My Step-sister's Banana Split Sundae

by Tony Sorrentino

Copyright© 2015 by Tony Sorrentino

Erotica Sex Story: Horny step-sisters, banana split sundaes, what more could a guy ask for.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Teenagers   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Brother   Sister   Spanking   Humiliation   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .

It was one of those boring Saturday mornings when nothing seemed to be happening and I was at loose ends trying to figure out something interesting to do for the rest of the day. My naughty step-sister was just out of the shower and parading her lush naked female form all over the bedroom like some stripper at the local "girlie" club. I loved to watch her bending over to extract her always tempting thongs from the bottom drawer because she showed me her neatly shaved slit every time.

It was really too early in the day for that sort of fooling around and besides we were both tired from the festivities of the night before when she proved to me that she was able to stretch wide enough for all four fingers of one of my devious hands squeezed tightly together to make entry into her delicious rump. She was becoming a bit looser with each passing night of fun and games and I knew her attitude was quite different from when we first started to investigate her flexibility in private away from our parent's vigilant eyes.

Now we were like an old married couple humping away with abandon on top of her bed but doing our best to keep as quiet as possible to avoid discovery.

I never considered our "fooling around" to be in any way incest because I had never laid sight on my step-sister Nicole until she moved into our house with her father who was not my new step-father and head of the household. He was a cool guy who minded his own business when it came to me and didn't seem to care about disciplining his wayward daughter Nicole. He was probably too busy giving it to my starry-eyed mom as soon as the bedroom door closed at night.

Nicole was a bit on the plump side but now that I was used to her that didn't seem like a drawback. In fact, I liked the way she bounced underneath my weight like flexible ball of yielding flesh making me spill my juices a lot sooner than I really wanted to.

She was accommodating enough to find suitable BFFs to keep her sleep-overs interesting and I was invited to show her new friends how it felt to take it from behind. Her sleep-overs were always a highlight of any weekend and we both had lots of fun introducing the little darlings to the joy of kinky humping. We both got hooked on the use of bananas to stimulate her female juices and even eating the evidence at the conclusion of our fun and games. Some of those girls were even kinkier than us and that was unusual for eighteen year old girls.

I don't remember how we got on the subject of Banana Split Sundaes but they seemed to be an interesting because of the way they split the banana and pushed three scoops of ice cream in between the meaty flesh of the fruit and then covering it all with chocolate syrup and whipped cream. I told my Nicole that it would be fun to make a "banana split" of her pussy with the whipped cream and all. She seemed all enthusiastic about the idea and we decided to play it on her next sleep-over which happened to be with Veronica the sultry new transfer student from the Bayou country outside of New Orleans.

Veronica was sort of dark and had unusual hair. She told us that she was one-sixteenth black and that she had French blood on her mama's side. When we all got out of our bedtime clothes, I noticed her nipples had that sort of wide dark coloring that made her look a lot more exciting.

We were all hot to trot with the banana split idea and my step-sister slipped down to the kitchen to round up all the necessary ingredients like some soldier sent out on a mission behind enemy lines. While she was gone, I showed Veronica how nice it felt to take a finger or two up her brown eye and she was giggling the whole time letting me know she was no stranger to such nasty games.

My step-sister came through the door breathing hard from running up the stairs. She really needed to lose some weight but I wasn't going to be the one to embarrass her into going on a diet. Besides, I liked the side benefit of having lots of curvy folds to grab onto when I was trying to steady her for my final explosion in the dark.

Veronica was rocking on top of my fingers and I liked the way she sort of whimpered helplessly like she was some kind of innocent girl caught in a trap and unable to get out. I knew she was turned on by the attention and she was ready and willing to play any game my step-sister and I could devise to humiliate her to her liking.

We decided to "banana-split" Veronica first and she lifted her legs up high allowing her shaven pussy slit to become a "table" for the decoration of the treat. I split the banana perfectly and arranged it on both sides of her pretty pink slit. It rested on her folds showing only the slightest stubble from the recent shaving. I even pushed it into her slit slightly to let her know her dessert treat would be served "a la carte" directly to my waiting mouth and possibly to my step-sister's mouth as well.

She moaned and shivered at the placement of three scoops of ice cream which started to melt almost immediately because her pretty slit was so hot and ready for action. Then Nicole poured the chocolate syrup which ran back into her crack making it look like she was doing something nasty back there but we all knew it was just chocolate and ready to be licked clean. Then the whipped cream was put on top and both Nicole and I bent down to start devouring the gooey mess in its entirety from the top of her pubic mound all the way back to her pulsating brown eye. I had to put my hand over her mouth to stop her cries of pleasure not wanting our parents to inquire if we were having any trouble in going to sleep.

After a short timeout, we all repeated the process with my step-sister and I let Veronica have most of the goodies because I was a bit full from sucking every last drop from Veronica's pretty pussy. Whilst Veronica was busy licking my step-sister from stem to stern, I introduced my swollen shaft to her shaft cleansed of the chocolate syrup and showed her that her sphincter was no match for my frenzied determination.

It really made quite a sight in the full length mirror to see the beautiful Veronica with her strange looking hair eating my step-sister's Banana Split Sundae and taking it up the ass at the same time from my enthusiastic teenaged rod. It was really difficult to tell which of us was enjoying it the most but my money was on Veronica who seemed to go into a series of orgasms that shook her delicate body with wave after wave of convulsive shakings.

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