My First Field Trip

by Jack Spratt

Copyright© 2015 by Jack Spratt

Romantic Story: Jayden's mom told her that being a Girl Scout would help her grow up. She didn't realize just how much. Young girls help Jayden to appreciate other young girls, so soft with lots of touching. Date of first publication: Thursday PM, May 10, 2001 Enjoy

Caution: This Romantic Story contains strong sexual content, including ft/ft   Consensual   Romantic   Lesbian   Fiction   First   .

Special thanks to Phil Gorman 2015 for his time spent in editing and proofing.

All my years in Brownies finally pay off. My mom insisted for years that being a Brownie would help me grow up to be a responsible young lady. Well, now I'm full-fledged Girl Scout. I'm so proud of myself for all the work and trials I've completed successfully to get all my Merit Badges. Mom and dad are delighted as well.

I'm Jayden Raven. At fourteen, my body still hasn't fully developed. My long blonde hair usually shines and my ponytail sways with my body movements. My friends tell me my pretty face comes from my mom. We do look similar but I will have to grow everywhere to match her body, especially my boobs.

One of the benefits of being a Girl Scout is my parents allow me to go on numerous camping trips with the girls. It makes me feel grownup. My first trip into the mountains will be next week. The camp is a central area of the state for all the different troops. It'll be fun meeting many other young girls. To say I am excited is an understatement! My troop leader gave all of the girls a list of articles she recommends we bring. Mom and I went to Walmart and had a ball shopping. I can't wait to get going.

There're thirty-three girls scouts in our troop. Four are novices, like me. Many have been in the Girls Scouts for years and they'll be our mentors helping us adjust. This trip will be with twelve other groups and we will be split up into different bunkhouses so that we are able to meet girls from all over the state. That is cool.

The bus trip is a blast! We sing all kinds of songs, some I hadn't heard of before. I think the bus driver would have loved to have taped our mouths shut, as we are so noisy. I sat with the other novice. We have been friends since Brownies. This is the first time for both of us on a field trip.

The bus arrives at three o'clock in the afternoon. Our troop leader announces that dinner will be served at five thirty. She also tells us to look at the bulletin board on the office wall to see which hut we are assigned. The list will contain the names of all the girls bunking with me. We all line up waiting for a chance to review the list. When I finally reach the front of the line, I find that I am the only one from our group in this hut so everybody will be a stranger. I find this exciting but a little unsettling, as I've never been in a position like this before. I find all my belongings and seek out hut eleven.

When I walk in the door, there are a number of girls unpacking their equipment and clothing.

"Hello. I am Aliyah Evans. This bunk isn't taken. Help yourself. Get unpacked and settled. The hut leader is a real bitch."

I'm a little shocked at the language. I've been taught that girls don't say nasty things like that. But Aliyah is smiling and doesn't seem to be concerned.

"I'm Jayden Raven, from Abbotsville. This is my first outing."

"Well, Jayden, claim your space. You'll find some of the older girls are real bossy and will try intimidating the younger girls. Just tell them where to get off and they'll leave you alone."

Aliyah is older than I am. I'd say fifteen or sixteen. She is really filled out, if you know what I mean. If it wasn't for my hairdo and feminine looking face, my chest could still pass for a boy; but, I do have large nipples. I don't have to worry about losing any expensive bras. Aliyah doesn't have my problem. Her titties are very evident; likewise her hips and long legs. She's very attractive. I've a funny feeling just looking at her.

Finally, all my gear is put away. Aliyah offers to show me the camp; we have nearly two hours before dinner. We head out into the main area of the camp. She shows me the swimming area first. There are actually a number of girls enjoying it. I can't believe some of the skimpy suits they are wearing. Their thongs and bikini tops don't hide much. I can see all of their bums, except for a small piece of cloth running in there bum crack. It really must be uncomfortable. Seeing all the girls in their scanty suits has me tingling, just like when looking at Aliyah. This is new for me. I don't know why, but there is a pleasant tingle between my legs; oh, what a feeling!

Aliyah takes me to the great hall where plays are presented and sometimes movies are shown, if the weather is really unpleasant. The view of the mountains is breath taking! They are so high the clouds actually hide their tops.

