A Man and His Pets
Chapter 18: Courtney's Torment and a Promise

Copyright© 2015 by Lucky Mann

Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 18: Courtney's Torment and a Promise - A very wealthy man decides to alleviate his boredom and loneliness by taking a woman as his captive pet. Complications arise when he has to take her daughters too.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Ma/ft   Teenagers   Consensual   Romantic   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Rape   Coercion   Slavery   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Mother   Sister   Father   Daughter   BDSM   MaleDom   Rough   Humiliation   Torture   White Couple   Black Male   White Male   White Female   Hispanic Male   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Petting   Sex Toys   Bestiality   Pregnancy   Cream Pie   Needles   Big Breasts   Workplace   School  

About ten minutes later, after donning his skeleton costume, Jim followed Trina to the dungeon. With his cock hanging limply out of the costume, Jim entered the dungeon. Jim observed that Melissa was eagerly slurping away at Courtney's pussy. Courtney was moaning and writhing on the exam table to which she was secured.

Jim turned to Cindy. "Cindy, my pet, come and suck me hard." In less than a minute, Cindy had his nine inch projectile ready to launch.

Jim started the portable cameras, approached Courtney's propped up legs and said, "Good job, Melissa. You can relax now. I'll take it from here."

Jim leaned down to Courtney's ear and whispered to her. "Cunt, I'm going to fuck you now. If you put on a good acting job for the cameras here, and are a good little cunt, I will see that you get home in a few weeks, a month at the most. Refuse to cooperate at any time during that period, and you may never see Daddy again. Do you understand?"

Courtney looked a little shocked but replied. "Yes, Sir. I understand, but you said you weren't going to fuck me."

"And I didn't fuck you, yesterday. This is today. Now what are you going to do?"

"I'll be good."

"Good! Now, when I stand between your legs, you will beg to be fucked. Got it?" Jim ordered. He moved to the other end of the table and stood between Courtney's legs. "Courtney?"

Courtney half heartedly said. "Please, fuck me now."

WHACK! Jim slapped the inside or her right thigh. "Like you mean it, cunt."

Courtney's demeanor did a turn-around. "Oh, Sir, please fuck me now. Give me that big fat cock of yours. I really want to be fucked by your huge cock. I am so horny. My pussy needs that meat of yours."

Courtney was a good actress. Even Jim almost believed her.

Jim agreed. "Okay. If you really want me to fuck your pussy, I'll be happy to give you what you want." With little delay, Jim shoved nine inches of cock balls deep into Courtney's wet cunt.

Courtney gasped and winced, as she was speared with her first live cock. Her pussy was stretched to its maximum. She then smiled and said. "God, that thing fills me up. It feels so good."

Trina, Cindy, and Melissa couldn't believe what they were hearing from Courtney. She had been such a bitch for years, and now she seemed to be having a good time getting fucked by her captor.

Jim repeatedly rammed his oversized cock into Courtney's hole. After several minutes, he slammed in deep and filled her womb with his baby making sauce.

As soon as he finished cuming, Jim pulled out, moved to Courtney's head, and offered his cum covered cock to her mouth for cleaning.

She smiled and gobbled Jim's cock. She carefully cleaned it of every trace of cum and pussy juice from the spear that had just come out of her pussy.

Jim patted her face, squeezed her tits, and walked away to remove the cameras.

Trina had to ask. "Sir, how did you get that bitch to be so cooperative all the sudden?"

"I simply used the right incentive. I told her I would release her in a month or so, but only if she fucked like she meant it during that time. Now please see to our pets comfort, but leave Courtney where she is for the night."

Later that evening, Trina pointed out the jewelry she wanted for herself and the other girls. She had picked two gold rings with small diamonds for Cindy and herself. Melissa would get a small set of gold nipple rings. For Courtney, Trina picked a pair of heavy looking two inch silver loops. The loops were held closed by a one eighth inch thick threaded post.

