How to Care for a Golden Retriever

by Joe Savage

Copyright© 2015 by Joe Savage

Sex Story: Tara, a 16 year old girl takes care of a neighbors dog and well... she does a REALLY good job.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   First   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Bestiality   Slow   .

Tara lived with her mom in New York City. Well you could barely call it living with her mom, since her mom worked 14 hours a day most days. When she was home, she was dead tired and sleeping either on the couch or in her bedroom. Tara was a 16 year old high school sophomore. Since she was 11 years old, she was pretty much on her own when it came to cooking and cleaning. Her mom left early in the morning and come home after dinner time, so Tara would prepare breakfast for herself, prepare her school lunches, and cook dinner when she got home.

Tara felt a little sorry for her mom since she had to work so much to keep the food on the table, cooking and cleaning the house was the least she could do. Jane wouldn't have to work so much if Tara's dad wasn't a complete asshole. Tara never got to meet her dad, he took off when she was just a few months old, making Jane take Tara to a babysitter as she went back to work earlier than she planned.

The good thing was Tara's babysitter was just across the hall of their apartment building. See the building Tara and Jane lived in was a very old building with cracked walls in the hallways and some graffiti on the less visited floors. The building was always dirty, since the building owner didn't think it was worth the money to hire a staff to clean the stairwells. The outside of the building wasn't much better either; you could find bums lying around all the time in the parking lot sleeping against the walls. That wasn't the worst part; Tara had seen drug deals happening countless times when she came home from school. After a while though, she got used to it.

To say the least, it wasn't a very nice neighborhood. Tara and Jane's apartment was a small one bedroom apartment with a kitchen/living room and a bathroom. The apartment was set up so that as soon as you walk in, there is a big open space which is the living room. To the right in the middle of the living room, there was an opening which was the kitchen. It consisted of a few cupboards, a refrigerator, a stove and a sink. Not the best looking kitchen. Down past the living room was a very short hallway which lead to the bathroom and single bedroom. The computer desk was in front of a window which over looked the street below. Tara spent a lot of her time there.

Even with working 14 hours a day, Jane was barely able to pay the bills. Working as a waitress in a crappy old diner didn't exactly pay much. Tara's dad was a complete failure at life, a bum just like the ones outside. All he missed was sleeping outside with them. He was always between jobs and whatever little money he was able to earn, he spent it on liquor and cigarettes. Tara never understood why her mom stayed with him for all those years. Well now they had been apart 16 years and Tara was sure Jane didn't miss his lazy ass. Tara didn't either.

The night he left, Jane broke down in tears, begging him to stay. She wasn't begging out of love, no she knew that if he left, she would have to find a full time babysitter for newborn Tara while she went to work. That would just be another bill to pay. When Tara was born, he actually had a job and for once Jane felt like they were secure. Tara's dad worked as an auto mechanic which payed a lot more than Jane's job and they would be able to get by on his salary, leaving Jane free to stay home and raise Tara. But out of nowhere one night, he told Jane he was leaving. Tara was asleep and he didn't even bother to give her a goodbye kiss. He just looked at her in her crib, brushed her hair for a second and stormed out. Jane never knew why he left; she thought he just got scared of being a dad and living this shitty life in the world's shittiest apartment.

Jane didn't sleep that night. She cried for a long time, almost wishing death would come and swoop her up. Maybe Tara would get taken to a nice family somewhere in a suburban neighborhood and have a happy life. She knew though, that there was no chance of that happening. She knew she couldn't leave her daughter alone in this world.

After Jane composed herself, wiping away her tears, she got out the yellow pages and started flipping through them, looking for a babysitter. With no income now, she had a few days before she would have to go back to work. Jane must've called a hundred different babysitters that morning, but none wanted the responsibility of taking care of a one month old newborn baby. The few that agreed asked for more money than the rent.