"We often take hikes and sometimes stay overnight using our sleeping bags and two person tents. It's a lot of fun. We bathe in the creeks and small lakes. The water is really cold! We will be doing it again this year."

There are many activities in the camp. Aliyah shows me where the showers are and, most importantly, the community kitchen. The smells, wafting through the air, are making me hungry! When we finally return to our hut, it is full. Aliyah introduces me to the ones she has already met. The rest of the girls introduce themselves. It's good to meet Sieanna Lex because she's another novice. I study all of my bunkmates and I'm impressed by how some of the girls look. Many have noticeable breasts and long shapely legs. There's that tingly feeling again. Am I attracted to girls? Even Sieanna has breasts, where I have only nipples. When she leans over to tuck a duffle bag under her bunk her well-shaped bum is outlined in her tight shorts. For some reason I'm finding these views very stimulating.

Finally, it is dinnertime. There is a rush to the dining area. The twelve of us take up two tables, side by side. Aliyah and Sieanna are on my sides. The meal is actually very tasty.

Some have very good appetites. Now done the meal, I feel a hand on my thigh. It's like a branding iron! It has to be Aliyah. When I look at her, in disbelief, she has a small smile on her face. The dessert is done. We leave as a group. Everyone is in a super mood. Aliyah asks Sieanna and me if we would like to go for a swim in about an hour. We should have daylight till about eight. We both agree. We walk around the compound for nearly an hour and then head for the hut to change. I couldn't believe Aliyah. She stripped right in front of us and put on her two-piece very revealing bathing suit. But what really got my attention is her beautiful tizzy. That's what I call the opening between my legs. She has a beautiful tuft of hair above it. I have about three small hairs. Her hair is a very dark black. When she moved to put her leg in the bottoms, I could see her very full vulva and just a little of her labia showing. I don't know any other way to say this but it's beautiful. She caught me staring and just smiled. I feel a bit embarrassed. Putting on my one-piece suit, I follow her to the pool. Sieanna has a one piece as well so I don't feel so out of place. The water is warm and it isn't long before we are swimming back and forth. Aliyah swims beside me.

"Did you like what you saw?"

"What do you mean?"

My blush starts at my toes and gradually reaching my face. I do look guilty of something.

"Do you like looking at my body when I changed?"

What could I say? She knows.

"Well, I've only seen a few girls naked. You have so much hair on your tizzy. I can count mine."

"You look good, Jayden. The hair will come. And don't say tizzy, it's my pussy. Your pussy is very nice. I like your puffy lips. I bet they are really sensitive when you rub them."

Now I'm really confused! Mom always told me that it was dirty to play with my tizzy, I mean pussy. Now Aliyah is asking me if it feels good when I rub it. I don't know what she is talking about.

"I really don't know what you mean. Mom told me never to touch myself. Do you?"

"All the time! It really feels good, sometimes better than others. It even feels better when another girl does it for me."

This shocks me! Another girl touching someone's tizzy, I mean pussy? How revolting!

"You're kidding, right? Who would touch another girl's pussy?"

"I would."

Aliyah is close to me. She lowered herself in the water so that only her head is showing. I'm shocked when I feel her hand on my thigh and then she is rubbing my pussy. I stand frozen as her fingers rub me. I nearly fainted when I feel her move the bathing suit to the side exposing my pussy and I feel her fingers on my bare skin. Her finger is trying to go inside of me. It does feel nice. When she rubs the top of my pussy it really felt different. I became mesmerized concentrating on her one finger rubbing me.

"See? You do like it! It wasn't bad, was it?"

"No. I've never done anything like that before. Do all the girls do it?"

"No. Some of them just like doing it with boys. I like both. But girls are a lot more fun."

There are a lot of different things happening all at once. I wonder why mom always told me it is naughty to touch yourself? It feels so good when Aliyah does it. She grabs my hand and puts it on her breast under water. It's so soft and her nipple is so hard.

"I like being touched there and I really like it when my nipples are sucked."

Now I'm really mystified. My baby cousin used to suck my aunt's nipples but that was for milk. What would anyone get from sucking young girl's nipples, especially mine? They don't give milk. Mine are hard right now pushing against the material of my wet bathing suit.

