Nina - Three Stories

by realoldbill

Copyright© 2015 by realoldbill

Sex Story: Nina was young and beautiful and it shouldn't have happened to her

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Ma/ft   Ma/Ma   NonConsensual   Coercion   Rough   .

At fourteen Nina decided she was an ugly duckling and assumed she was never going to be a beautiful swan like her older siblings. Her sisters, 18-year old Victoria, who was away at college, was a gorgeous blonde, and 16-year old Marilyn, a senior at a prestigious girls' school, was a dark-haired beauty. No one would dispute those facts.

They were also, without a doubt, among the most promiscuous females alive, the best lays in ten counties, and the goal of every hard-cocked young male in a much larger radius than that since their beauty and amorous abilities were known coast to coast at least and out among many of the ships at sea after Victoria's long weekend in Annapolis.

Nina, with her favorite Barbie doll stuffed up in her painfully stretched vagina and rotated to the most stimulating position, only its tiny, bare feet showing and its nose at her cervix, stood naked except for high-heeled shoes before the full length mirror on the back of the closet door and sniffed, looking at herself, her hands clasped in the small of her arched back, pouting. She made a face and grasped her perfect young breasts, lifting them and gently pinching her rose-bud nipples, pulling them out. She wished they were bigger, a lot bigger, and that her tits were a lot more sensitive although they were so tender now that she would probably come if someone blew on them.

Just yesterday Bobby Mercer, star pitcher of the school baseball team and a good-sized senior, had spent a good half-hour sucking and licking her tits, had ejaculated twice into his handkerchief as she held it for him, and had barely managed to excite her to the point where her pussy lips were damp and she was breathing fast.

She had wanted to let him fuck her, but it was their first hook-up date and she didn't dare do that. After all, she did have her reputation to consider. When he gave up and apologized, she did kneel between his widespread knees, took out his hard penis and give him a blowjob which was sure he would remember for a long time since he both screamed and wept before she was done and let go of his scrotum. Bobby was well hung and very experienced, but when Nina licked his balls, he came again for the third time and moaned like a sick man before she French kissed him goodbye.

Nina slid her hands down to her slim waist and grinned at her reflection. She was proud of that, just over twenty inches and her belly was really taut. She smacked it, hard, and liked the sharp sound. Other than her well-practiced and carefully shaved pussy, her waist was something she worked hard to keep trim and tiny. Her hips, she saw as she stroked downward, were still sleek and girlish, but as she turned sideways and wiggled a bit, she could see that her round butt was improving, and she turned all the way around, spread her legs, bent over, grabbed her ankles and looked at her reflection upside down, seeing her puffy but hairless sex lips and Barbie's splayed feet sticking out between their pink petals. She reached down and found her little clit and prised it out and rubbed it until she fell to her knees and came, bowing her forehead to the floor as she creamed.

Nina eased her crew-cut Barbie out of her feverish body and rinsed it off and dried it, kissed its tiny nose and put it up on the shelf in a compromising position with GI Joe, pushed an eight inch, battery powered vibrator up in its place and turned it on 'low.' She lay back on her frilly bed with one knee raised and flipped open her locked and leather-bound diary which she had begun keeping in code since shortly after her twelfth birthday when she was deflowered at a friend's slumber party in all three holes by her hostess's brother and his friends, about a dozen of them. Shortly after that the girl's twin brothers took her to their bed and sandwiched her between them and then their father greased her up and used her ass. Now those randy twin brothers still expected her to spread for them when they came home from their military school, and since they were so well hung, she usually did after she let them catch her. With the tip of her tongue in the corner of her mouth, she put in an entry for Bobby Mercer's blowjob.

Since that first rather violent introduction to sex, Nina discovered as she added mentally, flipping through the pages, she had done blow-jobs on fifty-seven different men and boys including her grandfather (more than 123 total but she was not sure of that number); had normal sex, that is vaginal penetration, with twenty-two different men from 15 to about 65, roughly seventy-eight or eighty times, occasional drugs made that number a bit soft, and had sex of various kinds with three girls. She had been sodomized ten times so far, including the original rape of her anus, a day she often thought about since it really hurt although she had enjoyed the deflowering part and the randy twins. These days, her ass was off limits.

