Rising From the Ashes

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2015 by Ka Hmnd

Fantasy Sex Story: Betrayal and treachery bring the death of a mage and his journeyman seeks revenge and answers. The answers bring the true nature of the treachery from the king. Now he would take his revenge and seek justice from the king.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   First   Oral Sex   Cream Pie   .

The first I knew of trouble was when the mage screamed. I was his journeyman and working in the basement with his newest apprentice watching the spell I was teaching her. I hesitated before swiftly cancelling the spell and moving out of the protective ward, "stay here."

Helen was sixteen with her powers just beginning to be felt. She nodded and stayed in the ward I had created for her and I ran up the stairs. I followed the sounds of many voices as I smelled smoke. I opened the front door to see a crowd of people and the local duke. My master was on the ground in a huge puddle of blood and with his head missing.

I growled and power flooded me as my hands began to glow. That was when the bolt struck me in the chest. I stagged back and fell and the door closed. The walls seemed to just explode in sheets of flames. I rolled and looked at the large amulet the master had always made me wear.

The bolt had struck it and kept it from killing me but I could feel my ribs and knew they were bruised or worse. I looked at the door as flames began to consume it and turned to crawl towards the door to the basement. I gestured and it opened and I slowly started down. Helen ran to help and I gasped, "close the door and seal the basement."

She nodded and let me go and I watched as she concentrated and touched the Glyph beside the door. I sighed as I felt the ward snap into place and started crawling again. Helen came to help me and I turned at the bottom and sat. I felt my ribs and looked around, the roar of the fire above was much louder and I knew we would not have air soon.

I stood slowly and ignored the pain in my chest. I pulled Helen after me and to my protective ward. I pulled her against my front, "relax and do not try to do magic."

I concentrated before I started to murmur and speak the mage tongue. The protective ward flared to life and then there was a white haze around us. It was like a cooling mist and I took a deep breath. I continued with another spell and ice and cold started to fill the basement. First dozens of slim poles of ice grew up and then they widened into thick pillars.

Slowly the pillars grew until they merged with each other. It was awhile before I stopped and the only thing not locked in ice was the inside of the protective ward. I looked at Helen as she held me and my cock grew hard. She shifted and then looked up and grinned, "need something?"

I smiled since the pain in my chest was gone, "you would get a lot of seed."

She opened my robe and pushed my undergarments down and off. She opened her robe and did the same thing with hers. She pulled me down until I was kneeling with my robe open. She held hers open as she shifted and straddled me and slowly knelt and impaled her very tight and warm pussy.

I pulled her against me as she shivered, "it will stay cold down here and the ice will provide us with air."

She rolled her hips and wiggled, "we will stay warm."

I grinned and reached into her robe and around her. Her tight and very warm pussy clenched as she shuddered, "mmmm!"

She was grinding and rolling her hips while her pussy kept grasping and squeezing. A few minutes and she jerked and twisted and bounced as she wet me and screamed, "aaaahhhh!"

I shifted forward and down and she struggled and threw up her legs. I was on and over her as I began to fuck her with deep thrusts. She hugged me tight as my cock slipped in and out and through her slippery pussy. She started to thrash and bucked as I fucked her hard and planted my cock.

I held her under me as I gushed seed through and into her fertile womb. She jerked and wiggled as she clutched me, "YES!"

When I was done I grinned and gave her a kiss before I started over again. Magic kept me restored and replenished what I spent in her so her pussy was a mess when I stopped. I pulled out and sat beside her and looked up at the ice. I sighed as I turned and reached over and caught her hand. I put it on her mound, "pay attention."

She nodded and I began speaking the mage tongue and focusing the magic. When I was done I looked at her, "did you follow that?"

She nodded and gave her messy pussy a rub, "you created a ward around the egg in my womb."

I smiled, "to protect it from the sperm that will fight to get in."

She snickered and then sat up, "what are we going to do?"

I growled as I looked around, "in a few hours we are going to leave and I am going to visit those that did this. After we are done I will take you to the master's sister."

It was several long hours before I stood and murmured and gestured. The ice exploded up and through the ashes of the destroyed cottage. Ice turned to water that quenched the embers and cooled the ash. I fixed my robe as I started up the stairs, "time to go."

I gestured and the charred door went flying and everything from the stairs to where the front door had been slid aside. Helen followed as I walked out expecting someone to be watching. No one was but my master's body was impaled on a post and his head on a spear. I pointed and they were lifted off and floated back to the ashes.

White fire swirled around them and his body and head were consumed in moments. I turned and looked at the town in the distance with the ducal Keep above and beyond it. I started walking and murmured and gestured to myself and Helen and a protective ward flared up around us. The sun was low in the sky when we reached the town.

Several people were out and they froze when they saw us. One pulled a knife and I growled and gestured and he began to scream. His body was engulfed in flames and the other people turned and fled. As much as I wanted to burn the town to ash I left it alone. Men and women fled with their children as we left the town and started up towards the Keep.