"What does it feel like to have your nipples sucked? I would never have thought about doing that or having someone suck mine. Mine are so small compared to yours."

"Yours are just right. I bet they are hard right now and very sensitive. If you rub them I bet they will feel good."

Aliyah's breast feels good in my hand. I roll her nipple in my fingers. She is making a funny sound.

"Jayden, lower your body in the water."

I kneel beside her; her hand slips in the top rubbing my nipple. It does feel good. I can feel a tingling in my pussy even when she isn't touching it. Where are all these different feelings coming from? Aliyah takes my hand and brings it between her legs. She's lowered her thong and my hand is against her pussy. I can feel the heat emanating from her; it feels so soft, and my finger slips easily inside her.

"Push your finger deeper into my slit."

Gingerly, I comply. It's so soft. I force my finger deeper. Aliyah is making more funny sounds.

"Jayden, that feels good! I wish we were really alone. I would love to see and taste you."

Now I'm thinking, 'what would she taste'? Since my nipples are dry, she must mean kissing me. Then, it hits me. She wants to taste my pussy.

"You're kidding? Nobody does that, do they?"

"All the time, Jayden. Your juice likely tastes good!"

It's the first time that I'm aware of a liquid, besides pee, is produced between my legs. I've seen marks on my panties but never thought anything about it. Now Aliyah wants to taste between my legs. What else would she do?

At the sound of a beeping horn we leave the pool. It's soon lights out, so we had to get cleaned up and ready for bed. We went to the washrooms to remove our bathingsuits and shower before donning our nightclothes. The washroom has a series of stalls, each with three showerheads. Some are being used. Aliyah led me to the set at the end of the building, the furthest from the door.

I enjoy watching her undress. Again, she leans over to remove her bikini with her bottom towards me. I can't take my eyes off her puffy pussy lips and her cheeks spread exposing her wrinkled bum hole. I am tingling all over and I have no idea why. Aliyah's hips and thighs are well developed, the complete view is beautiful. My body is shapeless compared to hers. I struggle to remove my damp bathing suit.

Aliyah comes to my rescue.

"Here, let me help you."

She helps to lower my suit then her hands explore my naked body. She keeps doing things that continue to surprise and shock me. Being in the last shower nobody has reason to pass our stall. Her hands cupped my pussy and her finger is probing. My tingle is intensified but the shock comes when her hand runs down my bum and a finger is rubbing my asshole. The feeling is wonderful! Aliyah then turned on the shower and I watch, fascinated, as she starts to bathe me. Her hands explore every inch of my young underdeveloped body. She actually pushes her finger in me from behind.

Reaching out, I cup her breast and feel her nipples and then her pussy. She is so soft. This is all so new to me. Things like this don't happen to me. What really shocks me is, after drying each other, Aliyah makes sure we are alone and then actually kisses me. Her lips are so soft and her tongue played with my tongue. Then she guides me back to the hut. The girls are all ready for lights out. They are in short nighties and panties; heck, some don't even have panties. I am fascinated, looking at many with sizable breasts with the nighties hanging down from their obvious nipples. Me? I am flat as a pancake!

When lights out is finally signaled, I crawl into my bed with my head spinning. This morning I was an innocent fourteen-year old; now, I am a confused fourteen-year old.

The morning is a scramble. Twelve girls all wanting to do their hair and get ready for the day. Again, I am flabbergasted watching my bunkmates applying makeup. Mom told me I am too young. Aliyah has a complete makeup case containing all types of interesting items.

She smiles as she applies her eyeliner.

"Don't you have any makeup?"

"Mom won't let me. She thinks I'm too young."

"You've a beautiful face, Jayden. If you like, I will teach you how."

"Thank you, Aliyah. You all look so mature."

I sit on the edge of my bed and Aliyah takes charge. I can feel the brushes and pencils on my skin. After she applies the lipstick she asks me to look at the results. I can't believe it's me! She has added at least three to four years to my age; unfortunately, my flat chest gives everything away, but I love the results. I do look very attractive.

"Do you have any money, Jayden? We usually go to town once a week; they have a large Walgreens with a large cosmetic department. I can help you select some makeup."

