Halloween Cruise to Bermuda
Chapter 1

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Age role play erotica as 23 year old passes off as 13 year old to get children's rate on a Halloween Cruise.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Drunk/Drugged   Heterosexual   Fiction   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Sex Toys   Voyeurism  

Betsy White was definitely cute.

She knew she was cute and it annoyed her no end to be told it over and over.

The young girl rummaged through her junk on top of the kitchen table to find her eyeglasses because she had found an interesting advertisement about the "Special Halloween Cruise to Paradise".

The pretty girl read it carefully and saw that it was all expenses included and due to depart from pier nine at midnight the following evening. The only problem was that the full adult price was way out of her price range and she had no hope of raising the cash in such a short period of time.

Then, way down in the fine print, she saw that children thirteen and under were at half-price providing they were accompanied by an adult. That was something she could handle and have plenty left over for buying gifts and nice clothes as well. All she had to do was find an adult or couple who would be willing to bring her onboard with them as a child. She even had a phony identification card from the State that said she was old enough to drink and just had to change the date to make herself only thirteen instead of twenty-three which was her actual age. It seemed so strange to be changing her age the other way to get a price break instead of boosting it to get an adult beverage. The guy who doctored it looked at her real funny but he didn't ask any questions as long as he got his fee.

She went to the thrift store and bought a wardrobe of thirteen year old clothing that filled the bill for only a few dollars or the price of a single "big girl" outfit.

It certainly was a plus to have smallish boobs and when she took off the make-up she really looked like a minor. She spent the entire afternoon down on the pier watching the travelers arrange their cabins and special luggage requirements. There was a younger couple that looked like they would be a good match except for the fact they would be far too young to have a thirteen year old daughter. Betsy settled for a not quite middle-aged couple who looked like they needed a long vacation to get away from everything.

She pretended to trip over their luggage waiting to be loaded and the wife was clearly concerned she might have twisted her ankle. After she sat down with them, she explained that her single parent mother had decided to fly to Europe to tend her near-death grandfather thinking that her daughter would be able to make the vacation cruise under the care of the Cruise Line. She tearfully explained that the "accompanied by an adult" small print not seen by her mother meant she was stranded unable to board the ship.

Greta Simmons and her husband Ronald were quick to assure her that they would be happy to bring her onboard after she explained to them that the cruise line generally had a small adjoining cabin for such third parties. That was fine with them and they went with her to the purser to arrange the cabins before they were all spoken for.

Her cabin right next to the older couple's stateroom was tiny but adequate. It was just perfect for her and she went back to her apartment to get her luggage. They were able to board late that evening in preparation for the midnight departure. She was certain the Simmons had no idea their thirteen year old companion was actually twenty-three but she made a real effort to live up to the role and even sat crossed legged on the deck chair outside perfectly aware that the older gentleman across the way was peeking up her skirt at her "puppy love" panties stretched tightly across her visibly indented camel-toe.

He was probably only in his early thirties and under normal circumstances she would have welcomed the opportunity to have a cocktail with him at the bar but it was obvious that gentlemen didn't ask minors out for a drink on Vacation Cruises. Still, she managed to strike up a conversation with him to ask him if he knew when breakfast started in the morning.

"Well, young lady, I was told they start the buffet tables real early right here on the deck and you can take what you want and eat it right here on deck watching the waves go by on the other side of the rail."

She could tell he was a "normal" guy and not a pervert looking for little girls because he was being very careful not to say anything of a suggestive nature. Of course, if he had known she was actually twenty-three, he would probably have asked her to join him for a "night-cap" in his cabin with other intentions on his mind.

All she could do in her thirteen year old role-playing was to let him have a good look at her pink panties with the cute little puppies and hearts all over them. On an impulse, she lifted her skirt and pointed to one of the little puppies with hearts coming out on a line from his mouth like a string of pearls.

"I love these pants because they remind me of my pet dog Randy who is always licking me every time he sees me. I love that dog but he has such a cold wet tongue in the middle of the night."

She said it with all the innuendo she could muster without giving up the guise of total innocence.

She saw the man turn a sort of shade of red in embarrassment but he bravely ignored the double meaning and told her she was a good girl to be making the cruise without her pet with her.

Betsy was sure to give him the Simmons's stateroom number as well as her own tiny cabin making sure he understood she was in the adjoining cabin by herself and had to sleep all alone at night. She just hoped he wasn't too hung up with the age thing to not pay her a visit. The first thing she would do would be to explain her real age and why she had to keep up the charade of being thirteen or under for the duration of the cruise. He gave her his card that simply said, "George Apple, Attorney at Law".