Jane was ready to give up. She started to once again contemplate the idea of dropping off Tara to child services. There was no one she could call. No family lived near New York, she had no friends that would do it, and Jane was losing hope. It was the middle of December, and with such a small apartment, Jane couldn't open the living room window to smoke without the cold reaching Tara in the bedroom. Jane didn't know it at the time, but that one cigarette was about to save her life.

It was 9 am and Jane stepped out into the hallway to smoke. She was sitting, leaning against her door when the apartment door right across from her opened. Jane had never seen who lived there nor did she care. Out stepped an older looking lady, must've been in her early 50's. She was suited up clearly for the outside weather, wearing a big winter jacket a silly looking hat, a scarf and a pair of gloves. This was the first time the lady had seen Jane and she smiled at her. Jane had been crying all night and her face was puffed up, her eyes red. The old lady could tell she had been crying. Jane smiled back at her and expected her to head towards the stairs but while Jane took a puff of her cigarette, the old lady walked towards her instead.

"Are you okay dear? You look just awful." Jane didn't feel like telling this random old lady about her life problems but she had no one to talk to about it, and this neighbor would do. Jane started telling her about her husband who took off last night leaving her and her newborn Tara alone. The old lady was so sympathetic Jane almost thought she was faking it. She wasn't one bit though. After talking for 15 minutes, the old lady, who Jane found out to be Marge, offered to babysit Tara. Jane wasn't sure at first but was easily convinced when Marge told her about how many babies she had taken care of in her 53 years. She had a 10 year old granddaughter that she used to look after when she was younger.

Marge started going on about how Jane would be doing her a favor, keeping her day busy. Her morning walk was basically all she did all day. Apparently she wasn't in the best health and with a paid off mortgage for the apartment (Jane had no idea why anyone would buy an apartment in this building) she didn't need to work to pay for the other bills. Her daughter that lived upstate sent her some money every month and with the money Marge got from the government, she could easily pay the bills and have money left over. Jane begged Marge to take money for the job but Marge didn't want to hear any of it. Even though Jane felt awful putting so much responsibility on this woman without any pay, it was her only option.

From that day on, Marge took care of Tara for the next 11 years. Tara enjoyed spending her days with Marge, she became like her second mom, or grandma. When Tara started school, Marge would walk her to school each morning and pick her up each afternoon. Jane worked from 8 to 14 hours every day and was forever grateful to Marge for what she did. Marge didn't take a penny all those years. Jane had to do something for her though so she made sure to stop by the grocery store after work whenever Marge needed it and would also pick up her pills whenever she needed a refill of her prescriptions.

Shortly after Tara turned 11, Marge passed away. No one knew until Jane knocked on her door with Tara by her side and got no response. Jane ended up calling 911 after no one picked up the phone. The paramedics told Jane that Marge had a stroke in the middle of the night and died almost instantly. Tara bawled her eyes out for the next week. Marge had taught her everything she knew, she loved her just as much if not more than her mom and now she was gone. Jane was gonna start looking for a new babysitter but Tara refused. She said she was old enough to take care of herself. Marge had taught her how to cook various things including how to prepare a complete dinner. Tara could manage being alone for the time after she got home from school to when Jane got home. Jane agreed that Tara was old enough.

Marge's daughter came to the apartment after Marge died. Jane and Tara had met her before, when she stopped to pick up Marge for Christmas or Thanksgiving, but they never really talked to her. She stopped by a few times, at first to collect her mom's stuff, and later to put the apartment up for sale. The apartment stayed for sale for a very long time. Every so often Tara would hear people coming to see it but they would leave almost instantly when they saw the conditions of it. After about a year, Marge's daughter gave up and decided to try renting the place out. That went a little better but no one really stayed longer than a couple months. Most of the time, the apartment remained empty.

