A Little Adventure in Liverpool

by dirty oedipus

Copyright© 2015 by dirty oedipus

Brother/Sister Incest Story: My sister and I have a little adventure, we still have to wait to see the end of it.

Caution: This Brother/Sister Incest Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Incest   Brother   Sister   Oral Sex   .

Me and my twin sister had nothing when we were kids, our clothes were all from jumble sales and baths were only taken when our parents thought the social services were coming to take us away, well they wanted what little bit of money we bought in didn't they?

We shared a bed upstairs in the attic and in winter we had to sleep in our clothes under a couple of old flea infested army greatcoats. Christmas for us meant watching other kids out playing with their presents, we never got any of our own, none of the other kids would go near us, their parents wouldn't let them in case they caught fleas off us!

We had fun sometimes though, we built our own den in amongst a few trees in the local woods and if I'd managed to catch a rabbit in my snares, we'd build a fire and cook it while pretending we were out in the wild west scouting for the 7th cavalry.

Sometimes in summer we'd even sleep there, mum and dad didn't know, they were always to drunk to know, or care!

Things changed for us when we were both fourteen and we'd just settled down for a nights sleep when we heard a car engine roaring at high speed, behind it, a good way behind, we heard the ringing of the bell on a police car, there was the sound of skidding, a crash then silence, we hardly dared move as the police bell got louder and louder, then it began to fade and I risked a look out of the den.

A car was on it's side with the front end embedded in a big old oak tree just about five feet away from where we were, two blokes heads were sticking out through the smashed windscreen one on top of the other, there was an awful lot of blood around both of them and I thought I was going to bring my rabbit up again,

"They look dead Pete" Polly whispered, although why she whispered, I don't know,

"That's 'cos they're dead" I answered and we crept closer to have a proper look,

"Yeah they're dead all right" I confirmed and I noticed a bag lying on the door beside the driver, it was like one of them bags that doctors used to have in the old films and I asked Polly if she could reach it.

"It's too far away" she said, "Come on it's getting dark, I want to go home"

"Fuck going home" I said, "We'll only get a kicking for being out late, crawl in and pass the bag out Polly"

"You crawl in"

"I'm too big, I'll never get through the window"

"You'll look at my knickers" she said shyly and I laughed,

"Course I won't" I promised, But I did anyway as she scrambled carefully through the broken glass,

"Here you are" she said and passed it through the broken window, it had a twist clasp on it and it opened at my first attempt.

"Bloody hell Polly look"

She dropped down beside me and her eyes widened as she saw the money, stacks and stacks of white five pound notes,

"It must be countrf, er, counter whatsit, you know, not real"

"Well it looks bloody real"

We heard the air raid sirens starting to wail then, which meant the Luftwaffe was about to pay us it's nightly visit.

"We can't go home now Pete" Polly cried, "They might bomb us"

"There's that old shack in the next field" I said, "We've got to get out of here before the police start back tracking"

She took my hand and we legged it out of the woods and across the fields to the ramshackle old place we'd found a year or so ago,

"Hey look Pol" I said as I looked across to where a big old farm house stood on the edge of the field, "It looks like old man Hanson and his brood are going somewhere"

We went to the same school as his daughters, two lovely looking girls who weren't allowed even to speak to us,

"Yeah I heard them bragging this morning, their mum and dad's taking them to Canada, to stay with their Aunt until the war's over"

The man kept darting out of the house with a couple of suitcases and glancing nervously up at the sky where the search lights lanced through the darkening gloom, the raid only lasted about ten minutes or so and then I saw him usher his wife and daughters out into the car, it was laden with cases and trunks, some in the boot, some on the roof and they even had to sit with some on their knees.

"Are their mum and dad going with them?" I asked her and she nodded,

"Yeah they're all going, he reckons the Germans will invade us any day now"

The car drove off and we watched until it got onto the main road leading into Liverpool,

"That means the house'll be empty"

"Yeah, suppose so" then she grinned, "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

"I'm thinking about a nice warm house, a meal, a lovely hot bath with real soap and a lovely big bed"

"What if we get caught?"