Now foul wealthy Dick Savage, a senior at her school, was slobbering to have her, e-mailing and TM-ing her every hour on the hour and sending her silly and expensive presents including a booklet of pornographic love poems and several hardcore DVDs. Dick's father was the local banker who was on his second trophy wife and who had, it was rumored, more mistresses than he could count. His son, everyone said, was a fag, but a very rich one, with extremely odd tastes and strange habits. Some claimed he had some sort of dungeon in his cellar.

Now he wanted Nina, and she was tempted to find out what he wanted if the price was right. She was eager to get the new PlayStation3 or X-Box 480 and her mother refused to buy either, and her grandfather, who would give her anything if she sucked his shriveled cock, was now senile and incontinent. She turned up her vibrating dildo a notch and picked up her cell phone with a sigh of resignation. He answered at once.

"Nina, baby, when can we do it, hook-up I mean? I'm dying for you. After school tomorrow? This evening? Saturday? Come on. I'll come to your house."

"Hi Dick, how're they hanging?" Nina chirped playfully.

"Come on Nina, I'm begging you. I know ways to make you scream. You remember Gloria, Gloria Grimsby, last year's junior prom queen? She's here right now with her mouth around my prick. What do you think of that?"

"I don't believe it," Nina said playfully as she turned up her vibrator another notch and adjusted its clit tickler. Gloria was not a slut, she was sure.

"Here, listen," he said and Nina heard loud slurping and sucking noises and then a squeaky voice that said, "He's so nice, Nina, you really ought to come right over." It did sound like that stuck up Gloria with her silicon 38D's.

"Next Thursday after school, Dick. I've got a couple of hours free I think. How would that be?" Nina moved the clit stimulator just a bit and shivered.

"We're going out to the horse show, you know the show jumping, this Sunday, Nina, the whole family. Can't you come along? It will be a lot of fun."

"Sunday?" the girl said, looking at her busy calendar. "What time?"

"All afternoon. We'll be back by dark."

"Okay Dick. That sounds interesting. What time will you pick me up?"

'Ten AM, sweetie, and wear a nice dress, maybe a hat, you know, for the sun. It's really fancy. Suck the balls, Gloria, one at a time. Bye."

"Shit," said Nina. "Wear a dress." She pulled her throbbing dildo out of her dripping slit and went to her closet where at least twenty seldom-worn dresses hung on padded hangers, none of them more than a year old, and most very short. "And a hat. The prick!"

She got into her jeans, with a bit of effort and the help of two well-placed zippers, and then pulled a soft sweater over her curly head and put her feet into some heeled slides. Her father's Alfa Spyder was in the garage, and she backed it out, put down the top, and roared off toward the Mall, changing gears with practiced ease and stroking the cock-shaped lever between shifts. Nina, of course, did not have a driver's license since she was only fourteen, but she had been driving, off and on since she was ten and could reach the pedals with her long legs.

It only took her five minutes to find a sheer silk gown with a flowing skirt, a very uneven hem and an off-the shoulder-top and then a frilly hat to match, $1,445 for the outfit. She thought about what she would wear under it while the charge went through and then drove home and put her father's favorite toy back in the garage.

The randy twins' high-powered, German-made Crossfire convertible was in the driveway. It was exactly the kind of car she wanted and one her grandfather had promised her when she reached sixteen. Now, she suspected, other ways would have to be found, but the car absolutely gave her goosebumps and anal twitches.

Smiling widely, the twin brothers, Roy and Rob, still in their military school uniforms, were waiting near the pool along with a third young man. "We going over to visit the Tucker girls," Rob said. "You know, Kim and what's her name."

"Madison," said Nina, well aware of those big twins and their sluttish reputation. She often envied them.

"And we want you to do us a favor," said Roy. "Okay?"

"What's the favor? You want me to fuck the whole baseball team or something?'

'No, although I'm sure you could do it." He whistled and a large young man, also in military garb, unfolded himself and stood grinning at Nina. "This is Fordyce Wellington Foster the third, or is it fourth?"

"Third," said the boy, raking back his crewcut hair with his fingers and staring at Nina as a starving man might look at a hamburger.