"Dad gave me an extra allowance for things I may have forgotten. I would love to get some cosmetics and you can show me how to apply it properly."

"It'll by my gift to you. What do you think your mom will say?"

"I'll tell her it was one of the courses taught at camp."

Breakfast is a whirlwind. We are divided into groups for various crafts and water safety programs. Sieanna and I are in the same group learning how to paddle a canoe. The instructor advises us to all change into our bathing suits. We have a great time. I learn more about Sieanna. We're the same age and discover we have many of the same interests, or at least the interests I had before my experiences with Aliyah. Sieanna's body is developed a lot more than mine, especially her boobs. Her bathing suit cups are full while mine hang loose.

The canoeing is a blast. Three times we ended up under the canoe in the water; but, by the end of the morning, we were getting the hang of it. One of the good things that happened is while we were in the water we touched each other, accidentally at least a first. Then it wasn't an accident. Sieanna's soft hands were all over me, when we were in the water, by the end of the lessons. I felt her breasts and found out she has sizeable nipples. She sighs when I feel between her legs. I can't believe I am doing this but I feel tingly again. This is fun!

We break for lunch. Afterwards, we sit in the shade while waiting for the afternoon's activities to start.

"Sieanna, have you touched girls before?"

"Yes. One of my classmates and I get together for sleepovers. It started about four months ago. She makes me feel so good. We do all kinds of things. If my mom ever found out I don't know what would happen!"

"What kinds of things?"

"Oh, different things. I can show you."


"We have a couple of hours after we finish this afternoon, before dinner. We could take a walk on the trail to the mountain. There has to be a few private areas where we can disappear for a while. Are you still interested?"

"Oh, yes!"

I'm on pins and needles all afternoon. I have learned more about my body in the last two days than all in the previous 14 years! I've never felt this excited about anything. The afternoon activities are interesting and time passes quickly. When our instructor dismisses us for the afternoon, I seek out Sieanna.

When I finally locate her she is coming towards me. She has a lovely smile. She licked her lips with a beautiful tongue. She has reapplied her lip-gloss. Her lips are full and red. I wonder if she will kiss me like Aliyah did with her tongue. I am feeling tingly again.

"Jayden, would you like to explore the trail before dinner?"

She said it loud enough for many around us to here. Different groups of girls have left, some heading for the trail, as we are. One girl mentions that there are a good crop of blueberries; some of the girls have small containers with them. Apparently, the cook told one of the girls if they picked the berries then she would bake some blueberry pies. Sieanna hands me a small container and we slowly follow a couple of groups. She has a small knapsack over her shoulder. In a very short time we are in thick woods. The group ahead of us breaks up and leaves the trail, intent on finding blueberries. The sounds of laughter and giggles can be heard. I wonder how many others are actually picking blueberries. We walk a little further; then, Sieanna grabs my arm and pulls me off to the left of the trail.

"I found this place yesterday. There're lots of blueberries and a nice area of soft moss.

It's private and you can hear if anyone approaches."

We walk into the woods, about two hundred feet. The underbrush is very thick; then, we come to an opening. There are four clumps of berry bushes, all loaded with large blueberries. I pick and eat. They are very sweet. Sieanna heads for the mossy area that is bordered by heavy bushes. If you didn't know it was there, odds are you would walk right by.

"How did you find this place?"

"I found the berry bush yesterday. I notice a bit of the moss on the edge of the trees and found the opening. It looks like someone had planned it."