When she met the Simmons later that evening, they were with a young boy of about sixteen or seventeen who still had some terrible pimples on his forehead. She felt sorry for him because she had the same problem when she was his age and the only thing that had cured it was to spread her legs and let some of the football team scores some goals deep inside her slit and fill her opening with oodles of creamy pimple medication. Of course, she couldn't give that advice to the boy because it would totally inappropriate. His name was Tommy and she could tell he was into her because he kept looking at that point where her skirt met her bare legs and she could see him mentally undressing her just like a grown-up man with lots of experience nailing females of a nubile nature.

He pathetically followed her like a puppy dog to her little cabin and she let him inside because he looked so lost and friendly. That was probably a mistake on her part because before she knew it, he was trying to fondle her unrestrained boobs and she was doing little to dissuade him because it felt so good. She was a little lonely now and it didn't look too promising at the moment to get some adult male interested in pursuing her pussy for a payoff that didn't involve incarceration as a punishment.

It was when Tommy showed how good he was with using his tongue as a vacuum cleaner. She let him have his way with her face and her mouth and her neck and her ear and then let him move down to her boobs much to his delight. After a little pause, she whispered in his ear that if he wanted to go lower, she wouldn't object and he turned beet red above the shirt collar.

In fact, she was surprised that the inexperienced boy managed to get her puppy-love panties down to her knees and started to lick her slit in earnest with enthusiastic determination. It was obvious he had absolutely no idea what he was doing but the fact he was willing to please her was all she needed to spread her knees wide and let him continue at his own pace to finally get his unskilled shaft in position to open her up like a proper adult female with feminine needs.

The boy kept asking her if it was all right and she kept reassuring him that she was in no pain and that he was welcome to explore wherever he had a mind to place his teenage equipment. Soon, he was buried deep inside her slit and she knew from the way he was breathing that he would shoot his load before things even got started for her. Because of his age she was certain he would have it up for action quickly once again and perhaps the second time she might have some long-awaited satisfaction. Her thoughts were soon proved to be correct and she looked at the puddle of cream seeping down the insides of her legs like some unstoppable lava from an active volcano.

She was messy and she loved it.

Tommy insisted on getting some tissues from the desk to wipe her clean and she shuddered at the touch of his fingers in those sensitive places that every woman knows need constant attention. She was of a mind to see if his newly exercised shaft would be up to the task of stretching her sphincter muscle but she was afraid to ask because it would surely mark her as older and much more experienced than any girl of only thirteen. Even from her twenty-three year old perspective, Betsy had to admit the boy was well-hung and certainly filled with the juice of youth that kept going and going without end.

The boy almost ran down the hallway with confused thoughts running through his head and she was certain he would be back at her cabin door the following night looking for a repeat performance. With any luck, they would solve his pimple problem before the Cruise Ship made it back to homeport.

The ship was long out from the harbor on headed to Bermuda when she heard a low scratching at her door almost like a dog or a cat trying to come in after doing its duty in the bushes.

She couldn't see anyone through the peephole but they didn't work very well in any event and her curiosity overwhelmed her enough to risk opening the door.

When she opened the door, she discovered a very drunken middle-aged lawyer called George Apple smiling foolishly and telling her,

"I came back to get another look at your little puppy with the pretty pink hearts".

That made Betsy laugh and she pulled him inside before the Simmons could see him with his trousers tented out from his obvious erection.

"Mister Apple, you have been a bad boy drinking all that booze and the trip has barely started. If I were your mama I would be tanning your bottom."

The besotted man laid down on her bunk and simply said,

"I promise to be a good boy for you, my dear."

She stripped him down to his briefs and socks and playfully spanked his bottom like she had just threatened. He moaned and pushed his bottom up high and she knew right away that he was one of those men that liked a woman to teach him a lesson in discipline every now and then. Betsy had a boyfriend like that who was a professional wrestler and he never failed to offer his backside for her special talents.

Since George was a bit out of it, she just pushed him sideways in the bunk and let him spoon her from behind finding that his long thin shaft was rock-hard and slipped in between her legs like a homing pigeon finding a nest to burrow into with great delight.

It was super slow and super nice and Betsy took it all inside with her slit weeping constantly with her own juices to keep them well lubricated throughout. When he finally came, they both fell asleep with him buried deep inside her and she was in no hurry to have him take it out.

Tomorrow would be time enough to tell him she was twenty-three years old and well-experienced in everything a girl needs to know to make her way in a sexually-oriented world.

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