Along-side Gods
Prologue: Prelude to Catastrophe

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Fiction Sex Story: Prologue: Prelude to Catastrophe - God, the Creator of Earth decided to suddenly disappear, leaving his Demesne(Earth) unprotected from the influence of others. - The Devils, Demons, Gods/Goddesses as well as the Deities of multiple realms found earth as place of untapped power as it's inhabitants have no aptitude to affect the Mana that resides within it and exploited this as an opportunity to increase their own influence. Hello Upcoming readers, More tags will be added in the future.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Magic   Fiction   High Fantasy   Post Apocalypse   Paranormal   MaleDom   Spanking   Rough   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Orgy   White Male   White Female   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Fisting   Sex Toys   Squirting   Enema   Pregnancy   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Tit-Fucking   Size   Big Breasts   Public Sex   Slow   Violent   Transformation   Nudism   War   Politics  

Everyone sees something different in the 'Endgame': a biblical apocalypse, a portrait of painful co-dependency, a confession of guilt and dignity in the face of death, a night of baffling hopelessness, a meaningless babble. Each interpretation reveals an absurd truth - not about the play, but about the person watching it.

-Simon McBurney

Dean Cliff-Heart slid of the velvet sheets beside the sprawled form of an oblivious woman. He took caution as to not make the slightest of sounds, careful not to wake his client from her blissful sleep. He snatched up his dark blue khaki shorts along-side a tight fitting satin thong.

He frowned, sigh he shook his head as he considered the putrid satin cloth. {I don't get why women like those kind of stuff}. He slid the shorts up his legs then pocketed the thong.

His Pale grey eyes stretched as he scanned the en suite, his eyes felling upon his unconscious clientele that had her modest assets concealed slightly by the velvet sheen of red sheets, then at the whorish cop polo placed at the bed's heel that he wore before, contemplating whether to leave without his top or wear the unchaste shirt.

Dean reached for his phallic baton along with its holster, he took a momentary glance at it before considering to just leaving it there on their rented room. {It's provided by the company, so there wouldn't be much of a problem ... but then again, they might cut it off my pay-check} ... He then fastened it on his shorts; covering the phallic head of the baton with the brown holster.

Settling his stuff, he took off to the nearby restroom. He groped a bit for the light switch as he turned on the lights. Then sighed contently as he walked towards the sink placed both his hands on the counter then inspected himself,

A ragged 4:00 shadow adorned his jaw, his pale grey eyes complemented his tanned skin while his sleek black hair looked rugged adding a wild look, and his features were sharp and chiseled creating an image of masculinity and intense desire emanated from his pale grey eyes, even without trying; it's what made him popular with his customers.

His bare chest was beefy, well-developed and powerfully built; healthy diet and his time at the gym paid off and exhibited great results. He smirked as signs of his pro-creational nightly activity showed; bodily fluids and love bites marked his body, a couple of welts produced my long nails instigated his back.

Dean took the phallic baton and washed it on the basin, then leaving it there as he stripped his shorts, getting ready to take a shower. He turned the faucet right as the small pictures indicated "warm", unfortunately it wasn't just warm, the water that splashed his face was scorching, almost bordering on boiling as the agony of the scalding water made him jump and let out a "manly shriek".

"AW FUCK!" he screamed as he fumbled for the faucets handle turning it left, immediately adjusting the temperature of the water to cold. "fuckin' hell" he uttered as he stood there basking on the cool stream, soaking his aching skin in refreshment.

"I didn't know you could scream like that." Uttered a voice, Dean gazed at the source. Standing at the Bathroom entrance is his client, Mara Willow, a 5'6 ft. 38 year-old Divorcee, With a brunette colored hair, brown eyes and button nose, her lips where small, her eye-brows a bit thick but her body was just as gorgeous as a 20 year-old woman, her breasts were C-cups, boobs ample enough to fit in one grasp, a bit chubby on her tummy but paired with her plump ass, she can be just as wild and sexy as any teen-ager.

