Trucker's Joy

by Lucky Mann

Copyright© 2015 by Lucky Mann

Fiction Sex Story: A young teen thief is caught in the cab of a truck. The owner/operator of the truck makes her an offer that will change her life.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Reluctant   Coercion   Heterosexual   Fiction   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Workplace   .

Sam pulled his big rig into a truck stop outside Jacksonville, Florida. He was tired, hungry, and longed for a little chat with a cute waitress he knew worked there.

The twenty years of trucking were beginning to catch up with him. He was 42 years of age, stood a little over 6' tall, and weighted somewhere north of 200 pounds. He had already spent half his life behind the wheel of a truck. Too many truck stop burgers and too many hours sitting on his ass behind the wheel of a truck had taken their toll.

Sam was an owner/operator. His truck was about the only thing he owned. He lived on the road. His truck was his home, and he took excellent care of it. There was not a mark on the highly waxed bright red paint of the KW or the yellow lettering on the doors. He had one of the largest walk-in, double-bunk sleepers available. It had a TV with a satellite dish mounted behind the sleeper, microwave, refrigerator, AC/heater system separate from the main engine, stereo, and even a small, self-contained shower. Some referred to it as his apartment on wheels. His cab was likewise filled with all the latest electronic gadgets to make his life on the road easier and more enjoyable.

A short time after arriving, Sam had finished his

dinner and was leisurely walking across the truck stop parking lot. As he approached his rig, he noticed his passenger door was not tightly shut. Sam always shut and locked his doors. Getting closer, he saw someone move inside his sleeper. He could see his CB radio had been removed from its mount above the windshield.

With surprising speed and agility, Sam jerked open the passenger door and hoisted himself into the cab.

A startled kid dropped the CB and tried to escape out the driver's side door. Sam was too quick for the thief. He roughly grabbed an arm of the intruder as it flew by on its way out the far side. He drug the body attached to the arm back inside the cab. When Sam spun the thief around, he came face to face with his captive. The thief looking back at him was a young, frightened, dirty faced girl.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing in here?" Sam demanded.

The thief hung her head and replied. "I'm sorry Mister. I'm hungry, and I didn't think you'd be back so soon. I wanted to sell the radio and get something to eat and maybe get a bus ticket."

"Bull shit!" Sam replied. "You were going to sell that radio to buy drugs."

"Really, sir, I was going to eat with it. I don't do drugs, or anything like that." Tears began to form in the corner of her eyes.

Sam, with a firm grip on both of her biceps, pulled her close and looked hard into her eyes. They were clear and steady. He then firmly took both of her wrists and twisted them so the backs of her arms were facing up. He saw no needle marks. He sniffed. She sure needed a bath, but he didn't smell any alcohol or weed. "A bus ticket to where?" He calmly asked.

"San Diego." She answered.


"My parents were killed in a car wreck a few months ago. I've been in four foster homes since then. I have an aunt out there who will take me in if I can get there."

Indicating the passenger seat, Sam told his captive. "Sit here. We'll talk." He then settled into the driver's seat, and asked the girl. "What's your name?"


"And how old are you, Joy?"

Joy lowered her head and said. "Eighteen."

"Bull shit! How old?"


"Don't bull shit and old bull shitter. Now, how the hell old are you?" Sam demanded.

Joy, with her head still bowed, said. "I just turned sixteen a week ago."

Just one more time. "How the fuck old are you."

"Okay, okay, I'll turn fifteen in a few weeks. Please, what are you going to do with me?"

"Holly shit! You are not only young, but you are a stupid little bitch. Do you really expect to get to San Diego stealing radios? You'll end up dead or in jail before you get half way to Texas."

Then an evil thought crossed Sam's mind. He could help her, but she would have to help him in return. He looked her in the eyes and made her an offer. "I have a proposition for you, Joy. It's a bit crude, but you're free to say no and be on your way. Now open that door. You need a bath, and I need some fresh air in here. Sit there and listen to what I have to say. You can jump out and run anytime you like."

"You're not going to have me arrested?" Joy asked, as she opened the door.

"That wouldn't do either of us any good, now would it? Just shut up and listen for a minute. I can take you all the way to San Diego via Casper, Wy. The trip will take about a week, maybe a week and a half. However, fuel is damned expensive, and you'll have to be fed. So, you will have pay for your ride."

Joy interrupted Sam. "How? I don't have any money."

