Cat in the Dark

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2015 by Ka Hmnd

Science Fiction Sex Story: Being Kaire helped me as a hunter and I was very good at it. When the Dark attacked I led those I was suppose to protect to safety. After that I joined constable and together with my mates we retrieve weapons for more to join the fight. Our hunt grows as we slip into a building the dark have taken and begin to hunt and kill. Edited by Bird Dog

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   First   Oral Sex   .

Kelly was a human colony world but had many opportunities for other races. My name is Cole Mel Sar Dos, I am mid-grey and I just turned sixteen. I had accepted a protection job from the human empire and a large group of Noss. I was a hunter and very good at it, especially at night.

With my new step into adulthood a Kaire girl arrived to see me after calling for a time. I was checking my equipment when Kensa Alt Den Nas stepped out onto the roof landing pad. She was light green with silver spots and very attractive. She set the pack she was carrying down before walking to me.

Her silver-tipped tail swayed back and forth. Her eyes looked me over from head to tail and she smiled. When she stopped, she glanced at the dozen Noss before looking into my eyes, "Cole Mel Sar Dos I see you."

I had a choice, I could greet her or, "Kensa Alt Den Nas I see you."

She took a step and put her hand on my chest with her claws out, "I claim you."

I grinned and moved closer, "In your message you said you wanted to go into the forest with us."

She looked up into my face, "I like being in the forest."

I bent and caressed her cheek with mine, "We..."

I spun at the alarm siren and looked at the Noss before I ran towards the roof intercom. I listened after calling the warren emergency dispatch and finally turned. I ran towards my gear, "Get everything into the vehicle!"

We were tossing and throwing everything in. I was hoping we had time but we did not have warships in the system and it ran out. Fighters and transports streaked down out of the atmosphere and began firing. I yanked Kensa and the Noss out of the transport as my mind spun. I pushed them towards the ramp down, "Follow and stay close!"

The whole warren was running out as I led them after me. I heard the transport explode before we even reached the top floor but we kept going. Once we reached the ground floor, I pulled them out of the crowd headed for the main doors. I headed toward one of the side doors and peeked out as I lifted my rifle.

Several dozen transports were on the ground and soldiers were pouring out. I knelt and began to aim and fire. My rifle was for the forest and set to fire sub-sonic rounds. I kept shifting and firing and the soldiers died. When I changed the magazine they finally saw me and started to react.

I shifted and changed aim to fire into one of the transport engines and it exploded and flipped over. Soldiers were sent flying and scattered as I shifted to aim the other way. Officers were yelling and one pointed a pistol towards me and I shot him in the head. I changed aim and fired into another transport engine several times.

When it finally exploded I started to turn when a girl stood up beside the dead officer. She held his weapon and began shooting those around her. I glanced back and finally stood, "Follow!"

I strode out and towards the girl as I lifted my rifle and shot three soldiers aiming at her. When I reached her I slowed only to grab the pistol and push her back to Kensa following me, "Take her!"

I tucked the pistol into my belt as I kept moving and went past the burning transport. I crossed the street and went around the corner and stopped at the entrance to the tram station. I turned and gestured, "Go down to the platform and wait."

The Noss were terrified but followed Kensa and the girl down the ramp while I searched for any soldiers. I spun to follow them, trotted ahead and finally looked at the huge crowd on the platform. I growled as I began to push through, "There is not going to be a tram! If you want to live, follow us!"

When I reached the track I hit the emergency ladder to extend it out of the wall and turned to climb down. I stepped off and looked up at the girl and Kensa before I turned and started following the track above me. I was thinking of the tram line and the stops it made. The whole crowd from the station platform was following us.

At the next station platform I looked at an abandoned tram. I grinned as I went up and onto the platform and then into the tram. I went to the other end to step into the control room. I examined the controls, turned and moved out onto the platform. Everyone was looking around and whispering.

I shook my head and raised my voice, "Get in the tram quickly."