Down to her mound was a heart shaped strip of hair that lead down to her pussy. "Well, any man can scream like that if they scald him with boiling water" Dean remarked.

"hoho, Is that what it takes?" She said as she eyed him lustfully, she sauntered towards Dean; hips swaying as her gaze lowered to his crotch. "I think I want to hear you scream like that again" she added with an evil smirk.

"I'ttle cost you extra" he shrugged, his cock stirred alive as Mara got closer. "Don't worry, I've got it covered." Mara said as he captures his lips in a deep kiss, their tongues swirling in passion. Dean reached up and cupped her cheeks, one hand on her ass while the other on her face. "I like your plump cheeks" he said breaking the kiss as he pinched both her ass and her cheek, eliciting a moan from her.

"Pig" she uttered as she grasp his stirring cock. Dean nuzzled her cheek then her chin going to her neck adding small kisses as he cupped her breast, circling her areolas while avoiding her hard nipples. "Thanks". he said, his head licking down to the side of her breasts then using the hand on her ass to tease her ass-hole, "Mhhhmmmm ... yes" she moaned as he took her nipple on his mouth, nipping at her nipples with short sensual bites, "I love your tits"

"I think they're a bit sagging" she pouted, her hands jerking his growing cock. "I like sagging" he added as he took her other tit to his mouth, small moans came from as he began adding the same circular motion as he tongued her nipple. "You just like boobs, you pig" she giggled while at the same time he bit her. "OH, YES!" pulling her nipple with his teeth. "Fuck! You're good at this"

"It comes with the job" he answered as he licked down to her abdomen, clenching her plump ass at the same time. "Ohhh ... yesss" she whispered, her eyes closed; engaging on the small pleasures brought by his probing.

"To the wall" Dean ordered as he turned her around and pushed her on the bathroom's wall. He cupped her pussy, making sure she's wet enough to take him, he then kneaded her breasts then pinched her nipples, "Bend over" he added, and she did. He stroked his cock then placed it at her entrance. "I think I'm tired" he said with a grin.

"Oh, Just fuck me you pig" she hissed. He plunged into her depths with one quick shove drawing out a naughty squeal, followed up with a moan. "You're so sexy" he complemented, her pussy-walls scrunching his cock.

"Every-ones sexy when your fucking them" Mara purred, Dean stood there not moving for about ten seconds, relishing her velvety goodness. "I'm so gonna kill you if you don't move" she threatened, "Oh, is that so?" he replied, "I'm paying y—"he captured her lips in a passionate kiss breaking her off. "I'm a rebel" he added, Dean stood there doing nothing with his cock half-way inside her belly but already hitting the entrance to her womb.

"I hate your teasing" Mara grunted then started moving her hips back and forth, "That's it" Dean said as he slid his hands on her belly, rubbing and occasionally bumping to her breasts. "And I loved teasing you" he whispered in her ears while breathing down on her neck.

Dean slid his hands down to her lower lips, unlike most women; Mara had a big clit that throbbed when she's horny. He rubbed around it with sensual and careful strokes, avoiding her throbbing clit. "You jerk" She moaned, as he felt her pussy-walls gently squeezing his cock, alerting him of her impending orgasm.

"Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!" she groaned, her strokes growing harder and faster. "Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! I FUCKING LOVE YOUR COCK!" she wailed, her back arching and her cunt squeezing tight, her knees buckled then kept on releasing her love juices. "Are you satisfied with that?" she asked, her voice trembling. "No" he said bucking his hips then plunged a forceful thrust in her followed by a quick escape out of her convulsing pussy, Dean began thrusting in and out. "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" her voice resounded on the bathroom walls, echoing slightly.

A relatively big orgasm came and rolled through her as he fucked her sensitive cunt followed by multiple small orgasms that writhed amidst his forceful fucking, Mara's knees trembled in weakness; Dean supported her by hooking both his hands along her elbows then pressing his palms against the walls. He kept on thrusting in wild abandon, and then pushed her to the wall, her tits flattened, hard nipples pressing against the cold ceramic tiles made her orgasms much more intense.

