Ghost Fighter

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2015 by Ka Hmnd

Science Fiction Sex Story: Edited by Bird Dog The sudden invasion by the Dark sent the whole population scrambling. Our colony was a few hundred years old with several abandoned military bases. The one I went to was hidden inside a mountain. That was where I found a way to fight back and try to stop the Dark.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   First   Oral Sex   Cream Pie   .

The small complex was under two thousand meters of rock and very old. The attack by the Dark had been going on for over two weeks as the people fled the cities. As far as I knew all the nobles were dead with the military. The first targets had been military, command centers and the noble estates.

I was headed for a very old and abandoned military site. Hopefully others would go there as well and we could fight. A girl from down the street had caught me at the last minute. I glanced at Sinthia as I slowed and dropped towards a clearing, "Are you sure you want to come with me?"

She smiled, "That is the fourth time you asked that."

I grinned as I settled the flyer to the ground and began to shut down, "Girls do not normally want to be with me."

She grinned as she pushed the door open, "If there is one person I want near to protect me it is you."

I opened my door as she turned and opened the back and reached for a large pack, "Besides I have a crush on you."

I glanced at her and grabbed my pack and the rifle I had acquired from a store. I shouldered the pack and checked the rifle before I turned and started towards the side of a huge cliff, "we will have to explore that later."

She caught up as I walked and giggled, "You can explore as much as you want."

I blushed at the way she said that and then slowed and frowned at the barrier in front of us. I shook my head as I looked at the huge sonic lances and sensors. I turned to walk along the barrier before I grinned and set my pack down, "Wait here."

I climbed one of the many broadleaf evergreen trees that had branches that extended over the top of the barrier. On the other side another tree was growing close and a thick limb crossed a limb from this tree. I moved out slowly and watched the sonic lances until I was over the barrier. I grinned and moved back and then down.

I accepted my pack and helped Sinthia climb up. She followed me up and then out and across to the other tree. I moved to the back of the tree to climb down and then helped her. I knelt and looked at the ground carefully for sensors or mines before I stood and began to walk. The whole inside was overgrown with evergreens, which grew extremely fast on this planet.

Finally I saw the huge armored doors and moved closer. I pulled out my comp and plugged it into the control panel. I entered the emergency security codes that had been broadcast for all base facilities. The panel beeped and the door slowly began to open. I unplugged the comp and walked in and waited for Sinthia.

I searched for the systems panel and turned on the complex sensors and lights. Next, I started the ventilation systems and then downloaded a map of the complex. I relaxed and headed toward the lifts with Sinthia. The lift dropped down and down and finally slowed and opened. I led the way out and to the living quarters.

I walked into the base commander's quarters and looked around before taking my pack off. I started removing stasis coverings and Sinthia helped before she slipped away. I turned after finishing in the common area to see her naked and wiggling her finger for me to come to her. I grinned as I stared and began to move towards her.

She backed into the other room which was the bedroom and had a large bed. She had already removed the stasis coverings and moved onto it and wiggled into the middle. I stripped as I stalked after her. I bent and pushed her legs open and started to lick her pussy. She sighed and lifted her hips as I moved to her clit.

She moaned and shivered as I wiggled my tongue on her clit and then began to suck and nibble. It was not long before she was humping and shaking and finally tried to close her legs. I moved back and she rolled onto her stomach. She went to her knees and shifted to spread them wide as she put her head and shoulders down.

I felt her wet pussy before I moved closer and pushed into her. She groaned as she pushed back and I buried my cock. I held her hips as she pulled away a few moments later and then pushed back again. I grinned as I rubbed her asshole and then held her as I pulled back and started to fuck her.

I was still going slow but almost pulling out before I buried my cock. Her pussy became slippery before a minute was up and she started to yell. I suddenly held her back and fucked her hard and deep and she stiffened as her pussy clenched. She jerked and then howled as she spasmed and started shoving back, "FUCK!"

After a minute I slowed to just long thrusts and had to hold her up. She twisted and her pussy kept grasping and squeezing, "Ooohhhh!"

When I began to pound her cunt again she wailed and jerked. I finally shoved into her and held her as my cock pumped strong spurts of cum. She gasped and pushed back as her pussy gripped my cock, "YES!"

She shuddered while I came in her and when I was done I pulled out and she sagged to the bed. I grinned as I rolled her over and laid on her and pushed into her slimy pussy. It was a long time before we stopped and she snuggled as she fell asleep. I was tired but lay awake for a while as I thought.

I woke to Sinthia licking my cock and lifted my head, "Horny nymph."

She grinned and I shifted and moved off the bed, "Bathroom?"

She followed and then we got dressed and went hunting for rations. The base comp gave the location of the huge storage area. After we ate I began to explore and pull Sinthia after me. The moment I stepped into the huge equipment storage area my eyes went to the stealth fighter. I turned to shut the stasis off and then went to look it over.

It was very old but I had done a lot of flying in one using the holo sim games. This one had never been used and I would have to go over it before I could even think of using it. I went to work with Sinthia helping. Slowly system by system the almost ancient stealth fighter came alive. Next we had to find ammo if it was here – and it was.

I begin to search the base plans and grinned as I moved the fighter into the base launch area. All the vehicles that had been here had been removed long ago. It was evening and I was more than ready to do something. The comp reports had the battle for the system over, with the Dark landing the night before.

I looked at Sinthia, for two days I had talked her through using the fighter countermeasures. I finally gestured and let her climb up and in before I followed. There was still one empty seat which would have been for a navigator but I could manage. I brought the fighter alive and sent a signal to the base operations AI.

