The Ride of My Life

by Millie 90 lbs of Dynamite

Copyright© 2015 by Millie 90 lbs of Dynamite

Sex Story: An abusive husband is paid back in a violent assault for the wrongs he has done. A black man shows the bigoted wife beater that he is no more than a faggot sissy only at his best when ass is stuffed with cock.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Ma   Rape   Gay   Rough   Humiliation   Interracial   Black Male   White Male   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .

I sat in the back of the cab my head spinning. I didn't realize I had drank that much – I always get so angry and horny when I drink. I would beat her and fuck her – that's why you have a wife, there always there when you need a punching bag or wet hole. I noticed the man driving the cab was a big black nigger. The lazy bastard said nothing just drove in silence and smoked an obnoxious cigar. I asked if he could put it out while I was in the cab. All he did was open the window between the front and back wider. He turned and blew smoke my direction. As he was an enormous man, I held my tongue. I wanted to call him a stupid nigger, but I'm not that dumb.

At last we pulled up to the curb outside my house. I opened the door and stumbled out of the cab to my feet. I stood there wobbling around for a moment then closed the door. Leaning down I put my head in the front passenger window.

"Keep the change," I said as I handed the driver a fifty. The obnoxious fumes from the cigar filled my nose and lungs. I turned from the cab and walked in a careful, slow march toward my door on wobbly feet. I fumbled with my key as I made my way from the cab. All I wanted for the rest of my night was to beat my wife senseless and fucking the shit out of her. I stumbled up the porch stairs. I rested my head on the door and with care inserting the key. God, I was drunk. As soon as I turned my key in the front door, I was shoved inside hard. I spun around facing the big black cabby, "Hey what the fuck is your problem?"

He glowered at me. Fear built in me I was shorter than he and not as muscular. He whacked my cheek with his massive black fist the blow propelled me down into the carpet. My jaw ached as I rubbed it with my hand. My head reeled I couldn't quite grasp what happened. I looked up at my attacker who unzipped his pants fishing out a massive cock at least ten inches long. An odd smiled crossed his thick lips and moved toward me as the cock rose up pointing at my face in a threating manner. It stood out bobbing up and down not quite able to stand up above ninety degrees.

"Get on your knees," he hissed, "suck it, bitch." His left hand was a clenched fist, but the right grabbed my hair and drug me to my knees. I opened my mouth to protest, but he clutched my hair with a rough grip and dragging my face closer to his cock. With my mouth only partially open, he thrust his hips forward and his long fat cock plunged inside my mouth. He just keeps stabbing in deeper and deeper – a sharp surge of pain erupted in my esophagus as he shoved his engorged rod into my windpipe. The protest I tried to speak was muffled by his angry cock. It went deeper into my throat. My lips stretched, as he plunged his giant meat in and out of my gullet. I struggled to breath and my face reddened as he his huge prick shut off my air supply. From the corner of my eye, I saw my wife watching from the stairs. Her hands were between her breasts playing with her nightgown. I wondered why she wasn't calling the cops. She looked ... fuck she looked excited.

"You will be okay – fucking bitch," He snarled as he grabbed my ears and hammered inside me. "Now suck me for all your worth and maybe I'll let you live." I closed my lips around his cock and sucked for all I was worth as fear filled me. He raped my throat without mercy. Eventually, he pulled back out so I could breathe. Coils of spit connected his massive prickhead to my lips. My wife chewed at her lower lip and raised her thumb to her mouth. I wanted to beat the fuck out of her right then. Why wasn't she helping me?

"Open wide bitch," he said as he plunged his black snake back inside my mouth and deep down my throat. I couldn't believe I had another mans cock in my mouth, worse still, my cock hardened as he fucked my throat. As he banged my face, he roared at me.

"Knew you was a faggot as soon I saw you. Just a little sissy faggot boy." He pounded that monster down my throat. In time, his big cock shut my air off again. It was just too big for me to handle. He violently shoved his pecker in and out of my throat. His fat balls beat against my chin. I feared I would pass out then, he pulled back and held his cockhead in my mouth. "Here it comes bitch all of it down your craw," enormous foul spurts of disgusting nigger cum filled my mouth. I ate it down hoping this was the end. He unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned the jeans letting them fall to the floor. He stepped out of them. That massive cock just bounced in the air.

My wife licked her lips running her long tongue over her full lips in a sensual manner. She put a hand down between her legs rubbing on her hairy pussy. The cunt enjoyed this – she liked me being used by a man, she liked that he was destroying me. How could I ever fuck her again? How could a beat her bad enough that she would forget this bastard making me his bitch?

Again his big fist hit my face and I sprawled across my carpet. "Strip bitch ass up," he demanded. I looked at him pleadingly, knowing there I could do nothing to stop him.

"What are you going to do to me?" He only took one step closer and took off his shirt. She squatted and pulled her nightgown off revealing her big tits and hairy pussy. One hand caressed her massive breast while the other fingered her cunt.

"You cunt, I said strip."

"Please, just don't hurt me, I don't know what you want." He took another step and kicked my face hard with his now barefoot.

"Get out of those fucking clothes." I followed his instruction removing my shirt first then the undershirt. Unbuckling the belt and the button my pants I hesitated for a second then felt the hard thud on my back as the other of his bare feet slammed down on a rib. Grabbing me he flung me face down on the couch. Like moving a ragdoll, he positioned me for his pleasure.

"Play with yourself ma'ma while I fuck your bitches ass," he smiled at her and she at him.

My ass stuck up in the air while my hands grabbed my face. I'm embarrassed to admit, but I blubbered like some child. So terrible, I filled with the humiliation of being used, and nothing I can do about it! Helpless to defend myself I belonged to this rough, muscled man. A thick wad of warm spit splattered over my asshole as his hands spread my cheeks.

"NO," I screamed out in panic. My scream was too late for already he shoved his big thick mushroom shaped dickhead at my anus. My sphincter held tight refused to let gain entry. Fear welled in as more tears rolled down my cheeks. My body tensed and shook violently. I made a desperate attempt to stand, only to be grabbed with another vice grip pinch into both sides of my hips, forcing my body back to position. His strength was far greater than mine. Effortlessly he pushed onto my back from above holding me in place. Again he spat on a thick stream on my asshole.

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