The cold water that showered her made her aware of how hot his cock was inside her and how much it was stretching and stirring her insides, she moaned, wantonly. Her mind was becoming slush as he pistoned in and out of her sloshing pussy.

Dean felt his orgasm coming, building up and ready to burst. He removed his arm that supported her elbow then hooked her legs upward, {God I love flexible women}, her pussy was in full-view as he went in and out of her. Her series of small orgasms now over and getting ready to unleash a big one, he turned her around then hooked both her legs with the two of his hands careful not to remove accidentally slid his cock of off her plump cunt.

He then carried her, her arms wrapping around his neck as he locked her lips in a deep kiss; Mara began to kiss him sloppily, as she was still recovering from her orgasm; Dean's cock sliding in and out of her didn't help her recover fast enough to think clearly.

The new position help Dean last longer as the head of his cock didn't get as much as attention as he slid inside her repeatedly. He grunted, keeping his orgasm unto a still as he tried to build up Mara's own orgasm.

He kept on heaving her up and down; Mara's eyes were in deep ecstasy as she moaned repeatedly; her fingers digging unto his back as fucked her. She felt her orgasm building. {God! He knows where to hit.}

She straddled him and tried to join Dean's rhythm in his thrusts but her hips were too weak to do so, {I'm getting old}, she thought solemnly but it was quickly washed away as Dean's hips bucked, his balls tightening and releasing 4 spurts of cum inside of her. The wet and warm feeling inside of her made it oh so {sexy}.

His own climax triggered Mara's orgasm as she writhed and wailed in ecstasy, her eyes going white as she passed out from the intense orgasm. Dean grunted his cocked plopped down from Mara's cunt followed by his white cum dripping out her depths and unto the tiled floor.

He carried her out of the bathroom, both of them wet and tired from their intense fuck. He walked onto the velvet sheets then gently placed her insensible form down on the soft cot. Her face stuck on a silly grin as his cum trickled out of his client's gaping pussy and unto the sheets.

He took 2 towels from the drawer and dried his body then followed by drying Mara's unconscious form. Mara stirred awake as he wiped her fleshy cunt. "I'm sore" she complained. "Your fault" Dean answered with a toothy grin. He looked at the time, it was 7:49 AM and he smiled gently knowing that they fucked for more than half-an hour. {Hell, I wasn't even able to shower properly.}

"I think I love you, Dean" Mara confessed, she just came out of a messy relationship and felt a bit reluctant on her confession. She was rich, yes and needy and she knew it. "You don't love me, you love the whole eleven inches of my cock" Dean said.

"Pig" She snorted. "I think it's just my Pussy talking but..." She hesitated "I really, really like you. You know? It might be love but I don't know..."

"You deserve better..." he murmured under his breath. This had been an occurring thing in his work, lonely, needy and horny women thinking that he's "the one" after one good fuck, but he isn't some-one they deserve. He isn't actually proud of his line-of-work but it's the one paying and his debt so he didn't have much of a choice in that matter.

"But you are 'Better' Dean" She confided. "You're sexy, smart, funny, kind and very, very Good at fucking" she purred adding an emphasis on the last one. "Where else can I find a man better than you are?"

"I'm working in a place like this, you know?" He replied, his tone flat. "Women pay to have sex with me, to entertain them, to realize their kinks and to make them feel good. I just don't think you know what you're actually talking about. I'm not proud to what I had become but it pays" a bit of emotion strung out from what he said.

"I'm sorry" Mara said, she caught the tone in his voice and she felt it; His sadness and his shame. A moment of awkward silence came, none of them spoke for about a minute but Mara decided to break it off and talk to him, maybe as a friend instead of a client.

"Why did you resort to ... um ... ah" she pondered the proper word to call Dean, "Stripping? Being Call-Boy? Or a Man-whore?" he added.

