to say that out loud. Amy started slowly sliding her soft hand up-and-down Mr. Patterson’s hard cock.

“Use your mouth,” her boyfriend’s father said, as he ran his fingers through Amy’s soft hair.

Amy had to unfasten her seatbelt before she could lean over any further. The young teen then slid her lips over the head of Mr. Patterson’s cock, and started moving her head up-and-down. Her hot little mouth was driving him wild. The whole time, Joel had continued to drive, but knew that he had to find a place to stop and let the teen finish him off, before a cop came along and stopped them.

Joel was driving erratically now that his son’s sixteen-year-old girlfriend was giving him a blowjob while he was trying to concentrate on driving. Luckily, he found a dark side street and pulled over and stopped. Joel couldn’t believe he was actually sitting there with his son’s beautiful young girlfriend sucking his cock, just to stay out of trouble with her parents.

Mr. Patterson was running his fingers through Amy’s beautiful long brown hair as he started to ejaculate his cum into Amy’s mouth. It caught her by surprise and she tried to back her mouth off his cock, but Joel tightened his grip in her hair and held her head down. Amy was shaking her head “No,” best she could, with Mr. Patterson’s hard cock lodged in her mouth.

“I’m no teenage boy. You’ll finish me off with your mouth,” Joel told the teen.

Amy was frantically trying to pull back as he kept ejaculating more cum in her mouth. Choking, the young teen had no choice but to start swallowing. Some of Mr. Patterson’s semen was leaking out of the corners of her mouth, as she gulped down the rest, so she could breathe.

After Amy swallowed the last drop of his cum, Joel turned loose of her hair. She raised her mouth off his cock. Tears were rolling down her pretty face and Amy whimpered, “I didn’t want to swallow that stuff.”

“I’m no teenage boy that you can stop anytime you want to. When you start something with me, you’re going to finish it,” Joel told the young teen.

Starting to outright cry now, Amy said, “I made a terrible mistake. I’m sorry. Please just take me home,” the young teen whimpered.

“That’s not going to happen. You made the deal and you’re going through with it,” her boyfriend’s father said, sternly.

Amy sat up and put her seatbelt back on as Joel started to drive. Amy cried all the way to her boyfriend’s house, but she had quit begging. The sixteen-year-old had come to the realization that she had made a bad judgement and was now going to be forced to pay the price.

“Please Mr. Patterson! I’m so sorry. Can’t I just go home?” Amy begged one last time, as her boyfriend’s father pulled into his driveway.

“You are home, at least for the weekend,” Joel said, looking over at his son’s young girlfriend.

Joel parked the car in the garage and got out. Amy just kept sitting there until Mr. Patterson went around and opened her door. She looked up at him through tear filled eyes as she unfastened her seatbelt and grudgingly stepped out of the car and followed him into the house. By then, it was almost midnight. Joel closed and locked the door, and then put his arm around Amy’s small waist and guided her toward his bedroom.

The teen had stopped crying. She realized now that there was no turning back and it was going to be a long weekend. Crying and begging would serve no purpose. When Joel got Amy in the bedroom, he sat on the side of the bed and his son’s teenage girlfriend was standing in front of him with her head bowed. Amy’s beautiful long brown hair was covering half of her face.

“Take off your blouse” Joel told the teen.

“Can’t I just suck you off again?” the teen pleaded.

“I’m tired of you trying to back out of the deal that you made,” Joel said, as he slapped the beautiful young teen hard across the face. It was the first time that Amy had ever been slapped.

“I’m sorry! Please don’t hurt me! I’ll do what you want,” the sexy brunette whimpered in submission.

“Get your top off then. I wanna see them nude tits of yours. I’ve wanted to get my hands on them ever since you started going out with my son,” Joel told the young teen.

With trembling hands, Amy started unbuttoning her blouse. When she got it completely undone, she slipped it off her shoulders and let it drop to the floor. Tears were running down her pretty face as she reached behind her back and unhooked her bra. The cups went slack as Amy’s bra was hanging loose.

“Please! Don’t make me do this,” the teen sobbingly begged.

“What are your parents, my son, and all your friends at school going to say when they see the video of you sucking my hard cock in the car?” Joel asked Amy.

“What video?” the young teen asked, hoping that Mr. Patterson was just trying to scare her, but was terrified that he actually had taken a video of her without her realizing it while she was sucking his cock.

“The one I made with my cell phone,” Joel said, as he picked it up, hit the play button, and held it up so that his son’s girlfriend could see it.