"Ford's our buddy. His father's a beer distributor," Roy said. "He plays tight end and linebacker."

"And he's a virgin," said Rob with a wide smile. "Can you believe it?"

The boy nodded and licked his lips, blushing and hardening.

"So anyhow, we told him that we could take care of that problem for him. Get it?" Rob reached out and grasped the bottom of the girl's cashmere sweater with both hands and stripped it up over her head and tossed it aside. Her baseball-sized boobs bobbled briefly.

"Hey," she yelled, crossing her arms on her bare chest.

"We'll be back for him by dark unless the twins invite us to stay over there for dinner." Roy looked at his watch. "Three or four hours, OK?"

"And you'll leave me alone, stay out of my bed?" Nina asked, noticing that Fordyce Wellington Foster, all six-foot-two and 175 pounds of him, was developing a hard-on.

'Sure, till Thanksgiving anyhow. OK?" Rob and Roy left and their yellow roadster roared away. Nina took the smiling youngster by the hand and led him up to her room, her sweater in her hand and his eyes glued to her jiggling mounds with their upturned and jutting nipples.

"Sit down," Nina said to the large, young man. She tossed her sweater aside, grabbed a t-shirt off the floor and pulled it over her head quickly, not caring that it was inside out and backwards.

'Thanks," said the boy, smiling and blinking as he pushed his swollen cock down his leg. "I really appreciate this."

"How old are you?" Nina asked.

"Sixteen. How old are you?"

'Me too," Nina lied. "How come you haven't gotten any?"

"Very strict family, church three times a week, Bible reading every night, no dates, no TV, no music on the radio, no nothing except maybe a square dance or a church social or some such. They sent me to this school on account of it was so strict and military."

Nina nodded. "Girl friends?"

Ford blushed and bit his lip and nodded. "Nancy. She's sort'a like you, a blonde. Bout as pretty as you too, maybe a bit bigger. I've knowed her since I was eight or nine. But, in the 9th grade, well, I was too dull and too slow. Now she's got lots a'boyfriends, and I've got nothing."

"You kiss her?" Nina asked, forcing herself not to smile. He was a good-looking boy, tall and well muscled, with the usual crewcut and almost no beard yet. She stood at his knees, her luscious knockers in his face and held his hand.

"Once." He licked his lips and looked away. "I think she kissed me." He blushed.

"Okay, let's start there." She plunked herself down on his ample lap, put her arms about his neck and kissed his mouth, long and hard. Then she turned her head the other way and kissed him again, open mouthed, and their tongues tangled and his breathing got a bit ragged. Then again and his hands finally came up and held her to him as he kissed her while he petted her back and held her butt, snorting and getting harder.

Nina sighed and leaned on his shoulder. "You're a good kisser."

"Thanks," he said. "You too."

"Don't suppose you ever felt Nancy's tits?"

He shook his head and blushed.

"But you wanted to?"

He nodded and she brought his right hand to her left boob which was less than a handful since his hands were pretty big and her breasts were about the size of Macintosh apples.

He whimpered and gently kneaded, bunching up the old t-shirt.

"Now kiss," she said.

He did while he squeezed.

When her nipple hardened, Nina pulled free of his mouth. "You're aroused, aren't you?"

"Yep," he said.

"Well pick me up and put me on my bed and take off my clothes."

"Now?" he said.

Nina laughed. "No, wait, first, strip down to your shorts and go across the hall and wash your equipment, do a good job and dry it well."

He blinked but did as he was told and when he retuned the girl was naked and under the sheet. "Join me," she said, "but shed the boxers first."

He turned away, stripped off his underpants and Nina got a good look as his muscular butt and thick thighs. When he turned around his red-headed cock was jutting out like a bowsprit, and he looked very nervous. Nina held up the sheet and he got in beside her and lay on his back, tenting up the sheet with his stiff rod. It was, Nina had noted, plenty big enough and its head was really grand, heavy and hard ridged.

"It's beautiful," Nina said, turning toward him and reaching down to stroke his massive member very gently, head to balls and back up. "Just beautiful, but before he get down to the good stuff, I'm going to bring you off." She could barely get her fingers around it.

"Huh?" said Ford.

"Don't you come pretty quickly the first time?"

He nodded.

