Queen's Bastard

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2015 by Ka Hmnd

Fantasy Sex Story: Conceived when the queen sought revenge my life was one of rejection and isolation. I was loved by my mother and treated fairly. When a surety for a trade agreement comes she reluctantly agrees to send me with the nomads. Only we did not know her nobles were plotting to kill her and take the crown.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   First   Oral Sex   Cream Pie   .

I was the last son of my mother and a bastard. The consort had taken a mistress and she had found out. To get even she had thrown his clothes out a window and banished him from the castle. She had taken several men to her bed and had no idea who my father had been. She actually treated me better than my sister and brothers.

From the age of five she had several knights begin to teach me. I also had tutors to learn to write and read and count. Although my brothers and sister did not treat me bad they did not want me around. As for the court ... I was a bastard and they did not want their children around me. So I grew up alone and outcast from almost everyone.

Almost, Megan was the daughter of the castle scholar and a maid. She was a couple of years younger than me and I started to teach her how to use a short sword without anyone knowing. I was almost eighteen when the nomad chieftain came to mother. They wanted trade with her and our kingdom and wanted a surety.

They choose me which my mother was not happy about. Her court and my own brothers and sister argued for it. Then someone brought up a union between me and one of the chieftain's daughters. Things really hit the fire when Megan announced out of the blue that we were engaged.

To say I was shocked would be an understatement but my mother had seen and smiled. The chieftain had been quick to point out that males could have many wives. The arguing went on for three days before I was brought to a chapel where I was quietly married to Megan. Only my mother and hers were there with the priest.

After that I packed two chests on a couple of spare horses and went to the nomads camp. Megan stood beside me in fighting gear and wearing two short swords. A wild teenager was pulled and pushed out and before I knew it we were married. I was given more horses from mother and a tent and then the whole camp began to celebrate.

It was hours before I pulled the two girls into the tent. I ignored Storm and looked at Megan, "why?"

She bit her lip, "I am sorry Andrew but dad wanted to send me to the temple. I knew you would not force me to wear dresses and play at..."

I snorted, "so now I have to fuck you even if you do not wish it? Are you crazy?"

The other girl giggled and I looked at her and Megan grinned, "we are going to travel and see the world and I have wanted you between my legs for years."

I sighed as I kept looking at the girl, "and I have this wild thing. What the hell an I going to do with her?"

She grinned, "fuck me?"

Megan laughed and I shook my head, "why were you pissed anyway?"

The girl, her name was Storm sighed, "women must cook and keep the tent and stay with the horses and be her husband's servant."

I snorted, "we can take turns leading the damn horses and the cooking and cleaning and if you act like a servant I swear I will spank you."

Megan laughed again as she stepped closer and caught my hand and pulled me towards a low bed. Storm followed and I caught Megan and turned her, "undress wench."

She grinned as she started taking her clothes off and I looked at Storm, "you too. I must show proof I bed you in the morning."

She grinned again, "and what proof do you..."

Her eyes widened, "the midwife."

I nodded, "at least I managed to acquire a large pack of herb to keep you from getting with child."

Megan moved onto the bed, "thanks for that Andrew."

I nodded as I began to remove my clothes and then slipped onto the bed after them. I caressed Megan and cupped a breast as she shivered. I grinned and bent to suck on the nipple and she groaned and held my head. Storm laughed as she moved around and hugged me, "just like a man."

I laughed and turned to pull her over me and then Megan, "just for that you suck on the other one and do what I do."

She grinned as Megan shivered again and we began to maul her breasts and suck on the nipples. I finally began to kiss down her body until I was between her legs. I looked at her pussy before I started to lick. Storm put her head against mine and whispered and told me where to find her clit and what to do.

I sucked and used the tip of my tongue and squeezed it between my lips. Megan jerked and was lifting her hips and moaning louder. A few minutes and she spasmed and shook, "aaaahhhh!"

Storm pulled and pushed me up and over Megan and I slowly started to hump and press. I knew she had broken her maidenhead during a practice. I forced my cock into her and she shifted and tilted her hips. She hugged me tight as I pushed deeper and buried my cock. I started to grind and hump and it was not long before her pussy was slippery.

She shook and kept moaning and I finally pulled back and started to fuck her firmly. I kept it up as she lifted her hips and her pussy tightened and grasped my cock. She hugged me tight a minute later and I kissed her as she wailed. She jerked and thrashed and struggled as I continued to fuck her, "mmmm!"

Before long she was incoherent and bucking while her pussy gripped my cock and milked it. I fucked her hard and deep and felt my balls churning. I shoved into her and she looked at me with glazed eyes. She gasped and clutched me when I started to gush spurts of sperm, "ooohhhh!"

She wiggled and squirmed and her pussy kept squeezing my seed out and into her. When I was done I relaxed and waited and she finally sighed and sagged to the bed. I gave her a kiss and slowly pulled out, "time to do Storm."