I waited as they split up and moved to the different doors. Once everyone was in I returned to the control room. I closed all the doors and switched the engines to answer to this control room and started the tram moving. I did not go as fast as it could because I expected more trams on the line.

I kept track of where we were by using the control room map monitor. We were almost to the end of the line when I slowed and then stopped. On the track in front of us was another tram that had been abandoned. I stepped out and raised my voice, "We are leaving the tram! Everyone move forward and use the emergency ladder!"

Thirty minutes later, I was watching the last of the people following me climb onto the platform. I pushed through and headed up the ramp and looked out and around before I gestured to those following. I led them towards the outer edge of the city and hopefully the forest. A dozen armed constables suddenly came out of the buildings on each side.

I relaxed and nodded to them and one came closer and looked everyone over before she gestured, "Follow and we will get you out of the city."

I moved to the side as the crowd quickly moved forward to follow one of the constables and Kensa pulled the girl towards me. The constable looked at me and I growled, "Do you fight?"

She grinned, "You are damn right we are going to fight."

I nodded, "We will join you."

She looked at Kensa and the girl. Her eyes widened, "You have a Dark female!"

I looked at the girl, "I was fighting to get free. She took the weapon from one of the dead and started killing the soldiers around her. She is ... is my mate."

I looked at Kensa and she nodded and smiled and I looked at the constable who snorted before she grinned, "We are on the way to one of the outer constable stations. The armory will have weapons, ammo and body armor."

I nodded and she gestured as the other constables started to move. I pulled the girl up beside me and glanced around, "Your name?"

She looked down while we walked, "Trina master."

I growled and caught her chin, "I am Cole Mel Sar Dos and I see you."

Kensa moved up and whispered in her ear and the girl hesitated, "I am ... Trina Starburst and I see you."

I smiled, "I claim you as our mate."

Kensa caught her hand and they slowed while she whispered. It was not long before the constables moved into a short but large building. I held my rifle ready as we moved through the halls. Several more constables appeared from a room and the female in charge went to speak with them.

She gestured and all of the others followed. In a large room were racks of weapons and shelves of body armor. I moved to get two pistols and two short rifles. I went to the shelves with the others to find holsters and equipment belts to fit Kensa and the girl Trina. Next I fitted them with upper body armor and accepted magazines for their weapon.

We loaded the magazines and the weapons then I talked them both through how to use the weapons. I found ammo for my rifle and sidhe pistol and then we were loading packs and heavy bags to carry ammo, weapons and equipment away. I went ahead to one of the constables looking out a door. I saw the enemy soldiers landing in one of their transports just outside.

The constable hissed and spun but I knelt and pushed the door open. As the soldiers began coming out I aimed and began to fire into the engine. Three rounds and the engine exploded and the transport was flipped over as fire engulfed everyone and everything. I stood and moved out and shot the only two soldiers that had survived.

I glanced back as the others came out and the sergeant grinned and nodded. While we headed out of the city I explained about where to aim and hit the engine to make it explode. It was passed back until everyone knew. In an orchard we stopped and it was a few minutes before a lot of men and women arrived; some were constables.

Equipment, weapons and ammo were handed out and they split off as we turned to head back into the city. This time our group was smaller and we used what cover we could find. We stopped a couple of times for water but kept heading deeper into the city. As it grew later in the day the constable sergeant leading us went into one of the first sky buildings.

We went up several floors before sending everyone out to find a place to rest. The home we broke into had food in the kitchen and I began to fix dinner. Kensa pulled Trina away before returning to help. I made sure Trina ate and drank before we cleaned up. They pulled me through the home and into a sleeping room.

I pulled them away from the bed and Kensa looked at me. I smiled as I began to undress Trina and then her before I removed my own clothes. Next I pulled them into the fresher and then the shower. The water felt good and I pulled Trina between us to wash her first, which made Kensa smile.

After we finished it was Kensa's turn and then mine. When we got out, I dried Trina first and then Kensa and they waited until I was dry before pulling me out of the fresher. When we reached the bed I helped a hesitant Trina on first and then laid Kensa back. I moved over her and smiled as I rubbed her cheek with mine.