When Tara started high school, she became the victim of heavy bullying. All the other kids picked on her and teased her about the old clothes she would wear and how her mom was probably a prostitute not a waitress. Tara was a strong girl, Marge taught her to be, but no girl can take that much pain without getting hurt. Tara was a pretty girl but that didn't matter to the bullies. They called her ugly and gross and even some of the bigger asshole guys would tell her how she was never gonna have a boyfriend because she was flat chested and had the body of a 9 year old boy.

Tara didn't have big tits but she wasn't flat chested either. She was an A cup size but her tits were like little hills on her chest. Her nipples pointed out and were about the size of a quarter. Tara hated how she looked but in fact, her boobs were nothing to be ashamed about. Tara was average height for her age at 15 and her waist was now developing into a grown woman's. Once again though, all the boys would tease her and ignore her beauty. She had dirty blonde hair which fell down her back. Her ass wasn't one that people would notice, mostly because Tara never wore tight jeans or anything that would show the shape of her buttocks. She liked baggy jeans and those kept her ass hidden.

As her freshman year went on, the bullying became worse. She started to get beat up by a few of the hot popular girls and this forced Tara into a slight depression. Her mom, Jane had no idea about any of this as she was busy working to get the money. Tara turned dark. She didn't go full out goth with the black lipstick and chains but she did dye her blonde hair jet black. She started cutting her arms for a month or two and became very secluded. She started eating lunch alone, usually in the library reading Anime books and never going to any parties or social gatherings, not that she was invited to any.

With so much time alone, Tara spent a lot of it on the computer. She started going on forums and started meeting people, nice people that understood what she was going through. The forums could sometimes be very sexual and so Tara started exploring her body. She had masturbated before on occasion, but the more time she spent on the forums, the more she discovered. Soon she started masturbating every day after school. Her mom would come home around 8 pm and Tara was home from school at 3. This gave her 5 hours of complete freedom. At first she only masturbated to "normal" porn such as a girl and guy having sex. But the more she talked to the people on the forums, the more she found out and the more she got curious.

Eventually she discovered that the internet was full of fetishes of all kinds. The first one she found was incest. That thought had never occurred to her, having sex with a relative. But after she watched a few dad-daughter videos, for some reason the thought of getting fucked by her dad became insanely arousing. Of course, she didn't know her dad and never would but the thought of tracking him down, finding him and fucking his brains out only to later tell him she was his daughter made her cum so hard.

The people she talked to on the forums then introduced her to the world of erotic stories. This became her obsession for a while. She started reading stories about young girls, girls that were younger than her, getting fucked by their dads, uncles, and even grandpas. Tara loved it, rubbing her cunt while she sat on the computer chair bare assed cumming over and over. She never had to worry about her mom finding the porn on the computer because her mom would pretty much just sleep when she got home. She had only seen her mom use the computer once or twice anyway.

As the months went on, Tara got used to being the outcast of her school. She made a friend here or there but none were ever close friends. She could never share any secrets with any or talk about her life. The bullying eased up near the end of her freshman year of high school but she knew she would never be the popular girl. On the forums at home though, she started becoming well known. She stayed anonymous, never posting pictures or anything but she had more friends on there than in school. Meanwhile the site she read stories on slowly became her favorite. She still loved watching porn but reading the stories let her imagination run freely. The summer before her sophomore year, Marge's apartment finally got a resident.

The resident was Marge's granddaughter, who was now a grown woman of 25 years of age. She moved in with her boyfriend in early June and her and Tara instantly clicked. It was early morning on a hot June day when Jessica moved in. Tara got woken up by all the voices, barking, and loud footsteps outside of the door. Tara thought that it was just a few of the neighborhood kids messing around or maybe spray painting graffiti on the walls but when Tara opened her door, she saw boxes everywhere. There was a woman talking on her cell phone sitting on one of them. What Tara heard made her come to the conclusion that the woman was locked out. She didn't want to eavesdrop on the woman's conversation but she was curious as to who she was. The woman noticed her standing in the doorway and smiled at her while listening to whoever was talking on the phone.