"Well, we don't want that, so," Nina tossed back the sheet, bent over the boy, grasped the thick and hairy base of his rod and licked the head of his cock round and round. Then she mouthed it and very gently cupped his balls. He quickly came, arching and groaning. He came three times, thick ropes of his semen, and Nina, with a tiny smile, sucked and swallowed, licked his glans and then lay back, cuddling close. She liked his taste.

"That a first for you?" she asked, wriggling closer.

He nodded.

She sniffed. "Well that wasn't a very good example. Maybe later, I'll show you how it should be done." She patted his hard belly.

He trembled as his cock relaxed, a big, limp snake over his still hard balls.

"Don't suppose you ever kissed a girl's pussy," she said quietly.

He shook his head.

"Want to try?"

He nodded.

"Let me explain something, something a lot of men don't get. My goal is to give you pleasure and your goal, this is the part boys don't understand, your goal should be to pleasure me. That way we should both get what we want. OK?"

He nodded. "Makes sense."

"Good, now get down here and lick my pussy. I'm in need."

Nina spread her legs and raised her knees and Ford quickly got his mouth on her vulva and his tongue in her slit, most of the time with his eyes closed. With patience and directions, praise and some hair pulling, the boy's first adventure in cunnilingus was successful and Nina spasmed and squealed after he sucked her tiny clit and flicked it with his tongue, frightening him when she came so that he jumped up, his face wet with her juices. Nina handed him a Kleenex and explained what an orgasm was and told him he had done very well.

When she had calmed down, and they lay quietly in each other's arms, Nina became aware that his cock was filling and jumping. "Do you have a condom?" she asked.

He shook his head, and she stretched out a hand to her night table, opened the drawer and got one, looked at the package, saw it was an extra-large and smiled. She opened it with her teeth and said, "Lie back. This is for practice, just a demonstration. Since you've never done a girl, I won't make you use one the first time, but you should know how to do this and understand that it is important."

"Yep, AIDs and stuff." He bit his lower lip and watched her as best he could.

"STDs, AIDS, and babies," she said, skinning the thin tube slowly down his hard cock. "See, no wrinkles, on tight, and some room up here at the tip. Got it?"

He nodded.

She slicked it off, glad it was a lubricated one, and tossed it on the night table. "Ready for the big one?" she asked with a laugh as she watched his heavy spire tremble.

He swallowed. "Guess so."

"There are lots of ways to do this, dozens, maybe hundreds, all sorts of odd positions. But I'll stick to just two, with some variations. OK?"

He nodded.

"And we are not in a hurry. Right?"

He nodded again and bit his lips, his cock steel hard, jumping up and down above his belly; his testicles coalesced into a single rock the size of a tennis ball.

Nina grabbed a pillow, lay on her back and adjusted the pillow down under her rump, wiggling to get comfortable and turning up her pelvus. "OK Ford," she said, "get yourself over here between my legs and don't mash me. You're twice my size. Nose to nose, that's the way." Nina briefly wondered if she would ever make love to a man her size.

He climbed aboard, up on his knees and elbows and Nina reached down between them and grasped his hard cock with a thumb and forefinger and brought it unerringly to her tiny opening which was hot and wet. "Move up some," she said, wiggling down as she felt his warm cockhead well within her labia. He was certainly hard and hot as he spread her lips. She took a deep breath.

"Ready? Push. Use your hips and thighs, push, use your butt. Push. Tense those abs. Ah! You're in. Ah, yes, good, keep pushing. You are no longer a virgin." His thick head was well in, three or four inches and feeling very good as it jumped and jerked at her entranceway. Nina wrapped him in her arms and legs and smiled at him as he sank up into her.

"Ungh," said the boy, his eyes closed and his mouth open. She could hear his heart pounding and feel his rapid pulse in her pussy. His penis was in heaven, massaged and enveloped in warm velvet. He pushed harder, getting it still deeper as the girl's canal stretched and throbbed. She quivered. He thrust. She rippled. He thrust even harder, arching his back.