Sam looked slowly up and down Joy's young body. She was filthy and smelled badly, but she was not too bad to look at. Her auburn red hair was matted and hung limply around her freckled face. Her green eyes had a sparkle that intrigued Sam. She was only about 5'2" and weighed maybe 110 pounds.

After appraising Joy, Sam said to her. "Okay. Here's the deal. I'll cover the costs of the trip, feed you, and buy you some new clothes."

"I told you I don't have any money. How can I pay you back?" Joy asked.

"Here's your part of the deal. You can pay for the ride with your pussy, your ass, and your mouth. If you please me, I might even throw in a couple hundred bucks when we get to San Diego."

Joy looked shocked, but she didn't jump out of the truck and run. "I can't do that. I've never done any of that."

"Have you been out on dates?" Sam asked.


"Didn't the boys want sex from you?"


"What did you do?"

"Two times, I played with their things until this white stuff came out and ran all over my hand. It was yucky."

"Well, you've got to learn about sex sometime and from someone. It might as well be now and from me. I'll tell you what. If you think you might be interested, let's get you cleaned up and talk some more. Alright?"

Joy was pondering Sam's proposition in her head. Finally, she spoke. "I do need a shower don't I?"

Sam nodded. "No shit! You sure as hell do. Get down, and we'll both take showers in the truck stop. Be sure to do a good job cleaning that pussy and ass. Then, I'll get you some new clothes, and a bottle of nice perfume. Then we can talk some more. Okay?"

A smile was creeping across Joy's face. In addition to the shower, she sure could use something to eat and a new pair of jeans. "OK, let's go." She said as she jumped down from the truck and waited for Sam to join her.

They both used the truck stop showers and Sam bought Joy dinner. As they ate, Sam could see Joy was a delightful looking young thing. She had curly auburn hair, hazel eyes, a cute button nose, and a nice perky set of B cup tits.

They then walked the two blocks to a Wal-Mart. Joy picked out a pair of jeans, a frilly blouse, a six-pack of socks, and a package of white panties.

Sam paid for Joy's things and added a small bottle of Obsession cologne. He told Joy he liked the way Obsession made women smell. The teen smiled.

When they got back to his truck, they talked some more about Joy riding with Sam to San Diego and her payments for that ride. Joy was reluctant but not completely opposed to the idea of Sam using her body in exchange for the ride to California.

Sam added to his offer. "I'll tell ya what, Joy. There's a rest area on the Interstate about 10 miles out of town. Ride with me to the rest area. I'll eat your pussy when we get there. You ever had your pussy eaten?"

"No, but some of the older girls in school say it's really cool." Joy thought about it for a few seconds before answering. "I gota pee." She jumped down and headed for the truck stop's restrooms.

As she walked away, Sam called after her. "I'll be leaving in 10 minutes."

In about 5 minutes, Joy came trotting back across the parking lot. After climbing up and shutting the truck's passenger door, she said. "Okay, but just to the rest area."

Sam fired up his truck, pulled out of the truck stop, and headed to the Interstate. True to his word, he pulled into the first rest area and found a rather dark spot to park his rig.

At Sam's instructions, Joy climbed into the double bunk as they rolled into the rest area. When he had parked his rig, Sam joined her in the sleeper. She tensed when he loosened her pants and started to pull them down. She grabbed the belt line and held them up.

Sam quietly said. "You can get out right now if you like, but if you stay, you will cooperate. Over the next few days, I intend to fuck your pussy, fuck you in the ass, and have you suck me off. I'll eat your pussy now and then, too. But, I will not fight with you to do any of that. Do you want to get out now, or drop them pants and get eaten?"

Joy released her grip on her pants. Softly she said. "I'll stay." Joy had sealed her fate, at least for the next week and a half.

Sam proceeded to remove Joy's pants. He also slowly opened her blouse. He squeezed and massaged her braless tits. Her tits were firm enough to not need a bra. Her nipples quickly hardened, and she groaned when he pinched them. Sam then pulled Joy's panties off and spread her legs. Joy's pubic mound was sparsely covered with auburn pubic hair that matched the hair on her head.

With no foreplay, Sam positioned his head between Joy's legs and began licking her pussy's lips and parting them with his tongue. He liked the sparseness of Joy's pubic hair. It meant less to get in his teeth or get in the way of a good pussy eating. As Sam licked rapidly up and down Joy's split he occasionally pushed his tongue into her tight virginal hole.

Joy lay quietly, allowing Sam to lick her nether lips. Her mind was fighting to resist the arousing sensations she was feeling. She hoped he would be discouraged by her lack of response. Her body soon began to betray her. A tingling sensation was beginning to run through her.