"Yes mom I've tried every key! None of them work! ... No I'm alone in the hallway with boxes everywhere, Tommy had to take the truck back. Well we couldn't rent it out for all day, just a few hours." Tara now noticed a dog laying in between a few of the boxes. He was a big dog, and had beautiful golden fur that covered him. He was a little shaggy but not too much. Tara wanted to pet him but she didn't want to bother the woman by just walking past her and playing with her dog.

Tara went back inside and closed the door, deciding to leave the poor woman alone in peace. She went and made herself some breakfast and after eating it, hoped on the computer to check for messages from her online friends. About 15 minutes later, there was a knock on her door and Tara answered it. The woman from the hall was there and she looked sort of embarrassed. Tara instantly noticed how gorgeous the woman was. Her straight blonde hair fell perfectly onto her shoulders. Her eyes were big and strikingly beautiful, but then again, all blue eyes are beautiful. Since it was hot out, she was wearing a low cut t-shirt which exposed her fairly sized boobs. Below her waist, she had on a pair of jean shorts.

"Hi I'm Jessica, I just moved into the apartment across the hall. Well moved next to the apartment at this point." Tara smiled and noticed Jessica was trying not to do the pee pee dance.

"Nice to meet you I'm Tara." They shook hands and Jessica started to peer into Tara's apartment, looking at the far door which was the bathroom.

"This is embarrassing but, would you mind if I used your bathroom? My mom has to bring the key here and she's gonna be a little while."

"Oh not a problem, it's just straight down there." Tara pointed at the door that was directly behind her. Jessica said thanks and then walked through the living room towards the bathroom. Tara stayed at the front door, the last thing Jessica needed was someone taking her stuff. About two minutes later, Jessica came out of the bathroom and went into the hallway. Tara still had some breakfast left over and she figured Jessica must be hungry. "Hey do you want something to eat? I just made breakfast." Jessica looked around for a bit not sure if she should leave her stuff in the hall but when Tara told her they could leave the door open, she agreed.

"So do you live here with your parents?" The girls were now in the kitchen. Tara was still in her pajamas but she didn't care. Jessica was sitting at the kitchen table while Tara put some scrambled eggs and bacon on a plate.

"Yeah with my mom. She's working right now. What about you? I think I heard you mention someone named Tommy?" Tara placed the plate in front of Jessica and Jessica started eating. She rolled her eyes and swallowed before answering.

"Yeah Tommy's my boyfriend. I love him but ... his stupid band thing has made a thousand dollars in the last two years. That's why we moved here. There's no rent to pay. It used to be my Grandma's apartment."

"Yeah I know, she used to babysit me." Jessica's eyes widened as she took a bite of bacon.


"Yeah 11 years actually."


"She was a great woman."

"Oh the best, I was so heart broken when she died." Jessica and Tara talked for a while about Marge and how much she meant to them both. Eventually Jessica finished eating her breakfast but the two of them stayed at the kitchen table talking. The dog came running into the apartment a few minutes later and jumped up on Jessica's lap licking her face.

"Oh I'd like you to meet Bailey, my dog. Go say hi Bailey!" Bailey jumped down and ran around the table to where Tara was sitting. He did the same thing he did with Jessica and jumped up on Tara's lap, his front paws on her leg. He then proceeded to lick Tara's face and neck making Tara giggle and laugh. "He's a golden retriever and he's friendly! Aren't you Bailey?"

Tara was really starting to like Jessica. The more they talked, the more they had in common. Jessica had even read some of Tara's favorite anime books. They talked for a little while longer before they heard a man calling Jessica's name. It was her boyfriend Tommy. He waved a pair of keys in front of his face and Jessica sighed in relief. Jessica's mom met up with him to drop off the keys. Tommy opened the door and started to carry some boxes inside while Jessica thanked Tara for breakfast and her hospitality. After they left, Tara pulled down her pajamas and proceeded to masturbate. People moving in wouldn't change her daily routine.