The fighter almost purred as it began to move and I turned onto the elevated ramp. I glanced at the holo of Sinthia, "ready?"

She was biting her lip but nodded and I shoved the throttle to the stop. The fighter streaked up the ramp and then out the hole in the cliff face. I leveled off as I turned and kept accelerating towards the starport city. Sinthia had the electronic countermeasures running so even if they could see us they would get multiple reads.

I turned as I saw the city and began locking onto targets. Most were alien transports but there were several fighters. I grinned fiercely as I fired six small strike missiles and watched the vehicles vanish. I rolled and started locking onto more targets as the transports dropped towards the ground and all the fighters turned towards where we had been.

It was like they could not see us or their scans could not. I fired again as I twisted and turned and six fighters exploded. Three more times I fired and destroyed enemy fighters and a few transports. I rolled and turned to head back when I saw the fancy transport on the top of a sky building.

I turned to go back and was aiming when I saw the female. She was struggling with two soldiers and another was using a whip. I growled as I pulled the throttles back to slow and then dropped the landing legs. Even before I reached the building and the landing pad I was sliding the canopy back.

I pulled my pistol and lifted off the seat as the fighter spun and dropped to land and I extended the pistol. I aimed and fired and the man with the whip died as the bullet exploded through his back. The other two let the girl go as I shifted and fired again. This time I shot a soldier in the head and the last was running for the stairs down.

I fired several times and he fell and then rolled down the stairs as I jumped up, "Stay here Sinthia."

I leaped out and landed in a jarring crouch before I ran to the girl. I thought she was one of us and hesitated when she looked up and at me. She was at least a half-breed sidhe and I caught her hand and pulled her up and after me as I headed back to the fighter. I opened the access steps and lifted her, "climb in."

Sinthia was leaning out and helped pull her up and in and I quickly followed. I slid into my seat and glanced back, "Sit down."

I lifted and yanked the throttle back while still closing the canopy. Several fighters were headed straight for us as I locked them and fired. The whole center vanished as I continued to accelerate through where they had been. I heard the tone of active target tracking and glanced at the rear scan screen, "Decoys Sinthia."

I blinked as instead of decoys, anti-missiles lasers fired. The single enemy fighter right behind us exploded as the lasers cut the ship apart. I relaxed and smiled as we streaked out of the city. I finally turned and headed back towards the base. I stayed low and used the terrain and finally sent a signal to the base operations AI.

The hole in the cliff slid open and I slowed and entered. I dropped as I continued to slow and went down the ramp. When I reached the launch area I turned the fighter and backed into the spot we had been in. I set down and began to shut the systems off while I opened the canopy. I finally stood and removed the flight helmet and looked at Sinthia and the girl.

I climbed out and turned to help them and ended up looking straight up at the girl's beautiful pussy. She glanced at me when I reached up and caught her waist and lifted and turned to set her down. I turned to help Sinthia and grinned as she fell back and into my arms. I caught her and turned to set her down, "Horny nymph."

She grinned and then looked at the girl, "Can we keep her?"

I looked with her and started walking and reached out to pull the girl after us, "If she wants."

Sinthia grinned as she walked beside the girl, "I am Sinthia."

The girl was looking at the floor, "I am Tierra."

I grinned, "And I am Alex."

I turned in at the officers dining area we had been using. Sinthia picked the rations and we warmed them. We sat at our table and I bent to look at and remove the collar Tierra was wearing. I started eating and ignored Sinthia whispering to the girl. After we were done and everything was thrown away I led the two back to our quarters.

First I pulled Tierra to the med closet and let the AI heal the whip marks and the deep muscle bruising. When it was done I stretched as I began to strip on the way to the fresher, "A shower and then bed."

The warm water felt nice and I glanced at Sinthia and Tierra when they joined me. I pulled Tierra between us and started to gently wash her. At first she had trembled and then she calmed and finally she relaxed. I gritted my teeth at the old scars of whip marks on her legs and back. When we finished I moved her and began to wash Sinthia.

Tierra hesitated before she started to help. After Sinthia it was my turn and Sinthia giggled a lot while Tierra seemed to go slow and watch my face. I shut the water off and stepped out and turned after picking up a towel. First it was Tierra I dried and then Sinthia before I did myself.

I hung up the towel and walked out and headed for the bed, "Get the light Sinthia."

I crawled under the sheet and moved over and lay back as I closed my eyes. It had been a long day with a lot of excitement during the fight. A moment and my eyes snapped open as Tierra moaned. In the dim light from a vent I saw Sinthia between her legs licking her. She shivered and lifted her hips and I finally turned and bent to suck on a pretty nipple.

She hesitated before holding my head as I moved back and forth. A few minutes and she was writhing around and shaking and Sinthia finally moved up beside her. I moved out from under the sheet and as Sinthia grinned and gave her a kiss, "You taste nice."

Tierra smiled and looked at me and Sinthia caressed her tummy, "Would you like him to fuck you?"

She hesitated before she nodded and I shifted and moved over her. I kept her legs open with my knees and slowly pushed into her. I buried my cock and settled and gave her a kiss. I kept doing it and pressing into her and relaxing. It was a couple of minutes before her eyes went wide and she suddenly clutched me, "Ooohhhh!"

I pulled back and sank my cock back into her and her hips lifted and her pussy tightened. She shuddered and looked at me in surprise as I pulled back again. I fucked her slowly with long thrusts and she clung to me and shook while her warm and slippery pussy kept grasping. A few minutes and she was struggling and jerking while she moaned louder.

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