"No fucking chance of that Pol" I laughed, "The bizzies (Liverpool slang for police) will be too busy with the bombing, all we need to do is keep the curtains closed"

It took us half an hour to walk across the fields to the big house, everywhere was locked and securely bolted, but a stone through a back window soon gave us access and we were in!

It was dark by then, but I used a few matches to check all the curtains were drawn before switching on the electric light,

Polly jumped when the light flooded the room and I laughed,

"They've got electricity" I said knowingly,

"I bet there's no food though"

"Probably not" I agreed, but we were both wrong, there was half a loaf of bread in a cupboard and some jam on a shelf, Luxury!

There were some ashes smouldering in the fire grate which I managed to coax back to life with some kindling and whole bucket full of coal, I soon had a roaring fire going and we sat like a lord and lady of the manor stuffing ourselves with bread and jam until it was all gone.

"We should count that money Pete" Polly said as she picked up the bag and tipped it out on the floor,

"Fucking hell there must be a million quid there"

"How do you count to a million?" she asked,

"Dunno, I suppose you just start with one and, well just keep going"


"Polly, come here"

"I'm counting"

"Stuff that, come here"

"Where are you?" I heard her footsteps,

"Here look"

There were books, hundreds of them and a huge oak writing desk, but on another wall were shelves full of bottles, there was gin, brandy, whisky and even some poncy French stuff called champagne,

"Want a brandy?"

"Yeah go on then" she giggled,

I poured two drinks out in pint mugs and pretended that I liked it and then walked upstairs switching lights on as I went,

"Oh Peter" she called me, "Look, look at this"

It was a bathroom, a huge room tiled from floor to ceiling, with full length mirrors, and dozens of big fluffy towels hanging on rails, I touched a rail and withdrew my hand quickly, it was hot!

"Hey Polly, I bet the water's hot"

She bent over and turned a tap on, then she yelped and sprang back,

"It's boiling"

"We can have a bath"

"Ooh yeah" she sighed, "A proper bath"

She put the plug in and turned on the tap and we went on to explore further, "This must be where the girls slept" she said, "Look at their pretty night dresses"

A door opened into another bedroom and all we could do was stare, Two huge double beds stood side by side, big bolsters on each one, a cupboard beside each bed contained an enormous amount of clothing, shoes, socks, underwear, you name it, it was there!

"Why have they got a bed each?" she asked, but I couldn't answer, because I didn't know.

"This must be their brother's room" she said from yet another bedroom, "He's in the army."

There were cupboards full of suits and uniforms, shoes and boots as well as rows and rows of civilian stuff,

"Right" I said, "Let's have a bath, sort some clothes out for tomorrow and then we'll see what we're going to do"

"OK" she said then yelped, "The bath"

The water was about an inch from the top by the time I'd fought my way through the steam, I turned the cold tap on, held my arm under it and then plunged it in the water to pull the plug out.

"Be careful Pete" she said, "You'll burn yourself"

"I'm fine" I lied and tried not to yell out, I let about three quarters of the water empty before I repeated the trick with the plug and then I turned the cold tap on,

"Don't get in it until you think it's right" I said and turned just in time to see her stepping out of her knickers, she was naked and I realised then that given different parents and a different upbringing she would have been a very pretty young lady!

"You're looking at me" she smiled shyly and I grinned,

"You're worth looking at"

"Get your gear off and get in with me"

I did, I dropped everything onto the floor on top of hers and vowed that neither of us would ever, ever wear rags like those again!

We stayed in the bath for ages washing each other over and over again until even our hair was glistening, my cock was getting hard looking at her boobs, but she just laughed,

"It looks nice like that Pete, can I touch it?"

"If you want" I said, but inside I was aching for her to touch me, "As long as I can touch yours too"

"All right"

I got onto my knees and she reached out with one hand and touched me lightly, it jerked and she squealed, "It moved"

"That's 'cos it likes being touched"

She touched it again and this time her eyes grew wide with wonder,

"It's hard Pete"

"Can I touch you now?"

"If you want"

There were only a very light covering of hair around her pussy and she smiled as I stroked it gently,

"That feels nice"

It did, it felt nice to me as well, I stroked a bit harder and eased a finger into her little slit,

"Ooh yes Pete, no wonder mum and dad are always doing it"

"Yeah but they do it proper like, he puts his thing into her"

"I've seen them do it you know" I told her, "She puts it in her mouth and sucks it and then he licks her thingy"

"I know that, I've watched them too, I've seen them do it at the same time"

"Do you think we could do that?"