Jessica and Tommy lived in the apartment throughout the entire summer. During this time, Jessica and Tara became close friends, going out to the malls together, watching movies together, and whenever Tommy would through a party; Tara was the first to get the invite. Even though his friends were older, Tara still met some cool people. She mostly talked to the girls since the guys seemed too sketchy. As their relationship grew, Jessica suggested some hairstyle changes. One day, she took Tara to one of her favorite hair salons and made Tara just sit in the chair and relax. After a long hour, the stylist was finally done.

Tara was surprised how good she looked. Her hair was still jet black but now she had deep purple highlights. The bottom six inches or so was fully purple while the rest of her hair was black with a few strands of purple hair. Her bangs were also purple in some parts and Jessica was going crazy saying Tara looked stunning. This did a huge amount for Tara's confidence. When school started again in September, she walked in there in brand new clothes Jessica bought for her. She wore a cute little skirt on the first day and a brand new shirt. Tara has had new clothes before but the clothes Jessica bought her were brand name as well, which was a first for Tara's closet.

Tara's breasts were still small but since Tara was pretty skinny herself, it made sense. The guys that bullied her the previous year could be caught staring at Tara as she walked through the cafeteria. Tara smiled at one of them and he smiled and winked at her. Tara broke out into a laugh and walked away. He slummed down in his seat and talked with his friends while some people around them laughed. Tara still didn't have many friends but her life was improving and she was on top of the world.

As the warm summer days turned into cold winter ones, Tommy's band started getting gigs. To both Jessica and Tara's surprise, he started making money. His biggest gig came in mid December. Apparently one of his friends spread the word of Tommy's recent success to a big shot Los Angeles night club. This led to Tommy getting an offer to play a gig there for a big sum of money. Jessica was thrilled and Tommy accepted the offer right away.

Jessica and Tommy started to pack their bags right away. They had a hotel room for two nights where they would stay for Tommy's gig. His band was meeting them in LA and everyone believed this was gonna be the start of something special.

But at the last minute, a problem occurred. Tara was saying goodbye to Jessica and Bailey in the hall when Jessica's mom called her. The original plan was that Bailey would stay with Jessica's mom.

"What?! Mom no you have to take him! I don't care you fucking promised! I'm literally on my way out the door and--" her mom hung up. "UGH!" Jessica was so mad that she actually started to cry.

"Your mom isn't keeping Bailey?" Jessica shook her head wiping away a tear carefully not to smear her makeup calling her mom a bitch. Tara suddenly got an idea. "Hey why don't you leave him with me?!"


"Yeah! We get along right Bailey?" Tara kneeled down onto one knee and petted Bailey. Jessica hugged Tara and told her she was a life saver. She then got Bailey's food out of the apartment and moved it to Tara's as well as his bowl and toys.

"Are you SURE you're mom won't mind?" Bailey was already inside the apartment and Tara was about to close the door when Jessica asked her.

"Don't worry, she's cool." That was true, Jane was cool, she barely ever said no to Tara.

Jessica took off and Tara closed the door. Her mom was coming home in about an hour so she didn't really want to masturbate. She went and started dinner after which, just sat on the forums for a little. When her mom came home and saw Bailey, she was surprised but didn't mind. They ate dinner and Jane went to sleep.

Even though since Jessica moved in, Tara had gotten her confidence and social life back, she was still in love with porn. Now at 16, she was starting to get pretty well known on the forum she visited. Besides that, she had discovered almost every type of fetish there was to discover. Stuff like scat, piss and necrophilia made her skin crawl, but other than that, she didn't mind most of it. Her favorite had to be incest. It was the first week of Tara's Christmas break and she had developed a routine. Each morning she would wake up, eat breakfast and then get her fingers wet.

Today was no different. Tara woke up around 11 am and the first thing she noticed was Bailey's breath blowing on her nose. The big dog was standing by Tara's bed, his tongue out waiting for his sitter to wake up.