When Sam lightly licked her clitoris, Joy couldn't hold back any longer. She spread her legs a little wider and moaned softly. Sam continued to lick Joy's moistening lips and clit. Her body became much more active. Very soon, she closed her eyes and began rocking her head back and forth. She rhythmically rolled her pelvis up to meet Sam's tongue.

Suddenly, Sam sucked Joy's clit into his mouth and repeatedly flicked it with his tongue. Joy gasped, and a wonderful shuddering orgasm washed over her entire body. Her hips were involuntarily and violently thrusting up to meet Sam's mouth. Before she was finished, several more shudders raced through Joy. The teen cried out. "Oh, oh, oh! Oh, shit! What's happening to me?"

Sam didn't answer. He was too busy sucking Joy's clit and enjoying the knowledge that he was giving her what seemed to he her first real orgasm.

As Joy's orgasm slowly subsided, Sam released her clit from his mouth, kissed her pussy, and patted her belly. "You liked that, didn't you Joy?"

Breathlessly Joy answered. "Yes, but what the hell happened?"

"You've never had an orgasm before?"

"I've felt warm and tingly when I played with myself, but nothing like that ever happened."

"Well, if you go with me, expect more of it. Do you want out, or are you going with me? You can get out any time you like."

"With a grin on her face, Joy said. "I think I want to go with you."

"Okay! I'm going to take a piss. I suggest you do the same. The next stop is several hours away. Before I come back, I'm going to have a smoke. If you're not here when I get back, I'll assume you changed your mind. Now go to the can."

Joy was waiting in Sam's passenger seat when he returned.

About six hours later, Sam pulled into a truck stop that had been closed for years. A few drivers still used it to rest. Only a few trucks were in the lot, and Sam pulled to an isolated corner to park. Again, just like in the rest area, as he pulled into the parking lot, he told Joy to get in the bunk. This time he added, " ... and get naked."

Joy reluctantly complied. She had been hoping Sam would want to eat her again, but that didn't require her to be naked.

Sam parked his truck and entered the sleeper. Looking down at the naked girl, he smiled and admired her young body. He then said to her. "You are very beautiful lying there. Just looking at your sexy young body makes me horny. Do you want to fuck, suck, or take it in the ass?"

When he saw the frightened look on Joy's face, he added. "You can still get out. I wouldn't, if I were you. Not here, anyway. This place is a hangout for assholes. They would have no problem beating your ass, raping you, fucking you in the ass, shoving their cocks down your throat, and leaving you for dead. What would you like to do?"

"I guess I'll suck. I'm afraid to have sex. The girls at school said it hurts."

"It does, but not for long." Sam said. He then stepped up to the side of the bunk, pulled Joy to the edge, and flopped his soft cock in front of her mouth and told her. "Start by kissing and licking it all over. Then pretend it's a straw in a thick malt. Put it in your mouth and lick and suck it."

As Joy looked at Sam's soft cock, she thought. 'That's not so bad. I think I can do this.' She took Sam's cock into her mouth and began tentatively licking his cock's head. It quickly grew to a full erection.

Sam's cock was only average in length at 6 ½ inches, but he was a little thicker that average. That was much bigger than the cocks of the two teen boys Joy had jerked off. They had been thin and only about four inches long.

After pulling her head back and staring at Sam's cock a few seconds, Joy did her best to do what Sam wanted. But, with no experience, she didn't do a very good job.

"I said suck, Joy. Now suck." She tried, but with limited success. To Sam, it felt like he was merely fucking a sloppy whore, but he did eventually get off.

When Sam finally started cuming in her mouth, Joy coughed and gagged. Most of his cum ran down her chin and dripped to the floor.

Joy apologized for her lack of experience and the mess on the floor. "Please don't throw me out."

She was surprised when Sam, patted her cheek and said. "That's alright, Joy. It was your first blowjob. Next time, suck a lot harder, use your tongue more, and swallow all my cum. Maybe I need to pick up a couple of pornos so you can see what you're supposed to do. Now, clean up that mess on my floor.

Joy worked hard and did a good job of cleaning Sam's floor. When she finished, she climbed into the bunk next to Sam and dozed off. She was very tired and slept soundly through the night.

Sam woke Joy early the next morning by eating her pussy. As she became more awake, her body was again involuntarily responding to Sam's expert tongue. Her pussy was soaking wet and her thrusting was becoming insistent. She felt an orgasm rapidly approaching.