The knapsack contained a blanket that she spread on the soft moss. She sat down and motioned for me to do the same. I'm so nervous but excited. This sex thing has taken over all my interests. Sieanna placed her hands on both sides of my head and pulls me to her face and kisses me. Her lips are so soft and moist. I can taste her lips-gloss. The weight of her body pushes me back. She is partially on top of me. The moss provides us a soft bed. Her tongue gently forces it way into my mouth. My top is being pushed upwards, revealing my hard nipples. It's like I'm frozen; as I can't move a muscle, everything that is happening is so new and exciting! Sieanna's mouth leaves mine and kisses me down to my nipples. The sensation of her sucking them is indescribable. I may not have breasts but my nipples are hard and love what is happening to them. My body is totally surrendered to her and whatever she wants to do with me. All the feelings are new and fantastic! Now my shorts and panties are being lowered. What is she going to do? Her mouth leaves my nipples and I feel her tongue in my belly button. Never did I realize the sensation my belly button could give me till now. My body is squirming with pleasure. I don't want anything to stop. I can feel Sieanna tongue licking my tummy. Then she lets me know she wants to remove my shorts and panties. I am naked from my nipples down and feel my legs being spread wide. My pussy must be fully exposed for Sieanna. Her small kiss on my thighs has me moaning but the biggest shock is when I feel her kissing my pussy. My body takes over; my thighs lift my bum off the blanket. What is happening to me? She is nibbling on my pussy lips. Hell, it feels good! Tingles go through me as she starts sucking on my clitoris. It's like my body has a mind of its own. Suddenly, I am sucking in my breath and it feels like I'm exploding. I pass out.

When I come back to the land of the living, Sieanna is sitting up with a smile on her face.

"What happened? I have never felt anything like that. Is something wrong?"

"Jayden, you had a climax; I assume it was your first. I've never seen anyone have such as strong one. Nothing is wrong; that is what sex is all about. Everything you do to your body to make it feel pleasant is leading up to a climax. You can do it for yourself when you go home."

"I can? How?"

Her hand is between my legs touching the little knob on the top of my tizzy, I mean pussy.

I can feel the wonderful sensation it is producing.

"At night, when you go to bed, gently rub that part of your body and it will happen. That button is the greatest toy a girl has on her body. You will look forward to going to bed, so you can play."

Sieanna leans over between my legs and tongues me. I can feel her sucking my opening. When she looks up her face is wet from my juice.

"Jayden, you taste wonderful! It must be because you are young. Do you like being licked?"

"Oh, yes! I can't believe you kissed my pussy and that I had a climax. What a feeling!

Can we do it again?"

"Oh we will, but we have to get you dressed and get back for dinner. We don't want anyone looking for us."

"But I haven't done anything for you. Do you like being sucked down there?"

"You bet! It drives me out of my mind. I love the feeling when I cum."


"That is another way of saying climax. You will learn all the words before these two weeks are done."

On our walk back to camp, we pick a container of blueberries. All I can think of is Sieanna licking me between my legs. I wonder what it will be like to lick her. I hope I can try today! After handing over the berries, we go to the hut to clean up for dinner. Aliyah follows me to the shower.

"So, where were you? I looked for you."

"Picking berries with Sieanna; someone said the cook will make pies if she got some berries. There were lots of girls picking on the trail."

"Do you want to shower together after dinner?"

"Oh, yes! I like showering with you."

Dinner was very tasty. The dessert was blueberries and ice cream. The cook announced that tomorrow's will be blueberry pie and ice cream. She thanked all who picked berries and advised that she will use all the berries that we pick in various desserts. I was tingling between my legs thinking of Sieanna kissing me. I certainly would enjoy picking berries again, if we go to the same place. This time I will touch Sieanna and try some of the things she taught me. The camp leader announced our first field trip into the mountains will be an overnighter, two days from now. We will have two person tents and be on the buddy system, which means you don't venture off the beaten path without your buddy. In the event something goes wrong, our buddy will be able to go for help. Aliyah touches my thigh.

"Jayden, you and I will be buddies. I will sign in for us. You get the list of items we will have to bring."

She heads for the registration desk and I look for the lists. They are all on a large table.

There is nothing out of the ordinary, a change of clothes, extra panties and bras, etc. I don't have to worry about bras. All girls have to help carry food or cooking utensils. These will be given to us as we leave the camp that morning. The PA announces that a bus will be going to the local town tomorrow afternoon and all who wish to go are required to sign up. Fortunately, I am next to the desk with that list. I sign for Aliyah and myself. I'll get some makeup.

Aliyah finally finds me.

"Well, I signed us up for the trip. We will have a good time. There is swimming and boating at the campgrounds. The water is very cold but it is fun."

"I signed us up to go to town tomorrow afternoon. I want to get some makeup and thongs like yours. Maybe there is enough money to get a bikini as well. Will you help me select it?"