"Mmm Morning Bailey." Tara was still groggy and sleepy. Before she could actually lift her head from the pillow, Bailey started to lick her face. Tara broke out into a fit of giggles as the dog tickled her neck. "Okay I'm up now." Tara got up and walked out of the bedroom to the bathroom, Bailey at her feet the entire way. Tara was wearing a pair of silk, pink, and short pair of pajama bottoms. Her pale white legs had goose bumps up and down them as the sudden change from warm blankets to a cold bathroom wasn't the most pleasant.

Tara had trouble sleeping when she wasn't comfotorble and so instead of wearing a shirt, Tara liked to sleep in a bra instead. Her skinny stomach had just a hint of abs as she stood in front of the sink, splashing warm water in her face. Bailey was wiggling his tail behind her standing in the doorway not taking his eyes off Tara.

"Do you want some breakfast Bailey? Hmm?" Bailey barked and Tara took that as a yes. She had to pee first though, nature calls. Tara tried to push Bailey out of the bathroom so that she could close the door but he wouldn't budge. What harm could it really do? Thought Tara as she shrugged her shoulders and walked over to the toilet.

"This might smell a little funky Bailey, just warning ya." Bailey barked again, his tongue still sticking out, his tail still wiggling every once in a while. Besides not wearing a shirt to bed, Tara didn't wear anything underneath her silk pajama bottoms. She lifted the cover of the toilet and then pulled down her pajama's to her knees, cool air hitting her pussy. Tara always thought her pussy looked cute, at least compared to the ones she had seen in porn. It was a small pussy, most of it still hidden behind her slit. The pink of her lips could only be visible when she spread her cunt. From her use of markers and her fingers, she could tell she was very tight. It almost scared her thinking about a dick pumping into it, she just didn't see how it could possibly fit.

Tara kept herself shaven besides above her clit, where a few blonde hairs could be found. Tara liked the few little hairs, as she thought it made her pussy look beautiful and mature, as opposed to the little girl look it had with its size and tightness. Tara sat down on the toilet and flinched a little as her warm ass touched the cold toilet seat. She could feel her bladder was ready to explode and she relaxed, making a huge jet of flow hit the inside of the toilet bowl.

Tara sat on the toilet pissing, her arms under her chin and resting on her knees. Her eyes darted from Bailey to the wall in front of her as she sighed and waited for her flow to stop. It was silly, even though Bailey was just a dog, she almost felt embarrassed with him watching her.

"Almost done." Tara's flow slowed down to a dribble as she ripped some toilet paper and wiped her pussy clean dropping it into the toilet and flushing. She sat up, pulled her pajama's up and walked out of the bathroom, followed by Bailey. "Alright, let's get some food in your bowl." Tara got the bag of dog food which was leaning on the wall in the kitchen and poured some into Bailey's empty bowl. She had put some food out for him before she went to bed last night but he must've eaten it all.

Once that was done, Tara poured herself some cereal and ate it quickly. She wasn't too hungry this morning, if anything she was more horny. Once she drank the remaining milk in the bowl, Tara put the dirty dish in the sink and walked over to her computer. Since the computer was an old piece of shit, Tara never bothered turning it off as getting it back on took the whole day.

She logged into her account and opened up Google chrome, typing the first letter of her favorite porn site, with the rest of the address filling in automatically. She hit enter and spread her thighs a bit as she sat in the leather computer chair. On the front page, it showed the new videos that had been uploaded and she started scrolling down looking for something that looked interesting. She stumbled upon what looked like a webcam show. The title said brother and sister but most of those videos turned out to be fake. Tara didn't mind though, she used her imagination to pretend and fantasize that it was incest even if there was nothing in the video that proved it.

This particular video though started off with the two people showing their family album from when they were younger and pointing out each picture they were in. This was the most real incest video Tara had ever seen. If they weren't brother and sister, they sure did a good job pretending to be.

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