She turned as I moved over Storm who shifted nervously. I gave her a kiss and then started to kiss down her body. I moved to one side and began to suck on a pretty nipple. She moaned and shivered and Megan giggled as she bent to suck on the other one. We kneaded her breasts and sucked as she shuddered.

Finally I started to kiss down her body and Megan did too. I licked her tight pussy and shifted to let Megan try. She caught and sucked on the clit and Storm groaned and lifted her hips. I let her keep doing it as I used two fingers to start stretching her pussy and maidenhead. At first she winced but after awhile she was humping and jerking as she moaned.

She got louder and began to struggle and spasm and Megan finally moved and pulled on me. I moved up and over Storm and shoved and forced my cock into her. Her maidenhead was ripped away and she screamed and clutched me as I buried my cock. I settled and held her and began to kiss her.

I waited as I continued to kiss her and slowly pressed into her and relaxed. It was several minutes before she shuddered and her pussy clenched, "mmmm!"

I shifted and pulled back a little and then sank my cock back into her. She bit her lip but I held still and kissed her again. It took a few more minutes before I pulled back and started to fuck her. Her pussy was wet and slippery and she sighed when I buried my cock. I started slowly with long thrusts and it was not long before I was grinding and fucking her firmly.

She shook and held me while her tight and bloody pussy constantly squeezed, "yyyeeeesssss!"

I fucked her long, hard and deep and she twisted and began to thrash and buck. She struggled as I kept it up, "aaahhhh!"

After several minutes I shoved into her and pushed while holding her. My cock erupted and I gushed large spurts of sperm. She gasped and jerked as her pussy kept grasping, "ooohhhh!"

She squirmed and shuddered as warm cum filled her. When I was done I gave her another kiss and pulled out. I grinned at Megan and she giggled and went to her knees with her head down. I fucked them both several times until we were tired and fell asleep holding each other. I woke to a woman entering the tent and lifted my head.

She smiled as she moved to the bed and knelt and rolled Megan onto her back. She sighed and opened her legs, "mmmm?"

The woman grinned and bent to look at her messy pussy before she nodded. She moved around to the other side and I shifted Storm. Her eyes snapped open and I gave her a kiss, "lay back and spread your legs."

She frowned and then saw the woman and nodded. The woman looked at her messy pussy and stood. She left and I sighed and turned to finger Megan until she humped and opened her eyes. Storm giggled and I grinned as I moved off the bed, "wash your pussy and take the herbs."

I went to wash and dress before leaving. The nomads were waking and tearing down tents and packing up so I went to help Megan and Storm. When one of the men jeered, Megan straightened from folding the tent. She fingered her sword before walking towards him. He looked at me and I shook my head, "I would run."

He frowned and I smiled, "she is extremely good with the sword and women tend to cut certain parts off men."

He backed away before spinning and walking away. I laughed as she came back and we finished packing up. An hour and we had eaten and were riding away. I turned in my saddle to look at my mother one last time. She sat her horse and smiled as she lifted her hand. I did not know that would be the last time I saw her.

We went north and followed the roads towards the border. I took turns leading the horses with Megan and Storm. It was nice to just ride and look around and not have people there to bother you or complain. We stopped a couple of times to let the animals drink from streams. A few hours before sunset we turned in under a small grove of trees.

I helped unsaddle the horses and set up the tent before I grabbed my bow and the girls. Twenty minutes walking the area around the grove and I had as many rabbits and I was not the only one hunting them. We skinned and cleaned them and went back and added them to the camp pot. I whispered to Megan and she grinned as she left and returned a minute later.

The other women were preparing the meal as I knelt with them and started to season the rabbits with herbs and cracked pepper. They looked at me strangely as I kept working with Megan and Storm helping me. Several men were watching and laughing but I ignored it. Those that ate the rabbits we prepared and cooked seemed to like it.

I helped clean up as it began to grow dark and then went to our tent. I stripped while looking at the two girls already naked and in bed. Megan grinned and bent to suck on one of Storm's nipples, "she is first tonight."

Storm shuddered and I grinned as I knelt and laid down and started to lick her pussy. She lifted her hips and moaned as I kept licking and Megan kept sucking on her nipples. A few minutes and I was sucking on her clit and wiggling my tongue back and forth. She shuddered and humped and moaned louder.

When she tried to close her legs I moved up and over her. I gave her a kiss and pushed into her tight pussy. She winced and once my cock was buried I stopped and held her while kissing her. I kept pressing into her and relaxing and it was awhile before she shuddered and her pussy clenched.

I grinned and gave her a kiss as I began to hump into her and grind. It was not long before she was shaking and lifting her hips. She hugged me as she moaned and her pussy kept squeezing, "mmmm!"

Finally I pulled back and sank into her. She shuddered as her pussy tightened, "aaahhhh!"

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