Sharing Bananas, Step-sisters and Eager BFFs

by Tony Sorrentino

Copyright© 2015 by Tony Sorrentino

Erotic Sex Story: The fifth episode of banana-related nocturnal fun and games.

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Teenagers   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Brother   Sister   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Sex Toys   .

My naughty step-sister Nicole and her BFF Sally were more than willing to include me in their banana-inspired games behind the locked door of Nicole's bedroom. Sally was truly a kinky young student with an attraction for the beautiful Nicole that bordered on obsession. I really didn't like Sally very much when I first met her but after my step-sister convinced her that my cock tasted just like a lollipop, I found she was more interesting than I had originally thought she would be.

In all honesty, I would have to admit my eventual adoration at the pubic shrine of Sally's pretty pussy and her soft and yielding posterior playground was infinitely more addicting than using my step-sister's willing flesh for nocturnal relief and convenience of proximity.

The two girls were quite similar in their basic urges and less-than-innocent willingness to spread their knees with the slightest suggestion on my part. However, it was apparent to me that my Nicole was a bit of a lesbian- oriented bitch that used her shapely body to her ultimate ends of finding available female delights for her degraded games.

I didn't mind her subterfuge because I was benefitting not only from her bestowing of favors when I needed them the most. In addition to that, she was the one who was bringing innocent little flowers into our circle for me to assist in opening the "bud" into full bloom and panting release. Actually, we worked more like a team than individuals and we each knew how to cultivate our targets into complete submission and in search of new and more degrading treatment.

For some reason that I honestly do not remember at the time of this writing, I had cause to accompany the pretty and covertly depraved Sally to her home and met her parents as if I were a boyfriend and a study partner. They were lax enough to allow us to repair to her bedroom for the purpose of "studying" on more than one occasion and it was there that I discovered her penchant for inserting the heads of her dolls into her sensitive openings with a strange look on her face and words of such depraved meaning that I hesitate to put them into printed form. Needless to say, I will never look at Ninja Turtles or Barbie Dolls quite the same way ever again. It happened that little miss depraved Sally fell asleep on top of her bed after a strenuous anal exercise that brought her a satisfied release but left me wondering if I had time to get home and let my step-sister give me the final relief that I so desperately needed. I simply could not continue whilst Sally was in an unconscious state because it was not the sort of thing that a proper gentleman does.

I gathered my books and stopped in the den on the way out and found that only Sally's still attractive mother Anne was quietly reading a book by the fireplace.

"Sally's father had a busy day and he is already up to bed, young man. Did you have a nice session with our Sally?"

Sally's mother was looking up at me standing right next to her chair and I had the distinct sense that she knew exactly where my nasty cock had been the past two hours. I shrugged it off as complete nonsense because older folks seldom suspected their children were anything less than virginal in both thought and act until the wedding night.

"It was most productive to be sure and she was so tired from the studying that she has fallen asleep just like your hubby and I guess I better head home and do the same."

I was astonished when the older woman reached out after uncrossing her legs and giving a good peek up her nylons before resting her inquisitive fingers on my still semi-hard shaft right in front of her. It was all that the little fellow needed to wake up and it rose into rock-hard arousal with her simple touch. I didn't say a single word not wanting to embarrass the mother of my new girlfriend. When she saw I was truly a guilty and nasty boy, she opened me up and pulled me out into the light of the fireplace and probably could recognize the scent of her daughter's pretty pussy on my shaft which still glistened with the depraved girl's fluids.

"It looks like my Sally didn't get the job finished. I think it is my duty as her mother to finish it for her because we don't want you to go home without complete satisfaction."

The attractive mature woman lifted her head into my groin and I saw that she was looking up into my eyes with a look that I could only describe as filled with lust.

The pressure of her red lipstick painted lips on my shaft made my pre-cum ooze out and she smiled as she swallowed it without comment. It was so erotic that I patted the top of her perfectly organized hair to let her know how much I appreciated her willingness to swallow my juices. It was only moments later that I felt the touch of her fingers on my bum and I wondered whatever she could be looking for all the way back there. I soon had my answer because she carefully inserted her single finger into my pucker just to test my tightness and then pushed deeper inside to let me know she wanted to exercise some degree of control over my timing for full release. I am ashamed to admit it made me whimper like a silly schoolgirl but I had no choice since it was so deliciously filled with waves of pleasure.

Her attractive and dignified housewifely face was now spotted with my pre-cum and I pushed her head in closer hoping that she could take me entirely inside her wet and warm mouth right to the back of her throat just like my step-sister showed me was the fastest way to make me spurt my seeds totally out of control.

I hoped that my Sally's mum didn't think I was being disrespectful because I planned to give it to her inside her soft and yielding mouth but once I was inside, it was far too late to turn back.

I think if Sally had taken the time to let me use her as my cum-bucket, I wouldn't be in this position of making her mum service me like some schoolgirl behind the stands. I patted the laboring mother on top of her head to let her know I was still being respectful even if I was cramming as much of my equipment inside that I possibly could.

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