When we reached it I had decided what to do and put my hand on the stones of the wall. I began to speak the mage language and my hand started to glow and then the wall around my hand. I heard guards yelling and when I lifted my hand the stones burst into flames. They spread rapidly and bolts from crossbows struck the ward around us.

I moved back and looked up, "for murder and betrayal I sentence all within to death. Hear my words duke of men. I will turn your realm to ash!"

There was a rushing sound before the whole wall was nothing but a sheet of fire. I turned and reached out to catch Helen and pull her after me. I could hear men yelling and screams as I moved back. When I heard a woman scream I stiffened and hesitated before I growled and started moving.

Helen followed as I gestured and the huge gates flared before turning to ash. We walked through the gateway and then the bailey as I repeated the spell to destroy the inner gate. Smoke was beginning to gather as we walked into the large cobbled yard in front of the Keep. People were milling around and I started pointing to women and the few children.

The heat from the burning walls was growing hotter as I gestured and murmured. I turned and started back through the two gates. The women and children stumbled after us and the men tried to follow. After we came out I turned and sent the innocent past us and towards the town. The servants followed but I sent the soldiers and the duke back into fire.

I watched for over an hour and finally turned away and reached for Helen's hand. There was an angry crowd in the street of the town. They did not move as we approached and I growled and let my voice be heard, "betrayal and murder have been avenged. You are lucky I decided not to burn your town for helping that ... asshole kill my master."

They looked down and shifted and I took a step, "if I hear it has happened again I will return and I will not leave a single stone. I will be watching you."

I gestured and they staggered to the side. I pulled Helen after me and around me before heading out the other side of the town. I slowed when we walked past what had been the master's cottage. Helen whispered and suddenly magic swirled and wild flowers grew up and out of the ash until it was covered and hidden.

I squeezed her hand before we started walking again. At the next town I bought bread and cheese and blankets. It was beginning to get dark when we stopped in an orchard. I spread the blankets under a large apple tree and undressed. Helen grinned as she pulled her robe off. I smiled and pulled her to the side where a small creek ran through the trees.

I walked in and laid down and let the water flow around and over me. She giggled as she laid on me and wiggled and I caught her hips. I shifted and moved until she was under me and I held the back of her head so it was above the water. I shifted and spread her legs with my knees before pushing into her.

She groaned as I buried my cock and she hugged me tight. I started to press and grind and hump and her tight pussy kept clenching. Before long I was shoving into her hard and grinding. Her pussy kept squeezing while she hugged me and wailed. She thrashed and bucked and spasmed and I finally buried my cock in her belly and gushed seed into her.

She twisted and jerked when she felt it, "YES!"

I pulled out when I was done and stood and pulled her up, "witch."

She was panting and grinned as I gestured and cleaned us. I pulled her out and warm air dried us before we reached the blankets. I spent another hour fucking her and then we went to sleep. I woke early and rolled her onto her back before I pumped more seed into her. We folded the blankets and ate the last of the bread and cheese before we started walking.

The next town was where I saw the king's notice. I stood looking at it while the townspeople murmured. I turned and looked around before I started walking, "so it was the king that ordered all magic users killed."

Helen looked at me, "what are we going to do?"

I snorted, "deliver unto him a mage's justice."

I walked into the baker shop and he swallowed, "we do not have..."

I gestured, "do not lie. You will sell us bread or I will turn this shop to ash."

He nodded quickly and moved to the counter, "of course I..."

He looked at me, "it is not our idea."

I nodded, "which is why I have not harmed anyone."

I shook my head at the pile of bread and took two loaves and paid him before I left. It was a repeat in the butcher shop and then when I bought cheese. As we were leaving the town soldiers were arriving. I watched them as we walked by and once we were out of town I pulled Helen to a low stone wall.

I handed her the cloth bag with everything we had bought, "stay here."

She nodded and moved over the wall as I walked into the middle of the road and waited. It was not long before the soldiers were trotting back towards me. They slowed as the one in charge gestured and they pulled swords. I whispered and pointed and they screamed as the swords turned red and then white but they could not let go.

Their hands began to smoke as I started walking. I gestured and the swords fell and they went to their knees. I yanked the leader up and growled, "before you obey an order to kill you had better be ready for what we do."

I let him fall and turned, "if I see any of you again I will not be so nice."

I helped Helen back over the wall and took the bag of food before we started walking. A league down the road we came to a shrine. I gave the bag to Helen and went to kneel. I drew several runes and began to chant as they glowed. When I was done they had vanished and I stood and turned, "now everyone knows and will be prepared."

At the next intersection of roads I hesitated before turning right. We ate beside the road and slept under trees. The towns we went through had people that stared. The few times we stopped the people were frightened to sell us food. It was a week before we saw the huge walled city. I glanced at Helen before I gestured to an abandoned cottage beside a orchard, "wait here."

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