Nina quivered her muscles on his thick ram, and he jumped, startled as she squeezed him. 'Now we begin, just slow and gentle, in and out, doing what comes naturally. Slowly, slowly, let's get together, move together. Right. That's good." Nina matched her movements to his, guiding his motions with her feet locked in the small of his back or with a heel on his butt, and pretty soon he stopped jerking and began sawing smoothly, excited but patient. Nina arched and smiled under him and enjoyed the feel of her nipples on his chest as he mouthed her neck.

"Uh, uh, uh," moaned Ford, exploring a new world of sensations as he plowed the girl beneath him with half-foot thrusts. He was well hung with a thick seven-inch penis shaft that curved upward slightly to a circumcised head that added at least another inch. He backed out his spear until its hot glans was barely in her and then arched and rammed, shaking the bed as well as the pliant girl. They bounced and rolled from side to side as he seemed to lose control of himself, sobbing and moaning.

Nina gasped when she recovered from his surprising assault which had her head snapping from side to side and managed to slow him down. "Rock and roll, baby, that's it. I'll count, just like marching. Hut, two, hut, two, hut, hut, hut. How's that feel? Jam it in deeper, use your pelvis and let's go a bit faster, rub my bones with yours. Hut, hut, hut, Pick it up." She slapped one hand on his thigh to keep time and got him up to 120 strokes a minute. He was sweating and gulping for air.

"Um, ah, oh, ah," he moaned as the girl wrapped her legs about his butt and slowed them with her wonderful muscles, holding him to her and grinding them together, both bones and hair, so he could barely pull back and just rammed in and in and in. Then she said, "Stop, stop" and squeezed down hard with her vaginal muscles.

Up on his fists, bent like a bow, he shuddered to a halt, buried in Nina's quivering quim and making noises deep in his throat, small whimpers.

"Ok, that's usually called missionary. It's basic. Now get my legs up on your arms, in the crook of your arms and come closer. Ready? Good, get closer and now drive, drive, drive, deeper, Ford, deeper and harder. Bend your back." His face showed the stress and effort and Nina noticed and grimaced to hold back a smile. "That's it, no mercy. Harder! Harder!" It was like driving a dog team, but it was well worth it, and she could feel her orgasm rolling toward her like a wave.

"Oh god, god, god," he gasped, hammering them together, his balls were slapping her ass and his hips were rubbing her thighs.

"More, more, you can do it, rock your hips from side to side, burrow it in, screw it in." Nina was getting excited as the boy's big ram hit her in several sensitive areas and, when he arched up rubbed across her clit hood. She bent her belly upward and ground them together, closer to coming, her breathing very rapid.

"Ah, ha, ah," he gasped, feeling his climax nearing, his balls churning.

"Now slow down, back off, calm down, and let me get my legs up on your shoulders. Good, there's one and here's the other, now you can come up on your knees, yes, just like that and grab the top of the bed. Ok. Good, now get to work and keep going, all the way this time. Yes, yes, keep it up. We're getting close. Now faster, faster, and here we go, right over the edge. I'm coming, come on, join me. Ahhh. Yes, yes, damn you, yes." Nina spasmed, arched and grasped his striving cock and milked it dry with a series of contractions, absolutely sure he had ejaculated during her climax as she closed her eyes and rocked her head from side to side, mouth agape, mind blank.

When she released him, his head fell between her breasts and then he rolled off to the side, moaning, spent. Nina pushed him away and rolled out of bed, crossed the hall and used the toilet. Nice guy, her mind said in an offhand and judgmental way, and he was going to be good, very good. Ah well, a deal's a deal. She thought again about Sunday and wondered if she could get away with going bare under her new dress.

Nina padded back to her bed and climbed up between the boy's hairy legs and slurped his soft cock into her warm mouth, swallowed it down and licked and sucked it hard in less than two minutes, hollowing her cheeks as she did so and gently kneading his wrinkled balls, ignoring his snorting noises and the fact that he had both hands buried in her hair.

"This is better off the bed, I think, cause you bounce around too much. So come on down here on the floor and get behind me on your knees." Nina rolled out and got down on her Chinese rug on all fours, wiggling her buttocks in invitation. Ford knelt behind her, his cock jutting out and slightly upward, dripping and blood hot. "This is the old way. People call it doggy or animal usually, but it's really the original they tell me."

He got close with his long cock lying atop her butt, right in the crack, his hands on her rounded hips.

