Cum on In

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2017 by Tony Tiger

Sex Story: Country wife loves cock and husband sees that she gets it, and not just from him.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Slut Wife   Gang Bang   .

She wasn’t sure why Bobby had married her, taking on extra expense and putting up with her three kids to boot. He’d been getting plenty of her pussy without matrimony but maybe he didn’t like to sleep alone when she was with somebody else.

That had been the big issue to be resolved before Wanda would make a commitment. She’d been single a long time, as a matter fact her whole life. Each of her kids had a different father and two of those were unknown. There were several possibilities during the time that she probably got knocked up. Tube tying prevented that from happening again.

She was used to getting a variety of pleasures during sex, kind of like eating different things at different meals. But Bobby had wanted her company bad enough that he had put in writing he could never get down on her for fooling around. They’d been married a year and it seemed to be working out with just a few rough edges, but no more complicated than when she was fucking several different guys at the same time.

All of her kids were in school and Bobby worked days so it was pretty easy for a fuck buddy or two, or even three, to stop by for some fun. Those ten-to-fifteen minute interludes of carnal pleasure kept her days interesting. Then, if Bobby wasn’t too tired from work, they’d slip into the bedroom when he got home and he’d sip on a beer as she rode his horny dick. Who’d been in there wasn’t important to him, just enjoying the slippery and eager consequences was enough.

He liked to play a game, guessing how many kinds of sperm her cunt was rubbing on his shaft. If he got it right, she’d move up a bit and give him the treat of fucking her ass, something nobody else but him got.

Wanda had a small but regular list of men that were vaginal visitors before or during the time she dated Bobby. They ranged from her girlfriend’s teenage son to a man her grandfather’s age. She brought them along into her wedded state and a few of Bobby’s friends and family were added over time. The half-dozen who each got to pump her pussy put plenty of mileage on that pleasure place but that only kept it in prime shape for her husband. Sunday was only for Bobby, she decided, to make some time special for him but mostly because kids were around all day.

For their first anniversary he took her to the Motel8 two towns over. There was a country bar next door where they had dinner and then the live music started. She was dressed her slutty best so lots of the good old boys asked her to dance. Her anniversary gift was that she could pick out the two she liked the best and invite them back to the motel room.

On the drive over Bobby told her he chose this particular motel because of the name. He wanted her to get laid eight times that night. She squealed and grabbed his crotch. After they checked in, he put the first two pieces on the count.

About 10 o’clock he approached her two selections with the invitation to bang her. One guy was married so he went to number three on the list. Each of them was offered the option of doing her separately or both together. Both jumped at the chance to do the group thing. She was delighted and they all headed for the room.

The messed-up bed clearly indicated to the new-cumers she’d already been had. That and some more beer from the fridge set them up for the party. Bobby found some music on the TV that she could dance to and soon Wanda was gradually revealing her treasures as she gyrated. The boys got to hollerin like they were at a strip club and she really got inspired, grinning like mad.

“Git them jeans off boys! I wanna see whut ma dancin done tew yew. Mmmm, don’t them tools look good!” She moved close to fondle and suck on each of their offerings.

“Long John” was six-five and trim from hard work. His pecker was big like the rest of him. Wylie she decided to call “Widey” cause his equipment was shorter than her husband but a lot thicker. Nice variety for the “feast”.

Wanda’s pussy odor was strong but not unpleasant, just telling how aroused she was. That usual quick response and abundant lubrication made screwing on short notice, like the quickies that often happened at home, fun for all.

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