"With pleasure! It'll give me a chance to see you naked. I think you are very sexy!"

"You're kidding? I have no chest and nearly shapeless hips."

"But you have a beautiful pussy."

I can feel a blush starting at my toes and working up to my face.

"When are we going to shower?"

"Let the other girls go first. If we time it right, we will be the last ones in the shower. I feel real horny for you."

Again, I feel funny. My nipples are hard and sensitive; my t-shirt rubbing on them makes them tingle. I know my pussy is dripping and puffy. Why didn't someone tell me this a long time ago? I want to try and make myself cum but it will have to wait till I am at home. Mom was right: camping assists you to grow up! Aliyah and I walk around the compound and then to the dock where we watch the sun disappear. Its eight o'clock: lights out is at nine.

"Let's head for the shower."

When we arrive, a few girls are just finishing up. We stroll down to the last stall and slowly undress. I watch Aliyah's every movement. She makes sure she gives me the best exposure to her beautiful breasts. I marvel when she removes her thong and exposes her puffy pussy. I can see moisture glistening in the light. I know mine is wet too. Finally, we are the only ones in the building. Aliyah takes this opportunity to show me her beautiful pussy, spread open. I can see her thick pink labia. Her opening is pronounced. Moving closer for a better look, I really feel horny. We move into the shower and I drop to my knees in front of her. I'm rewarded with a close view of her luv lips. Her musky scent has me excited. She is moist and warm. Soon, my finger is covered with her moisture. She watches as I suck the finger. It is different but pleasant. Daringly, I lean over and lick. Aliyah makes her funny sounds but stands with her legs spread. I'm surprised to see her button. Hers is large and it sticks out from her body. Now I know the part of my body that feels so good when it's touched and sucked. What the hell, I kiss her pussy and suck her clitoris. She moans with pleasure with her hands on my head. When I put my tongue in her hole her juice just flows into my mouth. Enjoying this experience, her hands pull me into her pussy. Aliyah's body is trembling. She lets out a loud sigh.

"Where did you learn how to do that? Two days ago you knew nothing; today you are eating my pussy like a pro. You're good! Now it is my turn."

My pussy is aching with desire. I want to feel the same thing Sieanna did for me this afternoon. I'm drenched in anticipation. Aliyah is kissing me on my tummy and then my inner thighs. She slowly turns me around and kisses my bum cheeks. It feels different but good.

Finally, she zeros in on my clitoris. I can feel her hands as she silently indicates to spread my legs. Her tongue feels so refreshing. I can't believe all the wonderful things I have been taught since I have come to camp. My body starts to shake as I climax. Nothing can match the feeling of exhilaration. Her tongue is licking my open pussy. I realize she has her finger in my asshole, slowly moving it in and out. Pushing my bum against her hand gets deeper penetration. What a sensation! She brings me to another climax and, as I cum; she slowly pulls her finger out of my ass hole. I nearly faint with pleasure.

"Aliyah, that was great! I never felt you put your finger in my bum but it was fascinating when you pulled it out. I thought I was going to faint."

"I like the feel of your body, Jayden. I wish we could sleep together. I would love to be curled up in yours arms all night. It is frustrating knowing you are so close and we can't touch each other. I hope everything goes well on our overnighter. We'll spend our entire time close at night."

It'll be super feeling with Aliyah's naked body next to mine. I'm really looking forward to our trip! We finally leave the shower, clean and totally exhausted.

The next day's activities go quickly and I'm happy to be heading to town with Aliyah.

I'm looking forward to purchasing makeup and some sexy lingerie. When I check to see how much money mom had sent with me, I am surprised to find a fifty-dollar bill with a sticky note from my father. Now I can actually purchase thongs and, maybe, a sexy bikini.

The bus stops at a small mall. We go straight to Walgreen's cosmetic department. Soon I have a complete selection of everything I require. I buy three different shades of lipstick. I love the feel of it on my lips. This mall has a Walmart and a number of ladies clothing stores. We check the displays in every window and find one specializing in lingerie. I hope they have my size.