Amy stared at the video. The sexy teen could plainly see herself leaning over and her mouth sucking his cock, as her head went up and down. Bowing her head in defeat, she slipped her bra straps off her shoulders and let her bra drop to the floor with her blouse.

Standing there in her tight jeans, nude from the waist up, her magnificent breasts were on full display. They looked fantastic, with dark areola and large nipples for such a small girl. They stood out nicely; and with her flat tummy, along with her small waist, it made them stick out even more.

“I bet my son’s been having fun playing with these,” Joel said, as he reached out with both hands and got ahold of the teen’s firm breasts.

Amy wanted desperately to scream for him to stop and leave her alone, but now that he had a video of her sucking him off, she knew he could make her do anything he wanted.

Tears were running down her cheeks as her boyfriend’s father bent over and started sucking on her nipples, first one then the other. Amy just stood there and let Joel have his way with her fantastic breasts. Her nipples were getting hard from his sucking. He removed his mouth and pinched her nipples. The teen let out a loud groaning moan as her hard nipples stood out.

Joel then reached up and ran his hands in her long soft brown hair. He pulled her head back and kissed the young teen on the lips. When she refused to open her mouth, and let his tongue in, he moved his lips to her ear.

“I suggest that you be a little more cooperative, or am I going to have to convince you,” he whispered, as he tightened his grip on her hair and pulled hard, forcing her head back even further.

This time when Joel put his mouth on hers, Amy opened her mouth and let his tongue slip between her lips and explore her sexy young mouth. Joel knew the sixteen-year-old was not doing it of her own free will as she was kissing him back now. He was sure the sexy little bitch had had a lot of practice kissing boys. Joel had seen Amy and his son lip locked a couple of times when they didn’t know he was there.

Many times, Mr. Patterson had gotten a hard-on looking at his son’s beautiful young girlfriend. He knew he was doing his son wrong taking advantage of Amy, but after all, it was his fault that Jay had gotten caught driving under the influence. It was Amy’s fault to. She let him drive knowing that he’d been drinking.

Amy had her driver license and could have driven Jay home. She hadn’t been drinking so the police didn’t call her parents when she told them that someone was coming to get her. Now she was going to pay the price with her young sexy body for her lack of judgement, compounded by her lying to her parents, and getting into a situation that she couldn’t control.

“Now that we have an understanding, get those jeans off,” Joel told the teen, as he started taking off his clothes.

Grudgingly, Amy unfastened her jeans. She bent down and untied her tennis shoes, and slipped them off. The teen then worked her tight jeans off her shapely ass, and slid them down her legs to where she could step out of them. The sixteen-year-old teen was wearing a pair of bikini panties that barely covered her pussy. Dark brown hair was sticking out around the edges of her panties.

Her boyfriend’s father let her stand there for a minute, enjoying the last bit of modesty she’d have for a while. Amy just stood there, not looking at Mr. Patterson, as he looked over the teen’s almost nude body.

“Get rid of the socks, and then take off your panties,” Joel said, demandingly.

The young teen bent over and took one sock off and then the other one. After that, she stood back up and reached for the waistband of her panties. Very reluctantly, Amy started slowly easing them down her sexy legs. After stepping out of them she was completely nude. Joel could see the pretty patch of dark brown hair on her pussy mound. He definitely knew why his son was dating this hot little bitch, her sexy little nude body was absolutely perfect.

Joel picked up Amy and laid her on the bed, on her back. Her arms were at her sides. He could see tears coming out of the corners of her eyes as she just laid there. Her boyfriend’s father took out his cell phone and started taking photos of her nude body.

“Oh! Please don’t,” Amy begged, as she turned her face away from the camera.

“Spread your legs,” Joel told Amy, in a demanding tone.

Slowly the young teen moves her knees up and opened her legs. She has an incredible patch of soft brown hair on her pussy mound for a girl only sixteen and Joel wanted a photo of it and her exposed little slit. With her legs spread, he could see the opening of her tight little cunt. He knew these photos would help her keep her mouth shut about the weekend.

Taking the rest of his clothes off as fast as he could, Joel climbed on the bed with Amy. She had her arms covering her eyes. Joel spread her legs wider and lowered his mouth to her pussy, as he ran his tongue along her slit, her legs started to quiver.

“Please Mr. Patterson. Don’t do that,” Amy pleaded, but to no avail.

As Joel licked and sucked on Amy’s clitoris, it got hard, and the sixteen-year-old started moaning and wiggling her ass. Her pussy was getting wet, as her moans grew louder.