I moved my finger and she moaned again,

"Yeah, why not? But we need to get dry first"

The towels were big and fluffy, beautiful soft things and we were soon dry, the bath robes were made of the same material as the towels, we'd never had such beautiful things as these people took for granted,

I was still rock hard as we went back downstairs to the lovely warm living room and sat in front of the fire in a deep pile rug, God even their carpets were soft!

"Go on then" Polly urged me, "You start"

I thought about it for a moment before laying down fully stretched out on my back,

"What you doing"

"I'm starting aren't I?, if I lie down like this, you can get on top of me and we can suck each other"

"Oh all right then" and she crawled above my face, with her lovely little slit only inches above me, it even smelled nice since her bath,

"Should we take our robes off?"

"Of course" I scoffed, "You have to be naked, otherwise it doesn't work"


"Right" I said confidently, "Go on then" she leaned forward and I suddenly felt the most incredible feeling of my young life as he lips closed over my swollen cock,

"Ooh Polly" I moaned, "Oh yes that's great"

She wiggled her sexy little ass above me to let me know I had to do something too and then it was her turn to moan as I gently licked around her lovely little slit, it tasted quite nice so I licked it again, she moaned again round my cock and pressed herself down on my mouth as I pushed my tongue into her crack, it was wet, wet and fragrant, but even the juices I was licking up were pleasant.

I felt her hands on my balls kneading them gently and I couldn't stop myself from pushing my cock up into her mouth,

"Ooh Peter" she sighed, "I feel all funny"

I reached up and circled her tiny backside with my arms and held her prisoner while I licked and sucked at her juices, but she pushed me away and sat up,

"I want it in me now, you know like they do"

"All right then" I said, "But they kiss each other as well"

"Well, you can do that can't you?"

"Suppose so" I grumbled and drew her down onto the soft rug,

Kissing her wasn't at all unpleasant, in fact it was nice, her mouth tasted a bit like peppermint, similar to the toothpaste we'd used upstairs with our fingers, so I did it some more and felt her responding to me, her arms snaked around my neck and I felt her mouth opening under mine, the sexy little madam even flicked her tongue between my lips!

Our naked bodies were pressed tightly together, but I wasn't sure what to do next, suddenly though it felt like somebody was gripping my cock in a soft velvet glove and Polly moaned,

"Ooh Peter, ooh yes"

My cock had done it all by itself!

My hips began moving of their own accord and Polly moved too in perfect rhythm with me, no wonder people did this all the time, it was incredible,

"You're doing it Peter" she whispered softly, "You're fucking me"

"It's nice isn't it?" I said lamely and she giggled,

"It's not just nice Peter, it's beautiful" she moaned, "Absolutely wonderful"

I had to admit that it was giving me a nice warm glow, especially when she wrapped her legs around my back and heaved herself back at me, her mouth tasted nice too and I liked how her little boobies felt against my naked chest as we writhed together,

Suddenly her breathing changed, she began panting hard and her hands dug into my skin,

"Peter" she gasped and her body shook, I was in a panic, what had I done? Then a strange feeling hit me, it was almost like an explosion and my cock erupted, I couldn't stop it, I was completely helpless and it was then that I watched my sister's face change, she looked somehow even more beautiful, a smile came over her and she looked at me as she drew me down,

"Perfect" she whispered, "My perfect lover"

We started counting the money again after our little session and got as far as ten thousand before we gave up, so we put it all back and went up to get in one of the huge double beds,

"I should put a night dress on" Polly said, but I shook my head,

"No I'd rather have you naked"

We made love again but this time with her on top, it was every bit as good as the first time and we both enjoyed that strange feeling again before falling asleep in each others arms.

"What we gonna do about all this money Peter?" she asked me in the morning,

"Let's go and see Solly the Greek, he'll know"

Solly was an old man who ran a second hand clothes shop down near the docks, we'd taken him bits and pieces that we'd stolen before and he'd always given us a good price for them.

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