What Happened

by Babyboomer

Copyright© 2015 by Babyboomer

Coming of Age Sex Story: High school guy has the love of his life. Then she's suddenly gone. His best friend tells him years later what happened.

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Fiction   Swinging   First   Pregnancy   .

You know how it seems some people are luckier than others? You see them win the lottery or get the best job in the world. I have a friend who is like that. Tom's confident, popular with the girls and good at sports. His parents are well off. He even drives a car. Yes, he is eighteen and in high-school. Yet for some reason, I'm his best friend and he is mine.

Now don't get me wrong. My parents are great just not rich. I'm not bad in sports and have had a couple of nice girl friends. But the last one ended quite badly. I found out that she wasn't the virgin beauty I thought she was. I saw her cheating when I went to visit her after school one day. It wasn't the first time I had visited and it wasn't the first time I had just opened the door without knocking. Then I saw her getting screwed by some schmuck. Not only a bitch but not a true blond either.

It was another month before I found a girl I thought I could trust. I met her at a hop at the school. She was a freshman. Immediately I liked her. She was sweet, and likable. Her red hair and petite body made her look very young. That night I gave her her first kiss. Clara was my girlfriend.

I, of course, introduced her to Tom and he complimented us on how nice we looked together. It wasn't long before we began to double date with Tom and any number of other girls. He never seemed to keep a steady girlfriend and they didn't seem to mind. Clara mentioned this a couple of times to me. I told her that he wasn't the type to settle down or want to get to know a girl. She seemed perplexed about Tom but it didn't get in the way of our relationship.

We had gotten to some nice petting and deep kissing. Now we went to the drive-in movie near-by. It was one of the few left in our whole state. Since I didn't have a car, we sat in the back and watched from there. Tom's date for the night was a senior cheerleader. It began to be apparent that they weren't interested in the movie. Clara didn't notice at first since we had been necking ourselves. But when they went to heavy petting, her attention began to stray. I had to admit to myself I too was intrigued. Patty had been a fairly steady dream of mine for years. It was a surprise to find out she was a real blond. I am sure Clara had no idea that she had her clothes off as she watched what happened in front of her. Yet she was certainly aroused by the sight she saw.

Tom kissed and sucked Patty on her lips, neck tits and cunt. Patty's eyes were closed and her mouth open and she moaned on every touch. Clara was sitting on my lap sliding back and forth over my engorged prick. Her breathing was becoming more rapid as Tom slowly performed his magic in front of us. Then his pants dropped and his weapon suddenly appeared out of the dark shadows. Clara watched Patty as Patty wrapped her hand around the waiting lance. As if she was a clone of Patty's Clara reached down and grabbed my weapon. I heard Tom's sigh as Patty let him enter her vagina. The it was my turn as Clara let my prick begin its way into her hot cunt. I heard Clara cry out when it broke her maidenhead. I could see a smile appear on Patty's face as Tom began to hump her. Clara seemed dazed by what had just happened to her. I could see her look down to find my cock lodged deeply in her formerly virgin hole. I heard a quiet, "Oh no, it's gone! What am I to do?"

I responded by beginning to fuck her cute cunt. Clara watched Patty begin to lose her control as Tom screwed her. It was followed by her loss of control. Her cunt twitched and and then began to contract. Her moans began to compete with Patty's as if the two were in competition.

Then we both saw the white foam begin to froth out of her packed vagina. I knew I had also ejaculated into my Clara and I could just make out the foam around her hole. Tom surprised us by taking a finger and poking Patty's asshole. She shrieked and lunged onto his finger and prick. Inspired I soon had my finger into Clara's ass. A soft moan escaped from her mouth. Then even more contractions followed by a deep shudder signaled that Clara had gotten enough for the night. She had passed out.

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