The sales lady quickly locates a number of thongs and bikinis in my size. My problem is: which ones to buy? She also shows me five different bikini bathing suits. They are all so daring. The one I select is three small patches of cloth held together with a number of laces. I am wet just thinking about wearing it in public. After paying, I ask the lady if I can use the changing room. I hope it feels so good wearing a thong. The thought of the cloth riding between my bum cheeks really has me excited! Aliyah comes to the changing room with me. She watches me take of my panties. Before I can put on my thong, she is on her knees kissing my pussy. Her tongue is like a machine as she works on my clitoris. I have to hang onto the walls to keep from collapsing as I climax twice. I am in a complete daze when I put on the thong. The cloth does feel good against my bum hole.

"Oh, Aliyah, that was wonderful! I owe you."

We stop for a cold drink. We have been shopping for nearly four hours. To me if felt like ten minutes. This is the first time my mom didn't pick out my clothes. When she sees what I bought she'll have a cow. Suddenly, we hear a crash of thunder. While we were in the mall a storm had moved in. When we board the bus it is like night. Soon we are heading back to camp.

The storm rages and we see a fantastic display of lightening. I'm so proud of myself. I'm growing up. Soon most in the bus are settled down trying to relax and sleep. I am looking out the window when I feel my skirt being lifted and Aliyah's fingers at my pussy. I can feel the thong being moved over and my clitoris being massaged. I close my eyes and enjoy.

"Jayden, you're so wet. What a waste of all that juice. I hope you have some for our shower tonight. We will go late again."

"That will be nice."

Thinking how enjoyable it is to lick Aliyah, tonight I will try and use my finger in her bum, like she did for me. We arrive at camp just before dinner. It's a rush to get ready for dinner. I have time to unpack my purchases and admire my lingerie and bikini. I'll be taking it with me on our camping trip.

Tonight our dessert is blueberry pie with a scoop of ice cream. The cook requests more berries from the girls going on the overnighter. We will have blueberry muffins for treats. There is a roar of appreciation. There is an announcement that there will be a movie tonight, one of the current scary ones. Sieanna and Aliyah want to go. I nod in agreement. My mom doesn't let me see those kind of movies at home. So, this will be something different for me.

At our hut, Aliyah is packing for tomorrow's hike. I follow suit. There'll be a big enough rush tomorrow, as it is. Sieanna introduces Erynn to us. She's Sieanna's tent partner for the hike. Erynn is about my age with striking red hair. I can't believe the size of her breasts compared to mine. Her lips are heavy and look striking with her lipstick. I wonder if she will be Sieanna new sex partner? I feel tingly staring at her. I won't mind tasting her. Erynn smiles at me.

"This's my first field trip. I really like what I've learned so far."

"This's my first trip as well. We had a real ball in town today. Did you go? I didn't notice you on the bus."

"No, I stayed in camp. I enjoy taking paddling lessons for canoes. Apparently, our overnight campsite has a nice beach and canoes."

"Aliyah helped me pick out makeup, some lingerie and a new bathing suit. My mom doesn't think I should have makeup or sexy clothing. I'll bring my new suit with me on the overnighter."

"I would love to see your new clothing. My mom sounds like your mom. I have to keep my makeup hidden. All I have are cotton panties and bras."

"You're lucky. See, I don't have enough up here to even need a bra. You look fantastic!"

"Thank you. Show me your new things."

Erynn follows me to my area. First, we go through the makeup purchases. She shows me another method of applying eye makeup. My face really looks grown up. I marvel at the ability of the girls with makeup. I make mental notes of every trick they show me. When I show Erynn my new thongs and bathing suit she is in awe.

"Oh, Jayden, they are stunning! They will look good on you. I wish I had enough money to buy some. They are so soft. I love thongs."

"They feel great. I have a pair on now."

Lifting my skirt I show off my new pair. Looking at Erynn has me very wet. I suspect there's a damp spot on my crotch. I wonder if she notice? I turn around and show her my butt. The thong is deep in my crack; it feels so good. Then, I am surprised to feel her hands running over my butt, stopping at my opening, and putting pressure on the puckered opening. I feel flush.

"You have beautiful soft skin, Jayden. I hope you don't mind me touching. I just couldn't resist."

"It felt good, Erynn. But it isn't something you should do in the open like this."