I moved down her body and paused to lick both of her nipples. She shivered and laughed as she pushed me down. I moved down to her pussy and licked through it and she shuddered as she tilted her hips and lifted them, "Mmmm!"

I continued to lick her and began to suck on her clit and nibble. She jerked and spasmed as she thrust up, "Aaaahhhh!"

She started to hump and struggle as I kept licking her and sucking on her clit. When she wailed I moved up and covered her mouth to quiet her. I pressed against her and began to hump and jab and my cock emerged and pushed into her. She hugged me tight as I slowly buried my cock, "Ooohhhh!"

I began to lick under her ear and fuck her as she wrapped her legs around me, "Quietly my mate."

She clutched me and jerked while her warm pussy constantly gripped my cock. I kept it slow but used deep grinding thrusts. Her tight pussy continued to grasp and milk my cock as she jerked and wiggled and lifted her hips. She was moaning and shaking and after awhile she spasmed and thrashed and started to buck, "Yyyeeeesssss!"

I fucked her hard and deep and she squirmed and hugged me tight. I shoved into her finally and held her as my cock gushed a huge stream of sperm. She twisted and struggled while her pussy constantly squeezed, "Mmmm!"

When I was done I relaxed and licked under her jaw. She sighed and sagged to the bed, "Trina's turn."

I glanced to the side and slowly pulled out, "If she allows me to lick her and love her?"

Trina looked from Kensa to me and smiled as she laid back and opened her legs. I moved over her and rubbed my cheek against hers before moving down. I licked and then sucked on each of her pretty nipples before I continued down her body. She shivered and when I licked through her pussy she gasped and lifted her hips.

I kept licking her and then gently nibbled and finally I covered her clit and sucked. She was humping and moaning in moments and after awhile Kensa rolled and pressed against her. She kept rubbing her cheek and I could hear her purring as Trina shook. When she thrust up hard and spasmed and tried to close her legs I moved up and over her.

I settled and licked under her ear and nibbled on her neck as she put her arms around me. I began to hump and press and my cock emerged and sank into her. She groaned as I buried my cock and kept rubbing and licking under her jaw. Finally I pulled back and started to fuck her with long, deep thrusts.

She hugged me tight as her pussy grasped my cock, "Mmmm!"

I continued to fuck her and started to rub and press. It was several minutes before she looked surprised and then clutched me as she went wild. She thrashed and bucked while her pussy constantly grasped and squeezed, "Aaaahhhh!"

She struggled and spasmed and kept clinging to me as I fucked her. Finally I shoved into her and held her and pumped a stream of sperm. She twisted and wiggled and jerked, "YES!"

When I stopped she was panting and shuddering while her pussy kept grasping and squeezing. I nuzzled into her neck, "Thank you my mate."

She hugged me and sighed as I pulled out. Kensa pulled on me and I turned and moved over her. I woke to a knock on the door and shifted as I looked at Trina half on me and Kensa snuggled against her. I moved out of bed and picked up my pistol. When I looked out a female constable gestured.

I nodded and went to wake the girls and pull them into the fresher. After we dressed I grabbed food from the kitchen and led them out. We found the constables gathering by the stairs and finally we went down. I moved forward and checked outside before gesturing. Three blocks later we saw a large patrol and spread out and hid.

I put Kensa and Trina behind me on the floor as I peered out a broken window. I checked my rifle and shifted as I planned my shots, starting with the soldier using the drone controller. While glancing at the soldiers I waited and finally the constable sergeant fired. I squeezed the trigger and shifted and fired and shifted and fired and...

I killed six in three seconds while all the other constables were also shooting. I shot two that tried to run and a last as he peeked over the body of another. I gestured to the girls as I stood and climbed through the shattered window. I moved to the dead and began stripping them of weapons and equipment.

Sergeant Constable McBride hissed and I glanced at her, "Take the weapons and equipment in case we need them later."

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