Amy had her hands on his head, trying to shove Joel’s mouth away from her pussy. He knew he was getting to her. The little bitch was wiggling her ass and humping his tongue. She didn’t want to get pleasure from what Mr. Patterson was doing, but her body was about to betray her big time. She couldn’t stay still; her head was rolling from side to side as she continued to moan louder and louder. Amy wrapped her legs around Joel’s head and screamed, as she was having a major orgasm.

While Amy was enthralled in orgasmic bliss and was completely vulnerable, Joel crawled on top of the young teen’s body. He lined his hard cock up with her little hole and shoved into her hard. The young teen let out a loud moan as his cock slid completely into her wet cunt. Amy’s pussy was definitely tight, but was well lubricated from Joel using his mouth and tongue on her hot pussy. Her boyfriend’s father started fucking her with long hard strokes.

Joel was thinking, “The little bitch lied to me. She was no damn virgin. My son or some other hard cock has been fucking her tight pussy.”

“Please Mr. Patterson! Take it out and don’t go inside of me. I could get pregnant. Jay always used a condom,” the teen begged.

“You should have thought of that before you offered to have sex with me,” her boyfriend’s father said, as he continued pounding his hard cock into her tight little hole.

“My son has been nailing this sexy little bitch’s tight cunt,” Joel was thinking, as he got to the point where he couldn’t hold back any longer.

Mr. Patterson started pumping a huge load of hot cum deep in Amy’s pussy. It was the first time that unrestricted male semen had been released into her young pussy without a condom to contain it. Amy let out a loud moan as her body reacted with an uncontrollable orgasm. The sixteen-year-old unconsciously wrapped her legs around Mr. Patterson’s back as his cum filled her pussy.

Her boyfriend’s father left his cock in her until it started to soften, before he pulled out and lay beside her. Looking over at her, Joel could see she was still panting, coming down from her second orgasm.

“You lied to me, you were no virgin,” Joel said in a disgusting voice.

“I’m sorry I lied. I was scared and thought maybe if you thought I was still a virgin, you wouldn’t fuck me. I’ve only done it a few times” Amy replied.

Two more times that night, Joel fucked the sixteen-year-old before he rolled over and went to sleep. It was almost noon when he woke up. Amy was still asleep. He decided to let her sleep while he went and took a shower. After drying off, Joel put on a pair of sweat pants. By then Amy was waking up. He told her to get up and go take a shower, and he’d fix something to eat. She got out of bed and Joel watched his son’s girlfriend’s fantastic nude little ass as she walked to the bathroom.

Joel told her everything she needed was in the bathroom: soap, shampoo and conditioner. The blow dryer should be lying on the dressing counter. He said when she was done for her to look in the closet and get one of his shirts and put it on. Joel had just finished fixing them lunch when Amy walked in the kitchen. She was wearing one of his old dress shirts, and nothing else. He could see her hard nipples pushing against the shirt.

She had even washed and blow-dried her hair. Joel could see, even in this situation, she was concerned about the impression she made. She wanted to show him that she wasn’t a slut, and that she had gotten in way over her head. Joel felt rather sorry for her, but not nearly sorry enough to stop fucking her young teenage body. They talked while they ate lunch. Amy told him she’d like to keep dating his son Jay, if it was all right with him.

“I don’t have a problem with you dating my son. However, you have got to go to the school nurse Monday and get a prescription for birth control. In addition, you had better get the morning after pill and take it. With all the fucking we’ve done this weekend, you could already be knocked up,” Joel told the teen.

“I can’t get pregnant! I’m only sixteen! My parents would kill me if they knew I was having sex!” Amy whimpered.

“Will you use a condom next time? I have some in my little handbag,” Amy asked, pleadingly.

“I’m not using any damn condom. You’re going to get every drop of my cum in your hot pussy, sexy mouth, and tight ass,” Joel said, as the teen gave him a terrified look when he mentioned fucking her in the ass.

“O God! NO! Not back there too. Please, you can’t do me there. I’ve never done it that way,” she said, with a terribly frightened look on her face.

“If you continue to fuck and suck me without any problems, I might just decide to leave your tight little ass alone, but you’ll have to treat me as if I was your boyfriend. That means willingly giving yourself to me. I expect you to kiss and make out like a horny little slut,” Joel told his son’s girlfriend.

Amy reluctantly went over to her boyfriend’s father and put her arms around his neck and kissed him on the lips.

“I’ll be good and do anything you want, just don’t fuck me in the ass,” the young teen pleaded.

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