I wonder just how much she really likes girls. My eyes devour her beautiful, well-shaped body. She is a show off as she notices me studying her and puts her hands on her hips and pushes out her breasts. She is teasing me. When I look at her she licks her lips. I can feel my body get all tingly again. I really need a climax. I can't wait to get into the shower; but, first the movie.

The hall is full of campers. The volume of voices makes it impossible to hear. When we finally get seated, Erynn and I are between Sieanna and Aliyah. The hall goes dark as the movie starts. It's really scary. Now I know why my mom doesn't want me to watch. I'm ready to leave when I feel a hand on my knee. Then, I feel a hand on the other one. Aliyah and Erynn are touching me. I close my eyes and spread my legs. Two hands slowly creep up my thighs to my pussy. Aliyah gets my attention and motions for me to lift my bum. She slowly removes my thong. The cool air feels great on my luv lips. I watch as Aliyah puts my thong to her nose and takes a deep breath. Erynn is watching every move. I can feel her hand moving and now touching my dampness. She finds my hard clit and slowly rubs. She shifts her body so she can use her thumb to enter me. She hits my barrier. I wince and she whispers.

"You still have your cherry? I lost mine four months ago with my mom's dilido. I can take six inches now. It feels good to have it filled up when I cum."

I didn't know what to say as her thumb is slowly going in and out. Aliyah still has my thong at her face and is rubbing a very hard nipple. I hope I don't scream as I am getting close to cumming. Everything feels so good. I get control of my senses.

"I don't have a dildo and I don't know if mom has one either. I know she and my dad are always in the bedroom with the door closed. Mom always looks so content when she comes out. Her hair is usually in a mess. I want to see my dad's thingy. Mom keeps talking about her pet. I think it is my dad's thingy."

"I have seen my dad and mom in bed. Dad's thing is about seven inches long and as thick as my wrist. Mom seems to like it from behind on her knees. They left their door open a couple of times. I snuck down the hall and watched. Mom even had it up her ass. She seems to like it in any hole in her body. I've seen her suck on it before dad puts in her. I have even seen dad with his face buried between mom's legs. She bucked like she was riding a horse. Mom really likes it."

I want to leave the movie and hear more about Erynn's parents. I wish I had a dilido so I could feel how deep I could penetrate myself. Her thumb is now attacking my clitoris. I tremble with a strong climax. I have to keep my mouth tightly closed to keep from making any noise. Now I feel great! Finally, the movie is over. Aliyah hands me my thong as we all file out of the hall.

"We should shower and get a good night's sleep. Tomorrow will be a long day. We have to walk for nearly two hours before we get to the campsite. Then we have to set up our tents. It will feel good to have a swim when that is all over."

"I know I'll get a good night's sleep. I really liked the movie."

"You didn't see much; your eyes were closed for most of it."

Aliyah is teasing me. In the darkness I feel Erynn's hand running down my bum. She lifts my skirt and her finger runs into my bum crack. It feels daring knowing she is doing it with the possibility of getting caught. My mom would kill me if this ever got reported.

"Erynn, please don't do that in public. I would be devastated if we ever got caught. I like it; but, I don't want to get caught."

Aliyah has a suggestion.

"Maybe Erynn and Sieanna would like to join us in our late shower?"

I can't believe all four of us would be in the shower together. At least I will be able to see Erynn naked. I really want to be able to feel her and, maybe, taste her body. We set a time and split up. Aliyah and I go off together. Later, we head to the shower with our soaps and shampoo. It is about twenty minutes before lights out. Because of the large number of girls, and the few showers, the last ones in the showers get an extra half hour before lights out. We made sure we were the last ones. Aliyah and I are naked, walking to the last shower stall, when Erynn and Sieanna enter. They quickly undress and join us.

My mouth drops as I gaze at Erynn's body. She has red hair all over. Her orange sized breasts are topped with deep red nipples. Her light skin accents her red full bush. I can just see the outline of her luv lips, which are puffy and delicious looking. Her body flows with all the curves and bumps in the right places. I am a stick compared to her. She catches me staring and smiles.

"Do you like what you see?"

"I'm jealous. Look at me, flat as a pancake with hardly any shape, compared to your beautiful body. I wish I had half of what you have."

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