Halloween Is Here Again

by Grandpa's Bedtime Stories

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Fiction Story: Halloween is here and it is time for "Trick or Treating".

Tags: Teenagers  

When the summer is all over and the outside weather is getting a little colder even in the daytime, the special Holiday of Halloween pops up on the calendars all over the place.

Most boys and girls look forward to Halloween not because they like all the witches, ghosts and goblins running in every direction but because it was a time to get all the free candy they could collect when they went out "Trick or Treating" on Halloween night.

It was the first Halloween that Amy was going out on without her older brother Arnold to go with her. He was all of fourteen years old now and in High School. His attitude was that the whole business was for "kids" and he was much too mature for such foolishness any longer.

It really made Amy mad because she had to find someone to go with her to keep her parents happy about her being out after dark. She memorized her brother's words because she planned to repeat them back to him word by word when he came knocking at her door for some of the candy.

Her cousin Doreen agreed to go with her and they both planned to go as witches. Amy didn't like Doreen very much but having her along was the key to going on the "Trick or Treat" mission to as many neighbors as possible.

Doreen's house was on the other side of the railroad tracks and Amy didn't remember the last time she had visited her all the way over there. Her mom told her that her sister had fallen on "hard times" after the plant closed down and none of the fathers and husbands had jobs anymore. Anyway, it was a good deal for Doreen because the candy pickings were a lot better in Amy's neighborhood with most of the residents working for the government or the college.

It seemed so easy for Doreen to get into her witch's costume and it almost looked it was something that she wore all the time. In fact, it only took a little dark shadow around her eyes and she made the perfect witch right down to the terrifying cackle when she talked. It actually scared Amy a little bit because it didn't look she was acting.

Amy looked more like a Princess than a witch but she didn't care as long as they got lots of candy.

It was planned that Doreen would stay for a sleep-over after the "Trick or Treating" was all over. Amy hoped they were so tired they would just drop off to sleep because she didn't know what she would find to discuss with her cousin from the other side of the tracks.

It started out to be a real good night because Doreen was not shy about knocking on the doors and she seemed to scare the people into giving out more candy than they planned to after seeing how convincing the twelve year old girl was in her witch's costume. In a way, Amy was just happy to tag a long and benefit from the goodies they both collected.

At one house, the old man just made a sour face and told them.

"It's too late for you kids to be out at night. You better get home before your parents come looking for you. No candy here, girls. It's not good for your teeth."

Then he slammed the heavy wooden door on them like they were unwelcome guests and trespassing on his property.

Amy was surprised to see Doreen pull out two eggs from her pockets and hand her one.

"Just throw that at this nasty man's door when I give you the signal and then we have to run as fast as we can."

All of a sudden, Amy's heart was beating fast and she was truly scared.

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