Sam abruptly stopped eating Joy's pussy, tweaked her left nipple, and told her. "Time to fuck, Joy! You want it in your pussy or your ass."

She had known for a long time this moment would come. She just hadn't expected it so soon. Just yesterday, she was a 14-year-old kid. The only sexual experience she'd had was jacking off a couple of high school boys while on dates with them. Now, she'd been eaten to an orgasm, sucked off a man's cock, and was about to lose her virginity in the bunk of a truck. Joy, with a tear in her eye, said. "In my vagina, I guess."

With a big grin, Sam said. "Okay, Baby. One cherry-popping pussy fuck coming right up. But first, you need to suck my cock to get it good and hard for that tight little cunt of yours."

Sam moved to the side of the sleeper and presented his half hard cock for Joy to suck. She went right to work. Maybe if she sucked Sam off, she could save her virginity for another time. Joy remembered what Sam had told her about sucking his cock. She sucked hard and lavishly swabbed his cock with her tongue.

While Joy sucked Sam's cock, he petted and fingered her tight pussy. Her pussy's lips were soon swollen and soaking wet with her lubricating juices.

Just as she thought Sam was about to cum, he backed away from her mouth and got into the bunk with her. He spread Joy's legs, climbed between them, and scooted up her body. He placed his cock's head at the entrance to her virgin pussy. Reaching between them, Sam rubbed his cock's head up and down her nether lips causing them open a little. She was still very wet from being eaten and fingered a few minutes earlier. With a little pressure, Sam pushed his cock's head between Joy's vaginal lips. His cock's head was then poised at the entrance to her virgin hole. Her cherry would survive only a few moments more.

Sam leaned forward and kissed Joy.

She nervously returned the kiss.

Sam pushed his cock gently into Joy's hole until he met the resistance of her hymen. While holding his cock against her cherry, Sam cradled Joy's shoulders in his arms, hugged her tightly, and covered her mouth with his in a passionate kiss.

'How romantic.' Joy thought. At least she thought it was romantic. In reality, she was being pinned down by Sam's body and held in place by his arm. She was unable to move due to his weight pressing down on her body and his arms around her shoulders. His kiss was to muffle any sounds from her mouth.

With no further warning, Sam lunged forward and buried his ridged cock deep into Joy's tender pussy. Her hymen was instantly swept away. She stiffened and screamed into Sam's muffling mouth. She weakly tried to push him off and out of her body. Tears started trickling down her cheeks.

Sam did not relent. He stayed buried in Joy's tight devirginated fuck hole.

Slowly, the wave of pain Joy had felt receded. She relaxed a little. Though she still hurt, the pain was not unbearable. She then realized the feeling of having her pussy filled. It was a nice feeling.

Sam, sensing Joy was past the worst of her pain, began taking long but slow strokes in and out of the teen's tender flesh.

Joy was beginning to like the feeling of a cock sliding in and out of her pussy. As Sam continued his slow thrusting, Joy was beginning to rock her pelvis to accept him. She began to feel stirrings deep in her core. As the feelings grew stronger, she raised her knees. Her pelvis was tipped to a better angle and Sam drove deeply into Joy.

Sam began stroking into her faster and faster. He was about to cum.

Joy was getting closer to an orgasm of her own. "Umph, umph, umph!" Joy grunted each time Sam thrust his stiff cock deep into her body and rammed into her cervix.

Suddenly, Sam told her. "Here it comes little girl." He slammed deep into Joy's pussy and pumped his load of cum into her depths. Her cervix and vulnerable womb were bathed in their first taste of fresh warm cum.

Joy could feel Sam's cum as it spurted into her depths. She wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck. She used her legs to pull him as deep into her as she could. Waves of pleasure swept over her. She seemed to quiver until her orgasm subsided.

While she relaxed under Sam, his cock soaked deep in her pussy. She lay quietly and, even though she was sore, she enjoyed the feeling of having Sam's cock filling her pussy.

When Sam rolled off Joy he told her. "Joy, you have a great little pussy, and you're soon going to be a great fuck. But you seem to have made a mess again. See how my cock is covered with your juices, virgin blood, and my cum? What do you think you should do about that?"

Tentatively, Joy answered. "Clean it?"

"Excellent idea! Always clean a cock when you're finished with it. Now get to cleaning it, Baby." Sam ordered.

Joy did as she was told. She licked Sam's softening cock clean of her fluids and his cum.

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