"Uh ... um, yes?" she answered, it was difficult to say it but it was true. Dean hesitated to tell his client about himself, he'd been bottling these things up ever since he started working, but decided that it wouldn't be good for him if he just kept his mouth shut and go crazy because of his problems, Mara seemed trustworthy, she'd been buying his services ever-since he became a part of the {STAllION's agency}. It wouldn't hurt him to tell his story to her, hell. She pays by the hour, so it suits him more if he stayed longer.

Dean sat and calmed his heart, it wasn't an easy subject but he at least wanted to ease his burden, even if it's just for a bit.

"Well, my dad left my mom and me for another woman, I was 15 then." He started "He was a prick, a bastard, he fucked other women behind mother's back and then left us when he got his younger and much more beautiful wife knocked up and pregnant." He recounted, his face stuck in a cold flat-look.

"He died on a car accident along-side his pregnant wife from what I heard when mom decided to claim the bastard's body; to pay for his funeral, After that, a couple of Loan sharks decided to come visit and placed that Prick's debts to his closest relative turns out that he lost his job a couple of months before leaving us deciding that such a news is bust to his pride, he hid it to my mom and loaned money to buy shit that he needed spending on his women and our necessities, which lead the loan sharks to us after discovering that mom claimed the body." Dean tried to keep his tone cold and straight but Mara heard it wavering slightly.

"My mom tried to pay for it, but she didn't have a job, she didn't finished college after that prick knocked her up with me, we were totally dependent on that prick's money. I stopped schooling after, I got a part-time job and we moved to a small-apartment complex to reduce our expenses." Dean's eyes got a little watery but he blinked it away and continued.

"Mom worked multiple part-time jobs, I just noticed later that she began to come home late or not even come home at all ... that's when I discovered that she's been whoring around to pay for our debts, I didn't tell her that I knew, It hurts you know?" Dean looked straight unto Mara's eyes; she gave him a comforting squeeze then hugged him. "I'm sorry"

Dean breathed out a heavy breath... "You don't have to continue if you don't want to..." Mara said in a gentle tone.

"No ... actually, thank you for listening to me. I needed to get that out of my chest for a bit" he said, he chocked a bit before thanking her again. "Can..." he took a deep breath "can I continue?" Dean asked. He rarely felt this vulnerable and he felt a bit more connected to Mara after telling her his problems. He probably see her again; which would make it awkward but she seemed nice enough not to dwell on such things, so he wanted to continue telling her his story. "Sure dear, vent it all out" she said as she hugged his head to her chest, she felt a bit of lust as her nipples hardened as it bumped on his face.

Dean ignored that and continued. "I didn't tell her that I knew; I continued each day, each routine as if I didn't know anything ... I knew she was doing this for me, and it hurt more because of that..."

"Mom is a beautiful woman so she got all sorts of high class customers ... Some have disgusting kinks like torture and brutal BDSM but that stuff pays big bucks. She came home with bruises on her back on her arms and she always hid it from me, it was obvious. I can see it when she isn't looking." Dean took another deep breath, rubbing the forming tears from his eyes.

"That's when I began ... uh, "Working" too. I took small jobs in porn because it pays ... I can't get a stable job since I didn't finish college, so i got a job because of my cock" he kidded

"But I only took POV films and only had sex when I know my partners clean of any STDS, I'm also the occasional stunt double when the actor can't get hard or cum on camera. I wouldn't want my mother to see me in the internet" Dean joked to take some relief off of himself.

"Hell, I don't even know if she watches porn." Dean made a sad smile. "After that, Mom died from internal bleeding..." he clenched his fist.

"She took a job from some-one that got her tortured, and her vagina was abused too much, they raped her, held her in a cell and took pleasure in humiliating her. They fed her nothing but their semen, insects and piss."

"Oh my god" Mara stared wide-eyed. "Is-is that the one on the news?" she asked, she knew what happened, and she watched it as it was broad-casted on the news and became a local controversy. Some poor woman got raped and kidnapped then was tortured for weeks before the police found her half-dead in a make-shift cell; her body was beaten with cuts and welts all-over her body, the assailants were imprisoned for life, but a few others got away before they caught them all.