"You know where it goes," she said, looking back over her shoulder. "Ease it in and drive it deep, to the hilt, to the balls. Go ahead. Yu can get up on your toes later." Nina let her head drop and gritted her teeth, knowing it would get deeper this way. He went in easily, well lubricated.

Ford did as he was told and Nina jumped as he brushed her cervix. "Now grab hold somewhere and hammer away." He began smacking their bodies together, holding her hips tightly and then bending over her and grasping her breasts as they moved as one, joined in pleasure. Nina swallowed down a series of minor climaxes as his big cockhead rubbed her sensitive g-spot area, but tried to ignore them and encourage her lover to more effort as he tunneled into her repeatedly. They were both grunting with effort.

"Good, good, now get up on your toes and keep spearing me, bend your knees, you can do it. Squat and thrust, att'a'boy. Go, go!"

"Ah, ah," the boy gasped as he felt his balls begin to pump, "Here it comes. Oh god, god, god."

Nina, her forehead down on her rug absorbed his battering and his series of jism shots, and when he pulled away and fell on his back, she crawled over him and kissed his lips. Then she hurried off to the bathroom with her hand between her legs.

After he pissed, she invited him back into her bed, and they cuddled for a while, getting their breathing back to normal.

"I forgot something," she whispered as she kissed his nipples. "Lot's of girls like their tits sucked. That might have even crossed your mind, right? So slide down and get your mouth on one of my nice, warm beauties." She held up her left breast, and he licked it and then got his mouth on it, flicked it with his tongue and sucked deeply, eyes closed and his right hand cupping her other breast, nipple between his thumb and forefinger, rolling it gently.

"Now nibble, but no biting," Nina said, enjoying his attention. "Try to stretch it out. Um, that's good. Now the other one. This really feels nice." She held his head to her chest until both her nipples were long and hard. "Now," she said, pulling his face away from her, "crawl up here and lay your big, hard cock right between these little boobs. Come on. Work, work, work."

Ford blinked at her but did as he was told, and Nina pressed her lovely breasts together until the nipples nearly touched and taught the boy how to tit-fuck. He didn't come again, but they both enjoyed it as she licked at his glans every time it appeared near her chin.

When the twins returned a half-hour or so later Nina and Ford were drinking iced tea on the deck and talking like old friends about teams and schools.

"So," asked Rob, hands on hips.

"So what?" said Nina, sniffing.

"Did you fuck him?" Roy demanded as Ford stood up.

"None of your business," said Nina.

"Gentlemen don't kiss and tell," said Ford.

All four of them laughed and the boys departed in a squeal of burning rubber.


Dick Savage, thought Nina, is a stupid jerk and a dirty pervert. This is dumb. She looked at herself again in her mirror and twirled, her light skirt lifting up almost to her naked buttocks. She had "borrowed" a pair of Marilyn's Victoria's Secret V-string panties so that her ass would be completely bare and only her vulva covered, and that just barely with a tiny piece of white silk on tapes that somehow clung to her hipbones. She could feel the o-ring at the base of her spine and the thin strap between her legs.

She had tried on one of her sister's lacy half-bras but decided not to wear it when she could see the underwire's outline through the sheer material and besides, it did her no good in the size department unless she stuffed cotton in it. Since her nipples were small and pink, they were nearly invisible in the flowered print of her handkerchief-hemmed dress. She made a face at her image and bounced up and down on the toes watching her little boobs jiggle. She was wearing Marilyn's high-heeled gold slippers that laced almost to the knee and she looked, she decided, extremely hot.

A car horn blew in front of the house and Nina ran down the stairs and opened the door and looked out. At the curb stood a gleaming white Mercedes 560SL convertible with a smiling Dick Savage at the wheel. He waved. Nina closed the door and leaned against it. She went looking for her wide-brimmed hat and then stood in the hallway, waiting. Tapping her toe. Almost deciding not to go.

The doorbell rang, and she took a deep breath and then opened the door. "Hi," she said brightly, turning aside. "Dick's here, Mom. I'm leaving." All this was playacting since no one else was home.

She grabbed the boy's hand and let him lead her to the car, open the door, help her in, close the door and hand her the seatbelt while he looked down the gaping front of her off-the-shoulder dress. She buckled it between her breasts and looked down to see if her nipples showed. They did.