Jim ordered the jewelry that evening. Late that night, Jim left the house for town in his old Suburban. The ride was a long and bumpy one.

Once in town, Jim cruised the seedier areas frequented by drunks and drug addicts. He soon spotted what he was looking for. Two men were sleeping in an abandoned car. They were huddled together for warmth against the cold winter night. Jim pulled up next to the car's broken left window, and yelled. "HEY!" When they stirred he asked them. "Are you guys hungry?"

The drunks crawled out of the car and leaned in the Suburban's passenger window. They booth had full beards and greasy looking scraggly hair. 'Damn they're filthy and smell terrible. Just what I need.' Jim thought to himself.

The men said, "Yeah man, we're hungry. Ya got a couple a bucks to help us out?"

He told them. "I have a better idea, if you agree to a few conditions."

"What conditions?" The bigger of the two asked.

"I will blindfold you for a long rough ride to my place. You will remain blindfolded until dinner is ready. Then you will be well fed. After dinner, you can clean up and spend the night. I'll bring you back to town early in the morning."

The men looked at each other, shrugged, and agreed.

"What the hell! Sure, it ain't like we got any place else to be."

"Good! Hop in and put these on." Jim handed each man a black cloth hood.

"What's this, man?" The bigger of the two asked.

"It's a long ride to my place and these hoods will cover your eyes and be more comfortable for you than blindfolds. Now, put them on or get out!"

They put the hoods over their heads. Jim loosely cinched them up and put small locks in place. The hoods could not be removed without first removing the lock.

Forty minutes later, the Suburban pulled into Jim's garage. With the hoods still in place, the men were led into the kitchen and seated at the table. "Gentlemen, please be patient. Your dinner is being heated and will be ready soon."

Jim whispered to Trina. "Heat the left over dinners and give it to these men. Be certain Cindy and Melissa are secured in their quarters. Then go to our quarters and stay there.

Trina silently obeyed.

When dinner was served, their hoods were removed as promised. The hungry men wolfed down the food. Jim even gave them a beer to wash it down.

"Now, gents, I have a little surprise for desert. Please, follow me."

Jim led the men down to his dungeon. The shocked look on their faces when they saw Courtney was priceless.

Courtney was still secured to the OB table and sleeping soundly. Her bald pussy exposed for any to see and use.

Jim quietly ask the men. "How long has it been since you boys have had any pussy?"

One answered. "Oh, man, it's been years."

The other chimed in. "Yeah, me too."

Jim continued. "Okay! Here's your chance. You can fuck her all you like. Fuck her all night if you like. I highly recommend you try her blowjobs. She is very good at giving head. There's just one more thing. You must not injure her and you are being recorded on multiple cameras. Do you agree?"

They could not have agreed any quicker.

"Good! Now, let me wake her for you."

"Oh Courtney. Courtney dear, wake up. You have guests."

Courtney slowly opened her eyes and focused on the two scruffy visitors. "NOOOOOOOOOO! Sir, you can't let them touch me. They're filthy! I can't stand the smell."

WHACK! Jim smartly slapped Courtney in the face. He then whispered in her ear. "Is that any way to treat your visitors? You'll fuck and suck them, and you will enjoy it! Or, I'll let them do you in your ass, and you'll be here 'til you die. Remember, I can make a fortune selling your ass a piece at a time. Got it?"

Courtney whimper and nodded her agreement! She wretched and tried to block out the smell as the first drunk stepped up between her legs. Legs that were still secure to the OB/GYN stirrups. He dropped his pants and revealed a fat six inch cock. It had gotten hard as he had stared at Courtney while Jim had spoken to her. As he stepped up to her exposed pussy, the smell that came from his crotch was almost unbearable for Courtney. He simply stepped between Courtney's legs and rammed his cock as deep into her cunt as he could.

Courtney gasped as he rammed his filthy cock in and out of her cunt. He only lasted maybe a dozen strokes before he unloaded in her pussy.

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