"Oh I'm sorry, Dean. I'm really sorry." Mara placed her hands on her mouth because of shock and then cried. She hugged dean and then kept on sobbing. "Thank you..." Dean whispered, he felt a huge burden fall off his chest after telling her his story.

"Thank you, really. I felt much better because of you" he smiled, then stood up, took his stuff then packed, using the police polo to cover his props in a bundle of unchaste cloth.

"The debt is almost paid and I got a bit of savings, I decided to quit a few months from now and start a much normal life for my own" he said positively. As he held his hand towards Mara, she took it and he pulled her up. "I'm sorry if I made you cry ... Let me make it up to you"

He locked his lips with hers; Mara still a bit shocked took a moment before she responded to his tongue with her own. Dean voraciously tonguing her mouth and it made desire well up on the both of them.

Dean got a bit emotional there and felt a need for companionship.

Mara broke the kiss, breathing hard. "I-I'm still sore" she complained. She wanted him in her but she doesn't want to get hurt. She knew why he was doing this and wanted to oblige to ease a bit of his pain.

"You still have your other hole" Dean whispered with a naughty grin plastered on his face replacing his sad demeanor, Mara flushed as she heard that. "I hadn't had anal for years ... I don't think it'll fit" she admitted. "What wouldn't fit? Ms. Mara?" Dean question, a shit eating grin now broad-casted on his face. "Your Huge dick, you pig" She said with a smile, "you Happy now?"

"Yes" he said as he captured her lips in a lock. He pressed her down the velvet sheets then un-wrapped the unchaste bundle of cloth and took the lube, while still keeping his face pressed on hers. He stood up, "Bend over" he said. "I can't get enough hearing you say that." Mara said sarcastically. "It makes my cunty a bit more Wetty" she added in a cutesy voice unfitting for a woman her age. "hahahahaha" Dean laughed, then stopped. "Bend over" he said again.

"K" she replied as she stood on all fours and bent her back, arching her ass towards a dangerous monster. "Oh no, Please don't fuck my ass with your big, thick cock, Mister Dean" she said, acting all scared and helpless.

"Don't worry, I'll be gentle" he stated, he then popped the bottle of lube open and pressed it on her ass-hole. "I'm gonna shape your small tight tushy to fit my dick and you'll love every inch of it as I plunged it through your Cute little ass-hole" he stated as he pressed the bottle and squirted out a handful of lube, filling her unused hole with cold wet liquid. "Ohhh ... that feels nice" she cooed. "And it will fill nicer with my cock drenched in it. He squirted some on his cock and a bit more on her ass. Throwing the bottle away then spreading the liquid all over his cock and her butt. "Do you still do Enema?" he asked. He didn't want his cock getting dirty inside her ass-hole.

"Yes, yes. I do it every time I poop" she answered. "hahahaha, you said poop." He teased.

"Immature pig"

He jerked his cock to keep it hard while at the same time started to slowly fingering her ass-hole, it felt nice to him, her unused hole now sucking his finger in as though it was alive. "You're really excited about this, ain't ya?"

"I've forgotten how it feels so I feel more nervous than excited." She said. "OH!" he added another finger as he fucked her in and out, slowly getting faster by the second until she's moaning. "Oh god, it still feels goooood" he added another finger keeping a steady pace as he fingered her; he felt her getting loose as he placed his cock on the entrance of her second hole.

"Wait, I'm not ready ye— Fuck!" she screamed as he plunged half of his cock inside of her. "Oh my GOD, that's BIG" she wailed. "Wai-wai-wait! Don't mov—OH SHIT!" He pulled it out then slowly plunged it again eliciting a moan. "OOOOHHH!"

He began thrusting, keeping his pace steady and a bit slow, careful as to not tear her ass-hole and cause much discomfort. He kept his pace relatively slow paced, letting her ass get used to his length until he could get much deeper inside of her. "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" she moaned as 7 inches of his 11 inch cock had stretched Mara's ass-hole.