"Hey, Nina," said Dick, leaning toward her with a grasping hand aimed right at her chest and trying to kiss her cheek. She ducked away and smacked his wrist. "We're going to have such fun. You ever been to the cup races?" He buckled up and started the engine.

"Dozens of times," she said, "down in Virginia, gold cup and all that." She had done a bit of exploring on the Internet.

"Good. That's a great hat, but don't let it blow away." He took the on-ramp faster than he should and the back end briefly slid before the big engine pulled them through and then out on the wide highway where he quickly had the car in the left lane and was going seventy-five or so and passing almost everybody.

"You're going to get a ticket," Nina yelled at him as she put her hat on the floor between her feet.

"I'll watch it," he said pulling into the middle lane. "I've got a radar thing. There's some spring water there, if you get thirsty." He pointed to the cupholder on the center console where two bottles stood.

The wind made conversation difficult so they mainly sat silent through the half-hour drive until Dick pulled into the open field and parked in one of the many lines of high-priced autos, SUVs and vans. He went around and opened the door for Nina and then took her elbow and led her toward a red-painted barn. "Come on, we'll get a drink. Some guys I want you to meet." Dick looked very happy about something which made the girl worry briefly, but she hurried along with him toward the big barn.

Nina trotted to keep up noticing that most women were wearing light dresses much like hers and that many of them were wearing or carrying big hats to keep off the sun. Dick opened the side door of the barn and led Nina toward an inner door of wood panels. The barn floor was, the girl noticed, an exercise ring for horses including some low jumps. He knocked and the door opened and he pushed her in, nearly tripping on the door sill.

"Here she is, gentlemen, just as I promised," he said loudly to the half circle of well-dressed men, most in riding gear or at least pink coats. "This is Nina. She's fourteen and she's all yours until four o'clock. She didn't get much more than a half-dose on the way here, wasn't thirsty. When you're done with her, I'll bring my car around you can stuff her in the trunk. Have fun." He waved and left, and the door clicked behind him. To the girl it seemed a very loud sound, and she suddenly had an odd taste in her mouth.

Nina looked around. They were all smiling at her, a handsome and well-groomed group, about a dozen of them, all much older than she was. Then she noticed something very odd; although they all wore jackets and boots, none of them were wearing britches, and some shirttails showed below their tight-fitting coats.

A smiling man with gray hair approached the puzzled girl and stuck out his hand. "Good morning, my dear," he said softly, holding her small hand in his hard one, "My name is Joseph and I'm the host today. We take turns." Nina licked her lips and shook her head, feeling a bit fuzzy.

"What's going on?" she asked. "I came to see the races."

"We'll watch them on TV, if we have time," he said. "You'll be busy I fear. My what a pretty dress. Let me see if I can figure it out, yes, this hook here and now, if you'll just wiggle your shoulders. Splendid."

Nina's light dress cascaded down her lean body and puddled at her feet. She looked down, mystified and felt very chilly.

"Jimmy," said the man loudly, "a bridle, if you please. And Marcus, lube up the stone plug will you, the small one?" He fingered the girl's butt crack.

"Who are these people, these men?" Nina asked as the man stroked her left breast and rubbed her nipple between his thumb and forefinger while his fingers probed her backside.

"Some are riders, most are owners or trainers. They will come and go during the day as their races are called. Now this goes around your pretty little neck and buckles so and this part up on your forehead and this by your ears. How's that? It helps keep you chin up in some exercises."

Nina turned her head from side to side aware of the strap across her head and around her neck and a jingling chain somewhere. She watched as the white-haired man clamped a long strap to her collar. Then she felt something at her ass as another man held her hip and pushed a small, well-lubricated butt plug into her anus which stretched her sphincter and then popped in. He tapped its base and smiled. "This is so you won't have a problem later when they put a long tail in you for the pony ride." He kissed her cheek and palmed her right breast since Joseph was licking her left one.

Nina nodded. The plug was uncomfortable but not painful. Joseph pulled on her reins and led her out into the middle of the room. "This room was built for us," he told her quietly as the men sat down around the padded mat, smiling at her. "And it is sound proof. Up in the corners there are small TV cameras." He pointed. 'Now we are going around the whole room once and meet this first group. We will probably do this sort of thing every hour or so." He pulled on the long thong attached to Nina's bridle and led her to a seated man. "Kneel down, Nina. This is Dave. Serve him."

Nina got to her knees and looked up at the smiling man who produced a quirt from beside his chair while he held his cock in his hand. He said, "Put you head down, slut," and lashed the girl across her back and buttocks three times, loudly, with sharp cracks from the popper on the end of his whip.

Nina howled, feeling as if her skin had been burned, and the man set aside his short whip and grabbed the girl's head and brought her mouth to his rigid cock and pushed it in until she gagged. He leaned back and closed his eyes. "Suck," he said, holding one hand behind her head.

Nina sucked and put her hands up on the man's knees.

"No hands," he said, and cracked her shoulder with his quirt. "Bind them, Joseph."

"Slipped my mind," said the man behind Nina, who pulled her arms back and tied her wrists together with a plastic loop of the kind policemen use.

Nina licked and sucked, aware of nothing but the big cockhead in her mouth. He looked up at the man hopefully from time to time, but he had his eyes closed.

"Enough," said the man after a minute or so, pushing her away with the end of his short whip. "Move on."

The man behind her yanked on her leash and made her crawl to the next man and bend over before him. He had a whip with four short tails and reached out and lashed the girl several times on her buttocks before he forced his erection into her mouth.

It took nearly an hour for Nina to make it all the way around the room and by then some men had left and others had arrived to take their places. A large and hinged sawhorse-like device with an electric motor beneath it was placed in the center of the room with a padded top and an English saddle on it. The saddle, strangely, had two sets of stirrups, the front ones short and the back ones longer.

Joseph cut Nina's hands free and then helped her up on the saddle and put her feet in the shorter stirrups and her hands down on the horse's rope mane. Then he swung up behind her, slid forward, got his booted toes in the stirrups and eased his long, hard cock into Nina's vagina as he pushed her head down. The horse began rocking forward and back, each movement ending with a hard jolt and Nina heard the man in her groaning as he reached forward and grasped her breasts.

"Trot," Joseph said, and the horse began moving faster. Nina felt as if her insides were being ripped apart by the man's deep thrusts and cried out in pain. "Walk," said the man and the action slowed.

Five men had used Nina on the horse before the first race was called, and the men all clustered near a wide-screen TV set and watched while the girl clung to the horse's padded neck and moaned as their spend dribbled out of her and down the saddle, tears coursing down her cheek. She could not understand what was happening, but she knew it hurt.

When the first race was over and each man had enjoyed at least one glass of champagne, they pulled the girl off the horse and began double teaming Nina on the big mat; one man fucking her from behind doggy style while another used her mouth.

There was a short break for a second race over the hedges and fences and then, since many new men had come in, Nina was once more led around the circle to be whipped and forced to fellate each man in turn. By the time she was done, her jaws were aching. Then it was back on the horse.

When lunch was served, a set of stocks like those displayed at Williamsburg were brought in, and Nina was restrained in a standing position with her head and hands trapped by a large wooden board. All through lunch, men flailed at her already striped buttocks with their riding whips or fucked her while they ate their sandwich or drank their wine, grunting and chewing.

After the lunch table was rolled away, Joseph announced that it was ponyride time out in the barn. Nina was dragged out, the stone butt plug replaced by a flowing tail on a larger and deeper plug and then the girl was strapped into a light sulky with a round bit in her mouth and a girdle-type harness about her slim waist.

For the next hour she trotted around the big barn hauling one of the men who often used a flicking whip on her back or haunches, urging her to gallop faster. For some reason Nina worried more about what was happening to her sister's shoes than her own body.

After the next race, during which Nina was given a ham sandwich and a bottle of Ecstasy-laced water, there was a good bit of cheering and more champagne glasses raised in toasts. The happy winners were allowed to take Nina however they wished. Most did her bent over the arm of one of the big chairs.

Then they began triple teaming the girl, forcing her down on one man who lay on the mat and then having another sodomize her while the third used her mouth. A photographer appeared to take a picture of each group fuck.

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