"I've missed this! Oh, GOD!" her tight ass-hole was grasping his dick like a tight glove as he pistoned her. "Naughty little girl need's to get disciplined" he whispered to her ear. "Who's the naughty little girl that needs to get punished?" he asked, increasing his speed in his thrusts. "O-OH! OH! I'm your naughty little girl," she said followed by "please don't move your hips too fast."

"Then how should I punish a naughty little girl?" Dean whispered as he breathed down her ears. "Go-go slower?" she suggested.

"I've got a better Idea" He said in a deep baritone voice. "How about we smack her ass to teach her a lesson?" he suggested his voice merry and filled with desire. "Please don't smack my ass, I'll be your good little girl instead" she pleaded.

"Well, a good little girl takes her punishment and lets me do what i want" he breathed down on her neck as he increased his thrusts, going deeper. "Oh! Oh! Oh! OH! Fuck!"


"OH FUCK!" she screamed. SMACK "OUCH! OH! GOD! OH! FUCK—OH!" SMACK "Good little girls don't swear" He said, he felt his orgasm coming in as her bowels took a tight grip to his cock. "I'm sorry, OH! I-i-I won't swear a—OH!— again"

SMACK! "OW!" she screamed "is that true?" he reaffirmed as he rammed her ass. 9 inches of his cock now buried deep on her ass. "Ye-yes-YES! OH! Yes!"

SMACK "AW!" she screamed, her orgasm going strong as she writhed, her cunt squirted in desire as he love juices matted her heart-shaped strip of pubic hair as well as the velvet sheets, a second later, Dean came unto his own climax flooding Mara's ass with white hot and liquid cum while his whole cock buried balls deep into her bowels. "Why-why did you do that?" she asked her voice quiet as she fell on her breasts. "I didn't swear" her knees too weak to support her own weight.

"I told you that good little girl's let me do what I want with them." He said as he slowly pulled out his cock from her ass-hole. His load spurted out as his cock plopped out with a naughty Splurt

He hugged her and gave her a deep kiss. "Thank you for listening to me" he gave her a kiss on the fore-head and readied to do an after care to her pink and swelling ass-cheeks. He took a lotion from his unchaste bundle of cloth; then placed a kiss her ass which made her yelp. "To help it heal" Dean said.

He placed some on his palms then began spreading it on her ass. Mara moaned as the cold lotion eased the burning pain on her butt "That feel's good ... thanks"

"I hate you for making my pussy and ass-hole sore ... but thanks" she added with a smile. "Help me up." She said and he did. He carried her unto her knees as to not seat on her butt. She wobbled for a bit before steadying herself with her hands since they were shaking. Dean went to the small fridge just beside the bed then took a pitcher of cold water, took two glasses then filled them up.

He pressed the cold glass on Mara's butt; an action that made her squeal then presenting it to her to drink. "Pig" she uttered under her breath as she drank greedily.

He arranged and bundled his props and waited for Mara to recover from her weakened knees. "I don't think I could sit down until tomorrow" she said, trying to make conversation as they waited. "If you let me ... I could make it so that you couldn't sit down for next week"

"I know you can" she snorted. "Unfortunately, I have work tomorrow so we wouldn't see until the next time I require your assistance"

"Assistance in what?" he asked haughtily.

"In doing Pro-creational activities" she said with a smile. "And you're services are really expensive."

They did small talks, easing them until Mara could stand steadily, "Will you take a shower?" Dean asked, ready to help his needy friend. "Nope, I'm fine" she said. "I like having your cum inside me. Here help me dress" she said.

"Sure" he took her stuff then bundled them together, her red lacey panties and bra lay on the floor just affront the door along with her heels. Her coat and her modest skirt were right by the bed.

"Here let me help you with those" he said as he help Mara slide her own panties up her legs, Dean helped by nipping at her legs as he slipped it up, he tussled with bra then clasped it for her while copping a feel at the same time.

After getting dressed, Dean led Mara out the door and unto her car. She complained when she sat and then gave Dean a good-bye kiss before she drove, leaving him a generous tip of 100$.

"Good-bye" he uttered as he watched her drive.

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